As she lay there, the cool air on her exposed arse, Marie felt Candii coming to the fore: she knew only one thing for certain -- that nothing would ever be the same again. Now that Fiona knew her secret, well, well. And it was there her mind went into dark and secret places. What would she confess to Fiona? What would Fiona make her do? Her thoughts were rudely interrupted.

She felt a finger push her scanty knickers into her dripping cunt from behind.

"You really are a slut, aren't you, Candii?"

"Yes, yes Miss," she stammered, her tongue stumbling over the word "Miss."

Suddenly her knickers were ripped off -- she heard the tearing sound.

"Knees, now, slut!"

Candii slid from the desk and got on her knees.

Fiona was sitting in her chair in the big office.

Candii crawled to her. No one had told her to, but it seemed natural.

"Good girl, Candii, you are learning your place."

"Yes Miss." She replied humbly.

"There will be changes round here, but first, I need to cum."

Candii pushed her face between Fiona's thighs and began to service her.

She knew what she liked, she had read about this, and now put what she had read into practice.

She was almost overwhelmed.

None of what she had read talked about the smell. God, the smell of ripe cunt was so strong, She could taste something else, probably, she reflected with a shudder of pleasure and shame, pee.

Candii's tongue swirled around Fiona's clit, massaging it, flicking it up, then side to side, before dipping into her gooey slit. Fiona grabbed her hair and pushed it into her leaking cunt, using her boss as her sex aid. She had long suspected that the bitch had this side to her, and she was going to look forward to exploiting it. But for now, oh for now, that tongue, and the thrill of using her boss like this.

Candii was now to the fore. Marie was there enough to register her disgust and shame, and even her fear of what would happen next, but Candii's job was to obey. Bimbos did not think, they obeyed. She was not longer the CEO, she was a pair of big tits, thick lips and open sex holes. Marie felt the intense shame, and Candii's cunt was so wet that she felt a trickle down her thighs.

Lost in a haze of lust and shame, the ex-CEO serviced her former employee. Both women felt the terms of their relationship shift irrevocably, and as Fiona screamed her orgasm, grinding her cunt into Candii's face, the question of who ruled whom was decided between them.

As she came down from her orgasm, Fiona looked at her former boss and liked what she saw.

Candii was still between her thighs, wet-faced, smeared with her goo, shamed but obedient.

"You have been very good Candii. Take that silly top off, in face, strip to your knickers."

As in a daze, Candii complied. She knelt before her new mistress.

Fiona took two ribbons and tied Candii's hair into bunches. She then took a pink diamanté collar and fastened it round her neck.

"Sit and beg like the bitch you are now!"

Candii knelt, begging for attention, her big tits on show. Oh God, she thought, this is what I wanted, god help me.

"There are going to be changes round here Candii. I have some nice clothes for you, much more suitable for your new station in life. You will wear skirts and dresses which show generous expanses of thigh, and you will wear low cut tops which show off those udders. We shall have to think how the staff are told of these changes, but I think they should be fine. I'm younger, fitter and cleverer than you. But I think a bimbo in the office will cheer them all up."

Inside, Marie was shrivelling up, but Candii was growing stronger, if that was the word for such weakness.

"But now, bimbo, we are going back to my house for some training. So put this on."

Fiona handed Candii a pink latex dress. She squeezed her self into it and then slipped her high heels on.

As they left the office, Candii tottered a few paces behind her new Mistress. A new era had begun.