Coffee in bed, tasty pussy, creampie and a titty fuck

Morning sex, every couple has probably experienced it. If you haven't, you need's the best way to greet a new day. It's like those warm & fuzzy coffee commercials...just replace the word "coffee" with morning sex.

It's happened so many times to me...I can't even begin to count. It usually happens somewhere between 5 and 7 in the morning, in those blissful moments, when you're between sleep and awakening...and your partner initiates sex.

Sometimes Tina makes the first move and sometimes I do. After the first time I was awakened with a blowjob, I realized she was into morning sex...really anytime was good with Tina, but it stood out as one more reason we were compatible.

This took place shortly after we started dating; it was early morning, and I had some serious wood...a common occurrence for me. Anyway, I reached over and carefully followed the tight slit, through her panties, up to the bud. I gently rubbed and she slowly spread her legs...sometimes she seems to be asleep and does it with little awareness, but gradually awakens...and other times she's completely aware and starts moaning.

This time, she spread her legs so that I could push her panties aside and run my finger through the tiny folds. I slipped my finger inside and her hips moved a little...pleasure, instinct or reflex, you don't always know. I very gently finger-fucked till she seemed to be getting moist, and I went back up to work her clit.

I knew she was starting to awaken when she spread her legs as wide as she could and moaned, "Yeah...yeah...yea...ssssss!" I kissed my way over the insides of her thighs and worked my tongue through her pussy and over her clit. When I nibbled her clit, her whole body shuddered, "Oh baby, fuck!"

Running my tongue over her labia and flicking her clit, drove her crazy insane. Her pleasured moans gave me focus and I buried my face between her legs. She reached down to spread herself more and moaned with a soft, airy sigh. I probed into her parted lips and savored the tight, pink folds. Gently nibbling her clit, I inserted a finger into the steamy depths, and she moaned in pleasure.

"I take it...this all okay?" She just nodded and groaned, "Mmmm...yeah."

Gently pinching her nipple, she groaned as my lips trailed over neck. I scattered kisses, till coming to rest my lips on hers; we kissed passionately and when we finally parted, she said, "You really know how to make mornings fun...don't you?"

Smiling with a confident (or smug) grin, "I try...all I can do is try...but you know, it takes two to make a morning this good?" I helped slip her panties off and went back at it. I licked her pussy everywhere, tracing the lips with my tongue...pumping deep inside...teasing and flicking her clit.

Light was just starting to peek through the shades, and she pulled my underwear off. I was at full staff and it sprang up to arch over my belly. At the very tip, the slit glistened with a bead and she put her finger in it. After spreading it some, she slowly moved her finger up to her tongue, "'re tasty in the morning, too!"

The head was spongy, but solid and deep burgundy; she ran her fingers over the ridge and teased the edge, gently stroking. I moaned, "Mmmm...yeah, that's good...feels good."

I stroked myself while she leaned back to finger her pussy and savor our mutual masturbation. Sensuously circling her clit with her fingers, "'s time, sweetie...she's awake and ready for you. You ready for this hot, little girl?"

"Yeah...fuck yeah, I'm ready!"

I went for a condom, but she reminded me, "It's good, sweetie...we can throw those things out!"

Music to my ears, she'd gone to the doctor for birth control, but I had forgotten when it would be effective.

"Just grab the lube, sweetie...its gonna feel fucking rubber!" Before I could answer, she rolled onto her back and grabbed her knees, pulling her legs back to her shoulders

"A guy can't argue with that," I grinned, while spreading the lube. I worked some inside her and she snagged some to spread over her clit.

Watching me stroke on the lube, she reached out to take over, "Mmmm...I love a nice, thick cock in the morning...a man's cock to start the day." Cupping her other hand, for more lube, "You know my favorite part is these last three inches, at the base; they stretch my pussy lips." She grinned, "And they stretch my mouth, too."

Now using both hands to spread lube over the shaft, her sexy smile said could see lust...and confidence that her needs were about to be satisfied.

"It feels heavy and hard now, but even when its half hard, it hangs low and feels heavy. It sways and bobs when you move...not like a boy's cock. A lot of guys have boy cocks...yours is way better!" She paused and looked into my eyes, "I hope you don't think I'm weird, but I think you're the best gift under the tree."

I grinned with a sexy smile, "Your parents put guys under the tree?"

"No, I'm trying to be serious!"

"I know...but I think you're making my cock blush."

She smiled, "No, it's probably still growing."

I stroked myself a couple times, while she circled her clit and watched every movement of my hand. Then she spread herself for me and moaned, as I slowly pushed inside, "Ahhhh...ahhhh yeah! Go slow...but keep goin...ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh...yeah!"

Her head nodded back, digging her fingers into the bed, and moaning, "Yeah...yeah, oh my god...yeah! Oh god, that's it...fuck me slow...just fuck me slow!"

It was rock hard, and its electricity rippled through her pussy, "Yeah...yeah...oh yeah...ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh, Rob, give it to me...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck yeah...give it to me!" The sensation of each thrust had her groaning, and digging her fingers into my back, "Oh god, yeah...yeah...yes...yes...yes...oh fuck...yes...yes!"

I pumped slow, gently working in and out of her tight pussy, "Tina...yeah...yeah...yeah, Tina...fuck, that's good!" With her lips snug around my cock, the lube collected right there and started to drip on my balls.

She rocked her body up to meet me and push it deeper, while I humped forward to grind. I groaned. "Mmmm...yeah...yeah...gimme that tight...tight little pussy!"

She giggled when she mimicked me, "Mmmm...yeah...yeah...gimme that big...big man cock!"

"Yeah, that's good! Fuck me, Rob...mmmm, fuck me...oh god...fuck me! Uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me, Rob...fuck me with that big...uhhhh...uhhhh...big man cock!"

We were both groaning with a shared ecstasy, "Oh my god...oh good inside me...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh!"

Hard fucking gave us the satisfaction we both needed. Things just felt right with Tina; we have always had an amazing connection. Our minds and bodies always seem in-sync, undoubtedly, it's why we married. Without question, we are compatible in every way, especially in the bedroom. Tina's one of the tightest women, I've ever had; the steamy warmth, deep inside her pussy, feels amazing. It caresses my cock like a tight fist, and I moaned, "Ahhhh...Tina! Yeah...yeah...yeah...yeah...yessssssssss!"

Overwhelmed with pleasure (and cock), she wildly bucked her hips and squirmed to get it deep. I held tight and she moaned, "Oh god...Rob...Rob...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck...fuck me...yeah, fuck me!"

Orgasm took over and she started cumming, shuddering and quivering in my grasp. I pumped so hard that my hips lifted hers. She shook, as ecstasy washed over her body...totally satisfied and full of cock, she gradually calmed but I kept on pumping.

When we broke from the lingering kiss, she whispered, "You still need to cum...let me do you! I wanna ride you and feel the load...feel it inside me."

I grinned, "I'm definitely liking the birth control!

I rolled off and onto the bed, to let her straddle me. Taking my dick in her hand, she guided it back into her gapped pussy. I watched her weave back and forth at first, to work it all back inside.

When she started to ride, her breasts put on an incredible show for me; big and firm, they bobbed and bounced their way to a wet-dream fantasy. I grabbed them both, and she moaned as I traced her nips...they were like bullets, crowning each breast.

I was getting close and wanted to fuck harder; I grabbed both her cheeks and started thrusting up to meet her pussy. Our mutual needs amped up the sound of her body slapping over mine.

Her pussy clenched tighter and I grunted, "Oh fuck yeah...yeah...yeah...fuckkkkk!"

She groaned, "How's that feel, sweetie? You like a tight pussy...and breasts...big breasts?"

"Fuck! Fuck yeah...ride it hard...yeah, ride it hard. Ride me...uhhhh...uhhhh...ride me till I cum...ride me!"

Her rambling continued, broken by the effort to ride me even harder, "Mmmm...uhhhh...uhhhh...I'll...uhhhh...ride you...ride it...ride it hard...yeah...yeah...ride it...ride it hard!"

"I want it...want it inside...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...cum inside...cum inside me...wanna...uhhhh...uhhhh...wanna feel...wanna feel it first creampie!"

After begging for creampie, I started giving her the deep, hard thrusts that took me over the edge. The orgasm had me shaking and moaning as I exploded inside. Waves of intense pleasure swept over me and I pumped it all, as deep as I could.

"I can feel it! Rob, I can feel it...inside me...I can feel it!"

She squeezed my cock in pulses...hugging the satisfying girth and milking out the last drops. "Oh my god, Rob! All that cum...that feels amazing!"

Savoring the pool of warmth, deep in her belly, she leaned down to kiss me. We made out till she felt leaking; she was a little giddy (I think) and joked, "I think gravity's helping with my birth control, too."

When she pulled off, she flexed her pussy and it really started seeping. It was hot and a little frothy when it dripped on me. She looked at me with the biggest, sexiest smile, "Mmmm, I gotta taste that...I gotta taste my first creampie!"

I was taken aback by the statement; surely, she must have experienced a creampie before? I guess she did talk about being super careful, and never wanting a pregnancy with Stephan, but that whole train of thought vanished, when I felt her tongue. She moaned from the taste of pleasure, glistening on my cock.

Satisfied that she got everything, she crawled up, looked into my eyes and swallowed, before pressing her lips into mine. My tongue darted through her lips, and savored the musky pleasure, still coating her mouth.

She laid back into the pillows and smiled, after our lips parted, "Sweetie, that was the best morning sex...the best morning wood ever!"

I was a little smug, "Glad you liked it."

While I was making the coffee, she fell back asleep; I wondered why she didn't answer when I yelled from the kitchen, asking her if she wanted some breakfast. I noticed she had the makings for a breakfast yogurt, with the nuts and fruit. I decided to watch her sleep for a minute...she's hot even when she's asleep. Anyway, I went ahead and made the yogurt bowls and put them back in the fridge.

I let her sleep for about a half hour, before I woke her back up; I was in bed with my cup and I gently nudged her, "Baby girl, your coffee's getting cold."

She woke disoriented, "What? Where?"

Knowing she was still just waking up, I grinned and pointed, "Over there...on the nightstand."

It didn't take long before she was recounting events and talking about the creampie...her first creampie. She was still giddy...sort of like a teenager. Come to find out, it was her first and I called it...she just wanted to avoid pregnancy, especially with the ex. Of course, all I could think about was giving her another.

We sipped our coffee, as the warm sun spilled into the room. The bed was in disarray, with the duvet all twisted at the foot of the bed and only the sheet covering us. The sheet was pulled taut over her breasts, and the soft, worn fabric highlighted the hardening nips.

She was using both hands to hold her coffee, warming them on the sides of the cup. Then, with sexy mussed hair and a fuck-me-smile, her eyes met mine. She slipped the sheet down to reveal her breasts, and I reached over to grab a handful. They are magnificent and proudly sag, except the tiniest, creases at the base. I love dragging my tongue through those sexy creases, it's a great place to warm your tongue. Slowly digging into the firm flesh, I tweaked and rolled a nipple between my fingers. They were rock-hard and begging for some attention.

Unable to hold back, I smiled, "Holy shit!"

She grinned, "Thanks for that...but there's never been any doubt, that you like my tits!"

Her tits felt big and firm in my hands; rubbing and sucking her nips elicited a few sexy moans, "Mmmm...ahhhh yeah...mmmm, I like an insatiable man...we may never get out of bed this morning." Before I responded she grinned, "You know you wanna fuck'm...fuck my tits!"

Already, rock hard and upright, my cock twitched with that thought. It was obvious that I was ready for more, but I grinned, "Yeah, I think I could handle a second round...why don't you make sure I'm good and ready though?"

She sensuously pumped the shaft, each time stroking all the way to the base, and then back up to the very tip. With her attentive gaze, she savored the girthy flesh; she seemed obsessed, carefully studying every detail of her new man's cock. The exploration continued as she reached up to trail her fingers over my chest, nipples, abs and back down through my pubes.

Her tongue found that sensitive spot, just below the head, and teased it, licking back and forth. Then, with the same sensuously thorough approach, she started sucking; she worked her way down the shaft to the base and nearly pulled it all back out, with only head in her lips. Letting it slurp and slide through her lips, at times, she used both hands to cover the shaft with spit.

She stroked what wasn't in her mouth, until I felt her throat. It first expanded to take the tip and after a couple more tries, she had it all...all eight inches. I could tell it didn't come easy at that angle, but she wasn't gagging. I pumped slow and gentle, thinking how god damned amazing she was!

With her steamy, grey eyes, meeting mine, her tongue slowly traced her lips and she grinned, "There...I think that got you nice and hard for a second're definitely ready for my tits!" She proudly threw out her chest and pushed them up, one in each hand.

Drizzling lube over her tits, I watched her smear it over everything, from nipple to nipple, covering every inch that titty-fucking might involve.

I teased and prodded her nipples with my cock, before sinking the whole shaft between them. I started thrusting gently, sliding the thick purple head through her cleavage and up over her neck. I was straddling her and rocking back and forth, fucking it between her breasts; she moaned as I pushed them tight against the cock. She loved it and quickly replaced my hands with hers. She mashed them together, against my dick, while I picked up the pace and fucked with big, long strokes.

The feel of my dick plowing into the firm, pillowed flesh was ecstasy, but watching it pump through her big tits was too. I groaned, "Fuck! Mmmm...Tina, I really love these big tits...uhhhh...uhhhh...shit, I need this titty-fuck!"

"Mmmm, me too, sweetie...I love it when you fuck me this way. Use my tits...that's it, fuck'm...fuck'm good...fuck my tits...mmmm, that's it...that's it."

Having her breasts sandwich me, while I fucked into the firm, oiled flesh was amazing, but then she went one better, adding her mouth to the mix. She tipped her head to take my cock between her lips, each time I pumped through the gorgeous titty flesh. I fucked with nice long strokes, and purposely slowed to enjoy the sensuous warmth of her mouth.

Each time, I thrust inside, she gave me a quickie blowjob, of sorts. She worked the head with her tongue and suckled the very tip; she sucked hard, pulling her cheeks in, to caress it with the sides of her mouth.

Bracing myself with both hands, I started fucking faster, going harder and harder; she knew I was about to cum. It was the second time that morning, but I was very close...ready to cum, again.

I fucked wildly till I couldn't keep it sandwiched between her tits. When I jerked it out, I was seconds away and screamed, "Grab it...grab it and stroke it...grab it and stroke it!"

I felt my muscles tighten and my balls drawing up. "Yeah, grab it and stroke it...yeah...yeah...don't stop...don't stop...stroke it!"

My dick throbbed in her hand as seed surged up the shaft, and I grunted as she jacked the warm load over her tits.

"Fuck yeah! There it is...cum hard...yeah, cum for me!"

The first pulse sprayed out with force, while the next ones diminished, and flowed thick over her hand, dripping over her breasts. I had hoped for white strands, but all I got was spray...maybe next time. I thought about what warm cream, hanging off her nipples, would look like...wet tits...wet dream.

My knees almost buckled, but she kept pumping till I was done. Squeezing the shaft like you might do with a toothpaste tube, she stroked out the last drops, using both hands.

When I laid back down, I looked over and she was rubbing cum over her chest. She grinned, "Baby that was just the hottest morning in bed...ever!"

Before I could answer, she started licking her hands. "Sweetie, I...I gotta say...that was a damn good way to start the day!"

I grinned, "You're right...maybe we should spend the whole weekend in bed." I added, "Oh! I made breakfast...and we need more coffee. I'll be right back."

"What you made breakfast!"

"Yeah, we will be having yogurt had everything I needed."

"It's like I'm at a 5-star resort...but with some extra-special room service!"

"What can I say? I'm a 5-star boyfriend!"

As I headed to the kitchen, she yelled, "You are a 5-star boyfriend...and a keeper!" Then she joked, "You're getting a huge tip...and I'm calling the corporate office to tell them what a gem they have!"