Having clothed himself for the first time ever, in formal evening dress, laid out for him by the butler, Justin makes his way to the dining room at the appointed hour. Sophie and Countess Margaret are there already; deep in conspiratorial conversation. Ignored, he takes a seat, next to his wife. Lady Fenton then arrives on the arm of the Reverend Roger, the rector who so recently performed the private nuptials of Sophie and Justin. Roger is introduced to the Countess and, as the dinner progresses, conversation is centered around the cleric. For once, Justin is largely spared the jibes and humiliations of his female in-law relatives.

As the dinner ends, the party makes to leave. Justin hangs back a little and waylays his wife, Lady Sophie.

"Sophie, darling, please, may I come to your room tonight. I am desperate to be with you, alone. You could ask your mother for my key!"

Sophie turns to him with an expression of disgust:

"How could you possibly think of such things, Justin. Your father only died yesterday, God rest his soul. You may not be in mourning, but as his daughter-in-law, I most certainly am. In fact, I'd be surprised if it takes less that a month for me to recover from such a devastating loss!"

Turning on her heel, she walks away from him, briefly looking back:

"Good night!"

On those words of finality, she heads, poised as always, upstairs to her tastefully furnished rooms. Justin follows her progress with hungry eyes, marveling at the sensual movement of her curvaceous buttocks as she disappears. He is taken by surprise, as the senior maid appears at his side:

"The Countess wishes to see you, sir; alone; in her rooms. Now."

Hardly able to recover any composure, Justin obediently heads upstairs and turns on the landing towards the grand 'master' suite, now occupied by Lady Margaret. Knocking hesitatingly at her door, after some moments, he eventually hears her command to enter.

Countess Lady Margaret is seated at the far end of the large room, poised regally on a large, throne-like arm chair of some antiquity.

"Justin my dear, come here."

As he shuffles forwards, he can see a large purple velvet cushion, placed at her Ladyship's feet. Without needing to speak, the Countess gestures for Justin to kneel. At such close quarters, he is immediately aware of her provocative scent: Chanel No. 5.

"Such a sweet, innocent boy; but a baronet, nonetheless. Now, I am going to teach you some of the traditions of the aristocracy."

She holds out her hand.

"Firstly, as a subordinate to the peerage, Justin, you must, on encountering a Baroness, Viscountess, Countess, Marchioness or Duchess, you must take her hand and kiss the offered ring of her authority."

Justin follows her instructions; pressing his lips to the huge emerald on her manicured finger.

"Good. You see Justin, I think you will need guidance and protection during the dangerous months and years ahead. Believe me when I tell you that you are now most vulnerable to the machinations of those around you."

As she speaks, she crosses her legs and the slit in her long clinging evening gown falls open, revealing a pair of shapely nyloned legs; all the way to the garter clips at the top of her sheer stockings. She notices the direction of Justin's furtive glance.

"Yes, my daughter told me all about your little peccadillos, my dear. I must admit these Italian nylons are rather special aren't they?"

As usual, Justin blushes, but is only too conscious of the swelling within his chastity device.

"No need for embarrassment, Justin. Look closer; The finest Italian quality. Can you read the brand name on the dark welt? Alito 'Coffe Bean', by Ruscus. So soft and discretely coloured."

She reaches forward and gently strokes his soft chestnut hair.

"I do love the company of young boys, Justin. Young boys like you, who are willing to accept my directions and protection. When your father was younger, I made the same offer to him, but he refused. Silly man. Poor Sir Michael, ended up in a psychiatric home. Manipulated, exploited and rejected by his family and friends. His death was such a tragedy, wasn't it?"

"Your Ladyship, I don't really know or understand what happened to my father. I wasn't able to spend much time with him."

"We can talk at our leisure about these matters, on another occasion. Suffice to say, that you will not enjoy following his example. Now, I am not in the habit of wasting precious time. You must give me an answer this evening. I will give you an hour, alone, to consider my offer. Stand up and walk to the corner of the room."

Justin does as instructed. then stands, looking at the formidable figure of the Countess.

"I find that the concentration of young men is intensified if they move as close as possible to the wall, with their noses pressed into the corner. Will you do that for me, Justin?"

Without replying, a humbled, rueful Justin turns and does as he is requested. He hears Her Ladyship stand and walk to the door.

"Make sure you do not move from that position, Justin. I will return for your answer in an hour."

The door closed quietly as the Countess leaves her protege to his thoughts.

Our poor hero, tries his very best to maintain position whilst his mind runs riot. The Countess seemed to be very kind. He had become only too aware that those around him appeared to regard him with amusement or contempt. Yet, despite his many quandaries, his young member persisted in its desire for erection. Without really thinking, he is thrusting his groin into the corner, in an attempt to gain some friction, as he recalls the sophisticated Countess and her stocking tops. As he fought to make a decision, his mind kept returning to that vision; of nylon and shiny metal suspender clips...there had been so many; perhaps five on each stocking...and what sort of knickers would she be wearing?

Time passes very slowly. Justin does not notice that the Countess has silently re-entered the room and stands, watching his movements. With a wicked smile on her lips, eventually, she speaks:

"You may turn around, Justin."

Taken by surprise by her stealth, he turns to see Her Ladyship walk to her 'throne' and, gracefully arranging her ball gown, is once again, seated. She points to the cushion at her feet. Justin kneels obediently.

"Well, Sir Justin, will you agree to be taken under my guidance and protection?"

"Yes my lady. Please accept me as your supplicant."

"Excellent. You have made the right choice. Now, tell me, Justin, why were you rubbing your groin area against the wall, when I came in?"

Taken unawares by her unexpected question, his head drops, shamefaced, flustered and tongue-tied.

"Please be honest, Justin. You must learn to be open and truthful with me; especially when you have been a bad boy! Believe me, I know all about bad boys and their dirty habits. Well?"

"I'm very sorry, my lady. I was trying to concentrate on your kind offer. I...I...I was thinking about your lovely legs...about your lovely Italian stockings."

"I thought as much, young man...and...what else?"

"I was thinking how I'd like to touch and kiss your nylons, and see what lies above your suspenders, my lady, and my penis tried to get hard. It felt so good, down there in its cage. I was thinking bad thoughts. I needed to rub myself. To squirt; but it was no good. I am desperate."

Tears began to form in his eyes as he looked up into the beautiful, kind, but 'knowing' violet eyes of the Countess.

"Wipe your tears, Justin. I know how difficult this must be for you. Of course I knew what you were doing. I simply wanted you to confess to me, your secret feelings and desires. We will take care of your misdemeanor later."

Slowly and deliberately, she begins to open her ballgown, revealing to Justin, once more, her pretty legs. She could see that he is mesmerised, and parts the gown further. Justin gasps, as she reveals, not only an absence of underwear, but also her shaved, pink private parts.

"You are now under my authority, Sir Justin. In all matters. Do you understand?"

"Oh, yes my lady!"

"Then you must perform an important ritual of obeisance. This will be a great privilege, enjoyed by only the very special chosen boys in my life."

She reaches forward and gently maneuvers his head toward her stocking tops.

"Kiss my thighs Justin, then I want you to kiss my cunt...here and here..."

Justin requires no further invitation and begins to greedily kiss and lick her delicate nylons, then higher, her satin suspenders and the warm soft white skin of her upper thighs. Finally, with a little help from the Countess, his mouth is positioned over her labia and clitoris. He kisses this inner sanctum with great reverence, while Lady Margaret moans softly, in ecstasy.

"Now, place your tongue inside, Justin. Lick my hot wet pussy. Tickle that hard little bud. Oh my god! Yes just there. Gently, you darling boy!"

She began to buck and pulled his head tight to her cunt and began to 'spend' over his flushed, wet face. Finally, after several shudders of intense pleasure, she pushed him away.

"Sir Justin, I accept your obeisance. I am willing to accept your desire for my control."

Justin sat back on his haunches and marveled at events. His very first encounter with female genitalia; the immense satisfaction of giving ecstatic pleasure and the warm feeling of almost 'maternal' love he felt from this woman. However, his own genitals were now almost at bursting point with arousal and frustration.

The countess reached into her cleavage and brought out a chain, with his key attached. She waved it seductively, in his face and, with a cruel smile, whispered:

"Yes, darling, I am now your key holder!"

"Now, stand, and remove all of your clothing. It is time for you to pay for your naughty behavior whilst in the corner..."