In true COVID-19 fashion, this summer has been a little off. I started wearing panties about 6 weeks ago with the help of my Sister's best friend Julia. And keeping with the un-usual summer theme, I have managed to have more sex while wearing panties than I did before my fetish started. It has all been with Julia. She keeps my fem clothes and me coming and she calls me a sissy every time she empties my balls. I haven't complained about either yet as I get to fulfill my fantasy, I get sexed up and I seem to like the word "sissy".

My Sister has ignored my fetish and her best friend's involvement for the most part. She only has to deal with it for the next 3 weeks when I head back to the university.

It's Friday and Julia told me she would be at my house about 7 pm, just after the parents left for dinner. She came in with one of her back packs and motioned for us to head upstairs to my room.

"I need to put your clothes for tonight in this bag and take them to my house."


"Here's the plan for tonight. You show up at my house for my Brother's small party around 10 pm. You show up as Chase. We will let you mingle for about 30 minutes, as Chase. After that, we will sneak you up to my room and start your transformation into Cindi. Then we will let Cindi mingle for another 30 minutes or so and see what happens. Any questions?"

"This sounds risky, is my sister going to be there? How many other people will be there?"

"Not many, no more than twelve. No, Casey will not be there. Her boyfriend won't let her associate with my Brother's crowd. I don't think you know many of Brad's friends, so it might just work. If you get nervous, we can head back up to my bedroom. Now, show me where you hide your clothes."

I pointed to my bottom drawer.

"OK, this plaid skirt and these leggings will do. This V neck will look nice and these socks are perfect. Do you have a blue mask? Good, we'll do your eyes in a blue shade. Where is the make-up kit? Got it. And a blue hoodie to cover chest and give me those shoes. You can pick out which wig you want to wear. Now, you should shower and shave around 9 pm. Shave your pretty face real close. You can wear your bright blue panties under your jeans for the walk down to our house. You got all that?"

"Yes. I like the brunette ponytail wig. It's in the drawer above. Anything else?"

"When you're in Chase mode, don't be the life of the party and don't be the nerd in the corner. People should know you're there, but don't leave any lasting memories. Blend in with walls more than the people. Text me from the sidewalk and I'll escort you in through the back door. Grab me another pair of your panties. Those will do. I already showered so I don't want my pussy to get messy. I'm going to wrap these around your sissy cock and jack you off into them. Any objections? Oh, I see you have no objections. Here, I'll pull my tits out for you. I know you like them. Do all sissy boys like boobs?"

She turned the silky side to my dick and went to work. This girl knows how to please and control me. She also knows how to keep things moving along. I wanted to ask her how she got so good at handling a hard cock, but thought better of it. No point in ruining a good thing. It didn't take too many of her skilled strokes to produce the desired results. I released a ton of juice and created quite a puddle in my own panties.

"Damn Chase, when did you last empty your balls? Didn't I suck you dry like 3 days ago? Look at all this stuff. It's no wonder women get pregnant so easily. There must be 10 million swimmers in here."

"What can I say? You bring out the best in me."

"That's what a future good wife should do for her future husband. Now open your mouth, you need to drink this load."

"What, no, what?"

"Come on Chase, girls who wear panties swallow cum all the time. Sissies who wear panties swallow it sooner or later. It must be like step 9. Go ahead, lap it up like a kitten. I'll hold for you. Hurry before it soaks through."

She raised the puddle up to my mouth and gave me the look. Wow, there was a lot of gooey stuff in there. All I could think of was that girls don't get enough credit in the bedroom. I put my head down into the soaked panties and slurped. I sucked it up as best as I could.

"Get it all baby and hold it in until I say so. Good boy. Raise your head and look at me. Yeah, just like that. Now, clinch up and swallow hard. Fill your belly with your own juice, honey. You are such a good little sissy. I seriously can't wait to be your hot wife. You should also keep it in the back of your mind that this may not be only load you swallow tonight. Don't forget to wash these today."

She took the wrecked panties back and wiped her hand with the damp remains. She put her mouth right on my spent dick and began sucking me clean. To my surprise she reached under and inserted one of her cum soaked fingers in my butt and pushed. She managed to get in pretty deep and started finger banging me.

"Some women get a little cold after marriage, but I promise I will always suck your cock. Whenever you want it. Even into our seventies. Some women who wear panties don't take it in the ass, but all sissies do take it that way. It must be step 17 or something, so get used to this. Ok, go wipe your butt and wash these panties."

"How long are you going to call me a sissy?"

"Until you put a ring on it. Ok, I'll see you in a few hours. Don't be late."

I have a few hours so I ordered an Italian Sub. Don't want my stomach grumbling while I'm getting my flirt on. I cleaned myself up a little while I was waiting on the sandwich to be delivered. It felt good when Julia shoved her finger in my ass, but I wondered what would happen if it were a big fat dick? What I'm I getting myself into? Whatever, I better slip on some sweats. The sub will here soon. Soon there was a knock at the door.

"Hi, $9 please."

"Hey, I remember you, you're Brie."

"Yes, thanks for remembering me Chase. How have you been?"

"I'm good. I just needed some food before I go to a little party tonight. And here you are, right on time. Is there some extra Italian Dressing in the bag?"

"Sal usually throws three or four packs in the bags."

"Cool. Can you stay for a minute? I think we left our last conversation talking about the status of your boyfriend."

"No, we left it at your girlfriend. You never finished telling me about her. Plus, I have a delivery partner and he is waiting on me."

"A partner, so we are talking about your boyfriend."

"No, we are not. Jimmy J drives and I run the orders. Probably similar to how you make your girlfriend run your errands while you sit in front of a video game."

"I'll tell you what's similar, I don't have a girlfriend or your phone number. Actually, it's the same. Are you going to let me go back to school without a method of communication? Am I not your type or are you afraid your boyfriend will find out you have a side crush?"

"Side crush, please. Look, you are my type, but I am not what you are looking for. I know this has never been said before, but it's me, not you."

"Oh, please. What about tomorrow night? Do you work on Saturday's?

"Yes, Chase. This is my weekend job. The best I can do is deliver you a sandwich tomorrow. If you order early enough, like before sunset, I can make the delivery on my own. That's all I can do."

"What about Tuesday? Maybe we can hang out for a minute?"

"I already made a commitment with a friend for Tuesday evening."

"So, we're back to talking about your boyfriend?"

"No, my friend has some privacy issues with his roommate. I invited him over so he could do what he needs to do in peace. I always try to help my friends."

"Beep, beep, beep."

"I have to go."

"See you soon Brie."

Time to eat, relax a minute and get in the shower. I was very nervous about tonight, nervous about getting called out and busted. I should be thinking about a recovery plan if I do get called out, but all I can think about is Brie. I should have a steak sub tomorrow.

End College Secrets 02