Our lips meet, I can taste my juices still lingering on his lips as we fall into a passionate embrace. I undo his shirt and run my hands over his chest, slipping it off his broad shoulders. I can't be the only naked one it's unsettling and I am aware of my vulnerability. I can feel the muscles tense as my hands slide the fabric down. The smooth ripples under the skin. Strong, manly shoulders, perfect for throwing me about...

I snap out of the fantasy and realise he's on top of me, my hands caressing his back as the kiss deepens. I can feel his excitement against my leg and radiating from his tongue in my mouth. We roll over onto our sides so we are facing and continue to kiss. The intensity building again, electric pulses between our naked torsos. Tongues dancing as our lips hungrily explore. I roll him onto his back.

"Your turn." I rasp still breathless, and sit back on my knees.

He gazes up at my breasts, the taut peaks still hard, taking in the view. The desire emanating in his eyes so powerful I feel like a goddess. I lean forward for him to suck each nipple in turn, reaching to undo his belt and trousers. I kiss down his body, tracing my tongue around his nipples one by one, teasing him as he had me earlier. It was time to get my own back. My fingers lazily tickling his skin as I move my way down to where he wants me. My breasts rubbing against his erection as I slide his trousers down and slip them off.

I grab his hips and hold him still. He's straining to move, wriggling towards me. I sit back and take it all in, tracing my hand along his length, lingering at the tip, rubbing along the rim I feel his precum start to seep thru the cotton fabric of his pants. The patch spreading with every stroke.

I want to taste but i hold back. The need to tease him overwhelming my own needs. Using my whole hand to rub up and down thru the fabric, cupping his tight balls in my other hand, I'm enjoying every tantalising moment of his restraint. His breathing quickens, his face flushed and lightly sweaty, the sight his arousal brings a fresh wave of wetness between my legs. I can't hold back much longer, slipping his pants off deftly, freeing his cock.

I toss them to the side and lean forward again, taking the tip of his hardness into my mouth. The metallic salty sweet precum reminding me how much he wants me. An animalistic moan deep in his throat is another sign and I'm heady with desire.

My hand wraps around the base, holding it still while I lick around the head, using my whole tongue to cover his frenulum. His body tenses, his hips move again and I use my free hand to try to keep him restrained. I want to take my time, make him lose all control.

He's pushing up towards my mouth urging me to suck him in deep, I lick my lips and oblige, enveloping his length as deep into my throat as I can. My fingers encircling the base, one finger teasing his balls. I move up and down in twisting motions, rubbing my tongue all around while my lips set the pace. His moans spur me on to move a little faster, he wants to fuck my mouth, I want that too but I won't let him yet. He's totally under my control and I'm loving being the master of his pleasure. Moving ever faster.

Feeling his urgency building I release the pressure on his hip. His hand grabs my hair and forces me faster a blur of movement up and down round and round. I'm so slick I want to sit on his big throbbing cock. The thought of him deep inside my pussy making me pulsate with pleasure as he pumps in and out of my mouth. I can feel he is close. The grunts becoming more urgent.

I straddle his leg and rub myself against his thigh. I'm tingling at the thought of tasting his cum and I feel my orgasm rising again. His body goes rigid, I can sense he wants to cum but the conflict of where is upon us, he shoot the first spurts right into the back of my throat, I release him from my mouth and let the rest jet over my breasts and stomach. Covering him in my cum as I orgasm at the sight.

I hold his cock firmly in my hand until the ejaculations subside and rub his cum into my skin. I love the way it feels on me. When the throbbing inside me has calmed I look him deep in the eye...

"Was that good for you?" I quip with a smirk. He laughs a quiet exhausted laugh and pulls me down to cover himself with my body. Satiated for now we lay naked, sweating, sticky and satisfied, in each others arms.