The next few days proceeded uneventfully. Mitch and Serge would meet at the beginning of their shift, discuss any variations in the standard cleaning routine and then go their separate ways. Mitch, for his part, was the ideal employee. He was always on time and his sections of the college were immaculately clean when he finished.

Serge took note of this and quietly thanked himself. Had he been lenient with Mitch then who knows what other liberties his employee might have taken. No, the discipline was in order. Sure Mitch was much older but, sometimes, even an older guy can benefit from a trip over another man's knee. A good sound spanking had been just what Mitch needed.

The following Monday, when Mitch entered the men's locker room to do his nightly cleaning, he saw a bag with his name on it lying on the towel table. Curious, he opened it up. At first he was angered by what he saw but then he wondered if Serge might be making a kind of peace offering. The bag contained a brand new three-pack of Hanes men's briefs. They were white and of the same style that Mitch had been wearing before Serge had ceremoniously removed them. Inside the bag was also a brief note that read: "Thought you could use these...Serge."

Mitch looked at the new underwear and thought: "What kind of man buys underwear for another guy?" His first reaction was to take the briefs and toss them back at his tormentor.

But then he sat down on a bench and thought about it. Perhaps it might be better to play along and let Serge believe that he was contrite and happy to receive such a "gift." This way he might lull Serge into a false sense of camaraderie where the past was forgotten and everything was just fine. In this way Serge might let his guard down and then Mitch would pounce. He would be avenged.

So, that night as they parted ways, Mitch made it a point to show Serge that he had received his gift and he was grateful. Serge smiled and said: "Well, from what I saw a few nights back, it appeared that you were overdue for some new tightie whities."

He then gave Mitch a pat on the back and said good night. Mitch watched him disappear across the parking lot and thought to himself: "I don't know what kind of shorts you wear asshole but one of these days I am going to stuff them in your mouth."

As it turned out, Mitch did not have to wait much longer for an opportunity to put a plan in motion. One evening Serge informed Mitch that on Thursday night he would be a bit late for work as he would be coming from a make-up soccer game. They generally only played on weekends but there was a scheduling problem so the game would be on Thursday.

He would be a dirty mess from the game so he would get cleaned up in the men's locker room first, then dress and head to his work station. He wanted to be certain that Mitch hadn't cleaned the locker room ahead of his arrival. As soon as Mitch heard this announcement a plan began to form in his mind and he spent the rest of the evening refining it as he worked.

Thursday evening arrived and Mitch arrived for work. He carried with him a small travel bag and he walked immediately to the locker room to find a locker in which to hide the bag and its contents. Only turning on one light, Mitch located a locker close to the shower room.

He then opened the bag to be certain that he had remembered all of the necessary tools and equipment. Inside the bag was a white looped packing cord (similar to the one Serge had used on him), a paddle Mitch had gotten one time as a gag gift, a handful of condoms and a new tube of KY lubricant. Yes, everything he would need to avenge himself was in that small bag.

The plan, actually, was simple. Serge would arrive and need to clean up from his soccer match. While Serge was in the shower Mitch would sneak into the locker room. As Serge emerged from the shower Mitch would pounce and render him helpless by securing his hands behind his back.

Then he would take the naked and bound Serge, put him over his lap like a naughty child and paddle him good (no hand needed as the wooden paddle would do the job). Once his cheeks were red enough Mitch would then take his captive, bend him over a bench and plow him.

He had even considered fucking him bareback but decided that in the interest of protection for them both he would wear a condom. When it was all done Serge would understand that he should never have treated Mitch in the way that he had. Mitch would leave that locker room triumphant and avenged!

Mitch had just finished changing some hallway lights when he heard Serge coming down the hall. He appeared to be covered in dirt and mud from head to toe. "Rough soccer match?" asked Mitch.

"You don't know the half of it." responded a visibly angry Serge. "We played a team full of cheaters and the refs seemed to just ignore a lot of it. I could go on but I am late as it is and I need to shower and change clothes."

"Relax" said Mitch. "I got here a little early and was able to clean two of your usual rooms. Take your time and enjoy your shower. It looks like you have plenty of dirt to wash off."

"Wow, thank you!" replied the grateful Serge. "You are a real buddy."

Mitch just nodded his head and thought: "Oh yeah, tonight I will be much, much more than just your buddy."

Serge proceeded to the locker room and Mitch decided to give him a few minutes before he got into position. When an appropriate amount time had passed Mitch made his way to the locker room. He entered very quietly and was only in a few feet when he heard a voice. Mitch froze and strained to hear. After a few moments he realized that Serge was on his cell phone talking to someone. So Mitch stayed in place until he head Serge ended the call.

Moving quietly a bit further into the bowels of the locker room, Mitch caught sight of Serge and he paused standing there in the almost total darkness. Serge was undressing and Mitch watched with a voyeuristic fascination.

Soon Serge's dirty soccer uniform lay on the floor and he stood there in just his jockstrap. He then caught sight of himself in the mirror and began to flex and pose for his imaginary audience. As Mitch observed this little "show" he found himself getting aroused.

He noted that Serge had incredibly strong and muscular legs and his ass appeared far more beefy than Mitch had imagined. It was also evident that Serge wanted to view himself totally naked so he peeled of the jockstrap and kicked it aside.

As he stood facing the mirror Mitch found his eyes glued to Serge's ample ass. In his mind he could envision spreading those cheeks wide apart and then entering Serge. Should he do it all in one thrust and make him scream he wondered?

Then Serge turned around so he might get a view of his own backside. It was then that Mitch caught sight of Serge's penis. He chuckled to himself as he saw that Serge had nothing to brag about there. While it appeared that he had very large balls, his cut dick was clearly more on the small side.

While Mitch liked to feel his big penis swinging as he walked through the locker room after a workout, Serge was probably one of those guys who always covered up so he would not have to show the other guys how small he was.

Serge disappeared from Mitch's sight and then Mitch heard the sound of water. Serge was in the shower room and now Mitch could get to work. He moved quickly and quietly to the locker where he had stored the necessary items for Serge's coming humiliation. Opening the bag he set it on the bench and removed the looped packing strap. He could hear Serge singing as he showered. That meant he had no idea that Mitch was lying in wait.

Remembering his last encounter Mitch knew that it would be important to keep his shoes on. In their last encounter his bare feet had caused him to slip on the floor and now it would be Serge's turn to slip and fall right into Mitch's grasp. But he did decide to remove his shirt as he wanted Serge to see his large and cut chest as Mitch overpowered him.

While Mitch silently hung up his shirt in the locker Serge's voice suddenly sounded throughout the room. "Are you spying on me?" asked an annoyed Serge. He was drying himself off as he stared at the startled Mitch. "Did you come in here hoping to catch me naked? Well, here I am."

But Serge's words were simply meant as a distraction. He had already caught sight of the packing strap on the bench and guessed that Mitch was up to no good. As he continued drying himself he also caught sight of two large wrestling mats lying on the floor just a little ways from where he stood. Staring at Mitch he began to walk towards them.

The element of surprise was gone but Mitch would not be deterred in his mission. He grabbed the looped packing strap and charged at Serge. Serge had reached the mats and quickly tossed his towel down where he hopped on it in an effort to get the water off of his feet.

As Mitch reached his quarry, Serge crouched down and drove his naked body into Mitch's legs. Using his body as a fulcrum Serge sent Mitch flying down onto the mat. "Shit" yelled the enraged Mitch. Before he could get up, Serge pounced on him causing Mitch to drop the packing strap.

Serge was at a disadvantage. Mitch weighed at least 40 pounds more than Serge and he was still clad in pants and work boots. But Serge would not give into fear because he knew that, on that mat, he was on familiar territory.

As Mitch struggled to get up Serge threw himself on his body and flipped him onto his back. The two continued to struggle in an impromptu wrestling match. Mitch knew that he was the physically bigger man and was determined to force Serge into submission. But Mitch's size seemed to be working against him as Serge was more agile and faster. Suddenly Mitch found himself locked in a scissors hold and the naked Serge applied the maximum pressure. Mitch yelped and flayed on the mat but could not free himself from the crushing hold.

As quickly as he had applied the hold Serge released his opponent and pounced on him again pinning him to the mat. Before Mitch could regain his breath Serge had flipped him onto his stomach.

Using a knee Serge delivered a hard blow to Mitch's lower back causing Mitch to cry out in pain. As he did so, he grabbed the nearby looped packing strap and looped it onto Mitch's left wrist. The panicked Mitch tried to move but Serge's knee struck again allowing him to grab Mitch's right arm. In a flash Mitch was, one more time, rendered immobile with his wrists firmly bound behind his back.

"Didn't you ever take a moment to look at the photographs at the entrance to the men's locker room?" asked the angry Serge. "If you had," he continued. "you would have seen mine from when I was captain of the school wrestling team."

He then rubbed Mitch's hair and stood up. Realizing that he was completely naked, he went to the towel table, took a fresh towel and wrapped it around his waist. As he did so he passed the travel bag that Mitch brought. Examining it, he saw the paddle, the condoms and the lubricant. Now, it all became quite clear. Mitch had planned to subdue him, paddle him (as a means of revenge) and then fuck him. "Well," thought Mitch as he held up a condom, "the tables have now turned."

Returning to the prone Mitch he removed his shoes and socks and then pulled the stunned man to his feet and placed him against a wall with his back to Serge. "That's quite an interesting array of items you have in your bag, Mitch. Did you have plans for them?" asked Serge in a quiet voice.

Mitch said nothing. Serge moved in closer to his captive so that his towel clad crotch now pressed gently against Mitch's ass. Mitch tried to move but he was caught between the wall and his tormentor.

Serge reached around Mitch and undid the belt of his blue work pants. Silently he undid the button and the fly. Loosening the pants he slowly began to lower them. As he did so a smile crossed his face.

Underneath the pants Mitch was wearing a new pair of Hanes briefs. The pants fell to Mitch's knees and Serge asked: "Are you wearing a pair of the shorts that I bought for you?" There was no response so Serge snapped the back waistband of the white briefs and asked again. This time Mitch nodded in the affirmative. "They seem to fit you very well." said Serge as he ran a hand over Mitch's firm, round ass.

Serge then inserted his fingers into the crisp new waistband and slowly lowered the briefs in the back. There before him was, once again, those famous buttocks in all of their splendor. As Serge rubbed each cheek, he could feel himself becoming aroused.

He reached around and ran his hand over Mitch's cock which was still covered by the briefs. For his part, Mitch remained silent but closed his eyes as Serge felt him up. Reaching into the briefs Serge grabbed hold of Mitch's penis and ran his fingers over the head. As he did so, he pressed his hips against Mitch's now naked ass. But Mitch remained silent and motionless.

In complete silence. Serge completed the disrobing of his captive. Soon Mitch stood naked with his pants and his new white briefs crumpled at his ankles. Serge removed both articles of clothing and carefully hung each on a separate hook near the entrance to the showers.

He then removed his own towel and, after hanging it on a hook, he returned to where Mitch was. He turned Mitch around and smiled at him as he drew him in closely to his naked torso. Pressing his groin against Mitch's groin Serge's hands wandered freely over Mitch's large firm ass. "C'mon, don't" whispered Mitch as he tried to avoid Serge's eyes.

Serge smiled at him and then lightly ran a finger over Mitch's left nipple. Mitch squirmed a bit but also secretly enjoyed the sensation. Then Serge slowly lowered his head and ran his tongue over Mitch's nipple. With small circular motions he teased his captive.

Mitch closed his eyes and tried to will his penis to stay soft but it was a losing battle. After a few minutes, Serge turned his attention to the other nipple and this time Mitch moaned softly. As he worked tenderly on the sensitive nipple Serge was also aware that Mitch was now fully erect. Reaching down with a free hand Serge grabbed Mitch's engorged penis. "WOW!" he are truly a BIG guy."

To be concluded... in Part 4