I needed a shower bad and recommended we go back to the room for a shower and might be able to have a little surprise. You were still flushed from just getting fucked. But you had a smile and glimmer in your eyes. We got back to our room at the Moorings at around 3:00. My surprise was a 90-minute couples massage at 3:30. They have a wonderful relaxation room with two tables, and the best therapists in the Keys. I jumped in the shower, and much to my surprise you followed me in. As we showered you grabbed a little soap and start rubbing my cock. As it was swelling in your hand and my brain I told you we had to wait...and I actually need a breather, My god you are insatiable...but I love it.

You had a large Jamaican gentleman as a masseuse and I had a very large female. We laid facedown as they worked out every knot, every sore muscle and every little stress knot from our heads to our toes.

We both flipped over to our back as they held a modesty sheet up. But I caught a glance and started thinking about it. I caught myself as I didn't want to get hard an embarrass myself with the masseuse. And these weren't that kind of massages!

She kneaded my overworked legs, and I dozed off. When you are finished with your massage, they just leave, and you can sleep in the Zen like massage room for as long as you like. I don't know how long I slept, but woke up with my cock in something wet, warm and wonderful. Apparently, you had woken up and saw me asleep. You lifted my sheet and stared at my cock. You then leaned over and took it in your mouth. You never had my soft cock in your mouth before. But you enjoyed feeling it grow bigger and bigger inn your mouth. From flaccid to engorged, and you needing it out of your mouth, and in your pussy.

You straddled my cock, a move that reminded me of our first meeting. But this wasn't working for either of us. We were both covered with oil, and you kept slipping off and I kept slipping out. I told you I had a better spot and led you to their spectacular walk in Kohler double shower. Complete with multiple rain heads and body sprays. We stepped in and I fidgeted with digital controls to get the right temperatures and where we wanted the sprays to hit. Sometimes technology can be more problems then their worth. But I finally got it going and everything was perfect. But my cock was no longer at attention.

You sat on the bench as the showers were drenching us and washing the oil off and pulled me toward you. But rather than soap me dick like you tried at 3:00, you took it deep into your warm mouth as you grabbed my cheeks to make sure I couldn't escape you mouth. It didn't take long for my cock to stiffen in you sweet mouth. But I really wanted to fuck you. Since the shower at the Moorings, start, then stop, and in the massage room start then stop, and now in the showers...I really needed to bury my cock deep inside of you. But a wanted to savor you a bit more. So a pumped few shots of their lavender soap in my hands. I took in your body as I washed your breasts, down your tummy and finally down to you pussy. It was wet. From the showers but also from your natural lubrication.

You turned toward the wall and leaned over to have me fuck you from behind. But I had something else in mind. I turned you around. And I lifted you up by your ass with both hands. I pressed you against the wall and slipped into you. The granite was cold against your back, but the water of the shower was warm and falling all over us. Gravity had me deep up in you. You had your arms around my neck and clung to me suspended in my arms. You were moaning in my ear. I held your ass as I pummeled your pussy against the wall. I recalled how I have thought of you when I lift weights and imagine fucking you in different ways as I go through my workout. And all my needs and thoughts built up and went to my cock as I erupted in you. And I felt something warm, cover my cock.

Was it your cum, were you actually gushing, was it a spasmatic pee...or just the shower? But you were clinging and holding me tight, and making a deep guttural sound and... I then knew you were coming. And it was a spectacular fuck, and I am so glad you put the thought in my mind.