13: Monday, July 13, 1655 hours CST: Colette's Demonstration

"You're back!" enthused Alexis. "Come look at this igneous formation with us."

"That's volcanic rock, right?" asked Zach.

"You get an A in freshman geology," said Alexis. "You see this depression here..."

About five minutes into her description of this point of interest, with Zach holding on for dear life, Colette's alarm rang. "Oh, it's five o'clock, closing time," she said to the others, "I need to visit the ladies' room. I'll be right back."

"Wait," ordered Zach, and Colette turned back around. He spent a moment reconsidering outing her in front of her colleague Alexis, a known blabbermouth, then plunged ahead. "Remove your panties," he ordered. Colette, visibly embarrassed, hesitated. He looked over at Alexis for her reaction. She was looking right at him, her hand partly covering a smile of gleeful amazement. He looked at Colette and started taking off his belt, and she quickly began to comply, kicking off her shoes and yanking her panties down. Once her panties were off, he commanded, "Give them to me." She was right, they were crusty with dried excitement on the edges and wet with excitement in the middle. He took a big whiff. Today she smelled like spicy scrambled eggs that you needed to fuck immediately. His cock woke up in his pants and began to uncoil and respond.

"Fuck, I'm not getting left out of this," said Alexis, and started struggling out of her own panties. She handed him her panties. Now he was holding two pairs. Hers had a moist, crusty yellow stripe in them that smelled like fresh fish, asparagus, and with a slight stink of his cum from this morning. It was exciting to smell his mark on her. More blood flowed into his second favorite organ.

Zach ordered Colette, "If you need to pee, stand over this trash can and pee." She hesitated.

"I don't need to go," Colette said. "I can wait."

"Do you have urine you can push out?" Zach asked.

"Yes," Colette answered resignedly.

"Then pee for me. Into the trash can, please."

Colette stood over the trash can, lifted her dress so that Zach could see her stream, and unleashed a thick clear stream of piss powerfully into the can. Relief mixed with dread crossed her face. It was a lot of urine for not needing to urinate. After several seconds she stopped and then shot in a smaller, weaker stream. He handed her a tissue out of a dispenser on the table and she wiped herself. "You hydrate well," he commented.

"Thank you," Colette said, stepped away from the can, and dropped the hem of her dress.

"Here I go," said Alexis, stepping over the can, lifting her plaid skirt, and unleashing a big healthy stream. She wrinkled her nose. "Sorry. Asparagus for lunch."

"This isn't Simon Says, Alexis," Zach pointed out.

"I'm having fun," replied Alexis, "and I don't want my teammate and colleague to go it alone."

"That's sweet and unnecessary," Colette told her. "I'm fine, Alexis, really I am."

"Alexis, you can stay, as long as you don't touch Colette. Touching her is not allowed."

Alexis looked at Colette, "Not allowed?"

"Correct, not allowed," answered Colette.

"Well, I'll just pull up a chair, then." Alexis did so, and sat mock demurely.

"Get on your knees and suck my cock," Zach ordered Colette. Without hesitation, she dropped gently to her knees, unzipped him, and fished out his cock, which unfolded nicely, and popped it down her throat, starting to stimulate it to hardness. She looked up at him; she tasted Colby all over his dick, though she didn't know who it was. She looked curious. Eventually she would learn whose taste was whose as the complex web that bound the crew grew tighter and tighter. She was a maniacal cock sucker, and had him up and hard in moments, and then set a pace that would finish him off in record time even though only a few minutes ago he had finished intercourse with Colby three times in a row.

"Slow down," ordered Zach, "I want to enjoy it." Colette kind of followed his instructions. She spent the next half hour edging him expertly near orgasm and then backing him off, daring him to order her to finish him off. Just as he was about to give up and order her, she twitched her throat an extra amount as she had him about halfway down. Immediately, his orgasm hit him like a brick, and she smashed his dick down her throat as he sprayed like a fire hose and screamed, "EAAAHYAAAA!!" his hands yanking her hair in helpless spasm, his entire body shaking.

"Wow, that was masterful!" Alexis acknowledged. Zach looked over at Alexis and found that she must have been jilling quietly and furiously the whole time. She was wrecked. Her dress was up, her legs were hung wide over the chair arms, and her wet hands hung in her lap. There was a wide spray of girl cum on the concrete floor, probably several shots worth. Her hair was in disarray. She had a great big sleepy smile on her face. "There's nothing better than watching a hunky man strain at the very edge of cumming for 20 minutes. So hot!"

"Thank you," said Colette demurely, getting up from her knees. The two women sauntered out of the visualization room arm-in-arm, leaving Zach to clean up the girl cum and the asparagus-scented trash can by himself.

(To be continued)