This is a sequel to "Beginner's Yoga". You could read it as a stand alone, but it is better if you've read the first part.

Four days passed, my body stiff and tired from the last hard lesson, full of little aches and sensitive sensations-but I started to recuperate. I didn't tell Ali what happened, I just couldn't bring myself to it out of fear it would encourage her to do the same. She pretends she doesn't care about him, but I know what a jealous bitch she is, always wants to be wanted no matter what. Friday today and it is time for another lesson. He told me not to come to his class anymore, but hey, I have paid for the entire month!

-Good evening class! So, how have you guys been? Any injuries?

He looks at me with an inscrutable expression. Is that loathing, because I came back? Or something else? I raise my hand.

-I had some back pain, but I am good to go now. Must have been that upside down position.

-Since it's Friday I'll try not to be too hard on you today, he says face blank.

We begin. After the initial warm up positions something unexpected happens.

-For this exercise we are going to use props, to help us align our body more easily.

He then proceeds to hang a length of rope from the ceiling. He ties it up to form a swing of sorts.

-So, who wants to go first?

I am frozen in place and I think my mouth might be a bit agape. Ok, a lot. A million dirty thoughts cross my mind, as I number all the alternative uses of that length of rope.

-Ali, come. Help show the position to the rest of the class.

I must have muttered something unintelligible under my breath, because I got a Look from the girl next to me. I watch with horror as he leads Ali to the swing, bends her over with the head down and she tries to touch her toes.

-Ali tell us, how does this feel?

-It is so much easier to bend down, she replies with a smile.

At least I thought she was smiling. I mean her head was down, cut me some slack. I probably had visible fumes coming out of my ears. After she got up, it was my turn. He didn't bother touching me at all.

-Okay, now bend over. That's it. Can you reach the floor?

I was surprised to see that I could. It was really easy actually. I was also very conscious of the noose rubbing in my nether region as I reached for the floor. I felt his eyes devouring me, enjoying the compromising position he had put me in.

-We should use this more often, I said with purpose. It provides great support, I added.

He let out a hearty, high-pitched laugh.

-It does, but it is for beginners mostly. I think you are ready to move on to more advanced stuff soon, he said his tone flat.

The rest of the class continued as per usual. Only I couldn't concentrate at all. I kept looking at him every chance I got, but he pretended he didn't. Time flew by, and soon the lesson was over.

-Girl, let's go get wasted, what do you say? Friday night!, Ali said to me.

-Oh, not today hun. I didn't bring clothes to change and I am kind of tired. Rain check for tomorrow?

-Sure thing... Let's go then!

-Oh, I want to ask some questions about home practice. You don't need to wait up.

She eyed the instructor putting away the rest of the equipment slowly and then me, pretending to be too tired to roll my mattress.

-Tomorrow we are definitely getting that drink!

Thank God she left without much of a fuss. Alone at last. I casually walked up to the swing and sat on it.

-So... What do those advanced lessons include exactly?

He laughed and turned around. He then proceeded to walk slowly towards me.

-You have to have the beginner stuff down in order to do more advanced stuff. But I see you didn't learn your lesson yet.

"Oh, you arrogant prick is that so?" I was so frustrated by his mock tone that I got up and kissed him with a passion, just to see the look of surprise on his stupid face. He grabbed me by the shoulders to pull me away and sat me back on the swing.

-Perhaps you do need a harder lesson, he said with a heathen smirk. Why don't you take your clothes of?

He reached for the side shelf, where the belts were hanging from. In disbelief I did as I was asked and stayed in my athletic bra and panties. What did you expect, for me to go commando all the time? He turned around with the belts in his hand and a stern expression on his face. Then he moved close enough to loom over me, passed both belts behind my neck and let them hang on me for a moment. The metallic ends were cold on my half naked body. Both his hands reached down my panties as he looked at me in the eyes and with a sudden movement he ripped them. I was speechless. I hastily took of my bra before he tried anything-it was expensive.

-Take the first belt, make a noose and put it under the middle of you feet. Give them more space, like at the opening of your shoulders. Good. Now pass the other belt around your waist and give me the ends.

He then made me get up, turn around and bend over, just like we did during the exercise. And just like then he didn't touch me. Instead be used the belt around my waist to guide me. After he made me touch the floor he came close.

-I will help you readjust the belt on your feet otherwise the opening will be wrong.

He bent down fixed it and bit my buttock. I was taken by surprise and yelped. The first strike landed on my right buttock. The second on my pussy.

-You need to be quiet in order to breathe properly from your nose!, he barked.

I felt his tongue on my pussy, teasing. I was already pretty horny since my clit had been rubbing on stiff rope all this time. He seemed to acknowledge that and got up. With swift motions he took he pants off. I could glimpse from my upside down position. I realized that I hadn't actually seen him naked, since he didn't take anything off last time. He hadn't been wearing any underwear. I was so focused on my jealous thoughts that I hadn't even noticed. How unlike me. He entered me hard and fast. I know I said I was wet, but I realized I wasn't completely ready. I gasped in pain.

-Please take it slow!

-How will you take advanced lessons if you can't take this?, he replied.

My first thought was "damn him", but my protests soon died down. I loved being dominated. He was fucking me hard and fast, using the belt at my waist to reposition me every time I slipped forward. I could stay in that asana for long, since most of my weight was supported by the rope. The other belt at my feet helped my legs not to spread too much, so that penetration felt deeper from that angle. He definitely had done this before, it felt like he really knew what he was doing. I felt him slowing down. He caught the belt with one hand. With the other, he reached to the wall behind him, at the nook where he kept the incense. There, to my surprise, concealed in plain sight, was what seemed to be a bottle of lube. He proceeded to cover his index finger in it and then slowly guided it in my butt. My ring was a little loose from the last time, but I still felt sore, so I didn't take kindly to the intrusion.

-Slow down! It hurts!, I mumbled. At this point all the blood had started to go to my head.

-We both know your ass can take the exercise.

Nevertheless he slowed down a bit, put more lube and started making tiny circular motions with his finger to loosen me up more. His dick picked up the pace in my pussy again. Just when I was feeling really close to coming he stopped penetrating me abruptly. The belts were dropped.

-Get up and turn around, he said.

With only a shirt on he looked ridiculous, like Donald Duck. But what was under there sure made up for it. He was completely shaved and his sizeable member was glistening with my juices. I was ogling.

-Sit on the swing. Then grab onto the ropes going up and tangle your arms in them.

-I will get rope burns.

-All the better to remember me by at home practice.

"Nasty". But I say nothing. I would indeed remember it at home practice for years. He then grabbed my thighs and dragged me closer, so that my higher back was on the makeshift swing and my feet touched the wall.

-I made you turn around because I want to look you in the eyes when I fuck your sweet ass this time.

I swallow hard. His thick juice-covered cock enters my back door decisively and I writhe in his hands. My eyes widen. Having nowhere else to look (him being still in his shirt and all), I look desperately in his eyes. He seems very pleased.

-You are going to hurt yourself. Put your weight in your arms and feet. It will help you relax.

I do and pretty soon he is vigorously fucking my butt. Still sore, but it starts to feel good. My head starts to fall behind. He adjusts my legs over his shoulders, making him penetrate my ass even deeper. He then ducks forward and starts licking my erect nipples. His abdomen is rubbing on my clit. It is too much. I start to cum. I am really glad ours was the last lesson for the day, otherwise everyone in the next room would have heard me scream. I come down from the high, and feel him close to his orgasm too. He pulls out violently, leaving me hurting, and comes all over my chest and face. I finally leave the rope and collapse.

-I hope this time you learned your lesson, he says exasperated.

After such an advanced lesson how can I stay away though?