Leonard woke to the smell of sizzling bacon and freshly brewed coffee. He slipped into his raggedy old robe and headed out the kitchen. He would have went out there naked, but her heard voices and the giggling of more than one person. Once her entered the kitchen ,he saw Stephanie sitting there in nothing but one of his dress shirts.

The first thing he noticed was how short it was and how much better it looked on her and how nicely she filled it out. Her long legs were bare and looking up, he saw her smiling at him.

"So is it okay for me to wear your shirt, Leonard?"

He nodded, "Oh hell yeah, that shirt never looked better." He looked across the table at Alex who was grinning from ear to ear.

Alex licked her lips, "So did you have a restful sleep, Leonard?"

He nodded, "Slept like a baby, but with all of the activity last night, I could easily slept a few more hours. The smell of that coffee and bacon woke me up."

Alex chuckled, "Have a seat and I'll get you some coffee. Would you like some bacon and eggs?"

He took a seat and waited for his coffee. Once he had it, he took a sip, "Bacon and eggs would be great. I didn't know I had that in the fridge."

Stephanie laughed, "You didn't, I called Alex and she stopped and picked it up. We're gonna go shopping and finally fill your refrigerator." she shook her head, "When are you gonna get rid of that ratty old robe. It's falling apart."

He scoffed, "Falling apart? I just got it broke in."

Alex placed a plate in front of him, "Wanna go with us. We can stop and get you a new robe too."

He finished off his breakfast and stood up, "Have fun shopping, I'm heading back to bed."

Stephanie looked to Alex, "Mmmm, now that sounds even better than shopping. What do you think, do you think we can persuade Leonard to forego his beauty sleep to take care of a couple horny women?"

Alex giggled, "Well, even if he's not up for it, there is always you and me. I've always loved eating pussy that has been fucked before having breakfast. It's always open and ready for a tongue or my tiny fingers."

Stephanie grabbed hold of Alex's arm and followed her to the bedroom.

Leonard already dropped his robe and let out a grunt when he saw the two women entering behind him, "Oh fuck, I need my rest. I thought you were going shopping."

Stephie chuckled, "The food and clothes with be there later, now scoot over and make space for me." She dropped her unbuttoned shirt and slipped in beside him. She reached up and unclipped her messy red hair and it floated over his groin as she grabbed hold of his semi-stiff cock. She drew the entire shaft into her mouth and her tongue flicked out and she could still taste her cunt juices on it from last night.

A moment later, a naked Alex climbed up onto the bed on the opposite side of Leonard and she fought to get the cock out of Stephanie's mouth and fist, "Come on Stephie, share. You had him all night, my turn." She yanked it out of Stephanie's grasp.

Leonard released a tiny grunt, "Hey, you know that IS attached!"

Alex giggled , "Oh I am aware and I remember how fat and stiff it gets." She licked it, "Mmmm, I can taste Stephie on it. I bet that little tart of a secretary wouldn't mind a go at it too." Between licks and tiny bobs of her head, she pulled it from her mouth, "Were you aware she was watching us last week when I was giving you head in your office?" She took him deeper and she felt it begin to swell to its full length.

Stephanie let out a yelp, "What the fuck? Are you two having sex behind my back?"

Alex giggled, ""I don't believe so, your back was nowhere in the room. You have nothing to talk about. How about you and Bernadette fucking him while I was struck home entertaining his friends and his ex."

Stephanie gave her a tiny smile, 'Yeah, okay, I guess we both have our own little get togethers with him."

Leonard rose up on his elbows, "You know you two, I'm right here! I'm sharing my stiff penis with the two of you and it sounds like I'm the prize and the two of you are fighting to divvy up the spoils."

Alex popped his cock from her mouth and giggled, "Oh, there is nothing spoiled about this!" She bobbed up and down several times and sat back and stroked him, "This is prime AA fresh and I'm gonna ride it."

Before Stephanie or Leonard could object, she threw a leg over his and facing him, planted her hands on his chest. She reached over and kissed Stephanie, "Be a dear and shove that fat fucker in my pussy. I need a good rutting and I can't wait any longer."

Stephanie kissed her back and as she fisted Leonard's shaft, she lodged it in the entrance to Alex's dripping hole and as she released it, she watched Alex lower her petite, shapely body and she lowered her head to suck on one of Alex's fine, firm tits.

Alex fisted Stephanie's unruly locks and sank onto Leonard's shaft. She arched her back, forcing more of her fine tit flesh into Stephanie's experienced mouth. She rapidly bounced up and down, taking Leonard's entire stiffness into her tiny body.

Leonard reached up and began mauling Stephanie's large, swaying tits and he ran his hands down her lush body and grabbing hold of her hips, he drew her up and over. He lowered her juicy cunt to his waiting mouth and as he began lapping away at her slick folds, he felt Alex bounce up and down on his cock harder and faster.

Alex knew it was gonna be quick. After hearing all that went on last night, she was ripe and wasn't far from a climax already. She leaned into Stephanie and kissed her hard as she shoved a tongue into her mouth and was met with her tongue dancing across her lips.

Stephanie ground her cunt against Leonard's incredible tongue and she began shaking when she felt his lips draw her stiff clit between them. She clutched at Alex as she felt his tongue darting back and forth, up and down her clit and she started to squirt when she felt him sink a couple fingers deep into her juicy hole.

Alex clutched at the quivering redhead and she knew from past bouts, she was cumming. She sped up, wanting to join her and she fisted Stephanie's long tousled hair and kissing her with the passion of a lover, she started cumming too.

The two redheads clung to one another as they slowly came down from the orgasm they both wanted and received.

Alex rolled off of Leonard and so did Stephie. Leonard looked down at the two of them, "You know I wanted to take a nap, you two get off and I'm left hanging?"

Alex giggled and looked to Stephanie, "Looks like we have a man in need of a release. What do you say we double-team him and give him what he wants/"

Stephie giggled, "Let's go girl!" She attacked his swollen nuts, dipping her head low as Alex attacked the dark red head with her tongue and lips. The two of them were lapping away, sucking, stroking and teasing him and before long, Leonard was moaning like a wounded animal. He clutched at both of them. He loved Stephanie's fiery red hair, but also adored Alex's dark auburn locks. He was unable to see what they were doing. His entire lower body was covered in red hair. All of a sudden he felt a rumbling in his balls and he let out a groan, "Oh you two gorgeous sluts, suck it, suck it hard, I'm cumming."

They doubled their efforts and before long, he was spilling his load all over their pretty faces and down their throats. They finished him off and turned to one another and licked and kissed what he deposited all over their face. They rose up, they threw their hair over their back and each leaned in, kissed him playfully.

Alex was already off the bed, slipping into her clothes, "Come on Stephanie, time to hit the stores."

She climbed off the bed, opened up her overnight bag and pulled out some casual clothes to wear out shopping.

Leonard sat up on one elbow, "Nice, you get what you want and leave me. I'm just a play toy for the two of you, right?"

Alex, who was dressed now, came over to him, she gave him a hot kiss and pulled back, "Mmmm, I can taste Stephanie on your mouth. We could stay and really wear you out."

He slapped her on her tiny ass, "Oh no, you two have to get food so I can function. I need a nap, now get!"

They giggled and left him to recuperate. They had plans for him tonight and they needed him at his finest.

Alex and Stephanie stocked up his refrigerator and cupboards with food and after that, they made him fill them both and true to form, he did just that.

He was happy to return to work on Monday, he needed a rest and immerse himself in work, rather than his two female love interests. Luckily he had a few pressing issues and he soon found it time to leave for the day.

His secretary, Christi popped her head in and flashed him a smile, "Dr. Hofstadter, I'm leaving now, is there anything you need before I go?"

He stared at her and first the first time, he saw her in a sexual light, rather than his secretary. He cleared his throat, "No, thank you Christi, that will be all, take care, I'll see you tomorrow." She again flashed him a smile and left. As she left, he took in her tiny, petite, but shapely body. For a woman in her late thirties, she had large, shapely breasts. He suddenly remembered who she looked like. She could be a twin for Anna Faris, who played, surprisingly Christy Plunkett on that show. Her hair was just as blonde, but had it up most of the time and her body amazingly mirrored the star and he wondered if she was just as feisty as Christy on the TV show.

Over the next several days, Leonard began to think more and more about Christi, but he knew better than to shit where he ate, so to speak. The next two weeks sped by and Leonard spent more and more time with Alex and Stephanie. On Wednesday, he decided he was going to spring an important question on the two of them over the next weekend. He called Stephanie, "Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend?"

She held her breath and letting it out, "No, I was hoping the three of us could soak up some sun at your community pool during the afternoon and after that, well, you know."

He snickered, "Oh, I love the sunbathing thing, but not so sure about the, you know what. You may have to be a little more specific, Stephanie."

She cleared her throat, "I'm with a patient, but if I have to explain, you're not getting any."

He laughed out loud, "Okay, I get the idea, are you coming over this evening?"

She let out a groan, "Oh I can't I just got here an hour ago. I got the late shift at the hospital tonight and tomorrow night, but this should make up for it, I have the entire weekend off, not on call, so, you know."

He chuckled and yelled out, "OH HELL YEAH, I GOT IT!"

She snickered, "I hope so, listen I have to go. I can't have my patient waiting."

He hung up and gave Alex a call, "Hi Alex, I just got off the phone with Stephanie and I asked her if she had anything going on this weekend. She told me the two of you were coming over to use my pool in the afternoon and something about, you know later. She couldn't elaborate what she was talking about, do you know what she meant?" He started laughing, unable to hold it in.

She giggled, she was in her lab and was easy to elaborate, "Oh I think so. She said something about fucking you into Monday, is that specific enough?"

He scoffed,"Well, I never!"

She giggled, "Now I know that isn't right. I now for a fact that you have. So I'm gonna be all alone this evening. Wanna have some company?"

He let out a sign, "Listen, I'm planning something special for the two of you this weekend. I would love to have you over, but I already started setting up things for the surprise. Please, don't let on with Stephie. I heard she's gonna be working the night shift tonight and tomorrow. I could come over to your place instead. If you want, I can pick-up some take-out food if you'd like."

She thought about it and had an idea, but had to see if she could swing it so close to quitting time. "Leonard, I'll call you back in fifteen minutes. I have to check if I can change my plans. I'd really love to have you here, but had some plans that were not firm yet. Let me see if I can change them, is that alright?"

He didn't know why she so skiddish, but replied, "Sure, if you have plans, that's okay. I can easily leave it at that and see you two on Friday evening."

"NO, no, just give me a few and see if I can switch things, talk to you in a few." She hung up before he could change his mind.

After hanging up she made a phone call and she was glad she could swing things. She was hopping up and down and tried to figure out how to entice Leonard. It suddenly came to her. She called Leonard back, "Listen, it's all set up. Why don't you stop and get Chinese food for three. I'm sure Stephanie would love to have food to eat when she gets off work. I'm in the middle of something and should be home around six. It would be great if you got here around six-fifteen, is that alright?"

He didn't know what she was up too, but agreed, "Sounds great, anything specific you'd like to eat?"

She giggled, "Oh, aren't you sweet, you know me, I eat nearly anything, surprise me. See you at six-fifteen. I may be in the shower, use your key. You know where the plates are, just make yourself at home. Gotta go, see you soon."

He tidied up and found Christi already gone for the day. She never did this before, but thought nothing of it. He headed home to change and headed out to get the Chinese food. He arrived just a little after six thirty and used his key to enter the apartment. He got the plates out and opened up his food, but left it to the two other meals for Alex to choose which one she wanted.

He was gonna start eating, he was hungry, but didn't want to be rude. He walked down the hall to see what was keeping Alex. As he passed the bathroom, he heard the shower and heard giggling. He was immediately intrigued. He slowly turned the knob and entered the bathroom. He stopped dead as he saw two figures clinging to one another and the giggling continued. He couldn't tell who was in there with Alex, but knew it was her, he knew that giggle anywhere and he could make out her long dark hair. He stepped closer and was able to wipe some of the steam off the glass wall and he stepped back. He was shocked to see his secretary naked as the day she was born. Her long platinum blonde hair was wet, sticking to her gorgeous, wet body.

He took a step back and quickly stripped off all of his clothes. He placed his glasses on the countertop and slowly opened the shower door. He stood there as a blast of cool air enveloped the two naked women.

Alex pulled away from Christi and looked to Leonard, "Well, it took you long enough to come looking for me. I thought I was gonna have to leave and drag you in here. Close the fucking door, it's cold out there and join us."

He pulled the door shut and was stunned looking at the gorgeous body of his secretary. He knew she was hiding large breasts under those loose fitting clothes, but she was a lot larger and they were standing high and those large nipples were just begging to be played with. He knew without a doubt, she could easily be a stand-in double for Anna Faris.

Alex approached Leonard and pulled him to the two of them and he was suddenly just as wet as they were. He was sandwiched between the two petite women. Alex took the lead and stood before him., her long dark auburn hair was plastered to her head and pert tits. Behind him, Christi was behind him and her light blonde hair was stringy and clung to her head and rested on her larger, firm tits.

Christi was a little shy, but was urged on by Alex who looked past Leonard and nodded to her. She knew what she wanted her to do and she reached around and stroked his belly as she ran her hands lower, but came in contact with Alex's fist. She wanted in, but was still a little shy. She leaned in and pressed her lush curves against Leonard's back and she rotated her hips, grinding her clit against his taut ass cheeks.

Alex turned Leonard slightly to the side and she tugged at Christi so they were both facing, on either side of him. She sank to her knees and pulled Christi down beside her. She leaned down and after pushing his cock towards Christi, she dipped her head and began licking and sucking at his nuts. She drew one onto her mouth and her tongue rolled it around as she sucked and releasing it, gave its twin the same treatment.

Christi watched in awe as Alex attacked Leonard nuts and it gave her the courage to began licking at the dripping head of his cock. She rolled her tongue around the swollen tip and catching a drop of his pre-cum on it, she ran it around her lips and licked it down before the hot water washed it away. She returned and getting a little more courageous, she drew the entire head into her mouth. She sucked and her cheeks hallowed out. She lowered her head and gagged as she felt the tip brush against her throat.

She watched Alex suck him down to the root in his office, but found out it wasn't as easy as she thought it was. She really wanted to, but after trying it several times, she knew she wasn't as talented as Alex and she just did what she could.

Leonard was happy just to have this gorgeous blonde sucking on his cock, while Alex continued to lap at his balls and he shivered when he felt her dip lower and wormed her tongue into his puckered hole. He reached down and clutched at the two slick head and he felt his knees begin to buckle. He loved what they were doing, but wanted in on the action. He grabbed them both and managed to get them to their feet. He turned off the water and opening the door, reached out and grabbed a couple towels and handing one to Alex, he used the other to work on the lush curves of the tiny blonde.

He took his time making sure to dry and caress every curve on her tiny body. He ruffled up her hair and when he was finished, it was still damp and she looked amazing. Her long light blonde hair draped down her pretty face in ropes of stringy layers. She looked like a porn star and flashes of seeing Christy on Mom, made his cock stiffen again. He stared at her stiff nipples and his mouth began to water. They were red with knobs atop her ample tits. He knew if he closed his lips around one of them, he may never let go. He knelt before her and began drying her shapely, slender legs and looking up, he saw her pussy was completely bare and her tight lipped pussy began to swell and blossom as her excitement grew. He looked up and her eyes were fluttering as she bit down on her lower lip and her hands reached out and grabbed hold of his shoulders to steady herself.

Christi allowed Leonard to lift one foot and them the other and she let out a gasp as his towel covered hand ran up her calf, knee and upward along her quivering thigh. She released a groan when he stopped and did the same to her other leg. She drew him closer as he approached her pussy and a tiny trickle of her cream began seeping out. He stood up and took hold of her hand, "We need to take this to the bedroom, Alex. Christi seems to be having a serious leaking problem and I think it can only be repaired by a vigorous licking or insertion. What do you think?"

Alex, just like Christi, was now dry and her hair hung down in layers of ropes and she too looked amazing, She tossed the towel aside and taking their hands, led them out of the shower. They dried their feet on the shower mat and hurried across the hall to the already turned down bed. She hopped on and pulled her two naked partners up to join her..

Leonard guided Christi onto her back and he hovered over her. He reached up and combed his fingers through her long, damp blonde hair and he loved her cute bangs and saw her stared up at him with those large blue eyes. He saw her lick her lips and he had to taste them. Leaning in, he captured them and as they met, he felt her tiny, slippery tongue flick out and dance along his lips.