Meet Sholonda Odoms, a forty-something Black woman living in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. She was born in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to New England a while back. Sholonda is a smart lady, having studied business management at Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University. She bought a couple of houses in the east side of Brockton, and fixed them up before putting them up for rent. Sholonda rented to young families, young professionals, and the like. For a long time, business was good, until the wrong element moved in. Seriously, what's a landlady to do?

"It's payback time," Sholonda Odoms said gleefully as she thrust the strap-on dildo into Leroy Tibbs ass. The six-foot-tall, skinny chocolate brother with the dreadlocks owed her money and had given her one excuse too many. The way Sholonda figured it, if Leroy didn't have the cash then he would pay with his ass. The curvy, big-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed, charcoal-hued sister had enough of them excuses. She gripped Leroy's hips and worked the dildo into his ass. It's high time that Leroy and his ilk were introduced to the Black Pegging Movement.

The Black Pegging Movement is designed to empower Black women but also to save Black men from their own bad habits. Black men who cheat on their Black girlfriends and Black wives should get pegged as punishment. The same punishment applies to Black men with a litany of bad habits, from misogyny to bad tempers, and it most definitely works. Black on Black pegging will save the Black community and restore Black love in the lives of Black men and Black women. It is the very definition of tough love, of course.

"Sholonda, go easy on my ass, I'm sorry the rent is late," Leroy pleaded, and Sholonda slapped his ass as she continued pegging him. Seriously, what is it with brothers like Leroy Tibbs? They get on a sister's nerves and couldn't tell the truth to save their lives. Sholonda leaned into Leroy, driving the dildo into the forbidden depths of his ass. A short, chubby Black woman is fucking a tall, dreadlocked Black man up the ass with a strap-on dildo, and the world isn't ending as a result.

"Hmm, I've been wanting to dominate you for ages," Sholonda all but hissed as she continued to fuck Leroy's ass. The bossy landlady, one of the toughest in the Brockton area, had seen her least favorite tenant running around town with females, drinking and partying. It's a wonder that Leroy even passes his classes at Massasoit Community College. Leroy had dough to spend on them Cape Verdean girls and his favorite white bitches but when it came to paying the damn rent, he was always late. Well, Sholonda had enough of that!

"You're destroying my ass," Leroy cried out, and Sholonda slapped his face to shut him up. Everyone in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, knows that Leroy Tibbs is a serious player. The brother gets more pussy than a gynecologist, and that's saying something. Leroy Tibbs loves to chase the ladies, and he fucks them real good. Well, Sholonda has heard the stories and she figures that it's high time someone fucked Leroy Tibbs back. Turnabout is most definitely fair play.

"Welcome to the Black Pegging Movement," Sholonda told Leroy as she bucked her hips, and sank the dildo even further up his ass. Leroy didn't just cry or scream, nope, the dreadlocked brother squealed like a bitch as the short, bossy Black lady shoved her dildo deeper up his ass than he'd thought possible. Leroy has fucked a few women up the ass and he loves the way their warm, tight assholes feel around his big Black dick. Still, Leroy never thought he'd experience anything like the serious pegging action that Sholonda was unleashing upon him. Hot damn!

"Why do you hate Black men so much?" Leroy whined as Sholonda continued to wreck his ass with her strap-on dildo. The young African American man's question almost gave Sholonda pause. Sholonda pulled the dildo out of Leroy's ass, and he sighed with relief. The short, bossy Black woman faced the forlorn young Black man and looked into his eyes. A lot of young Black men fail to realize that in this world, the only ally the Black man has is the Black woman. Time for Leroy Tibbs to get schooled in the ways of life, as it were.

"Leroy Tibbs, I let you stay at my building and charge you less rent than I normally charge tenants, because you're a community college student, and I want you to succeed, you disappoint me," Sholonda said angrily. Leroy Tibbs looked at Sholonda Odoms and thought about what she'd just said. The young Black man saw the light, and nodded in agreement. The bossy Black landlady may complain about his late payments but she never threatened to toss him out like white landlords and white landladies did. Black women do have the Black man's back, at the end of the day...

"I apologize, Miss Odoms," Leroy said, and Sholonda smiled and nodded. The two of them reached an understanding, and continued with their fun. Leroy found himself both sore and horny after Sholonda wrecked his Black ass, and the short, bossy Black lady found a way to help him with that. Leroy grinned as Sholonda got on her hands and knees and began sucking on his long and thick ebony cock. Leroy never had his dick sucked by a Black dominatrix before. It's many a young Black man's dream. Sholonda sucked Leroy's dick and massaged his balls until he came, and when he did, she drank his masculine seed. Yummy!

"Leroy, I grant you a week's extension on the rent that is due, don't disappoint me, or you will have a sore butt," Sholonda Odoms told her tenant, and Leroy Tibbs smiled and nodded. The landlady walked out of the apartment, to tend to some other business. After this experience, Leroy Tibbs became a model tenant, always polite to his landlady and always paying on time. Of course, sometimes, Sholonda comes over to suck Leroy's dick and ride his dick and also peg his ass, but only because they both enjoy these activities. The Black Pegging Movement is making great strides around the world. Black gentlemen and Black ladies, join the movement!