Part 2 of my new short story series - I have abandoned the distracting lowercase convention of part 1 because it apparently breaks lit rules and is distracting from the story itself.

As before, this is dedicated to Laura

I awoke to the smell of coffee. I smiled because I knew what was coming next. I felt the clear and distinct twinge in my pussy as I opened my eyes and saw you walk, gloriously naked, into the bedroom carrying two mugs of coffee. you sat on the bed, sitting in a half lotus. I could see how puffy you were and that added an extra level of tingles, wetness and warmth between my legs.

our eyes locked onto each other and you handed me my coffee, smiling.

"I want my first taste from you, my love," I said.

You smiled and took a sip. I pulled myself up, letting the duvet fall away from me, placing my coffee on the bedside table and putting my hands on each side of your face, pulling you to me as we kissed. The effect was immediate, as it always is. I stroked my hands down your beautiful body, over your shoulders, stroking down over your breasts, teasing a nipple briefly and then on further. my fingers found your centre and you gasped as i stroked gently from side to side on your engorged and excited clit.

Our kiss continued and I was thrilled as you moaned into me. We briefly broke the kiss and I whispered, "cum for me, my love. let's start our day properly."

You just nodded and I continued my touch on your clit - not rushing, just building you up slowly. I felt you stiffen and you moaned into my mouth as we kissed passionately, fiercely. I felt your touch as you took one of my nipples between your thumb and forefinger, sending electric signals directly to my pussy. I felt as your fingers slid down over my mound, finding my centre.

We broke our kiss and gazed into each other's eyes. your passion, desire and heat were obvious. our breathing speeded up as we stroked each other. I could feel I was close. The heat inside me was growing, I could feel how wet I was and likewise how hot you were.

"I'm going to cum for you, love," I managed to croak out.

You moaned and, in a low growl, said, "I'm with you baby."

I felt the pace of your fingers on my clit slow and I slowed with you. this only served to magnify the already intense feelings inside me. my pussy warmed up and i felt your fingers slide down to my entrance. I mirrored you and, as you slid two fingers into my warmth and wetness I slid my fingers into you. I could feel you filling me, your fingertips on my spot, pressing rhythmically. I felt your thumb brush over my clit and our kiss resumed as we finger fucked each other, thumbs strumming gently.

I was close. as always we read each other. you stopped. I stopped. The build up was intense. we counted to ten silently and resumed our movements with our fingers and thumbs. That was all we needed. the very moment i felt your thumb move on my clit it started. I grabbed your tit with my other hand and felt the same from you. the practiced lovers that we are knowing what was needed and when.

My orgasm started and I felt your cunt walls clamping on my fingers. we were in some delicious feedback loop now, our orgasms fuelling each other, rising to peaks inside and out. I felt the explosion mushroom out through my body and centre back on your thumb and fingers before crashing back outwards. I felt your fingers on my nipple, squeezing as I squeezed yours. we were crying out, moaning into each other's mouths as the final wave burst. it was incredibly fulfilling and we collapsed against each other as our movements slowed and finally stopped.

Once our breathing was under control we withdrew our fingers and, in what had become our ritual, lifted them up to each other's lips. we took them in and tasted each other, sucking and licking our juices.

We withdrew our fingers and finally kissed, tasting ourselves mixed together.

After a gorgeous eternity of being lost in each other's kiss we broke apart.

We stared into each other's eyes and you said, "Hey you."

I smiled in return, "Hey you. Lovely coffee by the way."