In the weeks following Yui's night with Dina and Emi, the three girls had enjoyed themselves, and each other, on at least 4 occasions. Each time, Emi and Yui would dress in school girl uniforms, the shirts just a little too short, and would role play two schoolgirls clumsily exploring their lesbian desires on the bed while Dina watched, encouraged, and masturbated. Each time would end with both Yui and Emi grinding their wet pussies all over Dina, and of course with multiple orgasms all round.

It was after a shoot at the studio that Yui got a call from Emi asking if she would like to meet her at her dance rehearsal studio. Yui had wanted to spend some time alone with Emi for quite a while now, and so she quickly gathered her clothes, dressed and headed to the station with those butterflies giving her stomach hell.

It was around 6pm when Yui arrived, and she was not sure if she had the right address. The studio was on the second floor of a warehouse-looking building that could only be accessed by one door on the street. She nervously rang the com-bell, and with seconds heard Emi's voice beckoning her to come in.

At the top of the stairs, Yui saw Emi waiting at the entrance to the dance studio. She was still wearing her loose practice clothes, and was sweating from an obviously intense rehearsal.

"Yui, I'm so glad you could come here," she exclaimed as she hugged Yui in the doorway.

"I've been wanting to see you Emi... wow! This is amazing," Yui gasped as she entered the rehearsal space.

The room was small, with one door and one window, that looked out over the neighborhood. But what struck Yui immediately were the floor to ceiling and wall to wall mirrors that covered most of the room. Her heart skipped a beat as she imagined being naked with Emi in here.

"I'll go and have a shower. Please sit here, I'll be very quick," Emi whispered.

"It's ok, there's nobody else here."

Yui walked up to one of the mirror walls, and then into a corner, where she could see multiple reflections of herself. She could feel her juices flowing as she realised she could see almost behind her.

Within 10 minutes Emi was back.

"OK, where would you like to go?" she asked.

"Right here, please," Yui found herself saying.

"Is anyone likely to come?"

Emi shook her head, kind of knowing what Yui was hinting at.

Yui walked over to Emi and hugged her gently. Emi's tight little body seemed to fall into Yui's as they embraced and breathed in each others' atmosphere.

"You know Emi, at home, when I'm alone, I often masturbate in front of my mirrors," Yui whispered.

Emi tightened her embrace, pushing her face into Yui's neck, breathing in her aroma.

"But here," Yui continued, "here is something else. Do you ever...?"

Emi broke off gently from Yui, walked over to the door and bolted it shut. She then walked over to the corner where Yui had previously been, grabbing Yui's hand on the way.

The two girls stood in the corner, looking at each other, looking past each other at their multiple reflections. They embraced, hands exploring over their clothes, one eye on those reflections, watching their hands appearing and disappearing under tops and blouses. Emi looked up at Yui's beautiful face. Yui gazed down at Emi's cute face. Slowly, their lips met, and they kissed passionately.

It took only a few minutes for them both to be naked. Emi turned her back to Yui, and they both faced the nearest wall-mirror, admiring themselves and each other. Yui watched as her hands danced over Emi's tight body. Emi watched as she leaned back into Yui, raising her arms so Yui could access her whole delicious body.

"Actually, I often stay here after rehearsal, Yui. I come to this corner, bring the cushions, undress, and enjoy myself just like this," Emi whispered.

Yui's hands tightened around Emi's waist as she felt waves of desire and passion course through her body.

"Oh Emi, show me what you like to do... please," she whispered.

Emi quickly brought two large cushions and a smaller pillow, and arranged them in the corner. She then climbed on, and with the pillow between her legs, she knelt facing the corner, slowly and gently caressing her body all over while she ground her pussy onto the pillow.

"I've never had anyone watch me before, but I've always wanted this to happen," she purred, as Yui knelt on the edge of the cushion bed.

Yui was so full of lust and desire, she couldn't think of what to say, except

"I want to watch you make love to yourself, Emi darling."

Emi settled more onto the pillow, her lovely hips gyrating, her beautifully toned dancer's legs naked and smooth. Yui gazed at this gorgeous girl's delicious body with a craving and carnal thirst that surprised her.

"Oh Emi, your body is so beautiful. You are such a darling girl," whispered Yui as she too caressed her own beautiful nakedness.

Emi became once again lost in the images that surrounded her. Images of her own naked body, that body that she has spent years not only working on to achieve peak fitness for her career, but also admiring, touching, loving since she was in high school. Through half closed eyes, she drank in the sights of her hands exploring her lightly browned skin. Looking to the left she could see almost her back and bottom.

"I love to watch myself here Yui. I love touching my body all over, caressing myself, running my fingers down my sides, along my thighs, feeling my my muscles as they flex and stretch..."

Yui was by now completely absorbed in this sexy vision before her. She was caressing herself, occasionally glancing to watch her own reflection, but mostly fixed on this angelic creature in front of her. And hearing Emi talk about her most private sensuality made her even more wanton in her lust.

"Darling Emi, watching you love yourself makes me want to eat you, you are so perfect..."

Emi's grinding on the pillow increased in intensity, as she raised her arms above her head and kissed her firm, beautifully toned arms. She watched herself in the mirrors, surrounded again by her own seduction, her seduction of herself. Her tongue and lips made love to her tight biceps, and finishing that, she licked her fingers and began pulling on her stiff nipples. This sent waves of lust through her body, increasing her pillow humping and her drive to cum. Her hands moved down, both of them gripping her hips, kneading her tight waist.

"I love my body Yui, I love how firm and tight my body is. When I'm naked, all I want to do is love myself, touch myself..."

"Oh Emi my darling, I am so turned on watching you love yourself. I want this to last forever."

Emi's hands ran over her flat stomach.

"I love my flat tummy," she whispered.

"I wish I could kiss myself all over my body. I would kiss and lick everywhere."

As she spoke now, her hands lovingly caressed the parts of her body that she mentioned.

"I would suck my toes, run my tongue along my feet, all the way up my legs, my thighs... I would spend a long time kissing and gently biting the inside of my thighs... I would then love to kiss my bottom, run my tongue all over my bottom, up the small of my back, all the way up to my shoulders... then down my arms... I would kiss all the way down my arms, my hands, my fingers... then I would push my face into my stomach, kissing and licking my beautiful flat stomach Yui chan... push my tongue into my belly button... lick all the way up until I reached my nipples. Then I would spend ages licking... sucking... squeezing... biting my beautiful nipples... then kiss my neck..."

Yui was almost beside herself with lust.

"Oh Emi... I'm going to come..."

"Let's come together Yui chan," Emi moaned as her sexy hips gyrated on the pillow, and her fingers expertly pulled on her sexy nipples.

The two girls came together in one explosive orgasm that left them both limp and sweating, panting and moaning on the cushions.