For Laura...

'Come prepared,' you had said. I knew what you meant so, when I walked into the restaurant I was wearing my off the shoulder, loose white mini-dress, four inch white heels and nothing else.

I couldn't see you. the maitre d' came up and asked if he could help.

"Is Laura here?" I asked.

"Ah, you must be Anna. This way please."

I followed him across the crowded restaurant and then up some stairs. He knocked on a panelled oak door, opened it onto a small, private dining room and I saw you. You smiled and stood up. Our eyes locked. You were in a dark red, wrap around, knee length dress.

The maitre d' said, "I'll leave you to it." He pointed at a bell push by the door, "Ring the bell when you're ready to order." He left, closing the door behind him.

We fell into each other's arms and our lips met. The kiss was long and passionate. when we broke apart you led me to a chair next to yours and said, "Hey you."

I sat and felt your fingernails stroke up my inner thigh. The reaction was instant. I had already been excited just at the thought of seeing you and now that was elevated and I just said, "Oh god. Twinge. Big one."

I opened my legs a little and my body thrilled as your fingers traced up and stroked my lips, teasing me.

"Tell... me... what... you... want," you whispered.

I swallowed and stared into those beautiful eyes.

"I want you to make me cum. Here. Now," I replied.

You raised a beautifully sculpted eyebrow. "Hot, baby?"

I just nodded and you leaned forward. your lips brushed mine and I felt flutters inside as your fingers stroked up between my wet lips. I opened my legs wider and you pulled back, staring into my eyes.

"I think my baby needs more direct attention."

I watched as you stood, went to the door and slid the bolt across, locking us in. the look in your eyes as you turned and approached me turned my insides to jelly. you looked so determined and so full of lust and desire.

"Lift your dress up, baby. I want to see your beautiful cunt. I want to lick it. I want to taste you. I want to finger fuck you. You want that, don't you baby?"

Your words had such a profound impact on me. I felt my clit straining. Throbbing. She was desperate for you. I lifted my bum off the seat and raised the hem of my dress, revealing my newly waxed mound. My little surprise for you.

You smiled. "Beautiful baby. You did that for me?"

I could only manage a nod. I watched as you knelt down before my chair and stroked your hands up my inner thighs. I slid myself forward, giving myself to you. I needed you so much.

You looked up at me and smiled as you leaned forward, enclosing my clit in your mouth. I felt the gentle suck you applied, your tongue brushing the base of my clit.

I moaned as you stopped and looked up at me.

"So wet, baby, and you taste so, so good. Did you play before you got here?"

I recalled how I had given myself an orgasm when I was showering earlier in anticipation of our date and what 'come prepared' really meant. I nodded.

"Were you thinking about me when you came?"

I smiled and in an almost whisper, filled with lust, said, "Who else? Yes, of course it was you I thought about, love."

"Fuck," you said, "do you know what you do to me when you tell me things like that?"

You stood and I thrilled as you unwrapped your dress, letting it drop to the ground revealing that, like me, you had come prepared. I saw the glistening lips of your pussy, your beautiful clit poking out of her hood, your beautiful breasts with their stiff, crinkly nipples. you started stroking your clit as you, once more, knelt down.

Our eyes locked once more and you encased me. I felt your fingers at my entrance and was stretched as you slid three fingers slowly into me. I was so wet and ready that it felt wonderful. I moaned as I felt your fingers moving in me and your tongue on me.

I could feel my orgasm approaching and I put my hands in your hair, clenching my fingers, pulling you to me and thrusting my hips up so that my cunt was hard against you.

"I'm cumming love," I moaned and felt you thrust your fingers deeper into me and your tongue sped up.

That was all I needed. I felt the rush inside me and in my clit. it spread out and i tried as much as possible to stifle the cry of joy as my release coursed through me.

As I slowly came down I collapsed back in my chair and felt a little aftershock as you withdrew your fingers. I watched as you stood and was expecting you to come and kiss me but was surprised when you leaned back against the table and, using the wet fingers that had just been inside me, spread your legs and started stroking your clit.

"Look at what you do to me, baby."

I leaned forward and as you played I stroked my fingers up your thighs and up to your entrance. you gasped as i slid two fingers into you, curling them up, feeling your cunt muscles clamping on me as I applied pressure to those so familiar wrinkles inside you. I shuddered as I watched you.

I felt your orgasm was almost there. I looked up at you.

Cum for me, Laura. Cum for your baby."

You called out loudly, "Fuuuuuuuck!" and I felt your wetness increase and the rhythmic squeezing on my fingers. Your body was shaking and I moved with you, slowing the movements of my fingers as your orgasm subsided.

I slid my fingers out of you and brought them to my lips, tasting you. You finally stood and our eyes locked.

You smiled and said, "Well, I have to compliment the chef. That was a delicious first course. help me get dressed baby?"

I picked up your dress and helped arrange it around you. You helped me adjust my dress and we had one long, lingering kiss before you turned and unbolted the door.

You pressed the bell to summon someone to take our order and turned back, sashaying so sexily back towards me, sitting down and taking a menu in your hands.

"Now for the main course," you said, "but it's the afters that I'm looking forward to."

We kissed just as the door opened and a waitress walked in. She merely smiled and said, "Ladies, may I help you?"