Her large luscious breasts seemingly entering first Kitty O'Hara walked into the room to find Thad staring at her. His transformation having moved along to the point he had developed a feeling of devoted admiration towards the woman.

"Would my darling like to have her morning breast massage?"

Thad nodded his head quickly before answering her hoping she wouldn't change her mind.

"Yes Ma'am...please Miss Kitty.

"Have you been a good girl?...what do you say?"

"I am a good girl...I always obey Miss Kitty.

The shock of red hair had been growing steadily spilling down on both sides of his head he gave a shake to it.

"Have you been practicing your smiling?"

"Yes Ma'am...see here it is...I like smiling now it makes me feel..."

The sentenced trailed off as though somedays it was hard to think of big words.

"I think what your searching for is smiling makes me feel delectably feminine...Very nice...Let's turn your back baby."

As many women know regular breast massage creates greater blood flow to the area. Holding still letting her soft firm hands work the twin mounds he could feel the sensitivity increasing.

"Why if I didn't know any better...I'd say milk is beginning to make its way in...and these nipples of yours look how hard and pointed they are...they look so womanly."

Rubbing her own soft breasts against his back she added to her comment.

"Ohhh breasts feel sooo nice I'm so glad to be a woman."

"I like how it feels when they wiggle...they each seem so loose lately Miss Kitty."

Her influence never in question she simply pivoted.

"Very well then...let me hear you...I never have any secrets between my girls and me...say I am so glad to be Miss Kitty's pretty girl."

It actually felt nice to admit it as he said it.

"I am so glad to be Miss Kitty's pretty girl..."

Thad suddenly felt like a million pounds had been lifted off his shoulders. The timing couldn't have been better. Kitty knew he was ready to accept a new name aware it would add to his developing femininity.

"Who do you belong to?...Please your domina...say my name is Belinda."

He blushed thinking the name sounded so pretty. Batting his eye-lashes it came out softly.

"My name is Belinda...I belong to Miss Kitty."

Idling the time Belinda let his feet dangle down hanging out of the birdcage. Much like any muscle a brain is no different if it isn't used and challenged. The first few months or so of opium had pushed the grey matter in the direction yet over the many months that followed Belinda's brain took to becoming addled as though it was just easier not to think too hard.

Kicking the shapely legs lightly back and forth looking childish yet alluring his mind had been reduced to that of one much less intelligent than he'd once been. Like mental cotton-candy it was the inconsequential things that had replaced thinking on matters of import like how to cheat at cards and dice yet not get caught.

The budding t-girl developed an interest in seeing the array of pretty feminine clothing and intimate wear Miss Kitty and her t-girls wore. The need to experience the joy of feminine whimsy increasing Belinda soon discovered he had lost the ability to remember what numbers meant.

The woman would hold up pieces of paper with numbers in a simple math equation on them. They may as well have been Chinese characters the male would stare at them before pulling up a look of befuddlement as though baffled at their meaning.

Miss Kitty trained her t-girls to respect and obey all women yet still have an appetite for the cock of a man much like any female might enjoy. Its purpose was two-fold having them learn they were feminine playthings while liking hard dicks further diminished whatever remaining masculinity existed within.

Like the others Belinda was trained to welcome the anal plug made of clear crystal. It reinforced the shift to passively accepting penetration as opposed to being the one assertively doing it.

One afternoon the beefy male returned while naked pretending to check on the birdcage's attachment to the wooden beam. On hearing the compliment 'you look very pretty girl' Belinda let his hands slip out between the bars on seeing the flaccid penis dangling between the man's legs.

Close enough to touch Belinda soon attempted to bring arousal to the cock. Like a flag at full mast proudly waving its colors the hard dick responded to being masturbated.

Just then Miss Kitty walked in as she had intended.

"My, my Belinda it seems your girlish attractiveness and attention to it have brought stiffness to show itself...let's have you out of your cage on all fours...mind your manners we can't have you being rude."

The large man slipped in behind Belinda. Lubed up with lotion crystal anal plug pulled out Belinda soon felt the hard cock enter.

The t-girl was crossing over moving closer to being in the Lady pond and the thrill of having a hard dick inside his body. He made up for any apprehension he may have previously had with a display of rampant enthusiasm.

Reaching the summit of desire Belinda could feel the approaching orgasm. The thick cock felt so nice making his budding breasts wiggle back and forth as the man pushed it in and pulled it out. Yet it felt odd having sex with his penis and balls kept out of play locked in chastity.

Miss Kitty squatted down looking the t-girl in the eye.

"Belinda dear you look so pretty being fucked...it feels nice doesn't it honey?"

"Ohhhh...ahhhhh...oh yes Ma'am...ohhhhh...ahhhhh."

"You can feel it certainly...the days of masculinity being a going concern are vanishing ...clearly you've learned a feminine life is best for you."

"Ohhhh...ahhhhh...oh yes Ma'am...ohhhhh...ahhhhh."

Kitty cupped his balls as she said it.

"I know of a way to enhance your expanding girlishness...is it something you'd like for us to pursue?"

No different than any other male in that regard ask something of him in the middle of sex whether he's being told to swim the English Channel or climb the Matterhorn and it is likely they'd agree to do anything as long as they could come.

"Ohhhh...ahhhhh...Oh yes Ma'am...let's pursue it...ohhhhh...ahhhhh."

The cream oozed in as the cream oozed out from behind his chastity cage. Having turned another male t-girl Miss Kitty smiled aware he would soon be put on display at the railings with her other 'angels of the night'.

Stepping onto the buckboard of the carriage Belinda lifted up aided by Miss Kitty pulling his hand as he held the hem of his dress. The woman snapped the flyweight of the buggy whip informing the horse it should move.

A seasoned cattle-woman Phyllis knew all there was to raising cows. Being a common practice bulls are often castrated removing the balls to improve marbling and the tenderness of the finished beef.

The 5 mile journey had the two arriving to see the barn doors open with Phyllis tending to a young calf. Wiping her brow she sauntered out to say hello.

"Hi Kitty...and this must be your Belinda...how lovely...well with no ugly testosterone to intrude things will become even prettier in the days ahead dear...come with me."

The t-girl winced on feeling the callicrate-band surround the set of balls. Like the tightest rubber-band one could imagine it would take another 3 weeks before Belinda's balls slipped off from the tightness. After-care given a loving touch by Miss Kitty sent to Denver to be silver-plated the pair of balls were made into earrings.

The dullness of the pain soon gave way to idea he'd be much more beautiful in the days ahead.

Becoming friends with the other 'angels of the night' t-girls Belinda could rightfully claim he still had hanging balls just not where they had first been. Freed from the curse of testosterone Belinda's looks took on a whole new level of femininity.

Katherine Halfpenny read the hand written letter while sitting at the vanity table. The days of pretending to be a cowboy behind him her 'Mary Lou' sat on her lap as she read the correspondence.

The pretty t-girl would steal glances seeing how attractive his breasts looked behind the sheer garment trimmed in ruffles and lace. Long before it could be ascertained by scientists that research such the months of feminizing herbals had made the connection with the DNA on his grandfather's side. Just as all the women in that part of the family tree the combination had given him a beautiful pair of large milky breasts.

"May I ask Miss Katherine...who is it from?"

One arm around his waistline the woman rested the letter on her lap.

In 1884 over 10 years earlier perfume makers in France had invented lipstick. Called 'perfumers' they painstakingly mixed carmine, deer tallow with a castor oil-based beeswax to create a redness to the lips that was also used for creating a rouge blush for the cheeks. It would be another 20 years before it would be used sliding up in what is still called a 'lipstick-tube'.

Brushing the deep red color on Mary Lou's lips Lady Katherine answered.

"It's from my father in London...up in age he's wondering if I have found a husband yet."

The woman moved her hand in back pulling Mary Lou in for a kiss she enjoyed seeing what a beautiful creation she had made of the 25 year old male.

"Now why would I want a husband..."

She again kissed her Mary Lou before continuing.

"...when I could have a wife instead."

It took a few seconds for Mary Lou to understand.

"Do you mean...is that what I think it...will I ...I mean am I to become...ohhhh Domina...I mean Miss Katherine...am I to be your bride?...will I get to wear a wedding gown?... you know with all the pretty petticoats...the ruffles and bows...Oh I love you Miss Katherine...please tell me you love me too...I mean I think you do ...I feel so flustered."

"I was going to add...'after all every woman needs a housewife...but of course I love you dear...lets have you on the bed I feel a surge in my female superiority and want to penetrate you."

Katherine lifted Mary Lou's hand.

"Point your finger...there see it fits."

The t-girl stared at the diamond ring emotions spiking Mary Lou could feel the glow in her heart expanding as she waited on hands and knees.

The high-waisted panties Miss Katherine wore were made of leather. An opening had the clear piece of crystal shaped like a phallus sticking out. Unique in its design a leather string slipped through the small opening at the bottom of the piece helping to hold it in place.

Miss Kitty and Belinda both stared into the floor mirror near the bed to watch as the woman fucked her t-girl from behind with the cock-like phallus. Hands on the hips of Mary Lou Miss Katherine felt so powerful. Bending down she whispered.

"You are going to make for a lovely bride in your wedding dress...just think taking my last name forever you'll answered to being addressed as Mrs. Mary Lou Halfpenny."

End of part 5 ...