Mia Zorrita's Diary -- Saturday in July, the June Bugs are Buzzing

He had called me every day last month while I was in California. One time he told me he had this 'fantasia' - he wants to have me make love with him and his best friend. When I was back home, he came over, first chance he got, and casually brought up the subject again. I had kind of played with the idea in my head -- two men... it did get me pretty wet! So I knew I'd have to decide soon.

It was a lovely warm day. I was wearing a pretty, long print skirt and a tight black top. He wore a coral T-shirt, sleeves cut off, and bright green shorts. Oh, his crazy color stuff! He stood beside me, gently caressed my arms and nuzzled my neck and chest, speaking softly, close to my ear, his warm breath and his vibrant voice stirring my senses.

"I like make sandwich with you, beautiful. You will be in the middle."

He explained by demonstrating - putting his hands together - that I was to be the filling for a 'sandwich'. He put his hands to his lips and parted the palms slightly, sticking his tongue between them. This image -- ahhh! That was 'me' in between the two men, and that gesture with his hands and tongue -- it zapped my clitoris instantly. I contemplated the idea...

So he and his friend would both 'have me' at the same time. He's been toying with this fantasy and he obviously had talked to his good buddy about the idea.

"This guy is my best friend, I know him for long time, he is good guy. He is never make love with a white woman. Yes, he want fuck with one hot woman. Like you! I want do this -- you want? Two men, two dicks. You like it? I no do nothing if you say 'no', but I love this if you say 'yes'. What you say?"

He was watching me, his chin a bit lax, his tongue playing across his beautiful lips. Oh, looking at him, thinking of his desires, it was just so exciting. Yes, the idea of making him hot -- that made my juice flow, despite any qualms I had about the whole thing. But it also made me nervous -- I shrugged a bit and answered softly, my voice shaky:

"I don't know -- I guess it is exciting... I do want to make you happy -- but I just am kind of afraid of this idea. Quiero hacerte feliz, porque te amo tanto, pero tengo miedo de esto..."

"Ok, bay, you forget this -- is fine." He gave me a sweet look, biting his lower lip.

"I -- I just don't know yet. I need to think about it, ok?"

"Yes, mi amor, you tell me what you want for this; you say what you like. I do what you like only."

I could have let it be; but, he is so expert at all of this; he knows just how to work it, he sees what is happening to me. As always, I was in that mode of wanting to do his bidding. So, as I want to find ways to please him, I myself persisted: "Well, what does he look like? What's he like? Como es él? What's his name? Is he ugly, is he skinny, fat or what?"

"Ay, no, he is nice guy, es un buen tipo, my friend, Ramon, he is muy guapo -- he have a little moustache. Su pelo es marrón, he is young, same to me, he look strong, like to me."

Feeling quite uncertain, I asked him a lot about it, and he assured me that while he likes and wants the whole idea -- it's only his 'fantasia' -- he would not 'make' me do anything like that if I do not want to. But, well, it was something I was rather conflicted about because I do love Julio! I want only him -- he drives me to distraction, to the heights of full ecstasy. Besides -- such games could make real problems. I am kind of worried that this will get his buddy all hot for me... I feel it's very likely since they are good friends. They like a lot of the same stuff, share the same views, the same taste in food, drink, sports -- and so it follows, in women as well! Of course!

He explained that Ramon is not thrilled with his own wife's body -- even though she's ten years younger and very pretty! He even complains about his wife; he loves her, but he is horny for other women. (Like pretty much any man on earth!)

Julio says that his friend describes her 't & a' (her tits and ass) as very small. Julio knows Ramon's wife, of course, and he told me: "She have only nipples -- like a cat!"

And he explained that Ramon wants 'BIG boobies, BIG ass'- yes 'big' all of it, like Julio himself prefers. He admitted that he has bragged about me to Ramon, described my body and how much I love sex, how hot I am...

"Tú - tú eres voluptuosa, caliente, perfecta," he said, letting his hand move along my body. "I tell him this. Eres diosa del amor. Look, negro y blanca," he continued, placing his arm next to mine, comparing the color of our skin. "He want this."

Yeah... so I am sure that his buddy will take a liking to my body. I asked Julio: "What if your friend likes me too much -- what will you do then?"

"Lo mato!" he answered instantly, then, catching my expression, he laughed, saying, "No, no, it will be fine. He no try to take my woman."

"Well - what if he wants me again after that time when we all do it together?"

"Voy a matarlo", he repeated calmly. (I will kill him)

I stared at him -- quite uncertain of that kind of talk. He smiled a little crooked smile, and then laughed.

"No, is fine. No worry for this, no worry for nothing."

We were in the dining room area; he took his clothes off, just sashaying around in these bright neon orange undershorts, his fine brown skin glowing against the lush color. I said, "Julio, please come upstairs, please!"

"No, I stay here. I like this room for to fuck you. I want fuck every place in you body. You mouth, you pussy, you ass, you ears, you nose, you feet, you hair... I eat everything in you body, I eat you, como animal! " He chomped his teeth at me. I gave him an incredulous look. "Stop that! You're being bad."

"Yah? You say I am bad? I need you hit me for be bad? You want hit me? Here!" He stuck his naked butt out and said, "You like spank me?"

"Will you just stop being crazy!" But then I did smack his ass -- a lot of times, while he let me do it, prancing about, laughing loudly. "I feel nothing -- do more, do more hard, it does not hurt me!"

He sort of deserved a few smacks! So I gave him several, and my hands got sore as I hit him; I tried with all my might, just to get back at him, cause he was acting so weird. His butt is as hard as a rock. Of course he thought it was a huge joke, I guess, grinning from ear to ear like a sassy fool.

Then he got another beer and put the tip of the bottle on my mouth, rubbing it back and forth against my lips. He was kind of smirking, in a very sexy teasing way. It really was like he was pushing his cock against my mouth -- he knew it was erotic, suggestive and frankly obvious. I tried to turn my head away and he quickly grabbed my hair, holding me captive as he kept sliding that beer bottle around on my mouth till I finally parted my lips. He put the tip of the bottle inside my mouth and let some beer spill in, as he'd done once before -- and again, I swallowed, and made a face -- just as before. He stuck his big tongue out between his teeth, kicked his chin back and swigged the rest himself. He let my hair go.

"You look sexy -- mi hermosa mujer de abundancia! (My beautiful woman of plenty) Ay, when my friend see you, he love you sexy body, ah, si! But he never take my woman, never."

He came close and said, "Come lie down here, bay-bay, I want ...I want you now -- quiero tenerte."

He nudged me toward the futon in the sitting room, which was laid flat open, the large cushions stacked against the wall. I did as he asked and in a moment he leaped up and was in me. I just screamed with the shock of his moves -- he was thudding into me and my whole body was jolted, slammed across the mattress. "Owww! JULIO! Me lastimas -- (may las tee mas = you hurt me) "What are you doing it so hard for -- please, no!"

Not a hint of response. He was in one hell of a crazy mood -- I knew it had been a few weeks -- but omg! He started sweating as he kept at it, Bam! Bam! Bam! He thrusted like a madman, and I was captive under him, feeling his strength and his determination, getting hotter and soaking wet, my cheeks all aflame. We were both panting and it was just incredibly wild, arms and hands and legs and mouths and teeth and tongues -- ohh God! He came in a few minutes and then we rested for a time. I was very quiet, almost afraid to say a word, his mood had become so intense! Possibly he was just a bit unsure now about the three-some, maybe, even though he wants it, I may have made him wonder - put a bee in his bonnet, so to speak, about his friend's feelings for me. So I think he was showing me that he claimed me, maybe to make sure - a sort of conquering possession of his territory?

Anyway, I told him I would like to meet his friend first. Then I would see how I felt about it all. He nodded and kissed me. "Si, mi amor."

He caressed me all over, letting his hands squeeze my ass, dipping his fingers in between the cheeks. A deep hot kiss and he winked at me. "You tell me what you want, yes!" A quick salute and he was gone.

July -- Monday, The Virgin Voyage

It was very warm weather. He had been working all day, with Ramon. At 6:00 pm he called.

"Alo, bay, you like we come for eat? Podemos venir a cenar esta noche? I will bring my friend and he is very hungry too -- ok, you can give us some food, yes?

"Ok, yes. I just went to market, so I have some good food to make and we can all meet together."

"Perfect, si, we come. I love you, you are the best."

I made a good dinner, shrimp, sausage, sautéed chili peppers, potatoes, lots of tasty stuff. They arrived. Julio came in first, his friend Ramon at his side. Ramon seemed a bit shy and smiled, shaking my hand, rather formally. I looked at him, smiling back and said, "Nice to meet you -- mucho gusto."

"Encantado" he quickly replied.

I took in his overall appearance: medium olive skin, brown hair, a small moustache, about Julio's body size -- not tall, but nicely made too. Ramon was unsure about this scenario, I could tell. Being with a woman outside of his cultural world, of a different class, a different color... well, he was shy. But eager!

Julio had brought a cake -- tres leches - a Mexican specialty! A couple of months ago, he had talked about getting me a birthday cake! It was lovely. He presented it, smiling, as he nodded his head with a little bow toward me. "Happy birthday for you, bonita! Tengo un regalo para ti. (I have a gift for you)

Is late, but I do not forget! " He bent towards me and I kissed his cheek.

We sat down and chatted, Julio got some beer for them. Ramon and I looked each other over. I was wearing blue tights and a filmy top. Julio said, "You look very beautiful today, like always."

I knew I looked good. Ramon couldn't seem to stop smiling. Next thing I see, Julio stands up, walks into the TV room and just takes all his clothes off except for his underwear! What! That shocked me! We were about to have dinner! My eyes big as pie-plates, my mouth agape, I was totally amazed at the craziness of it! I gasped, "Hey, what are you doing!" His undershorts were bright neon orange, tightly hugging his ass and snug around his cock and balls. He strutted about, knowing he looked fabulous. I kept staring at that cluster of goodies between his legs and I felt my pussy quiver.

He glanced at me, seeing the effect and shrugged -- "I feel hot. I no need my clothes -- we can eat now?"

He strolled back into the kitchen where I had the table set, and plunked himself down, ready for his meal. Ramon didn't even blink at all this. There was nothing to be done and I didn't try. Ohh, Julio was definitely in a mood. I brought the food and they both loved it. I ate a bit and then just sat there -- I was feeling kind of jittery, I admit! I knew I was not at all in charge of this game! But both men ate heartily. I picked at my plate, but really I felt self-conscious with the scene. Julio noticed. "You no eat?"

"Uh -- I -- I did eat a little ... but I really think maybe I need a drink!"

"Yes, sure, bay -- I tell you something: if you no want this -- is ok. You no like, we no do nothing."

I nodded. I also got a huge brandy snifter and put rum and juice into it. I sat with them, drinking as they ate, both of them smiling and gazing at me as if I were a cake myself. Yeah -- talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Of course Ramon was rather less confident than Julio, who was definitely the alpha guy in this situation - as he is in general. At the table, he was done, and tilted his chair back, stretching luxuriously, in total-full-strength-working man-macho style, eating dinner in his underwear. He was blatantly confident, sending a message of what he expected to happen.

Then he stood up and said, "Ok, bay, we are ready. You want go upstairs now? You say 'si' or you say 'no' -- we do what you like."

He made a sweet kissy-face at me, eyes half shut, sexy as hell. He was clearly running the show; he looked at Ramon and declared proudly: "She have beautiful body, mi chiquita, she dance like Shakira." Ramon stared at me and I felt my cheeks flush. "Julio!" I protested.

"Is true!" he insisted, immediately standing up and pulling at my middle, making me get up too. "Yes, look!" He put both his hands on my hips and moved me about. It was kind of cute; I laughed and wiggled in the spirit of silly fun as Ramon kept smiling, his eyes glued to my body. No doubt, Julio was proudly showing me off -- I know he had obviously talked about me a lot and he was quite sure it was exactly the right stuff for the occasion. It was working ...

After dinner, we all went upstairs. Julio had left all of his regular clothes in a heap on the floor in the downstairs TV room and he now stripped entirely, tossing his underwear on the easy chair. He turned toward me, his hand on his cock, nodding and waving it at me. Ramon was more inhibited, a bit shy, pretty dazzled but obviously horny with the whole thing. He kept his eyes locked on mine and slowly took his clothes off as I watched. His cock rose up, swaying, all ready for action. I was now feeling much more relaxed, after my strong drink. I knew it was going to go the way Julio wanted, so I just let him take the lead with the whole thing. I knew I could stop everything if I really wanted to.

He reached out and pulled my top off, quickly sliding my bra-straps down and I put my hands on my exposed breasts in pure reflex. He took my hands away and turned me round towards Ramon, as he unhooked the back of the bra with a quick motion. My tits fell forward, creamy and full. I simply stood there, not moving at all. Ramon smiled. He shook his head a bit, his eyes staring at me, as if he was seeing a mirage in the desert; he looked like a guy who was starving and had just found a big plate of good food. He lunged towards me and placed both his hands under my breasts, pressing them right up to his face, sinking his mouth on them.

Julio was behind me still and slid my tights off. Suddenly, the two men were on either side of me, standing, kneeling, kissing my arms, my tits, my belly, my legs -- my whole body -- all over. It was really delicious! Ohhh, this was going to be just lovely! I climbed onto the bed and they both joined me. I lay back and Julio was caressing my face, pushing his fat tongue in between my lips. Ramon's head went down between my legs, his mouth began working away on my pussy and I spread my thighs wide. Julio got above me, put that huge cock straight into my mouth - wow -- it was all pretty wild. Both men were panting, me moaning...

Then Ramon wanted to get inside me as Julio's cock was moving in and out, making me almost choke. Ramon pushed into me hard and fast -- he was really eager with this. He came very quickly and then lay next to me for a bit, breathing hard still. Julio took over -- he put his cock into me and pumped slowly -- I was moaning and grabbing at him, as I always do and he looked down at me in that incredible way he does, like a conquering lord. I melted into his hard body, my eyes shut and all my senses vibrating in heated bliss. He sped up and let himself come in only a few minutes. I did not come -- but all of it was fabulously sensuous. Being the 'dessert dish' of delight for these guys -- quite a lovely treat!

July, a week later... Omnes Gallia in tres partes divisa est...

Julio called in mid-afternoon, asking if they could come again tonight. "My friend, Ramon, he like you mucho. And you - you like?"

"Sure, he's a sweet man. But you are the one I love -- so you understand this?"

"Claro, mi amor, this is no change -- nunca. Eres mia, sólo mía, mi mujer, para siempre. Sólo jugamos juegos. If you are happy for this, is good."

(you are mine, only mine, my woman, forever. We play games only)

And I -- well I really did have fun with this threesome game. I liked being adored and pleasured by two men. But I also knew that I was Julio's woman. He was very clear on that! Macho man totally. No question, no discussion, no nothing. It actually made me feel very safe as he was going to oversee everything. My only job was to enjoy whatever these men did to me. Julio would be sure that I was happy with whatever happened, but also that no one, not even his best friend, dared ask for more.

He said they'd need dinner and then -- well -- the same love stuff as before. They had been working since 7 a.m. and I said "Ok'. So I made some food and they got here about 6:00 pm. I broiled chicken and steamed some yellow squash. This time I had a strong drink before they arrived...

And yes -- we did it all again, and it was wild and nuts and amazing. But I just don't know if I can keep that kind of stuff going. The two of these guys for three hours -- actually more like 3 and 1/2 hours, as they left after 9:30 pm. Well, but we did have some dinner first...

As we ate, we talked, all casual and ordinary as we exchanged simple pleasantries. They both said they were so tired from working a long day, they were joking, teasing, saying they needed a massage... hmm, oh sure they do! So I laughed playfully, countering that I had worked very hard at the gym and I was all sore myself... blah-blah-blah...

Upstairs. They both dropped their clothes on the floor and both cocks were hard and way up already! I was wearing a long, loose splashy-print, a breezy summer dress, and underneath, a rose-pink net body stocking, with an open crotch, as they are made, of course, and a tiny pink thong. I knew that I looked incredible. The netting of the body stocking clung to my tits and hips, ass and thighs and my waist was very much smaller than the garment fabric and looked ridiculously tiny. Ramon could not wait another moment and began to touch and kiss me all over. Under the body stocking, I had on a lacy bra, very pretty, all transparent delicate pink, and he slowly explored every bit of all of it, kissing and kissing me. Julio watched calmly, without the slightest problem. I have to say that I often did keep looking at him to get my cues on what he was feeling about all of this. I was nervous about him getting jealous. He simply made kissy lips, saying, "It's ok, hermosa, no estoy celoso," to reassure me.

The two men also looked at each other and nodded as if in a momentary joint decision. They reached out and peeled all my sexy stuff off me in one swoop. In a moment, I stood between them completely nude and they both began kissing my neck on each side, running their hands over my arms and tits and belly and ass, both cocks stabbing at my thighs...

It was quite lovely to have all this attention! I said I wanted a massage first -- and they both smiled happily and said, "Yes!" So they did it for me -- ah, wow! Sweet oil on their palms and me naked on the bed, one guy on either side of my body as they kneaded and squeezed my limbs and it was quite divine... Ohh yeah! I rolled and twisted, arching this way and that, in pure delight.