During the few months I had been meeting O and exploring my sexuality, and having such a hot and naughty time doing that with him, I met a stunning and, from what I discovered over time, very adventurous and open minded, slim, sexy brunette called H.

I met H through a mutual friend who had decided that since we were both single that we should at least meet for a drink. I had seen pictures of her and must admit she was a very good looking girl. She was mid 20s, long, dark brunette hair with a pale complexion. She was slim and had a smoking body. Nice, smallish, perky tits which I actually prefer to big ones. What others may have thought she lacked in the breast department (not me), she more than made up for with the most perfect ass I'd ever had the pleasure of getting my hands on, amongst other things. H was a trainee midwife and I'd often be at her accommodation when she'd be heading to work and she absolutely rocked the turquoise scrubs that she wore.

We'd been out for drinks on a number of occasions and kept in touch throughout the days we didn't see each other by texting. H had a little bit of a naughty glint in her eye and was often quite suggestive when we had been out. I had a feeling that when we finally did hook up that it was going to be pretty wild. Our text messaging had started innocently enough, asking how each others days had been, the usual small talk but it gradually became more and more flirty, naughty and ended up becoming very much X-rated. This girl was a freak and I thought I may had met my match.

It started off fairly vanilla, however, it was always hot and passionate and by the end we'd be in a sweaty mess, gasping for breath. We discussed how well we just seem to click in the bedroom with each other knowing what the other wanted at the exact right time, we were definitely on the same wave length.

I had decided I'd try and slowly drop into conversations my fantasies and desires but I knew that it was a risk as we'd only recently met. I didn't want to scare her off by telling her I'd been fantasising about huge black cocks and getting well and truly fucked by O. I did have a feeling that she'd be on board though.

We both knew that our sex sessions had been so passionate already. I dropped into conversation the use of poppers. O had initially introduced me to the little bottles of magic and I'd been blown away by how they had increased my longing for him and massively lowered my inhibitions. I was hoping if I introduced the poppers to the sessions H and I were having, I knew it would be mind blowing.

H was more than keen when I suggested using them. I told her that they make you feel warm inside and give you a nice head rush, severely increase how horny you are and lower your inhibitions, so that you're up for anything. She was sold. At the time, you could buy them from Ann Summers and H said that she had seen them for sale in there and always wondered what they were all about. She even suggested that she'd buy them for when we next saw each other. I was already excited and was really encouraged that she was open for trying them. This could be the start of amazing things.

Well it started that night. We were not seeing each other but she sent me a text late on to say she had been feeling horny and wanted some cock, really bad. She had been teasing her pussy and getting more worked up when she remembered she'd bought the poppers that day. So she had cracked them open and had a sniff on them and she text me to tell me she was now lay on her bed, she had porn on, her legs spread and her hand in her panties, her fingers rubbing at her clit.

I was gobsmacked that she'd started using the poppers without me but it was such a turn on knowing that she was doing this, and her feeling the need to tell me all about it was fucking hot! I had to have a play myself. I got my own poppers out and opened the laptop to some of my usual porn of the sexy black cock variety. I had to find a hot brunette being taken by a hot black man. I did, and I found myself imagining it was H taking that huge black cock. Fuck it was hot.

My phone pinged and H had sent a short video. The lights were lowered at her place and the video focused on her small brown bottle as I could see her hand reach out to pick it up. She turned the camera around and showed her taking a long hit on them. She inhaled deep, held it, and then exhaled with a moan. She looked so sexy. She let out a naughty little giggle and I saw her eyes glaze over as she bit her bottom lip. This girl got me so hot. The camera panned down to her tablet showing the porn that she was watching, which I couldn't quite make out and then moved around to show her hand, gliding up and down between her legs. She rubbed and teased that smooth, beautiful pussy as she moved her hips in unison with her hand. She parted her legs, showing me it all and it looked so sexy and delicious and it sounded extremely wet.

Her next message read, "you next..."

I took that as my cue. I set my phone to record and did as she had. My poppers bottle was blue and I made sure to zoom in on it and then hold it to my nostril to inhale deep. This brand was strong and I felt the rush and the blood pump harder in my cock.

I turned my phone around to focus on the laptop to show her the porn I was having my fun watching. I'd found the perfect scene. A hot brunette called Evelyn Claire. She looked a lot like H, with her small perky tits, pale complexion, beautiful, full ass and dark hair. Evelyn had met Jason Luv, a hot, well built, muscly, tattooed Adonis of a man, in a hotel and was working his beautiful black cock whilst she knelt between his open legs.

She worked that cock, barely getting both hands around it whilst she sucked on the head and tried to cram more and more of his hard, thick shaft down her throat. It is a 'Blackedraw' scene and so it seems very realistic, as porn goes, and you can really believe that the actors are enjoying themselves. It is a lot more tasteful and passionate that just the hardcore material that is out there. i always preferred a storyline rather than just straight into the action.

As i recorded the scene on my phone, I lingered on that hot scene for a bit longer so that H would be able to make out what I was watching when I sent her the video. I wanted H to see Evelyn working that hard black cock and I wanted her to appreciate how sexy the contrast in their skin colours were in the dim light. Evelyn's pale hands and pink lips enjoying and worshipping Jason's beautifully shaped, hard cock. I made sure to capture all the naughty detail in the video before panning my phone around to show H how hard my cock was as I stroked it whilst getting high, watching this porn.

I didn't tell her at the time, but I was imagining that Evelyn, the hot brunette in the porn, was actually H, and it was H who was taking that hard cock and learning the pleasure that a hard, black, beautiful cock could give you.

I sent the video to H and awaited her response.

It didn't take long.

"ooooohhhhh, what is that one you're watching? It's fucking HOT!!" was her reply.

I told her it's one of my favourites, and that I loved seeing the contrast in skin colour when it's black on white like that.

"yeah, her pale complexion against his black skin is so sexy and hot. And it helps that he is fucking lush. I love his tattoos." she replied.

I sent her the link so she could watch the whole thing.

I wanted to tell her that I was imagining it was her on her knees for that black cock. Worshipping him and satisfying him. I took a hit of poppers and decided I'd tell her.

Then my phone pinged again.

"Fuck, I'd love to have a go on a dick like that", obviously, from H.

Wow. I did not expect that. This was amazing news for me, because I'd also love to have a go on a dick like that, and I'd love to see her having a go on a dick like that.

I was surprised by how forward she was. I knew she'd been hitting poppers so I put it down to that. Although I was extremely excited by this revelation, hoping that she meant it, and it wasn't just the poppers talking.

Around half an hour later, H text me again. she apologised for going quiet, but had found herself intrigued by the porn she'd watched. She'd really enjoyed it and ended up getting lost in it. She told me it was hot, something I had to agree with. She told me she'd cum hard and thanked me for sharing the link with her and opening her eyes to this passionate porn. We agreed we'd watch it together when we next saw each other.

H arrived at my place a couple of days later after some dirty txting helped us pass the time before seeing each other. I'd admitted to her that I watch a lot of black cock porn and its my go to porn when I have a play. She had agreed that it had opened her eyes to better porn and to how beautiful black cocks could be.

H told me she'd brought the poppers and also another surprise for us. We'd been teasing each other so much over the last few days that we decided to go straight to the bedroom, which was a converted loft space on the top floor of my house.

H undressed straight away as she was so eager to show me her brand new sexy underwear that she'd bought. She looked stunning. She wore a small, black, lacy lingerie set with hold up stockings. Her pert breasts sitting up proud in them lacy cups, slightly see-through so you could just make out her nipples through the material. Her black lace panties clung to her full, round ass, giving it an almost peachy look. I told you she was hot. I definitely approved!

She hopped onto the bed like an excited school girl, fishing into her over night bag and pulling out the poppers and another mysterious package that she wanted us to open together. I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the bed with her.

"Are you ready for this?" she said.

"Yeah, I'm excited. What is it?" I replied.

We unwrapped it and revealed a nice, big, black dildo. It must have been about 10" long and was pretty realistic with the thick veins wrapping around the shaft, a slight bend at the tip and big taught balls at the bottom, complete with a suction cup. It looked and felt very realistic.

"I just thought it'd be fun to play with while we're watching that black cock porn." she said.

I had to agree. It did look like it was going to be a lot of fun.

We got comfortable, snuggled into each other, dimmed the lights and I started the porn on my big tv which was mounted on the wall. We stood that perfect black dildo up in front of us but still within reach. I'm sure we'd be needing it in due course.

It was the porn I'd shared with H a few days before, a 'blackedraw' scene with Jason Luv and Evelyn Claire. As Evelyn dropped to her knees in front of Jason and pulled his big black cock out, I nuzzled into H's neck which she told me is a major erogenous zone for her. She let out a moan and tilted her head to the side. I kissed her neck and let my hands start gliding over her smooth, tight body. H reached for the poppers, unscrewed the top and inhaled deep before passing the bottle on to me. I did the same and felt the warm rush spread through my body.

We watched that porn intently as we kissed and groped each other. We were both high on poppers now. H was getting more and more turned on, we both were.

"So big." and "Such a beautiful, black cock." were just some of the comments H would whisper as we got into it.

I drizzled some lube on that big dildo in front of us, squirting a little on the tip so it would run down the shaft. The lube made that dildo glisten in the dim light, almost like it was coming to life. I could see H biting her lip as her gaze switched from the porn, to that glistening black cock in front of her.

I whispered in her ear, "Go ahead and touch it. Feel how hard that black cock is for you."

She groaned with a hungry lust. My hand was between her legs now and it was warm and wet, it was making her black lacy panties moist. She reached out and just let her fingertips brush over the tip of that big, shiny, black cock. It wobbled and rocked side to side as she touched it. She ran her finger tips gently up and down the shaft and it twitched and shook from her soft touch. She was in awe of that massive, black phallus in front of her.

She explored the full, fat length with her fingertips. Letting them glide over every vein and bulge along that black cock. Her thumb now rubbed the engorged head of that cock, letting her thumb tease and rub on the sweet spot under that thick round bell end.

She watched the porn intently, her hand beginning to move in unison with the actress'. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began stroking it up and down. In the dim light, her pale hand on that black phallus looked incredible. She definitely knew how to handle cock, I can vouch for that.

I moved behind her so she could sit between my legs. I had both hands free to concentrate on reaching around and squeezing and fondling her cute, sexy breasts. I could kiss her neck and work my hands down her body, all the while keeping an eye on the porn but mostly concentrating on, and loving how H was expertly handling that big black cock. She had drizzled more lube over the tip and now had both hands wrapped around that thick shaft, moving them in a rotating movement up and down the slick length. It was hot!!

My hands were now in her panties, making her moan and pant while she worked that big cock. We slowed down whilst be both took a hit on the poppers and let the rush wash over us. She delicately held my hands in hers and cautiously moved them to the shaft of that cock. I'd secretly been wanting to get my hands on it since I first saw it. This sent H onto another level. She gasped and panted in lust.

"Fuck that looks hot." she whispered, "that's it, stroke that big black cock."

Not that I needed the encouragement, but it was a massive turn on to hear her talk like that. We both stroked that cock up and down, wanking it, taking turns on fondling the balls and squeezing and rubbing the very tip. I thought that if it had been a real one, he'd be cumming all over us by now. Mmmmm, now that is a hot thought.

H shifted her position and got up on her knees with her back to me. Looking over her shoulder at me, she wiggled her ass and then bent forward onto all fours, her ass inches from my face and her mouth just inches from the tip of that black cock.

I wasted no time in burying my face into her hot ass. I'd lap at her wet pussy but she had the kind of ass that you just have to eat. Her playful little squeals and her pushing back onto me showed me she liked it. Her moans became more muffled as she'd sunk her mouth down on that black cock. I could hear her slurping sounds as she really got into it. Stroking and sucking it into her mouth, pulling off to lick at them big balls.

I pulled her lacy panties to the side and lapped at her pussy. I needed her extra wet if I was going to prepare her for that black cock. I would pull away to encourage her to work that black cock and she'd reply with a muffled moan.

After I thought H was ready for that black cock, she was up on her knees again and moving to straddle over the tip of it. She slipped her damp panties off and tossed them to me with a wink. From my position, i could see her hovering that pink, smooth pussy over the tip of that black cock. She rubbed it against herself for a short while before pushing down, letting me watch the tip of that cock disappear into that tight pink pussy. Again, the skin contrast was breathtaking. it was so sexy. That beautiful pink pussy enveloped over that black cock as she sank down onto it a few inches.

I moved to kneel beside her and she gripped my hard cock and started stroking me. The lust in her eyes was clear as she started to ride that big black dildo. I let my hand slip between her legs, I ran my fingers over her clit to increase the pleasure but I was also giving that thick shaft a squeeze as she moved her hungry pussy up and down on it. We moved closer, kissing deep and passionate and she held my cock against her clit, wanking me against her.

She lifted her wet pussy up off of that black cock and proceeded to rub my dick against it. She was looking down between her legs, enjoying the view as she seemed mesmerised with making the tip of my cock run all over that black dick before she lifted back up and lowered her pussy back down onto it.

She lifted up off of it again and this time aimed the tip of that black dildo at my balls. She was kissing me deep and making sure that black dick was rubbing and teasing under my balls as she stroked my cock.

"Fuck that's hot." she said.

She lowered her face to get a closer look at that huge, black meat rubbing under my balls. She took the tip of my cock into her mouth and expertly used her tongue and lips to work me all over. She handed me the poppers and because I had not objected, she slid that toy under my balls and it slid up and it nestled itself between my ass cheeks. Prodding and sliding round between them, and it felt good.

H moved behind me and kept concentrating the tip of that black dildo at my tight hole. Not quite pushing it in but just making sure the head was pressed hard against my hole. She'd wiggle it around and nudge it against me. Her hand was around my front now and she'd wrapped her damp lacy panties around my cock and was stroking me faster. I could tell she was getting into this. She had begun thrusting behind me. Her hips were beginning to bang against me ass cheeks. Fuck it was hot. I began pushing back against her thrusts.

She grunted, "take that black cock."

It made me groan out. it was intense and passionate and we were moving as one now. With the black dildo just knocking at my back door, her thrusting helping her along and her soft hand wanking me hard, I couldn't hold back and I cum hard.

"that's it, cum for that black cock", she whispered into my ear.

I did, I shot ropes of cum over her hand and onto the bed. That filthy chat just sent me over the edge. I was catching my breath and gasping.

We spent the night searching for more black cock porn and sniffing poppers. She promised me there's more dirty, freaky sex like that to come and I could hardly wait.

This was beginning to be an eventful year. I had the open minded, naughty H giving me the hot dirty sex that I craved, and I had O who had been giving me the fucking of my life on more than one occasion. I was in heaven.