Well my last job was a real bastard, I spent all of the morning chasing a slow water leak under a hot veranda, dirt sweat and muck. Great. Not that I have the cleanest job in the world but even by my standards I am dirtier than usual and let me say I have my stinky man's scent going on real strong.

No time for a shower, I am already late for the next job, yours. Your kitchen sink, that at least will be easier, inside the house rather than out in this heat.

Ding dong.

"Gidday love, I am the plumber come to check your sink, all right?" I say when you open the door.

"Thanks, through this way." You say as you direct me into your kitchen. I kick my shoes off as I follow you into the house and through to the kitchen. No point walking mud all through your nice house eh?

Hmmm, nice arse, I cannot help but notice as we walk down the hall, like it would be rude not to notice right? So far this job is looking way better than my last and that is just your butt that has brightened my day. Your arse wrapped in that light skirt is so tantalising as you walk in front of me, every moment of your hips is accentuated by the tightness of your skirt.

You open the cupboard under the sink and you bend at the waist to point out the trouble, your skirt rides up slightly at the back of your thighs so I have my attention elsewhere as you point out where the water is pooling under your sink. I am sure I will figure it out once you get your lovely sweet arse out of the way and let me under the sink. Plus I would not mind getting right under something else too, if you know what I mean.

That skirt is short enough, I might even get lucky and be able to check out your panties if I can position myself right when I am under the sink. In the interim I move around you so I can see where you are pointing. It is at this point that I notice your cleavage. Wow, you have a great set of boobs on display. Framed by your spaghetti string crop top. Then as you bend to point out the problem under the sink I think to myself, well fuck me this job just gets better and better.

I let you continue to point out the obvious whilst I study every inch of your breasts that you have almost hanging out of your top, oh fuck. You caught me perving at your tits, fuck.

Oh well it was good whilst it lasted, nice pins and cleavage and a pretty little arse in your skirt, not a bad start to this job I suppose I better get on with it and try to catch up some time. I put my tool box and torch on the sink as you stand back and your hand goes up to cover your cleavage. OK, ok I know you busted me, you don't have to rub it in now do you?

I slide in under the sink on my back on the floor head pointing up under your sink.

"Can you pass me the torch love" I ask. Knowing full well I could have kept it in hand whilst I climbed under the sink. I have left it in such a position that you have to come in close and stand next to me to reach it and then pass it to my outstretched hand, all the while my eyes are glued to the hem of your skirt as you come in nice and close too the kitchen bench that I am under.

Bingo, nice little tight snatch in light coloured panties.

I did not even need the torch for the job, I can already see the problem. The connector for the dishwasher has a split in the hose that connects to the sink drain. I will not even have to replace it, there will be enough room to cut of the split section and then reattach it to the nipple on the sink drain pipe. Five minute job tops.

OK, but let's not rush things shall we. Particularly while I am getting such a nice view of your sweet cunt while I am pissing about pretending to work under the sink.

You start to move away from the sink back into the centre of the kitchen, nah fuck that.

"Can I get you to turn the tap on for me love!" I say only to bring you back near the kitchen bench so I can continue to ogle your pussy under the hem of your skirt.

I can almost make out the line of your pussy lips through the slim material of your panties. I wonder to myself if you shave? You have to keep it nice and trim for me to get that kind of detail through your knickers.

You turn the tap on for me, which does absolutely nothing but bring you in to exactly where I want you.

"OK that's fine love, can I get you to turn the tap off and pass me my toolbox, thanks." I say.

The toolbox is a little heavy and I know you will need two hands, so I position my head ready to check out your cleavage as you pass it down to me. I am not disappointed, your top comes away from your tits nicely to reveal your light coloured bra that matches you knickers. The bra barely contains your nipples and I get a hint of your areola through the laced edge of your sexy little bra.

Nice love, nice.

I position the toolbox right where you were standing, so my hips and legs protrude from the cupboard and the toolbox is right next to my hip.

"Can you turn the water on again please love". I ask, but now with the toolbox there where I have manoeuvred it you now have to stand with one leg either side of my thighs so that you can balance yourself to get into the sink to turn on the tap.

That is exactly as I wanted you, standing right over me, legs apart, short skirt, nice light coloured panties. And me with a torch in my hand, well I am bloody cheeky enough to shine it about in the cupboard but every now and then surreptitiously shine it right up your skirt.

Pale pink, nice colour for knickers. Oh and look, nice little moist patch in the right shape and size as pussy lips, I wonder what you have been up to before I got here.

Fuck me, with you standing over me like that, I cannot help myself but reach up and touch just where your panties are the dampest, right on the opening of your pussy.

You nearly jump out of your skin. "What's your fucking game!" you demand.

This is where a nice guy would apologise and say, oops sorry about that, I didn't mean it - all that kind of bullshit. Me, I am no nice guy and you are now going to find out exactly how not nice that I can be. I sit up immediately, then get up and follow you across to where you have backed up in the kitchen.

"Get the fuck out" you demand.

"Fuck that love, I am gunna get me right in, balls deep I reckon" I reply. "I have already seen how damp your cunt is, so don't give that shit about being all modest now."

I have advanced on you and I grab your skirt and it tears at the hem as you try to pull away but it hangs on just valiantly enough to let me drag you to me.

My dirty, rough and calloused hands paw over your body and my stinky manly scent fills your nostrils.

I want to fuck you so hard, my cock has been getting harder and harder since I first starting checking out your pert little arse in your now slightly damaged skirt.

Without another word I lift you up and throw you on your back on the floor of the kitchen, right in the middle of the room. Nothing to reach out and grab onto, nothing but you me and the floor.

Lifting up your skirt scrunching it up around your waist, I roughly tear at your panties dragging them down your thighs. I spread your legs so that I can plant my face right into your pussy. Holding you down with my hand still scrunched in your knickers across your thighs as you struggle against me.

Whilst I explore every inch of your clit with my tongue I will warm your butt up with my thumb through the fabric of your moist panties, because you know and I know that is where my cock will end up.

I rearrange you to hold your hips down to the floor and at the same time I pull your knickers down, past your thighs and your knees leaving them crumpled at your ankles. That should slow you down from kicking out at me you little bitch.

I grab at your pussy, nice trim by the way and move my hand so I can push my thumb up into your arsehole. At the same time I slip two fingers into your pussy and massage the wall between your butt and pussy, whilst I continue to devour your clit. I continue to torment your pussy, clit and arsehole until I have you begging for my cock.

When I am good and ready I push back from you and raise your legs high toward your chest so that I can admire your perfect pear shaped arse. Fuck me, if your arse is not even better than what I thought when I first came into your house.

I shuffle about to release my nasty cock from my dirty tradesman's shorts and move you around into a position where I can introduce just the tip of my cock into your tight little arse hole. I love that pressure against the head of my cock as it slides into you and then how your arse grips down my shaft as I continue to force my way into your butt. I love it so much when you let out a squeal.

At the same time I reach up to tear at your top, tearing and bursting it apart as it comes off your shoulders, those straps stood no chance in the mood that I am in.

My rough hands also push your bra up over your tits as I force my weight onto you forcing open your legs. Leaning fully forward so I can bite and suck on your nipples whilst thrusting my cock slowly and deeply into your tight eager little arse hole. Is that a tear in your eye that I see?

My balls slap at your butt as I pound away whilst I suck on your nipples and grab both breasts and squeeze them and twist the nipple not in my mouth.

I continue to pound into you until you are just about ready to cum, I then lean back thrusting deeper into your arse whilst I slip two fingers into your pussy. I love to massage my cock through the wall of your pussy and then turn my hand over to find your g-spot at the back of your clit with my two fingers.

Fucking you hard up the arse I can caress your g-spot until you eventually cum, I am looking for a massive squirt all over my abdomen and chest, anything less will simply not do. I love to make my lovers squirt. Let's see if I can get you to squirt. I bet your husband never has, I am sure I can. I have yet to meet a lover who could hold back with me balls deep in their arse and my fingers on playing a tune on their g-spot. I keep pounding away in your arse until you cum, and then cum again and again.

When I am good and ready to explode. I let out my cock to cum myself all up over your tits and down your belly across your crumpled skirt to your pussy.

I then move back whilst holding on to both of your ankles spreading those legs so wide that I can see just how much my naughty little girl likes to get her arse fucked properly. I look into your gaping arse and survey your soaked cunt. My cum all over you, your skirt and top ripped and roughly pushed aside and your bra pushed up letting me see those great tits.

Fuck me this job turned out better than I had thought. I will make sure I give you my card in case you need your pipes cleaned out again in the future.