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Since that day Maddie could think of nothing but Luke. He consumed her mind, his strong arms, his touch, most of all his lips on her neck. It felt silly that he did all that he did, and of all those things what excited her most was that burning kiss on her neck. She touched the spot many times, remembering. The past few years since she grew from a girl to a woman were all mundane. She struggled to find a reason to put the effort into her life on many days. But since then, since he touched her, each day she awoke dreaming of him. Each day was a day closer till when she would see him again. She had bargained with her mum to allow one more lesson per fortnight. She wished she could see him whenever she wanted, but this way it would stay discreet. What would everyone think if they found out? It only turned her on further knowing that what happened between them had to stay secret.

Passing the week before her next session was difficult. Each night as she set into bed she knew as she fell asleep memories of that day would pop into her mind. She knew she would begin to feel hot. She would toss off her duvet, laying there in her panties and T-shirt. She would begin touching herself. Each time it would not be long before she reached the point of needing to conceal her moans and squeaks. Each time she imagined how his hands played with her body. Her breasts, her pussy. His gentle hands on her thighs, the imprint of his large cock on her back. His nasty words in her ear. She really was a naughty girl, she thought. His naughty girl.

In school, she began feeling more confident. All of a sudden it seemed that she was liberated. All of a sudden she was the centre of attention. All of a sudden the boys were interested in her. She embraced her beauty. She felt empowered. Each time a shadow of doubt entered her mind, she remembered those godly hands on her body, and the feelings of anxiety would fade away, only passionate memories. That whole day was in her mind tinted with a warm yellow-orange glow, though it was a cold day, in her memories, it was like the hottest summer day on a Mediterranean island. Cicadas rattling in the fields beyond the beautiful Italian villa that replaced the tiny student accommodation room. She knew she was fantasizing, but there was nothing wrong in that, she embraced it. Her fantasies, however, went further than just memories. She imagined how on those hot summery nights on that imaginary island Luke would undress her, kissing her passionately as he would take her virginity. She imagined the day she would be made a woman by him. How it would feel to be held by him as he was inside her. Most of all, she fantasised about his kisses. On her neck, on her lips, on her body.

She was a romantic girl. She never liked the culture of hookups popular among others her age. She wished for something real, deep. Something like this. Because surely that's what this was. Fate smiling at her for once. After years of the torment of social anxiety, the goddess Fortuna would show her her good will, and send her her very own hero. Fate was rewarding her for making it this far. It is above all this that made her so confident. Years of insecurity over when "it gets better" as all the teachers, life coaches and therapists would say. "It gets better," always that same phrase, but until that day she was opened by Luke, it never got better.

The week passed slowly, each day only a reminder of the events of last time. But eventually, it was the night before again. She could barely contain herself. She was so very horny. She was never like this before. Sure she had crushes on boys in her school, but never like this. Simply brushing fabric past her pussy would make it wet. She knew it would be long before she would fall asleep with all these thoughts rushing through her mind, so she went to bed earlier than usual. She lay there in the darkness, preparing for her nightly routine when her phone buzzed. She checked it and saw that it was a message on Instagram. Her heart began pounding. It was him.

"Hey Maddie," she read the message, awaiting the next with incredible anticipation.

"What you up to?

Bored af"

She quickly typed a response.

"Not much, just resting, hbu"

"Yh same

just finished my workout

godda shower but cba lol"

As she read the message she could imagine Luke's muscular body. Sweating, training. Her pussy was moist. She began touching herself as she began typing the next message, but he was quicker.

"Wanna see?"

Her heart was racing.


The next message was a photo. In it, Luke stood in only a towel in front of his bathroom mirror. He was smiling right at her. She gasped as she saw his body. His chest was well built with tufts of hair across it. His abs were sculpted like an ancient statue. He wasn't hairy but he wasn't hairless, he was perfect. Combined with his strong arms she could not imagine a more beautiful man.

"You like?"

She thought what to respond as she rubbed her pussy more and more, her eyes glued to his godly body. An idea struck her. Such a nasty idea. She reached down below her panties with her middle and ring fingers, covering them with her juices. She put her hand to the camera of her phone. Snap. Her small feminine fingers glistening covered in her own moistness. Between her fingers, suspended in the air a clear string of grool. So naughty. She bit her lip as she pressed send. "Luke has read the message" she eyed the notification in anticipation. "Luke is typing"

"Looks like you're having fun

wish I could help out"

This message was followed by another image. His towel was now loose. It was hanging on his fully erect cock, covering it, upkeeping the mystery. He was basically naked. The v-line of his muscles below his abs pointing to his dick like an arrow. She was now breathing heavily, fucking herself with her fingers. "God," she thought as her eyes rolled back into her head. She could imagine that towel dropping, taking his cock and repaying him for all he did to her.

"Gonna shower now, besides, you're probably quite busy

See you tomorrow"

She read the message from the corner of her eyes, she could not focus her vision on her phone any longer. Her eyes lingered on the smiling evil imp emoji which followed the message. How dirty. Her movements quickened as she felt her orgasm coming on again. She wanted to moan so bad, but knowing her brother and mother were only across the hall forced her to bite down and pull on her bedsheets as her body convulsed in pleasure, leaving a wet puddle in the middle of the bed. Panting heavily her vision darkened and she drifted off to sleep.

During the night she was plagued by strange dreams. Short ones, weird ones. Waking up constantly only to fall back asleep into yet another snapshot of an alien world, or a stormy sea. It was an exhausting night with little rest, but when she woke up in the morning knowing today was the day, she quickly forgot her troubles. In the past, even though she knew it was silly, she saw bad dreams like these as signals. Signals that something would happen, something bad. Today though, as she got dressed she only had Luke on her mind.

In school, she could barely concentrate, her friends noting how unusually radiant and bubbly she was. As the day progressed each hour seemed to get longer and longer, to the point that the last lesson of the day felt like an eternity. Simply readjusting her legs made her horny and she wished she could just walk over to Luke's place right now.

Eventually, however, the moment came, the bell rang. She never packed her things up quicker in her life. Walking fast down the corridor to beat all the other students before they slowly flooded the whole place. She was now at the gates of the college, only a few other students out this early.

"Hey! Maddie!" she heard a familiar voice. Turning around she thought she must have forgotten something. She looked around struggling the see the source. "Here!" this time she saw him, it was one of her classmates, Michael.

"Hey Michael," she responded as he walked over to her. She knew Michael from most of her classes, they ended up picking the same A-Levels, but they weren't friends. They talked a few times and he was certainly a nice guy, he looked nice too and he was always kind to her. She smiled.

"God I thought you were about to start running just now," he said jokingly, but she knew it was the truth, she really felt like sprinting to Luke's place, her pussy aching to be touched. She could barely stand with how badly she wanted to finally do everything she imagined with Luke. "I just wanted to talk to you for a minute," he said. His eyes looking down slightly.

"Oh, ok," she said, now slightly interested, though still itching to leave. He seemed to blush a little.

"Well, I thought maybe, well maybe you wanted to grab a coffee or something at some point," he smiled sincerely. She was surprised by this, it was the first time she had ever been asked out, it was a new experience like no other. He looked at her, awaiting a response. "I mean, if you don't its-"

She put her hand on his shoulder surprising him a little, "Sure, but later," she answered politely. She took his hand and pulling a pen from her blazer she wrote down her Snapchat username on it. Turning to leave, "I really godda run, nice chattin" before walking off quickly. She thought she'd go out with him once, just to be nice and then they'd go back to being just classmates. She was too nice to just tell a friendly guy like him to go away. She certainly would have to some of the other guys in her year, who would stare at her ass and would love to do to her what Luke has. But Michael was nice, and she would be nice back to him, it was only right. But right now she couldn't think about Michael and his cute little wholesome request. The only thing in her mind was the opposite of wholesome. Delish. Depraved. Degenerate.

She reached the quay by the harbour and could see at the end of it the accommodation building. Walking quickly like the very first time, but not because she was worried about being late, oh no, she was earlier than expected. In no time she was at the telecom. With a laboured breath, she pressed that same button labelled 'E2'. Seconds later she heard the crackle on the other end.

"Hello?" Lukes voice, melting her mind.

"It's me," she responded simply.

"I've been waiting," he said. She heard him put down the receiver as the door buzzed. Holding it open, already out of breath, her pussy filling up with juices. God, what a dirty girl she was. But she liked it. Stepping into the lift, as the door closed a devilish idea crossed her mind. Reaching below her skirt, she gently tucked on the edges of her panties, pulling them down to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she held them in her hands. Soaking wet. She stuffed it in her bag as the lift arrived on the second floor. She felt so nasty, doing something so wrong, she hoped Luke would appreciate her gift.

She walked confidently to his apartment door and knocked on it gently. It opened and she saw him again for the first time since last week, barring of course last night's dirty little messaging session. As usual, he wore a tight fitted T-Shirt and grey sweatpants, how aroused she was just by seeing the shape of something that could have maybe been his dick in those sweatpants.

"Hi," he held the door open for her.

"Hey," she responded, smiling like a good girl would, before walking through.

"How's your day been?" he said as they walked toward his room labelled 'C'.

"Very boring, so long," she complained.

"Hope you've still got enough energy to do some work," he smiled at her, looking her directly in the eyes as he held open the door of his room.

"I can't wait," she said, dropping the innocence on her face, replacing it with a naughty smirk which Luke understood and returned by widening his own smile. As she passed by his body she smelled his expensive perfume again, so good. Already her mind was spinning as though she had just taken a shot of vodka, no, two shots. They walked into the small room, she had already concocted her dirty plan.

They stood there opposite each other. She reached into her blazer pocket, pulling out a pen. He watched her in silence. She held the pen with her index finger a thumb out in front of her, between them. She let go. The sound of plastic rattling was the only sound in the still room as he looked at her confused.

"I've dropped my pen," she said in a mocking 'damsel in distress' voice. "Would you pick it up for me?" she pouted her lips. She felt so naughty. Luke smiled, he was into this, and her cute face pouting like that gave him an instant hard-on, she could see it.

"Of course," he said in a semi-ironic tone. Slowly he knelt down to pick up the pen. As he did so, she walked forward so she was only inches away from him, almost directly above. Looking up, he saw what she wanted him to see. Smiling at him from the darkness of her skirt was her beautiful, young, bald pussy, glistening ever so slightly in the shadows. His smile turned to a gasp of awe. He was not expecting this. Not at all. His eyes turned up toward her. Her face was now an assertive dominant one, her hands on her hips, in her college uniform she looked so erotic. He knew what to do.

His hands wandered to her ankles, touching her through her over-knee navy blue socks. She maintained her stance though inside, she was trembling. His large hands made their way up her well-sculpted legs, eventually reaching the edge of her socks and touching her skin. When his fingers landed on the surface she could no longer hold up the facade as she let out an involuntary moan. His hands wandered further and further, reaching her thighs. With his hand he reached out to touch her pussy, she waited in anticipation to receive his touch. But he stopped. He retreated his hand, as though hesitating for a second, he then moved his head forward and put his lips to her pussy.

Instant pleasure run through her body like a shockwave as he deployed his tongue, swirling around, lapping up all her sweet juices, parting her lips, fucking her. His hands joined the fray, but only after he made sure to clean the outside of all her resonant wetness. Two fingers inside her, his tongue flicking her clit, playing with it, dancing around it in a smooth foxtrot. Ecstasy. Each movement no matter how small was amplified a million times as it rocked her body. He continued like this for a while as her pussy became wetter by the second, faster than he could lick it. He stood up, looking down at her, holding her shoulders, she knew what was about to happen.

She reached out her hands as they looked into each other's eyes. Her blue eyes meeting his brown-green ones, their gazes made love to each other in midair between their faces. This suspense lasted only a second before they kissed. Passionately. Their tongues twisting around each other, their lips sliding around. A kiss so passionate she could barely breathe, releasing only laboured moans.

How she waited for this moment. How for that entire week, the memory of that small kiss he placed on her neck remained. How the imprint of his lips felt like a burning mark of the devil. Now that they were so much further than that, their lips touching, their bodies intertwined, it was all she had hoped for. In that moment, that sacred beautiful moment, she felt complete. She felt as though there was nothing else in the world. Nothing, but him.

Their lips parted, and they looked into each other's eyes once again.

"Luke, I want to repay you," she said. She removed her blazer and let it fall to the ground, her beautiful breasts looking amazing in her white college shirt, the outline of her bra visible through the thin material. She placed her hands on his large chest and began to move down. She was on her knees, she looked up at him. He placed his hand on her head. "I've never done this before," she said, slightly scared. She imagined this moment, but it was true, she had never sucked a dick in her life, only seeing how it looks form porn.

"It's okay Maddie," his words were reassuring as was his face, his smile a warm one, not a lustful one. "Take it slow, if you want to do it," he added. She nodded and smiled back nervously. She hooked her fingers on the band of his sweatpants, the large bulge of his erect penis glaring her in the face through the fabric. She slowly pulled them down, revealing his dark boxers. His cock begged to be released. She had never touched a penis, and now that it was right in front of her, separated only by a thin sheet of linen, it felt so natural to her. The tip was leaking precum, leaving a dark moist patch on his boxers. She looked up at him once more. "Take your time," he said.

She pulled down his boxers, his large 8" cock springing forward, fully erect. She decided she would get straight to work, no point waiting. She traced the length of his dick with the tip of her tongue from the base, up the shaft reaching the head, she noticed it was more sensitive. Placing her lips over the tip she could taste his precum. It was a strange taste, but not one she disliked. She began to slowly feed his cock into her mouth, struggling a little. It was so strange to her, but she tried to remember how the girls in videos she watched did it. After about 2 inches, she retreated back to the tip, licking her lips and looking up at him.

"Good girl," he said, gently stroking her hair. His words empowered her and melted her brain as she once again filled her little teenage mouth with his girthy cock. Deeper. She was getting better at this, reaching a rhythm, bobbing up and down on his dick. She could see he was enjoying it, both his hands now on her head gently pushing her. He was now much deeper inside her, she eventually felt his tip on the back of her throat. He began pushing harder. He was fucking her face, her throat gently constricting around his dick creating strange glugging sounds. With each thrust she tried to twist her tongue around his dick, this only intensified his groans. Harder, faster, he was using her head as his own personal pussy. Her moist mouth wrapping around his dick, sucking it.

She could feel him tense up, he slowed down, he must have been close to coming. It was now his turn to be back in control. He gently pulled on her head motioning for her to get up. He removed his shirt and kicked off his boxers and sweatpants. He was now naked except for his white socks. They kissed again, this time shorter. As their lips parted, he once again seemed to hesitate for a moment, his eyes looking to the side. Before she could ask, however, his gaze returned and began to unbutton her shirt. She shuddered. So it was happening, for real now. She was going to lose her virginity. Slowly one button after the other, the pause between each one feeling agonisingly long as her anxiety rose. Would it hurt? She heard it hurt. She knew he would be gentle with her, but how did it feel? Surely it was different to just fingers. A few more buttons to go. Was he teasing her? Why was it taking so long?

Her shirt was undone, he gently brushed it off her arms. He unclipped her bra, her breasts springing free. He bent down and took her erect nipple in his mouth. Sucking it, gently biting it with his teeth. His hand venturing to the other breast, fondling it, flicking her nipples, drawing circles around it like a beast playing with its prey. She felt so hot. She was moaning. After a few minutes of fondling her breasts like this, he pushed her down on the bed. She landed on her back. This was it, she thought. It was finally happening. Her pussy was the wettest it had ever been, and she was glad, his dick was several times bigger than her or even his fingers. He took her foot into his hands and slipped off her shoe, first one, then the other, looking her in the eyes as he did so. When he was done he let her feet down, hanging off the edge of the bed. He leaned in over her and kissed her on her lips. Her hair spread out like the rays of the sun around her head. He took a pillow and placed it below her head, he was so caring. She lay there, wearing nothing but her skirt and socks. He once again traced her legs with his fingertips as she laid her head back.