The art of going down on a woman must first begin with the desire to do so and have it done; start with some suggestive language earlier in the day to set the mood. Unexpected caresses, without getting too intense, can also lead to a more pleasurable experience. Both parties should be clean and comfortable before consummation. Any limits or agreements should be clearly expressed before the first article of clothing is removed. *For the self-control captain and /or to focus fully on pleasing, consider staying clothed for this portion of the evening's events. Tactile variety can bring another dimension to the act and self-control is very sexy.

Cleanliness is key to a pleasurable experience. Take a little time for cuticle care or opt for nitrile or latex gloves to ensure a smooth playtime. Consider oral health care and ladies - make sure you are fresh, clean and coifed to your partner's preferences.

Even something as natural as cunnilingus requires agreement on both sides as to what machinations are and are not acceptable. Will toys be involved? Restraints? Always play safe, sane and consensually and have a safe word and signal in place.

Depending on your preferences you may want your pleaser to jump right in or you may want to wake your body up before that initial carnal contact. I'm going to share from the perspective of a slow burn SeƱorita and hopefully cover a few bases while I'm at it.

Working women through waves of pleasure can be stimulating on so many levels. Our subject likes that whole body tingle and blood rushing to all the right places before her lover tastes the sweetness they've induced. Think kisses on the neck and over the shoulders with whispers and bites in between. Wake up the skin by following the path of contact, be it a bare hand, feather, or leather if you prefer! Wartenberg Pin Wheels and Violet wands also work well here. Vary between strong and gentle pressure with fingertips over the ribs and belly. Take care if your lady is ticklish.

Enjoy the sensations ladies, so often we are taken out of the experience by an over active and critical mind. This moment is all about you, your lover wants you to enjoy every minute of it, so put your to-do list and worries away. Concentrate on where these sensations are coming from and how close they are to softer, more sensitive flesh.

Hooray for Boobies! Like the elusive unicorn, there are women who can get off on nipple stimulation alone while a stiff breeze puts others off so it is important to know your partner's limits before diving between these mountaintops.

She's Got Legs - And after the intro I hope you know they are silky smooth and ready for attention. The back of the knee is one of those gathering places for good vibes to shiver up and down from, so play around with this area, grabbing the calves and light fingernails up and down the thigh can help you find the rhythm she's rolling with, don't get sucked into one area of focus when going down, there's a whole body of flesh begging to be caressed. And if she's close but you want to prolong the experience, you can stimulate her skin without pushing her over the edge.

Slow, purposeful strokes - Banter abounds about the elusive erogenous zone of the clitoris and I find the easiest way to get this little button out to play is to take slow, broad strokes while paying particularly close attention to the engorgement of this mighty ball of nerves. She can be shy and temperamental, but the right pressure, texture and attention can take meek pleasure experience and turn it into toe curling ecstasy. Love the labia. It's true, the clitoris actually reaches her magic down the length of those luscious lips; so don't ignore the doorway to wonderment here.

Second Verse, Same as the First: But with a bit of a twist, no pun intended. The sister hot spot of the clitoris is notorious for it's positioning as well. But G-spot stimulation needs little more than those slow strokes and a come hither curl, massaging this melt inducing internal point can be done in time with the attentions of either tongue or fingertips elsewhere on the body.

A word on preference: Some ladies want to feel like they're already filled with that hot meat injection, so two or three fingers probing deep inside feels nice... but some women want to experience the pressure build, insides throbbing and the tease of a g-spot tickle. Circling that open space with just a bit of pressure can be a maddening delight.

Finally, unless you're going into the game knowing this is an edging exercise, in the immortal words of Mortal Kombat, "Finish her!"

Some women get incredibly sensitive when they orgasm and need a break from direct stimulation, some want to be pushed to climbing the walls. Sometimes there is a sweet compromise where you slow and soften your pace and as a bonus, the jolts and sounds this can elicit will make your day.