Summer before last (2019) I had a nice but nasty experience. I was working in Norwich and one evening as I was walking back to my car, I saw a plump and grubby woman sitting on a stairwell landing. She asked me for a pound for some food but, as I usually do with beggars, I just walked on by.

When I got to my car, I wondered how desperate she was for a drink or possibly some drugs (she looked more like an alky though), and whether I could have a little fun before going home.

I went back to her and, making sure nobody else was about, told her I've give her more than a pound if she'd come with me. She wanted to know how much and what I wanted. I realised this wasn't new to her, so I told her I'd give her a fiver to watch me wank, or a tenner for a hand job. She agreed and I told her to follow me to my car and to get in the rear passenger seat.

I drove us up to the top floor of the car park which was nearly empty now and parked in a corner away from the CCTV cameras. I got in the back of the car and sat next to her. She smelled a bit pissy and I asked her if she'd wet herself recently. She was a little embarrassed but said she hadn't wet herself but that she hadn't washed in a few days. I told her that that was understandable but that it didn't matter to me... that I actually liked her stale piss smell.

I asked her if I could buy her smelly knickers off of her for £5, so she'd get a tenner altogether just for watching me wank while sniffing her knickers. She agreed and started to remove her shoes and socks, trousers and knickers. I was surprised to find that there wasn't a strong smell when she exposed her feet, but the smell of piss was quite a bit stronger when she took her knickers off.

I put her knickers in my pocket for some attention later. She made to put her trousers back on, but I stopped her and told her I'd like to look at her pussy for a moment. She was reluctant to do this but another £5 changed her mind. I asked her to spread her legs so I could get a good look. Then I surprised her a little by bending down between her thighs and sniffing her ripe cunt. After the initial shock she relaxed a little and I leaned even closer to her. Her legs spread a little further still enabling me to place a kiss on her pussy lips... before slipping my tongue up and down, then gently between them.

I couldn't get my tongue in as far as I wanted so I placed each of her feet on my shoulders. This had the effect of lifting her knees and arse and spreading her plump arse cheeks for me. When I leaned back in for a deeper dive into her cunt, I was hit by a much stronger smell from between her arse cheeks. I looked up at her and saw she was upset. She said she was sorry but she'd been using whatever paper litter she could find to wipe herself after having a poo and that sometimes, if she couldn't find any, she just left herself unwiped until she got a change to clean herself properly.

I didn't say anything but instead put my face back between her thighs and had a good, deep, long sniff of her arse. I shifted slightly, and replaced my nose with my tongue so I could taste the mess between her cheeks. She made disapproving noises at this and wriggled her arse away from my tongue.

She said she wanted to go now but I reminded her that she hadn't watched me wank yet. She'd need to wait for me to come before I'd give her the £15 I'd promised her in total. I pulled 3 £10 notes out of my pocket and told her that they would be her's if she'd get on her hands and knees in front of me and let me sniff, lick, and finger her arse for a few minutes before wanking myself and spunking between her cheeks. Without saying anything, she turned and got onto her hands and knees, lowering her upper body onto the car seat and exposing her dirty arse for my pleasure.

I think she was surprised when the first thing I did was to start stroking her cunt again. I found her clit and pinched it gently between my fingers before slipping 2 of my fingers into her pussy. She was wet and slick with her juices, and she pushed back against me eagerly when my fingers started to push in and out of her. I removed my juicy fingers from her cunt and replaced them with my tongue sucking on her clit, her lips, and licking as deep as I could inside her.

While tongue fucking her cunt, I placed my wet forefinger against her quite prominent rosebud arsehole. It was still a little bit shitty despite my earlier attention and this, together with the cunt juice on my finger allowed easy access to her rectum. She gasped as my finger quickly slipped inside her arse but the attention I was giving her pussy took her mind off of what I was doing inside her arse. I moved my finger around inside her rectum and when I pushed it as deep as I could, my fingernail scraped against a firm turd.

This wasn't the first time that I'd encountered a piece of shit while fingering an arse, but it was the first time that I didn't care what my partner thought about it. I slipped my forefinger out of her arse and replaced it with my index finger. Immediately pushing that finger in as deep as it would go. Being a centimetre or so longer, my index finger plunged into the turd that I hadn't quite been able to reach before. I curled the tip of my finger and started to hook the shit out of her arse.

I pulled my mouth away from her pussy so I could concentrate on her arse and the shit inside it. My index finger emerged with a marble sized piece of shit squashed against the fingertip. I said the first words either of us had uttered in a while as I told her to "watch me".

She turned back towards me and watched as I released my stiff cock from my trousers and pants and started to wank. Her eyes opened wide as I held my very shitty finger under my nose and sniffed while I stroked. They opened wider still as I placed my shitty fingertip between my lips and sucked the little shit nugget into my mouth. My finger was still a little dirty, so I reached forward and offered it to her. She sniffed my finger and her shit before pushing it back to me.

I could feel my cum rising now so I rolled her onto her front again, raised her arse, and used my free hand to part her cheeks. I placed my cock head against her dirty arsehole and rubbed myself vigorously to bring myself to climax. As I felt myself about to cum, I chewed the shit in my mouth and the taste explosion that ensued made me cum hard against her rosebud and between her arse cheeks before dribbling down between her cunt lips.

I looked down and saw she was rubbing my cum into her pussy. I took my cock, still sticky with my cum, and rubbed it between her pussy lips too.

I tidied myself up and watched as she dressed herself, commando style as her knickers were still in my pocket. I handed her the money I had promised and told her I'd look for her again and might have more opportunities for her to earn more money. I wondered how far she'd be willing to go now and how much it would cost me.

She got out of the car and trudged off, back to her stairwell.

I got into the driver's seat and thought "fuck, this car stinks. I'd better do something about that".