OMG, I have never cum that much so quickly one of the other, I said to him.

I joined him on the pillow, kissing and we shared our cum again as we lay in each other's arms.

We don't have a lot of time, I reminded him. How about putting some coffee on, and we walked out to the kitchen. Jason fired up the coffee maker, and as we waited, I put my arms around him, and said this has been one of the most special days of my life. Thank you for letting me be part of your life. I went on, I would love to be absolutely fulfilled and I would love you to be my first.

First?, he replied questioningly. Yes I replied, no man has ever made love to me and I would very much love you to be the first. As we cuddled I felt his cock move, I reached down and slowly stroked it, I would so love to feel him inside of me, spurting and spurting. His cock was hard and he said, slowly or I will cum in your hand.

Jason said, as he turned off the coffee maker, let's go back to the bedroom. As we lay down, he reached over to the side table and pulled out some lubricant. We kissed again, with our dueling tongues. He said, I have never enjoyed kissing any one as much as I enjoy kissing you. I replied, to me kissing is a big part of love making as I tweaked his nipples. I reached down and again played with his hard cock. Jason took my hand away, and rolled me over on to my stomach, reaching for the lube, he squeezed some onto his hand, and gently rubbed it around my bottom, gradually slipping a finger into me. How does that feel, he asked. Love it, I replied, as I had often done that to myself.

I soon felt a second finger slide in, I stiffen up. Ok, he asked. Yes, I replied. He reached around and started massaging my cock, which by now was standing tall. He slipped a third finger in stretching me more. I gulped, are you still Ok, he asked. Yes, I replied quietly.

He rubbed some lube on his cock, and turned me on to my back. We kissed passionately again, and again. He whispered, lift you legs and rest them on my shoulders. The moment of my true fulfillment was about to happen. I felt his large bulbous head touch me, and slip in. It felt huge. Jason whispered, this may hurt a little, but I love you and would never hurt you. I took a breath, and he slipped further into me. I felt like I'd shoved a huge cucumber up me. That soon went away as I really started to feel him push more and more. He reached down and stroked my cock again. I was gone, absolutely over the top. I had never felt so, so ecstatic as I did then. I felt Jason's pelvis hit me and I knew he was all the way in. He stopped, I'm all the way in, he whispered. I felt so full. He slowly pulled back a little and then pushed back. Slowly speeding up, until he was really pumping me, fucking me and loving me all at the same time.

Next minute I came, shooting my cum all over us, adding to the sweat and lubricant. I pulled his head down to me and kissed him passionately. I suddenly felt him spurting inside me, it felt magic, more and more spurts until he started to slow down. I kissed him again, my lover, I said, I am yours. I have never ever felt like this before. That was amazing.

I felt his cock start to soften, and he slid out of me, bringing a huge puddle of cum with him. Jason just said wow. We lay there in a moment of pure joy, love and, I think, a fair bit of lust. Our juices joining us together. I slipped my arm under him and pulled him close to me. That was beautiful, I said. His lovely cock lay on my legs, I reached down stroking the lube and cum covered cock.

Jason asked, how did I really feel about what we had just done, I pulled him to me and kissed him again, moving my mouth down and sucking his nipples. Slowly, moving down to his cock, and gently sucking that too. Looking back up at him, I replied, how do you think I might feel. I am at a point in my life that I thought I would never be, I have had the most wonderful day, making love with a beautiful man and absolutely feeling sated.

To be continued.