Faye is a shy girl, her long blonde hair, not yet dyed blue, despite the boxes of dye sat on her shelf for almost a month. What ifs running through her mind stopping her.

Working as a bookkeeper online means she's almost always on her laptop, no face to face contact with her clients and only occasionally going out the house for a walk around the park or to the shops. She has online friends though and a few people she can message or, if things are dire, ring. And her neighbour, a young woman, also in her early 20's, the two of them have spoken a lot during the summer times over the fence. The black haired girl sunbathing and reading while Faye enjoys the sunlight, while still using her laptop.

The only thing Faye wasn't enjoying in her life was her sex life, or lack of it. Masturbation was getting boring, and not having anyone in her life to help or even ask about it meant there'd be no changes.

Having finished up with her last clients ledger for the day, she sat with one hand down her pants, playing idly while the other used her mouse to search through a bit of porn. Nothing seemed all that interesting, until she came across a girl with a very similar body to hers. Same B cup breasts, nipples were a little different and the girl online had a tattoo of birds flying across her ribs, whereas Faye, being too shy to even go into a parlour, has no tattoos.

But this girl had a few thousand views and her face looked so similar. Thoughts raced through her mind. "What if someone I know thinks this is me?" But instead of panic setting in, it's excitement and arousal. She removes her skirt, takes her top off, starts playing with her bare nipples, her other hand still down her pants, quickening the pace. She Imagines a random person asking if she's got a tattoo of birds on her ribs or if the title of the video means anything to her. Squeezing her breast, playing more, letting her imagination run, she breathes harder and lets out a few moans before she can stop herself. She takes her hand out of her pants, looks at the cum on her fingers and sighs to herself.

She washes her hands, starts to pick up her clothes but accidentally steps lightly on her mouse, hears the click of the button press and sees a new site.

'Select a file to upload' is on the screen with options for a time limit, extension amount and extension time. She closes her laptop, finishes tidying her clothes and gets to bed for the night.

Opening her laptop to start work the next day, and immediately she sees the same webpage. Minimising it and getting to work for the day, it doesn't leave her mind.

Over the next few days, she finishes work, masturbates to the video of her doppelgänger and then leaving the other page minimised.

It's her own set day off. Shopping is done, daily exercise is done. She's naked in front of the camera. Blushing to herself so much, she takes several pictures using a timer. A few from the front, a few from the back, a few sitting.

After actually starting to have fun with them, she decides that'll do.

She uploads them to her laptop and starts to go through, deleting the bad ones, blurry ones and a few others, leaving her with three. She crops her face out and saves it as a new picture. Her heart beating hard, she opens the site she's been putting off. Uploads the cropped picture, but of course her router plays up now.

She tries again but has to turn her router off and on a few times before it works. Kind of annoyed and stressed at it, she finally tries again but has to reselect the picture. She sets the timer to 1 hour but just wants to do it and get to bed, so the extensions are still at their default setting of 'unlimited' and '30 minutes'.

She gets to bed, masturbates the nerves away and then gets to sleep.

The days are going nicely, she's been able to masturbate only to the thought of who may have seen her picture within that hour. Not realising that her stressed state left the extensions on.

But after a while, it's worn off, the picture has gone now, surely. So she opens the site again, but this time decides to browse who else is on there and what they post, maybe for inspiration for her next post. Looking at it that way, she goes directly to the "female" category. A lot of breasts on the first page. Then "Wait, WHAT?!" She shouts aloud. Second page, with still 2 days is her picture, but that's not all. After all the problems with the router, she didn't upload the cropped on. A full frontal view of her naked body and face, including a smile online for, who knows.

She closes her laptop and decides to go for a walk to calm herself.

A nice hour long walk around the park, the normal lack of greetings from most, except the elderly guy who is always in his garden, he always likes to say hello.

She gets in, and checks her washing, could possibly put it outside today.

Heading outside, she notices her neighbour is also enjoying the nice weather. She shouts a "Heya!" Over the fence, which gets responded to with something unexpected.

"Faye! Is this you?" As her neighbours face appears at the top of the fence, her phone held up and Faye's naked body on screen, she recognises the webpage. Dropping her washing on the floor, her face turns bright red as she slowly nods.

"You're always so shy! I did not expect to ever see you on here. I had hoped, sure but to actually see you completely naked and showing your face? Wow, I've got a picture of my breasts on page one." She stops there, starting to blush. "Wait, you probably saw my breasts too."

"I guess I have." Faye started, "But I don't know which picture is yours, you know exactly which is mine."

Lisa looks at her phone for a few seconds and then shows Faye. "This is my picture."

It's the pair of breasts Faye actually found herself paused on longer than the rest, a little bigger than hers.

"Very nice, but why show me?" Faye looked at the other girl, with curiosity.

Lisa just shrugged, passed her phone to Faye saying "Hold this a second." Which Faye took and before she could figure why, Lisa was over the fence, face to face properly with Faye, who was just a little shorter. She moved forward, placed her lips against Faye's and kissed her.

Faye stood still, surprised. "Strip." Lisa said, directly

Faye swallowed hard but actually started to take her clothes off.

"Good girl, keep going." Lisa continued, as Faye slowed down at her underwear, her hands either side, thumbs just in, she stops while slightly bent down and looks up at Lisa who just has a stern look on her face. Faye swallows again and pulls her knickers down and off. Lisa's phone in her hand, she takes a picture of her naked neighbour and moves around her, taking a few more pictures.

"Here's what's going to happen." Lisa started "I'm going to come into the garden at 3pm everyday. You must be out here, naked and doing whatever you wish at that time, and then when I get your attention, you'll come and kiss me on the lips."

Faye nodded her head.

"And you're also going to upload more pictures of yourself. Set the timer to 6 hours and keep the extensions at their defaults. I want a new picture every day for the next week."

Faye blushed hard but nodded again. "Now finish sorting your washing and get inside, stay naked for the rest of the night." Lisa finalises it with a slap on Faye's lovely ass before climbing over back into her own garden.

Faye finishes her washing and takes the clothes she was wearing back inside. Grabs her laptop and uploads one of the other photos in a different angle, setting it to 6 hours and heading to bed. She falls asleep after playing with herself thinking of Lisa's breasts and commands.