The Pond

Chapter I

At this point I was beginning to fear I was looking for something that didn't exist. Not that I had been lied to about it being here. I was fearing I had misunderstood the directions, that I had veered off course, that I had, well got lost. It wasn't like a street address that any smart phone could lead me to precisely. The woods here were so thick a pond had not been visible on google maps before I left. Not that it would help much now, my service had disappeared soon after leaving the truck. My truck, that would have been a good thing to PIN on my maps. If it gets dark, I will struggle to find my truck tucked into that field, well that's if I find the road again.

I could call her and ask for more directions, if I could find service. Of course, when you are not sure where you are that's much tougher. Not to mention the awkwardness of admitting you were attempting to find the family Pond and Little Cabin without her knowing your coming. She knows I am coming, after all she invited me. Just not tonight. I was to arrive tomorrow. In my truck. Driving back the long lane almost over grown at its entrance point, so much so she was going to mark the spot with ribbon tied to a tree limb. Tonight, was her night alone to rest up and relax. To be free of the world.

My crazy idea to surprise her was starting to look less and less like a plausible idea. Scaring her and ruining the weekend had of course crossed my mind. I had considered arriving and having my plans blow up in my face. I hadn't anticipated disaster prior to even arriving. At some point I would reverse course and try to find my way back to the truck. Show up tomorrow and pretend I never dreamed this up. I sat on a fallen tree to rest and collect my thoughts. What had I been thinking? Hell, I knew the answer, my logical side was just interrogating my fool hearted dark side. Because I had plans to fulfill a fantasy, one that involved a surprise visit by an unknown male with identity concealed, a backpack filled with items to prevent her seeing and more items to secure her in place. Ok, fine. I was planning to sneak into the cabin as she fell asleep and take her by surprise. What would follow was less planned out. But she would be made to reveal everything to me and my camera. I was going to do things that most would find appalling. That could bring criminal charges against me. I was going to do what she deserved. What she desired.

I continued in the direction I felt was correct, only to top another hill and only see more woods. That's when I heard it, music, rock music! I slowed my breathing and worked towards the sound. I was getting closer and more confident I was arriving at the Pond and hearing her music playing. Then I got a glimpse. A small cabin, a car. The music was not from inside, but to my left. Moving left I was able to see its source and more importantly her. The Pond was small just as she had described and trees surrounded it. She must have been laying on the dock enjoying the sun and music. She appeared to have removed her shirt. That didn't appear to be a bikini, more like a bra. From this vantage point I wasn't certain. I was certain she was comfortable enough here to be less than fully clothed. My first reward for my efforts and a recharge in my ideas for later. When she stood and confirmed she was wearing a lacy bra and a matching thong I was locked in. I was going to enjoy seeing her parading around like this and wait for my chance to move closer. Closer to see more details. Closer to hear her. Closer to smell her scent.

Chapter II

I was suddenly very aware of every sound I was making, I needed to get comfortable and stop moving. While the distance between us helped conceal minor sounds, if I was to snap a stick or sneeze, she would surely look in my direction. I waited for her to walk in to the cabin, then made a quick move to a location I felt I could get comfortable and still observe. I had not anticipated this bonus time and the images of her boldness outside in only her bra and panties were beyond anything I had imagined. I had only considered arriving and watching a cabin and the movements inside. I suppose I had only thought she would get comfy inside and enjoy some peace. Of course, I had hoped for some views of her inside in different states of dress, but this was way better.

She was back outside, no clothes had been added, just her hair was now pulled up. Why did that excite me so much? Was it a reminder of days of youth and the feelings for girls with hair pulled up? While it certainly made her appear younger, she in no way appeared to be her true age, hair up or down, fully dressed or parading around in her current outfit. Tall and thin, long legs and slender waist. Features that drew the eyes of men, and the envy of women. Those legs looked even longer when fully exposed. I was rewarded now as she bent over to pick some wild flowers. Each stem pulled gave me another shot at her amazing butt clad only in the thong.

Binoculars while an obvious advantage to see her in more detail, raised an additional risk. A reflection of the lenses could draw her eye to my location. I double checked and felt confident I was not in danger of direct sunlight striking me or the lenses. Once I raised them and focused in, I didn't think about the sun again. The new mini binoculars were better than any I had ever used. I could see the tiny tag in the back of her thong. If she would just bend over.... yes! I could see the thong was riding up into her lips, those lips seemed swollen and a little red. Maybe she was enjoying the sensation of her outfit and being in nature more than just comfortability. I then noticed some signs of body hair; the kind of body hair men will never tire of seeing or feeling. First time or the millionth, it was an erotic signal of the proximity of being so close to her pussy. I was never going to stop wanting to see hers. One of a kind was an understatement. I realized I had inhaled while staring at her. I knew why, I had often done it in person, and just now I was doing it out of desire and eagerness. Her scent like everything else was unique. I had told her many times, to the point she admitted she enjoyed her own sensual scent in moments of high eroticism. She had even indulged me with worn panties for me to take. I slipped out the latest pair from my pocket and inhaled deeply. They still bared her juices, and soon I would reload them with the wetness of her pussy when I had made my move. Once she was tied in place, I will explore her in every way. Ways I had enjoyed before, ways I had secretly wanted to, ways she would enjoy, ways she would be unsure of the end results.

Chapter III

Having gathered all the flowers she wished to use, I watched her pick up a glass mason jar she had apparently carried out of the cabin with her. My gaze had been so locked on her upswept hair, and the long eloquent neck now exposed, I had not noticed what was in her hands. She walked to the dock and got down on her hands and knees. From my position I had an unbelievably perfect view. She bent down to the water to scoop some into the jar. Through the binoculars I could see the black lace pulled even tighter into her now obviously swollen pussy lips. Her rosebud was also visible. I would most definitely be plunging into that sweetness later also. I loved the taste and naughtiness of licking her ass. After it was wet and prepared it would feel my hard cock.

I had gotten hard instantly as the visual of her in the position had sparked those thoughts. I watched her lift the jar from the water and place it next to her. Only to bend over again raise her ass higher. What was she doing? That's when I noticed her hand slip to her clit and begin rubbing. OMG, she was playing with herself right out in the open. It only lasted briefly and she stood with jar in one hand, but the now wet fingers went to her face. Had she inhaled her scent? I was sure of it and what followed was obvious. Her fingers went into her mouth and she pulled them out slowly with her lips tightly pierced about them, savoring every bit. It was as if she was messing with me, teasing me, causing me to want her even more. Not that I had thought that was possible. What she was doing is making me wish I could make a move now, waiting was torture. Though I could think of worse thinks to see while waiting. Watching her touch herself was a turn on. When she had done it front of me before it was to excite me and she was in the heat of the moment. Whenever she had told me about being horny and making herself cum with toys, it was so hot to hear. Occasionally I was lucky enough to see pictures or videos of the event. To witness an act, even as brief as this one, in person while she wasn't aware, I was watching her was the best.

With jar in hand she walked back to the cabin and disappeared inside. I took the opportunity to reposition myself and open a bottle of water. My mouth was dry, from the hike, from the situation more likely, I think my mouth had been hanging open in amazement at my luck so far. I was able to lean back and rest my head against the dead tree I was hiding behind. I watched her come back out to her car and get a small cooler and a few sacks. Food and drinks I assumed. After that she stayed inside for a while. I was comfortable now. Too comfortable it turned out. I dozed off, by the time my eyes opened it was beginning to get dark and I briefly didn't know where I was, or what had woken me. The answer to both questions was quickly answered as I realized the where was outside the cabin, the what was her. She was walking directly towards me.

Chapter IV

She was walking with a purpose. Directly at me. Long legs taking long strides. Just dark enough I couldn't see her face clearly. If I could see her expression maybe I could guess her opinion of me laying here behind this dead tree spying on her. Maybe I could guess what to say to make the best of the moment. Maybe I could avoid ruining the entire trip for her. It's amazing all the thoughts that flash through one's head in a moment. Maybe even more so in a moment of panic. My moment was quickly coming to an end and having no idea what to do I simply laid as flat and as silent as I could. I was counting on one more maybe that had run through my head. The maybe she does not see me and has another purpose. I froze as I could hear her only a step away. This is it; I am busted.

That's when I see the last sight I was expecting. Her sweet bare ass over the dead tree. Well that's a great view, but why is she not speaking and showing me her......that's when I became fully aware of her purpose. The log was her seat in the grand outdoor facilities. She was about to urinate. I was trapped directly under the golden shower to come. While I had often asked for such treatment. While I had experienced it slightly one day with her in the shower. Those moments had been restrained and inhibited by her nervousness and modesty. What I was to experienced now would be all natural and complete.

Well I wasn't busted and this night continued to surprise me in ways I had not planned or even imagined. Drop, drop. Even though she was alone, at least she believed she was alone, maybe going outside was still a little awkward. The third drop was followed by a warm sold stream. Striking my upper chest, the spray was easily splashing to my face. I dove into the moment as much as I could and opened my mouth. The hot nectar was amazing. I knew I was a bad boy, for so many reasons, but damn it I was turned on by this. I took as much as I could get. How I wanted to raise my mouth to the source. To suck her nectar from her sexy lips. To lick her swollen clit and make her tingle as she continued to soak me. To bite and nibble on her pussy lips and make her moan and wiggle about. Rub my wet face up and down her pussy and ass. Plunging my tongue into both for more pleasure and tastes. Inhaling deeply to capture her one of a kind scent.

But by being limited it was more of the sensation she was in complete control and all I could do was lay here silently and take it. Yes, I was receiving the warm splash I wanted, the scent was mine to enjoy. While darkened the view had been great up till the flow caused me to squint my eyes. I was thoroughly enjoying my surprise. If only I was nude and able to release the contents of my full bladder. To shoot skyward in a fountain. With her hand stroking my semi rigid cock she could aim my flow where she pleased. Adding it to hers and causing our juices to mix as they flooded over me. Aiming my flow so as to splash off her left hip so she could feel the naughty hot juice for herself. My choice if I was allowed to have one would be for her to aim my stream straight at her open pussy and swollen clit. The stimulation and erotic action would surely feel as wonderful to her as it was for me.

Maybe that could be played out some time soon, but for now my shower was coming to a dripping end. I was smiling as I struggled to keep my breathing under control. She was done and as I starred for another look before she wiped and stood. Only then to walk away and leave me a wet but satisfied mess on the ground, I heard and sensed I was off on my assumption. She was not wiping. She had just made a slight moan and was still perched on the log. Did she feel she needed to go a little more? Wait, was she about to do something more, but not just pee? That's when it happened.

Chapter V

I was blinking, squinting and blinking again, but faster. I couldn't see. Actually, I could see but didn't comprehend what I was seeing. As my eyes and mind focused, I realized I was seeing stars. Stars in the night sky. My hands went to my chest. Shirt was dry. I raised my head; a dim light was glowing inside the cabin. It had been a dream. I had only been dreaming of her coming over to me and soaking me. I laughed inside, wow that was so real and intense.

I stood slowly, being cautious, and being very stiff. I could see the top of her head from behind. She was sitting in a chair facing away from me. The light was a small lantern up on a shelf, casting a soft light across the room. Her hair still up in a pony tail, the glow of the lantern made the highlights of her hair more pronounced. She must be reading something. She tipped her head to the right and ran her fingers through her hanging hair. Another move I found pleasure in seeing. I then froze, I had walked half the distance to the cabin from my hideout unknowingly. I was so focused on seeing her I did not know I was walking forward. Not yet, not till I was prepared. Back to my backpack. I had somethings to do first.

I grabbed my backpack and worked my way to the back of the cabin. If she walked outside, I wouldn't be directly in her view. I pulled out the new clothes I had brought. New black slip on summer shoes, new elastic waistband jogger pants and matching zip up jacket. A black ski mask and a heavy pair of safety goggles. I wanted nothing I wore and no part of me to tip her off. After placing all my other clothing in the bag, I pulled out the body spray and gloves. The scent was new and would cover any of my natural odor. The gloves were tucked into my pocket for now, so was the baby oil and condoms.

My phone buzzed and I almost yelled. I had service again. It was her. "What are you doing?" I was planning some messages as an alibi. Till now I had figured I would not be able to do so.

I replied. "Just got called into work, hopefully not for all night, I need my rest for tomorrow, LOL".

She replied "Yes you do!"

I sent " I will message asap"

I got back " Good XO"

I finished my prep work and moved to spot I could see her face. She had her glasses on for reading and looked so sexy, lost in her book? I moved closer and was able to see more of her. She was wearing her silky robe and looking at her phone. Well maybe she was reading something on her phone, but no book was visible.

I messaged. "On standby at the station, shouldn't be too long, what are you doing?"

"Just relaxing and looking at old pics"

I asked " Old pics of boys?"

"Old pics of my BOY, but not my sons, hee hee"

Did she mean me? That's when I seen her leg slide up over the arm of the chair. Her bare leg showed clearly as the robe opened. Her upper chest was bare also. Her free hand traced down her chest and along the inside curve of her left breast. She was looking at old pics I had sent and feeling horny was now my conclusion. Her hand made its way to her inner thigh. The shadows prevented me from seeing exactly what she was doing but the look on her face told me enough. Her hand holding the phone appeared to be scrolling through pictures. Her other hand in my mind was running up and down her wet pussy lips as they were swelling and throbbing.

I sent "Would that be a BOY TOY?"

I could see her smile and soon got the reply. "Yes, one with a PC"

Now I was smiling. I decided to let her play and just observe. Her other leg went up over the other arm and she was pushing her hips to the edge of the chair. The light hit her pussy now and I could see the strip of hair leading to her otherwise smooth and wet pussy. She was using two fingers deep inside, alternated by moments of rubbing her clit in circles. The phone was down now. Eyes closed. Three fingers became a blur as she pounded her own pussy hard and massaged her nipples. Nipples began to be pulled and twisted. One then the other. Still the fingers went in and out. As her body shook I heard her scream " Mark, fuck me Mark, Fuck me with that Perfect Cock!!" She began to squirt, over and over. Her thighs were wet and dripping. When it was over she licked those lucky fingers and slumped down into the chair.

I sent " I am done!"

I got back what I already knew. "I am done too!!!"

Chapter VI

Her show had left me rock hard. My arousal would have been very apparent to anyone, as the pants did little to hide my rigidness, even more so since that's all I wore. My outfit was not just based on not being recognized as anything I owned. It had function also. Cover my body while she still had opportunity to see me. Then be easily removed once she was blindfolded and secured.

I knew after she was done playing like that, she would be ready to sleep. I checked my pockets. Went over my plan one last time. Move fast and be firm. Didn't want to really hurt her, but if I was too soft, I may be the one hurt. Don't speak. That may be hardest part. If I could speak in forceful manner, I may have better luck, but obviously my voice would give me away.

My thought was get to the door just as she shuts light off inside. Rush in before her eyes adjust to the dark. If needed I would use my flash light to blind her, and make seeing me even harder. What if the door is locked? Make a noise and hope she comes outside? That was a weak plan. The windows were low enough to get up and into. Though that would take more effort and be slower, both of which could tip her off. The thought of being beat over the head as I tried to climb into window was not appealing. I was at the corner of the cabin having this discussion in my head when the cabin door opened and she walked briskly out towards her car. I moved before I had time to consider all the reasons I should not sneak inside and wait for her return. I was inside and now different decisions entered my racing mind.

Would I hope to not be discovered and allow her to fall asleep? Or just grab her instantly when she returned? Much like getting into the cabin had been decided for me by her actions. So would how to start the action. Because as she returned to the cabin and closed the door, locking the handle. She was dropping her robe when she froze and sensed she was not alone. I had considered having a scent she was not familiar with and one that covered my own. What I had not considered was that hiding this close would be impossible. Her sensitive nose was on to me. My eyes had adjusted enough and a little moonlight was cast through a window onto her body. I could see her spin in my direction and as she called out "Who is..." I rushed across the room grabbed her in a bear hug. We landed on the bed. She was screaming. I didn't need to stop her screaming as no one would hear it. I did however need to control her long legs and arms that were fighting back wildly. I grabbed her right wrist with my right had and pulled hard. This flipped her to her stomach and I placed my weight on top of her. I pulled the zip strips from my right pocket, the ones already started into loops. I eventually got one on each of her wrists, tightened, but not too tight. I scooted her body closer to the headboard got her hands zip tied to the bars. Getting those long sexy legs tied together took longer and I endured several good kicks and knees to various parts of my body. I was sweating like crazy and she was a little too. I was glad that part was done. I pulled the blindfold out of my bag that was still in the corner Once I had it in place I slowed down and enjoyed the view. What a view it was, she was at my mercy now and I began to smile.