Yui's Self Love

In the week following her first night alone with Emi, Yui had been thinking of her amazing little body constantly. Emi was away for work, touring as a backup dancer with a popular performing artist, and Yui discovered she was craving more of Emi's sensuous curves, and lean, tight body.

For three days, Yui had been on a shoot at a studio, modeling bikinis and doing some extra gravure work. All the time she was thinking of Emi, her sexy flat stomach, watching her love herself in front of the mirrors. And every time she found herself lost in these thoughts, she realised that she was getting wet, and her hard, erect nipples were punching through whatever bikini top she was wearing.

And at the end of each day's shoot, she would go home, almost shaking with anticipation, trembling at the delicious thought of how she was going to enjoy herself, lost in the sensual memories and fantasies surrounding Emi.

Her nightly routine was something like this.

Barely dry after her bath, wrapped in a towel, she dimmed the lights and arranged her big mirror to face the large shag pile rug. With her pillow nearby, she knelt down in front of the mirror, closing her eyes to remember Emi's words.

"I love to watch myself here, Yui."

"When I'm naked, all I want to do is love myself, touch myself..."

Yui let the towel fall from her shoulders, and threw it to one side, as her hands explored her warm, smooth skin. She recalled the way Emi talked about wanting to kiss herself all over, and how she lovingly touched her legs when she mentioned them, her lovely shoulders, her slender arms.

Yui's gentle hands explored her body, caressing herself with such sensual loving, sometimes grabbing a handful of her delicious flesh, sometimes gently running her fingers along her tender skin.

Soon she could hear herself whispering.

"When I'm naked, all I want to do is love myself, touch myself..."

Alone, lost in her most private and intimate world, Yui opened her eyes to see the image of a beautiful, sexy, naked young woman looking back at her. Her beautiful warm skin glowing in the soft light. Her wet hair hanging down over half of her face. Her delicious nakedness begging to be touched, caressed, loved.

Over the next two hours, her self love making would see her squeezing, pinching and pulling her beautiful sensitive nipples for a long time. She would also grab the pillow, move as close to the mirror as possible, and push it between her sexy thighs so that her aching clitoris could brush up against it.

She leaned in to the mirror, kissing her reflection with her eyes open, watching her reactions, occasionally glancing down to watch her hands caressing her sexy tummy.

"I wish I could kiss myself all over my body. I would kiss and lick everywhere," she whispered intimately to her reflection, then kissed herself passionately as her hips ground her wet pussy into the pillow.

Pulling firmly on her nipples sent her over the edge into a thigh shaking orgasm that seemed to last ages, and she lay naked and spent on her back on the shag pile, catching her breath.

She resolved that she would ask Emi to be her mirror next time, and the though of that made her raise her slender arms over her head and kiss her lovely biceps.