I met Ashley on Instagram. I commented how pretty her profile pic was. She commented back that I was cute and friendly. Then asked if I had hangout. I gave her my address and she added me.

Through our conversations. I learned she was 36 years old. 5'7 tall. 36b breasts and loved to show them off for her man. I explained to her. I was 62. Married and only wanted a woman that would do things my wife would not do. Things like blow jobs with cum on her face and in her mouth as well as anal.

"I love that. The first anal I had was when I was 21. He was 70." She told me.

I told her I lived in Medicine Hat and I help low income people file their taxes every Tuesday from 9 to 3 at a local church. Then asked where she lived. She told me close.

I was totally emerged in writing a story to publish on Literotica, when I heard a voice asking. "Tom. Income tax?"

I looked up to see a woman standing in a long coat with the collar up. Nodded my head. She undid her coat and let it drop to the floor.

It was Ashley.

My cock immediately hard pressing against my jeans. Her tits jiggled as she walked toward me. Took my hand and pulled me up. Undid my belt and jeans. Slid them down over my ass. Slid down to her knees as my cock pointed out at her. Looking up at me with a smile and eyes open wide. She licked up the shaft, nostrils flaring and took my precum wet head in her mouth.

I reached down to pinch her nipples as she took me deep groaning in excitement. The sensation of her warm mouth and the vibration of her vocals caused my cock to throb in her mouth as I felt my cock head against her throat.

She grasped my but cheeks and pushed harder. I pumped into her mouth listening to her gag on my cock. The cock slut never backed off as her saliva spewed over my cock and her dress. Bobbing up and down on my cock.

Finally taking her mouth off my cock. Her chin and chest soaked in spit. Jerking my cock as she takes my cum filled balls in her mouth sucking and massaging them with her tongue.

I lifted her up by her hair. Laid her on my desk. Lifted her legs over my shoulders. Pulled her moist cunt to my mouth. Nibbled through her sheer panties as she held my head and lifted her cunt into me.

Sliding her wet panties to the side. I teased her clit with my tongue. Inserting two fingers in as she moaned and arched into my hand. I vigorously fucked her cunt as her cum saturated my hand.

Screaming she begged me to fuck her with my hard cock. I flipped her over and bent her over the desk. Grasping her panties. I slid them down to her knees. She was rubbing her clit in anticipation of my thick throbbing joy stick filling her piss hole.

Parting her ass cheeks as I plunged into silky smooth cunt. Allowing it to throb as she bit her lower lip and gyrating on the object filling her. I drooled on her shit hole. Slid my finger in as I began to pump my manly probe in her faster and faster while I fucked her ass with one finger then two.

"Fuck my ass. Fill it with your cock!" She begged.

I looked up at the door. Wide open. Thinking. If someone came in now. I would be done. This only added to my excitement as I drove my cock in her ass. Stretching it open. The sensation was like none I'd experienced.

Tears running down her face as she gyrated on my cock. I pumped her ass as I fingered her clit. I could feel my cum rising from my balls as her cunt saturated my hand.

I pulled out turned her around just as my cock exploded on her face and dress. She greedily took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last of my cum.

She smiled up at me as my knees wobbled from the sensation of her tongue and mouth on my cock head. She released me as I fell back on my chair and she scooped globs of my cum off her face and dress licking her fingers.

The slut then pulled up a chair and sat beside me. She looked a wreck with cum in her hair and on her dress. I was exhausted and bewildered as she began rubbing my cum in her hair and using it as style cream.

Just then a client came in and looked at me then her.

"Do you want me to come back later. Are you busy?"

"No. Tom is training me to do taxes. If you don't mind?" She answered. Sliding her hand on my cock.

The client put her t slips on the desk and sat down. I began taking her information as my cock began to get hard under the desk from her manipulation.

"I see how that works." As she kept massaging my semi hard cock and pretending to be interested in what I was doing. I squirmed as she palmed the head of my still sensitive cock head.

Smiling at the client. Ashley continued to massage my hardening cock. My client noticed my cum stains on her dress and asked.

"Did you spill?"

"Yes. I got over zealous with my protein. MMMM so good."

"I spill yogurt all the time." My client responded.

"My protein is milked fresh, and so tasty." Ashley slyly responded.

"Here you go. All done." I nervously handed the tax return to my client. Trying to conceal my now fully hard cock.

Ashley got up and went around to the client and put her hand on her shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Her eyes widened as Ashley continued to talk.

"Really! Those are cum stains. And you can't wait to get more."

"Yes. Now you can stay and watch or you can leave. If you stay. I don't share. So you watch but don't touch."

My client still shocked. Ashley came back around dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and sloppily began sucking it. Pulled her tit out of her dress and moaned as I began rolling her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

The client slid her chair back to get a better look. Ashley seemed to get more aroused with an audience and my client seemed to enjoy the show. I leaned over and started sucking her tit as she began bobbing fiercely on my cock. Her slobber dripping everywhere.

I figured my tax days at the church were over once this got out and decided to fuck the shit out of her. At least I would have the memory of a life time to look back on.

I looked up to see my client rubbing her cunt through her shorts and licking her lips as I pulled Ashley up. Spit running down her chin and her dress wet. Her left tit hanging out and her eyes glazed over as if in a trance.

I leaned her over my desk. Lifted her dress and slapped her ass hard. Getting angry at my self first for allowing this to happen. Then at Ashley for being such a slut.

The angrier I got the harder I slapped. Her ass was a flaming red when I decided to give the bitch the hardest fuck she would ever have. To my surprise. I was enjoying inflicting pain to the point, my cock was throbbing hard and all I wanted was to hear her scream in pain.

Without hesitation. I rammed my full girth into her dry ass hole. She whimpered, screamed and cried as my cock stretched her tight shit hole. I reached down and slapped her clit. Holy fuck! It was soaking wet and running down her thigh.

The cunt was loving my rough fucking of her slutty ass. I pulled out to admire her gape. Then grabbed her hair and drove back in hard. Increasing my pace. She was limp as her body shook with each wave of her orgasm.

I looked up to see my client fingering herself to orgasm. I pulled my cock out and jerked it to shoot a stream of my baby juice up the sluts back. Rubbed my cock on her dress. Cleaning it off. Putting it back in my pants and telling them they had to go. Ending my day.