My relationship Todd had been a "fly by night". In its early days we had been unable to keep our hands off one another. That passion eventually subsided leaving us with nothing. We both realized that nothing the other one did held our interest.

At 40 years old, I love watching figure skating. Other than that I shun sports. Todd, on the other hand, is an avid fan of all the major sports. He hates to miss a game. This difference in taste put a severe limit on time spent with the 40 year old.

My ex boyfriend is gorgeous. He's a 5 foot 10 inch blue-eyed blond with full lips, oval face and muscles to die for. That night I first set eyes on him I could feel my dick getting hard even while we were still 10 feet away from one another.

Here's a little bit about me. Lifting weights has given me an athletic physique though not quite that of a bodybuilder. I'm the same height as my ex boyfriend. I have dark-brown hair, brown eyes, thin lips and a square face.

Anyway I have to admit life is dull now that I'm not getting laid. I needed something to spice things up. Watching porn was not cutting it.

I don't know from where the notion came but suddenly going naked in full view of passersby seemed like it would be fun. I came to regard wearing clothes, even nice clothes, as an anathema.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I had been sitting in my livingroom listening to a tale of gay romance titled "The Fall" and living vicariously through "Silas Sloane".

About 5 o'clock the rain stopped and the sky turned blue. The gray clouds turned white. There were some puddles here and there but they would soon disappear.

I undressed down to my birthday suit leaving a blue t-shirt, cutoffs, and briefs on the sofa. Fully nude, I stepped out onto my small balcony overlooking the street below. This is awesome. I'm naked and I love how the fresh air feels against my body. The thoughts screamed inside my head. Cars sped in both directions past the complex. On the opposite side people walked back and forth between parked vehicles and the store. If anyone happened to look up at me, so be it. I spent 10 minutes on the balcony, most of it standing against the railing, I finally went back inside but did not put on clothes.

With the setting sun nudity suddenly felt like a private lifestyle. A double knock on my door sent me hurrying to put on pants over my bare ass.

Jane Hunt, a friend since highschool days, actually a girl whom I dated back in the day before coming out, stood in the hall.

"Come in," I said.

She took a seat on my sofa facing me in the rocker.

"I saw you on the balcony. I was coming out of the store."

"You did," I said.

She added, "you're so HOT."

I looked at her. You do know I'm gay, I thought.

She asked, "why did you have to be gay."

"I just am," I said.

Jane stayed for a while longer and had a beer with me. We watched "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix.

On Sunday morning just after 7 I was enjoying a leisurely pancake breakfast with plenty of syrup and some breakfast sausage links. Meanwhile, Alexa was playing "The Fall".

I wanted to be outside naked without having to carry my key. Inside the pot with the 24-inch artificial fern seemed like a good spot to hide it.

Anyway I took my briefs off and dropped them into the laundry basket.

I took a peak through the sliding doors and noticed the bright sun.

I was just about to go out when my phone rang so I stayed inside to talk. The call was coming from my younger brother Jay.

"I haven't heard from you in a long time. I was wondering if you're alive."

"I'm alive and well," I said.

The 38 year old, like me, is gay, having come out 10 years ago.

I asked, "how's everything with Ken."

"Everything is great," said Jay. "We're going to see Chick Corea next Friday. I might still be able to get a ticket if you want to go."

"Cool, get me one," I said.

As far as I knew, my brother was unaware of my desire to be an exhibitionist. He'll find out soon enough, I thought. As we didn't live far from each other a long walk in the right direction could take me by his home.

Shortly after 8 15 I came naked outside my building and headed west.I had planned to walk two miles allowing many a chance to see my body.

I crossed paths with a few other walkers though no one said anything. At least one did a double take. Of course all of them wore clothes.

I returned to my apartment satisfied that enough people had seen my birthday suit. I put on clean briefs and new bluejeans with a Burgundy polo shirt. Alexa resumed the book while I sipped a coffee at the counter.

My overpowering urge to be an exhibitionist is an idiosyncrasy that I could not explain to save my life. I can't not do it.

I wasn't back home for 10 minutes when another phone call came through, this one from my brother.

"I saw you walking."

I asked, "were you expecting me to walk by your window."

"Jane told me that you like to streak."

It occurred to me that my brother is not the only one she told. So what, I thought.

"That's what I do," I said.

"Don't get arrested," said Jay emphatically.