The sun comes through the balcony windows drenching the bedroom in early morning sunlight. I wake in your arms wearing my brand new cuffs. The diamonds catch the sunlight perfectly.

"Good morning Daddy." I smile.

"Hello Princess. You looked like an angel sleeping in my bed." You whisper as I curl up against your body.

"Hungry Daddy?" I ask.

"Hungry for you." You growl.

"Mmmm not what I meant, but who am I to deny you?" I smile wide and wicked.

Your hands travel down my cheeks to my stomach. They rest there for a moment and trace at my soft skin atop muscular abdominals. Your hands and now mouth move farther south to the apex of my thighs. Your tongue stretches out like a cat as you lick at my lower lips in long, soft strokes.

"Oh God." I cry out.

"That's right baby" you say. I can see the gleam of my own wetness on your chin and it drives me wild that you love to taste me so much.

"Right there Daddy." I moan as you ravage my clit. Slow circles work their way over and over my most sensitive nerves. Your hands grab onto my breasts and gently twist at my nipples. My whole body shivers as I can hear you moan. You are enjoying this as much as I do.

"You're going to come in Daddy's mouth." Your whisper is as rough as your hands on my body, taking what's yours.

"Oh yes Daddy." I purr as I'm curling my toes with each motion of your mouth. "Daddy I want to come now." I bite my lip, already so worked up from your previous torture

"Come." You order in a single word as I orgasm, my head thrown back against the pillows. My hips are rolling into yours and I release hard and hot against you. "Good girl." You praise as I am finally still. I kiss you longingly and curl up into your lap for the second time, positively spent.

"Thank you Daddy. You always make me feel so good." Your skin is warm and welcoming next to mine.

"You're welcome baby. How about I make us some breakfast?"

"Oh yes please."

"Stay here Elena." You kiss me and head to the kitchen.

You soon return with coffee, french toast, strawberries and bacon.

"Thank you Daddy." I say as you lay the food before us.

"My pleasure sweetheart." You smile.

While we eat we watch a Frank Sinatra film. Once we are finished with breakfast and the movie, I type up another chapter of my novel.

"Elena I have a question for you, a proposal if you will." You run your fingers through my hair.

"Yes Daddy?" I say while sipping coffee.

"Would you like to go on vacation together?"

"When Daddy?" I shut down my laptop and turn to you.

"At the end of next month. To the Bahamas."

"Daddy, yes! Thank you for thinking of me." I kiss you gently.

"Always baby. I can't wait to have you all to myself on the beach. I rented a villa for us."

"I don't know if I have anything worthy of a Bahamas trip." Thinking of my faded black bikini and department store sorong.

"Don't worry baby. We'll get you everything you need. No expense spared for my Princess." You smile. "Shall we take you shopping today?"

"Oh Daddy yes, but I have to stop at home first."

"No worries baby." You kiss the top of my head.

We drive to my apartment and I quickly change into a tank top, athletic leggings and a pullover. I opt to look casual and comfortable for a long day ahead of shopping.

"Baby you look perfect."You say as I slink back into the car and place my wallet on my lap.

"Thank you Daddy." I smile brightly and we make our way to the mall. I take your hand and you lead the way exclusively to the rich side. I've only ever been to the Starbucks over here.

"Let's get you some sexy swimsuits to start." You whisper in my ear as we turn into an upscale boutique with loud music coming from the in-store speakers.

I select a suit in black, emerald green, red and white. The black and white are one pieces and the red and green are strapless and thong cut. I model them all for you and you seem to like each more than the last.

"Gorgeous." You practically applaud and I turn and pose in front of a full length mirror. My final purchase are two brightly colored silky cover-ups. At the next store I buy high cut shorts and light blouses. Our final stop I opt for three black dresses all soft in fabric and slinky in silhouette with flattering straps and low cut necklines. Your Amex slides across the cashier counter seemingly faster and faster at each new transaction.

"Thank you Daddy." I beam as I take more and more bags in my hand.

"Anything for you Elena." You affectionately squeeze ass.

We decide to stop for a light lunch in a cafe on the way home. We discuss the trip and I grow more and more excited as the conversation continues.

"We can horseback ride, snorkel, have sex on the beach -" You say with a wink.

"Daddy that's so naughty." I giggle. "Sounds amazing." I hope the next few weeks will fly by and I can hardly stand it.

It's finally travel day. My alarm chimes me awake and I reach for my phone to silence it.

"No..." I groan glancing at the numbers reading 3:35 am.

"Wake up angel." You whisper in my ear.

"Daddy I'm tired." I whine.

"I know, we'll get some coffee and you can sleep on my lap during the flight."

"Okay." I agree begrudgingly.

I pack the last of my toiletries into my suitcase full of new clothes and place my carry-on in the trunk. Once in the car, you kiss deeply and we take each other's hand across the center console. We pass a Starbucks drive thru and we order americanos with an extra shot in both. The drive to the airport is long and you turn on some classical music. The sun has barely begun to rise and the world is very much still quiet. I'm never awake at this hour, but it's quite peaceful.

We check our bags, go through security and finally arrive at our gate. We board our first class seats and I settle in with a mimosa.

"Cheers baby." You whisper as our glasses touch.

I sip the cocktail and once finished, I slip on the complimentary eye mask and fall asleep.

"Wake up Elena. We're here." As we land I notice the palm trees and crystal blue waters.

"Daddy it's gorgeous." I say in awe.

"I know." You reply. "That's why I wanted to bring you here."

We rented a red hot Mercedes convertible to take us to the villa. It's all expansive floor plan and mostly open air set up makes it absolutely heavenly. The entire house looks over an infinity pool and a picturesque view of the ocean is straight out of a magazine.

"Oh Daddy I love it." I say as we lay down on the bed together. The cool linen sheets are like butter on my skin.

"That makes Daddy so happy." You whisper.

We make our way to the opposite end of the house as I explore each room more lovely than the next. The entire villa is perfectly styled with tropical touches and it makes me never want to leave. I slip into my new black suit and sit out by the pool with a trashy tabloid. You offer to oil me up and I happily accept feeling your slick hands on every curve of my body. After an afternoon of sunning we dress and head to dinner at a nearby restaurant. We fill up on white wine, garlic bread and oysters. We spend a quiet evening walking the beach and fall into bed just after the sunsets making gentle love until we both fall asleep, spent and satisfied.

In the morning, I wake up entirely too aroused.

"Good morning Daddy." I open my eyes to your beautiful face looking down at me. I reach out for you, kissing you and wrapping my body around yours. I mount your jawline, straddling my legs over your cheeks. My pussy is right over your mouth and I can feel your tongue lap at my clit like a hungry kitten and her bowl of milk.

"Daddy does this show you how much I love you?" I ask shyly as I'm not usually in such a dominant position.

"Oh yes Princess." You moan as you gently teeth at my lower lips. "Ride Daddy's face." you encourage between licks.

"Oh fuck." I shift my body forward, rocking my weight gently over you as my knees begin to buckle.

"That's it Baby. Don't be afraid." you say, holding me tightly to you. I feel my orgamsm begin to rise like ocean waves on the shore and I ride your face harder, moaning loudly as I do.

"Yes... yes..." So close I can taste the rush of sensation. I finally reach climax and surrender completely falling forward over your body.

"Good girl." You breathe beneath me.

"Daddy that felt so good." I say as I fall flat atop you, my body feeling spent and weak. My pussy is throbbing and it feels so overworked.

"That makes Daddy so happy." You kiss me and I love the taste of me on your lips. "What do you say we shower and I wash that lovely body?"

"Oh yes!" I wrap my arms around you and we walk over to the expansive shower. I love the glass enclosure and the many jets. The water is hot and welcome against my skin. You slowly soap up my entire body, moving the shower sponge in generous figure eights never missing an inch of me. As you finish my body, I sink myself to my knees and take your cock in my greedy hands.

"Oh Princess..." You suck in a breath as your hands weave through my wet curls. You take charge of my face as I slowly fuck you with my lips. "That's it Babygirl - take Daddy's cock in your throat."

"Mmmmm" I let out a satisfied purr as I take you deeper inside my mouth. I love letting the tip bob up and down as my tongue encircles your length.

"Swallow every drop and lick Daddy clean." You say pulling my neck so our eyes lock. I nod, fluttering my lashes which I know drives you crazy. "Oh baby you know just what to do to Daddy." I moan around your cock and I can feel your body tense. I open my mouth wider as you begin to thrust inside my gaping lips. "That's my slutty girl" You control my head gently, but I know you're close. You push my head all the way down so I gag, then let me off your cock so I can breathe.

"More." I beg. With my rest you shove me back down to the apex of your thighs.

"Hold it there now." You order and I comply. I'm so aroused by the water falling all around us with my cock in your mouth. I let out a whimper and you release into my mouth. I swallow every last drop as you let out a satisfied groan.

"All clean Daddy." I whisper as you free me. I get up and you kiss me deeply. We stand together under the steam as I wash you and we exit the shower. I spend an extra long time in my towel, just lounging around on the bed.

"Baby you look so sexy in that towel." you say as you kiss my baby soft shoulders.

"Thank you Daddy."

As the morning continues on we make granola parfaits for breakfast and drink coffees together while we read by the pool. The sun is high in the sky and the ocean view sparkles a sapphire blue.

"Elena I'm going to make a reservation for us for dinner and I'd like you to dress in something slutty for me, can you do that?" Your eyes sparkle with the request.

"Oh of course Daddy. Anything for you, but I don't think I packed anything appropriate for this little scenario." I thumb through a page in my book before looking up at you.

"No worries Angel. Take the car and go shopping." You squeeze my hand gently.

I get up from my chair, kiss you on the cheek and turn to leave. You pull me back into you for a deep kiss with your tongue slipping into my mouth.

"Oh wow." I say breathlessly as you let me go with a smack on the ass.

"Laters Baby." you say. "Can't wait to see what you've bought for me."