Autumn was in full force, the wind and rain rattled against the window waking Scarlett from a restful sleep. The whole house was quiet, the bed was warm and comfy and she felt a blissful peace knowing she could stay cosy in bed.

Shane lay sleeping quietly beside her, his arms by his sides. Scarlett reached over, running her hand up his arm, over his shoulder and across his chest, his body hair was soft and his skin warm under her touch. He didn't flinch. She slid closer to him, lying her head on his shoulder, stroking his beard, down his face and neck, running her hand across his chest and down his stomach. Placing soft kisses along his skin where her hands stroked him, his skin smelled sleepy and tasted salty and she relished touching him like this.

Shane finally stirred when Scarlett's hand reached down and gently stroked his balls. He groaned, squinting to open his eyes and lifted his head briefly to look at her before resting his head back on the pillow, sniffing deeply and sighing. "Mmmm morning babe" his voice soft and sleepy. Scarlett smiled and leaned forward as he lifted his arm and wrapped it round her, pulling her into a tight embrace against his chest, kissing and smelling her hair "Mmm you smell sleepy."

"So do you" replied Scarlett "and you're lovely and warm. You're always lovely and warm." She reached up and kissed his lips and he smiled, eyes still closed. He held her tight to his chest and started rubbing his hand up and down her arm, onto the small of her back and over her hip to her ass and onto her thigh.

"Did you put your pants back on again? Why do you never just leave them off?" he asked, looking down at her. "Though those pants are sexy so I love the idea of having to take them off you again." he whispered, kissing her hair.

"Come back to me when you have to try and sleep with a wet vagina full of jizz." replied Scarlett. Shane inhaled sharply and began to chuckle.

"I love it when you talk dirty" he teased, gripping her hip and pulling her closer. She tutted but smiled and ran her hand over his chest, sighing and sinking into his arms. She fell into a light sleep for 10mins or so and was woken by a loud snore from Shane's chest.

His morning wood was hard against her leg, she stroked down his chest, over his stomach, down his thigh, grazed his balls and gripped his cock in her hand. Shane stirred awake again and swallowed hard as Scarlett leaned down, taking the tip of his cock in her mouth and gently pushing his foreskin back with her hand and tongue. He gasped awake and moaned, gripping his arm tight on her while her mouth slowly engulfed the rest of his hard cock.

He loved when she initiated sex, it really turned him on knowing she wanted to touch him and be touched by him. She was so proper and polite, well- mannered and obedient in all areas of life outside. It gave him a great thrill to realise she saved the rest of herself, the sexually empowered, emotionally open woman and her most intimate words, just for him.

He stroked her chin, pulling it up, gesturing her to leave his cock and he rolled her over onto her back, climbing on top of her and rubbing his cock against the silky crotch of her pants. He stroked her hair and kissed her in long, slow tongue strokes as she ran her hands in long, soft strokes on his thighs, over his ass, up his back and neck and into his hair.

Scarlett shivered as Shane made his way down her body, taking the warm safety of the duvet with him, and pulled her pants gently down, off her legs. He held them up to his nose, inhaled deeply and threw them on the floor before burying his nose in her crotch and inhaling deeply again. "You're disgusting, you always do that!" hissed Scarlett, putting her hands over her face.

Shane rolled his eyes and sighed, pulling her hands from her face "No I'm not, I love the way you smell, especially first thing in the morning." he groaned as he inhaled her scent again. "Mmmm even better, I love the way you taste. Especially first thing in the morning." He began to kiss her thighs as he made himself comfortable. "My mouth is watering thinking about licking you and how good you taste, babe."

The first lick was always Scarlett's favourite, the anticipation pulsed through her until she felt the familiar, warm, soft lap of Shane's tongue on her pussy and she moaned and exhaled, relaxing into the mattress and onto his tongue. She breathed long, slow sighs with each delicate touch of his tongue against her and looked down to see his eyes watching her melting under his touch. Scarlett reached down and entwined her fingers in his, she loved holding his hand. Of everything, it felt the most intimate and she loved how the intimacy of holding his hand changed depending on where they were and what they were doing. She knew Shane felt it too. "Come here, Shane. I want to kiss you" whispered Scarlett.

Shane sat up, kissing Scarlett's hand as he held his fingers entwined in hers. Letting go of her hand, he moved up over her body, pushing her legs up over his shoulders as his cock dripped pre-cum on her glistening wet pussy. Scarlett's face scrunched up and she let out a protesting grunt "Ah Shane, It's a bit early for the contortionist act! That's really uncomfortable, I can't move." she said, signalling to her legs straight against his shoulders, bent at her hips, pushed towards her chest as he leaned forward.

"Oh, shit, sorry babe! Let me slide inside you and then..." Shane sat back on his knees and let out a low groan as he pushed his cock inside Scarlett's wet pussy before placing her legs on either side of his hips, gripping her thighs and lowering his body down on top of her. "How's that now? Better?" he whispered. Scarlett nodded, stroked his thighs and kissed him.

"Mmmm you love fucking in the morning, don't you babe?" whispered Shane, his eyes looked overcome with the thoughts of how much Scarlett enjoyed it.

Scarlett smiled coyly up at him "Yeah, it's my favourite. I love being the first to touch you, before you've even touched yourself. I love how you're sleepy and how you breathe and groan." Shane thrust quicker into her. "I love feeling your cock hard and full in my pussy and knowing how much you enjoy that feeling too." Shane moaned, his breathing quickened and the force of his thrusts made Scarlett's words come out in breathless bursts.

"I love knowing you want my cock, you want it inside you before you get out of bed. I love feeling your pussy all warm around it and the smell and sound of your wetness as I fuck you drives me crazy babe. Can you hear it?" whispered Shane, briefly fucking her quickly to emphasize the sound.

"Will you pull out before you cum?" whispered Scarlett.

"What?! Why?!" asked Shane, looking disappointed.

"I want to watch you wank yourself and cum on my pussy, that'd be hot" whispered Scarlett, biting her lip and reaching her hand down to begin stroking her clit, she closed her eyes.

Shane sat back on his knees as he thrust firm strokes into her and let her legs flop down on the bed. He caressed her stomach and her breasts and lifted her other arm, kissing her wrist and palm before holding her palm against his chest and watching her edge herself towards orgasm.

They both moaned as Scarlett's pussy tightened round his cock and she opened her eyes to find his gaze on hers. "Don't wait for me, babe. If you're ready to cum then go on. I can feel you're ready, I think" Shane encouraged. He watched Scarlett's fingers move quicker around her clit, he felt the rush of her juice drip onto his balls, and a pink flush spread across her chest, neck and cheeks. Her brow furrowed and her face creased as she gasped for breath, arching her back off the bed. Her hips bucked before she relaxed into the bed, breathless. "I'm gonna cum, babe" panted Shane, pulling his cock out of her before she could relax her gripping pussy. She winced and yelped.

She opened her eyes to see his eyes closed and his head tilted back, his mouth frowning and slightly open. He sat high on his knees and pumped his cock roughly in his hand. She rubbed her right hand up his thigh and grabbed his ass cheek while her left hand reached down and squeezed his balls, illiciting a low, growling "Yeah!" from Shane. His head dropped forward, he opened his eyes focusing on her dripping wet pussy and she felt his ass cheeks clench as he came, squirting threads of cum on to her glistening pink vulva before quickly sliding his cock back inside her with two hard thrusts to empty himself completely, with a shuddering grunt.

Scarlett reached up and wiped his brow of the small beads of sweat that had formed, ran her hand round his neck and pulled him down on top of her, placing light kisses all over his face as he clasped her back and recovered his breath.

"Oh my God, Scarl!" Shane panted, as he placed his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes. "Did you cum? I wasn't...I didn't... well... you were very quiet, babe. Your breathing was heavy but you didn't make any noise like you usually do"

Scarlett's eyes widened "WHAT?! Did you not feel that? It was fucking intense! I was trying not to moan the house down cos everyone is asleep and instead it felt like my head was about to explode all over the wall and you're asking if I came!" whispered Scarlett "Yes Shane, I came so hard that I now have a headache!"

"Oh! Ok" Shane whispered, frowning and kissing her. "You don't have to try and be quiet though, babe. Just let yourself go" he smirked, stroking her face. "What's happened to make you feel like that?"

"Nothing" whispered Scarlett, wrapping her arms around his waist as he rested between her legs. "it's just I'm aware your housemates are probably subjected to my noise pollution a lot, particularly first thing in the morning and I should maybe be a bit more considerate."

"No one has mentioned anything to me though, and Jan hasn't said anything." whispered Shane. "Anyway, your fella next door brought some random bird home one night during the week and I had to listen to that!" his flaccid cock flickered between Scarlett's legs.

"Firstly, that would be a fucking awkward conversation if anyone approached you to say your girlfriend was too loud in bed! Secondly, by the way your cock just twitched, you probably had an enjoyable wank to the sound of them fucking next door!" Scarlett hissed, pushing him away.

Shane rolled onto his back and wrapped his arms around Scarlett, he lifted the duvet up with his foot and wrapped it round them, pulling her into his chest despite her restraining him. "C'mere to me babe. Listen, I don't want you to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. I love watching and hearing you and you don't need to worry about anyone else in the house. We're all adults sharing a house, everyone has sex with their partner, there's always noise from someone. If you want we can try different positions that might muffle the sound or something but don't let it put you off. You're so beautiful when you get lost in yourself." he whispered reassuringly.

"Ok, as long as you're not embarrassed" whispered Scarlett, shyly.

"FUCK NO!" laughed Shane "My ego loves the fact that everyone else knows we're fucking and I'm making you cum." Scarlett stared at him. "Ok, not reassuring, not helpful I know, sorry." he apologised.

The bell at the church nearby chimed 9am. "There's a warm space here for you to have a doze now, let me hold you. We can sleep for a few more hours, come on." he whispered, patting his chest. Scarlett sank into his arms, resting her ear on his chest to hear his heartbeat. "Good girl" whispered Shane, holding her hand on his chest and kissing her hair.