Taylor had been driving for about half an hour. Her destination was a secluded spot known only to her and a few close friends. This time, however, she was traveling alone. All she had with her was a soft, dark red towel. Upon arriving, she took it out of the car, locked the door, and put the keys in her back pocket. After a long week of media and promo work for her band's album, Taylor was looking to get away for a bit and maybe find some new inspiration on her own.

Taylor took a deep breath and exhaled upon examining her surroundings. The sky was a cloudless blue, the motionless leaves in the trees were a pleasant shade of emerald green, and the lake before her was beautifully serene, even with the waterfall on the opposite end. She planned to go for a swim, though that plan didn't involve a bikini. She felt more connected to everything that way. Besides, hardly anyone else came to that spot.

She placed the towel on the ground by the edge of the lake and removed her shoes, placing them next to the fabric. She then removed her shirt to reveal a black bra over a taut stomach. A matching black thong became visible when she undid her belt and slipped off her jeans, her long, slender legs now on full display. Taking another look around just to be sure she was alone, Taylor kicked off her jeans before moving to her thong.

With summer in full swing, she welcomed the breeze on her skin; she couldn't wait to go for a swim. She reached back and unclasped her bra. Her nipples reacted immediately to the fresh air. All her clothing now fully removed, she immediately made her way to the water. She checked the temperature with her foot, and then entered when she discovered the temperature was to her liking.

This was Taylor's only plan for the day: no makeup, no spikes, no bracelets, no jewelry, just a lone swim in her favorite secluded spot. She descended into the water at a moderate speed, then began making her way to the waterfall. Every part of her skin felt the water revitalizing her. It had been a long week, and now the waterfall was calling out to her, drawing her to it. The lake was shallow enough under the waterfall for Taylor to comfortable stand with her head above the surface with the water going halfway up her stomach. She held out her hands to feel the falling water run over them, splashing her face with the water her hands had collected. She splashed the water on herself a few more times before letting the waterfall run freely down her body.

Taylor turned around and examined her surrounding, the cool water behind her. She breathed the air in through her nose and exhaled with a smile, content in the moment. It was a rarity for her, but she lived for moments where everything could pause and she could let her responsibilities and worries roll off her shoulders like the waterfall, however briefly.

She closed her eyes and felt the water caress her back. Then she opened them when something began moving slowly up her leg. Startled, she quickly looked down. There was no fish or plant or anything that could've made that. But then she turned around. As she was trying to come to terms with what she was seeing, the feeling continued to travel up her leg; she also registered a matching sensation starting up her other leg. Rising up through the surface of the water was some... thing that startled her too much for her to even scream. She tried to back away, but her legs were now held in place. All she could do was lean away a little.

The creature was a blue, translucent human-like figure with a muscular body. It met her at eye level and then kept going up. When it finally reached its full height, it looked down upon her with an expression of pleasantly sated curiosity.

She meekly gulped before barely getting out the words, "What the fuck are you?"

The figure chuckled in a deep voice and replied, "You don't know a water spirit when you see one?"

Still stunned at what she was seeing, coupled with the fact that it spoke back, Taylor made the few words she could get out count.

"What do you want?"

"Well," he began, "out of courtesy, I would first like for us to introduce ourselves. My name is Ouwe. And you're the woman who usually comes here in a group."

She was jolted by the realization that she and her friends had been watched by this thing on her previous visits, but she quickly worked to regain some composure and replied "Yes, I'm Taylor."

"You're even more beautiful up close... and naked."

Taylor nervously stammered, "Th-thank you. Uh... how long have you been watching me come here?"

She almost panicked when she felt the water grasp her lower legs and lift her up to meet Ouwe at eye level. As he spoke, he began to circle around her, examining her beautiful body on all sides.

"When a woman with a physique like this comes to my lake, it's going to get my attention. So I've been watching since you first found it."

Getting increasingly concerned with the ease with which this entity could move her and hold her in place, she said, "I don't think you answered my earlier question. What do you want?"

"Ah yes, I'm sorry."

Putting his hand on her right arm, he continued, "I'd love to know you... in what I understand to be the Biblical sense."

She said nothing, but her body became rigid. A part of her lamented the idea that of course her first paranormal experience in nature would involve a spirit wanting to fuck her.

"Oh sure," she remarked sardonically, "that's exactly why I came here: to fuck some perverted water spirit I just met."

His hand traveled up her arm, the soft, warm sensation on her skin like nothing she'd experienced before; she couldn't help the goosebumps. She brought her other hand to block his from moving any further. He stood in front of her with a look on his face that told her that while he understood her instinct to refuse, his desire was genuine. Though she was already soaking wet, and despite her intent to keep him from taking things any further, she could feel him somehow working every water drop on her skin to stimulate every inch of her.

"Please stop that," she protested.

Ouwe put her down, but didn't let go of her.

"You couldn't be persuaded?"

She couldn't fully wrap her head around it, but she felt an overwhelming sense of admiration from him. Unbeknownst to her, he hadn't actually stopped simulating her skin with the water; he had just lowered it enough so she could barely feel it. Taylor glanced down and noticed Ouwe's massive erection. She was surprised by the sheer size, combined with the simple fact that he even had genitals. He cracked a slight smile when he saw her looking and her cheeks turned slightly red.

Taylor took a few moments to think it over. Still undecided, she asked, "Could you... maybe not be translucent?"

"If it helps..."

As he said that, his skin changed and she could no longer see through him. Taylor raised her eyebrows in pleasant surprise.

Nodding, she confirmed, "Yes, it helps."

"That's good," he said as he moved closer to her.

Gently, he lifted her up into his arms and carried her through the waterfall. He rested her upon a smooth rock ledge and leaned forward, his face within kissing distance of hers.

"Now, how do-" were all the words she could get out before his mouth was on hers. If the feeling of his hand on her skin was amazing, then the feeling of his tongue on hers was that multiplied. Taylor eased into the kiss more and more the longer it went on. His lower legs were still submerged in the water, and it seemed he was unable to climb out. But from where he could stand, with his erection rested precariously beside her labia, he was more than capable of delivering on his lust. He began teasing her, rubbing the tip back and forth on her pussy for a few moments. Taylor reacted by moaning into his mouth as they continued kissing.

She laughed at the thought in her head of a water spirit making her wet, but instead of telling him that when he asked why she was laughing, she told him, "You were really looking forward to this, huh?"

Ouwe gave a soft smile before moving his lips onto her breasts. Taylor moved her hands to his head, pressing him harder into her breasts. He sucked passionately on one of her nipples. One hand squeezed her other breast while his other hand moved further down. An elated gasp escaped Taylor's mouth; for a moment, she almost forgot he was a water spirit. Ouwe then moved his mouth from her breasts up to her neck while positioning his cock against her shin. He took her feet and pressed them against his member.

Taylor looked at him quizzically, but then she remembered she had been barefoot every time she entered the water. If he had been there the whole time, she could kind of understand his desire for a foot job. She smiled and watched him position each foot on either side and thrust between them. His cock looked and felt amazing in a strangely fascinating way. It was completely rigid and pointed directly towards her beautiful face and perky tits. Taylor found herself transfixed with the motion. She continued to watch, feeling his sturdy erection between her feet. With just that bit of tactile information, she could tell he would feel amazing inside her. She felt herself getting turned on at the thought, and she rubbed her pussy as he continued fucking her feet.

Once he decided he was as hard as he was going to get, he slowed down and leaned over to give Taylor a kiss.

"Before we begin," he asked upon separating from her lips, "where do you prefer to have a man finish?"

"You seem to have a thing for my feet. Why not spray them?" Taylor replied.

"I like the sound of that."

Taylor continued rubbing her pussy. As she watched him work her feet with his erection, she inserted two fingers inside herself, tilted her head back, and moaned.

Ouwe moved her hand aside and put his cock into position. After getting a nod of approval from Taylor, he inserted his length into her pussy. It was the strangest pleasure Taylor had ever experienced. The length, the girth, and even the texture of Ouwe's penis rubbing against her inner walls left her instantly astonished. He started slow and shallow with his thrusts to give her time to adjust. As Taylor eased into the motion, he pushed further and picked up speed. The speed was far from difficult to maintain because of how lubricated Taylor had already become. Watching Ouwe towering over her with his hands on her slender waist, Taylor saw his composed expression while she lost the ability to speak coherently.

"F-u-u-u-u-u-ck" was the only decipherable noise she could emit. The power and speed of Ouwe's thrusts made sure of it.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked, picking up the pace a little more.

Taylor didn't respond. She was already close to reaching orgasm. Her mouth opened to a silent scream as she grabbed onto him for dear life. He felt her squeeze all around his erection with all her might. He stopped thrusting and gently leaned over to cover her mouth with his. Once she stopped fidgeting, he removed himself from her soft lips.

"That much, eh?"

Taylor replied, "Please let me suck your cock."

He pulled out of her, but instead of guiding Taylor's head to his cock, he picked her up and brought her back into the water. Holding her in doggystyle with one hand, he lifted his other hand and snapped his fingers. Just then, an exact look-alike of Ouwe emerged from the water in front of Taylor. This one did not speak, but seemed to be following his mental commands. Taylor was in awe once again of what was happening. Ouwe repositioned his member while the clone brought his erection to her awaiting mouth. As Ouwe pushed into her from behind, a loud moan escaped her open mouth. The clone took his chance and pushed his own member in, almost completely silencing her.

Ouwe and his clone then began thrusting at the same speed, the former placing a moderately firm spank on Taylor's tight ass. When he did this, the sonic vibrations of her moan went right through the clone's cock. The clone bit his lip, then grabbed the back of Taylor's head to make deeper thrusts. His cock reached as far as it could without making her gag, which was impressive considering he was enormous in her mouth. Looking up at the clone, Taylor speedily reached her hands behind him and grabbed his ass for leverage. Getting worked from both ends, Taylor felt she was in heaven. It was beyond the physical, like they were pleasuring her mind as well as her body.

Ouwe gave Taylor another spank, to which she responded with a deep throaty moan. He told her, "You feel so amazing, Taylor. You're going to make me cum."

She pulled back from the clone's dick, turned her head and responded "I want you both at the same time!"

Ouwe and his clone looked at each other, then nodded their heads in silent agreement. The clone grabbed Taylor by the hair and pushed into her mouth once again. In perfect synchronization, both Ouwe and the clone thrust into her harder and faster. The noises coming out of Taylor's mouth became louder and louder. She felt herself reaching orgasm yet again.

Just then, a sustained frantic moan came from deep within her as she tensed up around both their members. They could see every part of her back go stiff as she reached another orgasm. They stopped their thrusting and waited patiently for her climax to subside. The clone kept a focused expression on his face even as Taylor's grip on his ass strengthened. This orgasm was even better than the previous; she twitched and moaned as her legs quivered. This went on for a few moments before she settled down.

Ouwe and his clone looked down at her, getting some enjoyment out of the sight of an exhausted Taylor taking a rock-hard erection at both ends. They couldn't tell in truth from all the drops on her skin how much was water and how much was her sweat. Either way, it was a remarkably arousing sight.

Ouwe leaned over and asked Taylor in sotto voce, "Where did you say you wanted us to cum?"

She only had one word: "Everywhere."

Again, Ouwe and his clone looked at each other. The clone smiled, and Ouwe smiled back. They resumed thrusting, this time with such speed and force that Taylor worried she might break a bone. The words "extreme water sport" flashed across her mind, drawing a giddy moan out of her.

Ouwe and his clone thrusted even faster and harder. Suddenly, they stopped, and the floodgates opened wide. The clone filled her mouth to the point that the pressure eventually pushed him out; some of it went over her face and hair.

Ouwe, meanwhile, ejaculated enough cum into Taylor's pussy to rival the waterfall. He gripped her waist and pushed himself even deeper into her, shooting such a huge quantity of his thick semen directly into her womb that he completely filled it two or three times over. The clone then lifted her head to kiss her on the cheek before disappearing back into the water.

While keeping his member submerged for the time being, Ouwe turned over Taylor and put her on her back. The view of her face and hair drenched in cum, the sight of her cheeks near bursting with the liquid, the sound of the short, sharp gasping noises she made feeling her pussy overflowing with semen - Ouwe loved all of it.

Taylor's mind returned to something resembling cognitive thought, and her breathing slowly returned to normal.

"You can spit it out if you want," he told her, taking some water he cupped into his hand to clean her face. "It's already where it should be."

Taylor quickly spat it all out, which looked like normal water despite having the viscosity and taste of semen. She could feel his abundant supply of cum having absolutely flooded her pussy to the brim.

"Thank you," she said. "That was an amazing experience."

"Likewise," he smiled.

"Nice touch with the clone."

"Aren't you glad you agreed?" he asked with a chuckle, inviting her to suck his cock.

Taylor happily accepted his wordless invitation. He pulled out, but the cum he had shot into her pussy stayed in place. It felt weird at first, but Taylor quickly grew to enjoy the sensation.

As she stroked his member, she proposed, "I could come back when I'm feeling horny. Maybe I'd even let you cum in me again."

"I would love that."

Having sealed the deal, the next thing he heard was a collection of grunts and gasps from Taylor as she sucked his dick devotedly.