Amy Floweria: a tall and slightly plump girl with slightly tanned skin, her brown hair made into a ponytail. She was my girlfriend years ago in campus. Her parents found out about it and our relationship burned quickly in tears. We reconnected through social media just weeks ago and I gave her my recipe for steak; she apparently worked as a private cook for a rich family. Amy invited me to join her in a cooking competition.

"Hey, John!" Amy called me in the cooking competition arena.

"Oh, Amy! Long time no see!"

"Tee-hee! Of course! You're very ready, eh?" Amy asked, pointing at my yellow apron.


There were dozens of competitors waiting anxiously for the competition to start. A member of the organizers handed out a list of ingredients we may request. Amy and I immediately scanned it.

"Are you thinking the same thing I am?" Amy asked after scanning the list.

"Octopus soup," we said simultaneously.

The dish was tremendously difficult to pull off, but we managed to hold our own until the very end; after all, Amy and I crafted that recipe together when we were dating back then.

"Amy, I'll sear the octopus. You grill the bread." I said, throwing olive oil and octopus into the saucepan.


The octopus had been seared and Amy handed me garlic, chili, salt, and pepper, all of which I added to the soup. Amy then rubbed the grilled wheat bread with raw garlic. She began chopping parsley. I poured in red wine and beef bullion stock to the soup.

The soup was finally finished. "Good job," Amy said as she garnished it with chopped parsley and put the grilled bread aside.

A difficult dish made, a competition won. Amy and I brought the golden trophy to our hotel room, as the competition venue is far from our houses,

"Oh, jeez, I can't believe we actually won!" Amy declared, sitting with me on the brown couch.

"I never doubted that we'd win," I replied.

"I haven't said this, but wanna date me again?" Amy asked casually, "I've got my own money now, I've moved out, too. You don't have to fear my parents anymore."

I raised an eyebrow before flashing a smile.. "Naturally, yes."


Amy unbuttoned her shirt quickly. "Like what you see, John? It's gotten bigger, eh?"

"It sure has, Amy." I licked her nipples and squeezed her tits, triggering her soft moans.

And then she moved backwards. I unzipped my pants.

"Ooh! It's erect!"

Amy grabbed my cock and licked its shaft, then began to insert it in her mouth.

"Oh, Amy! Your blowjobs are so good!"

"It still can't compare to this!" Amy gave me a titjob, juggling her large tits around my cock. I came, my white cum spraying over her face. Amy wiped it with her hand and then stripped completely.

"I'll handle this, don't worry."

She inserted my cock in her wet pussy. The tightness of her pussy squeezed every vein of my cock, but her cunt is wet enough for my cock to continue penetrating it. Amy squirted twice, showering my cock with her juice.

"Oh! Ah! So big! Ah!" Amy moaned, "I'm coming again!"

"Ahn! Me too!" I replied.

"Let's cum together!"

Pussy juice wetted my cock, which in turn creampied Amy's wonderful hole.

"Oh jeez, how can you be this good?" I asked.

"I work part-time as a mistress in a BDSM club," Amy answered, "whipping people is quite an easy job to do and it generates money, you see. Anyway, you yourself is pretty damn good. I bet you've had a few girlfriends, eh?"

"Um, no, not really," I replied, and then I remembered Seira, "I do have a sex friend, though."

"Really? I'd like to meet her," Amy said, "my BDSM club at three in the evening next week? Is she into BDSM?"

"Oh, she is, don't worry."


John had always been a bit of a nerd; he would be seen quietly reading books or cooking at the cooking club. I had to admit that I was surprised that he had a sex friend.

I was preparing the BDSM room when John came in. "Oh wow, this is one exquisite club," John commented.

"Of course!" I puffed out my chest with pride. "So, where's the girl?"

"Oh, she's coming in five minutes. Traffic's mad lately, you see."

I nodded understandingly while grabbing dildos and anal lube from a big box of equipment. And then, a knock was heard. "Ah, she's here," John said.

The face that came in was a familiar one.

Seira Jeannate Landeve. The very person whose family I was working for. She was wearing a mini skirt, a T-shirt, and a collar around her neck.

"Seira?! You're John's sex friend?!"

"Amy?! What are you doing here?!"

"You guys ... know each other?" John interfered.

"Well ... I work for her family," I replied. An awkward silence followed soon.

"Strip," John ordered with his cold voice.

Seira threw me a look, then stripped right away at John's order. Two vibrators were clinging to her nipples and another was attached to her clit. Seira turned around and I saw a butt plug inside her ass.

"Oh, fuck this," I said while grinning, "I see John has tamed you, eh?"

"I assume her behaviour is as terrible as it is at school, no?" John asked.

"Worse," I replied. "But that's not important now."

I turned to face Seira. "I'll borrow her for a while, if you don't mind. She seems well trained."

"Feel free. Bitch, Amy will be your mistress this time," John said. "I'm gonna go out sightseeing for a while."

"All fours, bitch," I ordered as John left.

"Yes, Mistress," Seira replied obediently. I raised an eyebrow.

"Crawl there," I pointed at the center of the room. She did so.

"You ass's dirty, right? How many times have your Master sodomized you?" I asked. Seira mumbled, as if she were counting.

"F-fifty five times. Forty anal creampies."

"Good. Remember each and every time that cock enters you."

I grabbed a hose and inserted it into her ass. "I'll give you an enema now, bitch."

Water flew from the large bowl into her cute ass. "Ah! Ah!"

"Jeez, what a slut. You're feeling good from an enema?"

"Ah, Mistress, I-I'm going to, AH!"

Water and feces burst out of her ass into a bowl I had prepared. I smirked.

"Bad girl. Who told you you can do that, huh? Get up," I ordered.

"Yes, Mistress."

Her smooth, white skin was displayed in full with the sex accessories. I tied some rope from the ceiling to her legs and arms. I shoved a big, spiked dildo in her ass, triggering a loud moan, and then gagged her mouth. I prepared to whip her with a bullwhip.

My whip hit her nipples, her tits, her thighs, and her pussy, all of which reddened afterwards. Seira's muffled screams echoed throughout the room.

I equipped a strap-on and removed her gag. "Time for the main show," I said while rubbing my strap-on dildo on her pussy, "beg for it, bitch!"

"Ah ... I'm a naughty, useless whore who craves for submission. Please use my pussy, destroy my ass, and punish this dirty slave, Mistress!"

"Not bad."

I inserted the dildo and she squirted immediately. "Nice hole you have here, Seira. Keep it up. It's the only thing you can boast of, after all."

"Ah! Yes! Mistress!"

"Don't cum too much, bitch! Your juices are obstructing your pussy's tightness!" I barked, "eh, well, even if your master abandons you, you should be able to go whoring and sell this pussy for ... five bucks, I guess?"

"No! No!" Seira shrieked, "I don't want Master to abandon me!"

"Then tighten up, bitch!"

Miraculously, her pussy did get tighter immediately. I squeezed her small tits. "Instead of masturbating, you should enlarge these tits, slut. What'll you do when your master demands a titjob? You won't pleasure him with these tiny tits."

"Ahn, yes, Mistress, I'll enlarge them, ahn!"

As she ejaculated once again, John reentered the room.

"Oh, jeez, you're making me look like an amateur, John," I complimented him, "you have a really good slut at your disposal here." I pulled the dildo out. John unzipped his pants,

"Help me lay her down on that table, will you?" he requested.

I undid the ropes and laid Seira down on a table, then chained her with handcuffs to the corner of the tables.

"You want this cock?" John asked, rubbing his big cock on Seira's clit.

"Yes, Master! I want your huge dick inside my dirty pussy and your cum in my bitch womb!" Seira begged,

John penetrated Seira's cunt, triggering her loud moans. I stripped myself, sitting on her face.

"Yeah, good, lick that pussy, slut, lick that pussy!"

Half an hour later, with Seira's pussy wet from her juices and my own pussy repeatedly blasting juices into Seira's mouth, John came and creampied Seira's pussy. His thick sperm flew out of her shaved pussy. I stood up.

"You like this session, slut?" John asked.

"Yes, Master. I'm your personal cocksleeve forever, Master."

And the bratty delinquent, Seira Landeve, flashed her rare smile at her master. I patted John on his back. "Jeez, John, she's one fine cocksleeve."