Chapter Eighteen: The Rectory

Mary decided to stop at Triple Forests to grab Deputy Katz and Aunt Selene to help. They skidded to a halt at the front door of the mansion. Deputy Katz wasn't in sight. Fearing some disturbance, the valiant girls raced into the house and up the stairs to see if Grandma Petra was okay.

They burst into Grandma Petra's bedroom to find Deputy Katz naked on top of Petra, moving with great vigor, and taking great pleasure in doing so. The lusty grandmother was naked and in the throes of extreme pleasure, her shaking legs spread wide as she accepted his powerful thrusts. Selene looked upon his rippling muscles and straining excitement with a sweaty face. "You should really try him, daughter! UGH!" Petra cried as she climaxed explosively and rocked, moaning, for a long time, with her eyes closed, as her orgasm went on and on, fueled by his powerful thrusts.

"Dipping into grandma's cookie jar, are we Tommy?" Mary observed with a wry grin. But Katz was too far lost in the sensation of Petra's wet pussy and rocking hips to pay attention to anybody but her. Thinking of Petra's cookie jar, since her army of midnight ravagers had either been arrested or freed from their hypnotic trance, it was clear to Mary that Petra, to be truly happy, would need resupply. She immediately thought of the mostly callow youth of the area and formed an idea where Petra could become a community source of wisdom and education while at the same time handily meeting her own need for social interaction.

Petra's eyes opened and focused on Selene. "Feel these muscles why don't you?? ARR! And the vigor in his thrusts! UMM! You must not confine yourself to just one man, not even one as good as Bucky. HAA! Or even two men! MMUH! Variety is the spice of life! RRR! You must partake!" Selene was quivering with lust watching the couple, one hand covering her mouth in mock indignation, the other with a death grip on the hem of her dress, half pulled up. Clearly Petra was breaking down Selene's resolve with her juicy and wanton display of mutual pleasuring and by showing her this open demonstration of Katz's naked muscular body and rump as he thrust excitedly into her.

"Sorry to interrupt, grandma," ventured Imogene brightly. "We need to borrow Deputy Katz, Tommy that is, and Aunt Selene to help us search the Streamview Rectory."

Katz climaxed with a roar, "RAAAA!" Petra orgasmed simultaneously with a long satisfied moan. The three other women could plainly see his wet shaft throb as he ejaculated into Petra and filled her cunny to bursting with his hot cream. Mary and Imogene squirmed, both knowing the deep satisfaction and delight Petra felt in this moment. At the outrageously provocative sight of it, Selene let out a moan.

Grandma Petra snapped out of her reverie and addressed the girls. "That's okay, my adorable detectives!" Petra wheezed under Katz's panting weight. "Thomas has just finished a wonderful and satisfying third massaging in a row of my insides with his powerful masculine weapon. What vigor! Oh, you're such a good young man, Tommy. I think I've milked him about as far as he'll go."

After giving Petra a romantic kiss for her wonderful compliment, Katz said, "Sorry girls!" with embarrassment. "When I heard over the radio that the bad guys had been rounded up, I came up to tell Petra the good news, and Selene was also here and, well, you know how persuasive Grandma Petra can be."

"We understand, Tommy," Mary assured him. "But Xenia just escaped the sheriff's office and is a desperate fugitive, and we may need your gat. Dry off your penis and get dressed. There's no time to lose!"

Mary ran downstairs, grabbed Dorff's UV light out of the closet, and loaded it into the trunk of Katz's patrol car. By then Imogene, Deputy Katz, and Aunt Selene had joined her. The quartet jumped into the patrol car and drove down the hill to the Streamview Rectory. The front door was locked, but Mary climbed into one of the windows she had left unlocked during her escape and let the others in the front door.

"Luckily, I orally pleasured the heck out of that villain Xenia before she escaped," said Mary. "Without her panties, she'll still be dripping from it." As she predicted, the UV light showed fresh drippings, no doubt from Xenia's twat, as she had quickly entered the house and moved towards the back. The drips ended at the edge of a rug. When they pulled the rug back, there was a trap door.

Through the trap door, there was a rickety ladder leading down into an old stone room. Carefully, Mary climbed down the ladder, followed by Imogene and Selene, with Katz climbing down last and turning on his flashlight. A carving over the threshold leading out of the room read "SEPULCRUM ENIM PERVERSIONUM." Mary translated, "The Tomb of Perversions, it says." Using the UV light, they followed the drips leading out through the threshold into a cavernous underground room beyond.

They went past a display with a label Mary translated as "The Five Thrones of Torment." These diabolical chairs were cleverly automated using water power. She opened the water valve on the first chair, which had a slot in the seat. It sprung to life and a pre-lubricated leather dildo started pounding up through the slot. She turned the water off, and ordered, "Selene, sit down on this chair."

"No, Mary, please!" whimpered Selene. "And especially, not right in front of a man!"

"You must," insisted Mary, "for science."

"Have mercy, Mary!" Selene implored.

"This is mercy. Abracadabra!" Mary shouted. With helpless reluctance, Selene hiked up her dress, yanked down her underwear to her knees, and sat down in the chair. Mary turned the water on.

Selene squealed as the dildo thrust into her. "Mary, this is wrong! I'm going to resist!" she grimaced.

"Please do," Mary invited. "It will make for a more interesting test." Selene sweated out the pleasurable thrusts, her eyes squeezed shut, her teeth clenched, her legs quivering with pleasure. "What do you think, Katz? Is this a good one?" Mary sociably unzipped Katz's pants and freed his swelling cock for him. "Enjoying the show?" She idly stroked his dick as they watched the spectacle. Imogene, already quite worked up from her interrogation work at the sheriff's office and from watching his sweaty finish on top of Petra, unconsciously fingered herself as she watched the excited look on his face and the pulsing of his increasingly turgid cock.

After a few minutes of relentless pounding, Selene was quivering on the chair, eyes squeezed shut, and she massaged her breasts through her dress and crying out. "Take me, my husband! Yes! Bucky! Huh-huh-huh... yes take me! HUH!" Then a new fantasy took her like wildfire, "KATZ! YES!! Yes nail my dirty adulterous cunt with your giant dick! WAAAAAAH!" Her legs shot out and shook in climax.

"This is yummy," said Mary. Katz was helpless to stop her stroking his penis as he watched the widow's shuddering dance on the incessant dildo and listened to her pleading wet cries for him to penetrate her and inseminate her. Mary pushed him up near Selene as she felt his excitement building, and as he helplessly climaxed in Mary's hand, she directed the creamy load up into Selene's face and down the front of her prim dress. Selene relished the creamy shower and licked her lips as she continued to orgasm. Imogene relished touching herself to a whimpering moist climax as she observed them.

"That's enough," said Mary, turning off the water. This broke her hypnotic suggestion. Selene looked shaken, shy, and humiliated as she wiped Katz's ejaculate off her face with her hanky. She slipped her panties on.

The drips next led them past a device labeled "The Witch." It was a leather figure of a woman's head and torso attached to a post. It was positioned head down at the moment. Holes into the mouth and at the groin had an obvious purpose. Mary turned on the water, and they could see the leather tongue move violently and wetly in the figure's mouth. "All right, Tommy, put it in," she ordered, "for science."

"Do I have to, Mary?" whined Katz. "I just had a moment back there a few minutes ago watching Selene. It won't work." Mary stared at him and tapped her foot. He addressed Selene, "By the way ma'am, pardon me for watching, ma'am. I couldn't help myself. And then Mary had to... I'm sorry I jizzed all over your face and dress, ma'am."

"I forgive you," Selene replied quietly, looking away.

Relieved, Katz approached the leather torso. "Okay, Mary, you know what's best." He fed his limp dick into the mouth of it. Immediately, he cried, "Oh gosh. Oh gosh! Gee whilikers! Ugh!"

"Well, don't keep us in suspense," ordered Mary. "Show us." Katz pulled out of the dummy's mouth to display a fully erect and straining cock. "Good," she said, and released the lock on the figure to spin it around so that the vaginal opening was now at hip height. "Okay, go! Mount it, Tommy!" she ordered. Imogene was already touching herself watching Katz's excitement.

Katz eagerly penetrated the leather figure's simulated vagina and thrust in slickly to the hilt, for like the mouth, it was self-lubricating. "Oh my Lord!" he cried as his hips shook and he started pumping excitedly into the figure. "Oh golly!" he cried. He huffed, puffed and groaned over the next few minutes, almost in pain over how far the stimulation given him by the dummy's mechanical vagina was pushing him.

Both Imogene and Mary, watching his erotic distress, helplessly fingered their slits watching Katz pump with wild pleasure into the dummy, unable to resist the sexual urges it was wringing out of him. Selene stood by with embarrassment as her knees shook and eyes were riveted at the erotic impact of the young deputy's pleasure in the sex instrument. "Oh Jesus! Oh FUCK! Oh it's so good! Hah-hah! Uuuuuh! UUUURRRRGH!" His hips locked rigidly into the figure. Mary and Imogene shuddered together in sympathetic climax. Selene whimpered in frustration.

Mary shut off the water. "We must not excessively tarry," she announced. As the water pressure dropped, Katz sighed and stepped back, his semen splashing onto the floor, illuminated brightly by the UV lamp. This reminded them that they were on a mission, and they hurried on in pursuit of Xenia.

Then they passed a device called "The Cow." The realistic bronze cow had doors that opened and a space for a woman inside. Behind it was a giant bronze bull. Mary ordered, "Immy, it's your turn. Climb in, for science."

"Do I have to, Mary?" Imogene wheedled. Then she saw the look in Mary's eye and climbed in. Mary strapped Imogene securely into the bronze beast, shut the doors, and turned on the water. Immediately, the giant bull behind the cow sprang to life, or more accurately, its phallus did. A giant lifelike leather bull's phallus extended wetly out of the bull's sheath. When it was fully extended, the bronze bull lunged forward, mounted the bronze cow, and thrust its phallus into the realistic cow's body so far it looked like a magic trick. "OOF!" bleated Imogene from inside the cow. Immediately the bull's hips came to life and pounded the cow excitedly. From inside the cow erupted a startled sound like cats tied to a whirling windmill that was hit by a flock of starlings. Mary shut off the water and the bull immediately retreated.

Mary unstrapped a staggering Imogene and asked, "How was it?"

"I'd very much like to borrow this while Petey is in prison," Imogene said shyly.

(To be continued),0,0,0,23,842