This story contains graphic language. Enjoy!


Fuck him, fuck that class, and fuck all them hoes in there. Fuck everybody but his son he was cute and he gave me a sticker. The only good thing about that class was getting a sticker from Romero.

Bassir sat there and made me look like a fool. I want to beat his ass so bad. He's done nothing but make me seem dumb since we first met. I hate niggas like him. It's like he thinks he's better than people and it's annoying. It's like he thinks the world revolves around him.

He had all the bitches in there eating out of his hand. His son doesn't even look like him. How the fuck that work? And what kind of names are Bassir and Romero? Who named them that weird shit?

"Damn nigga you trying to kill us," Luck said. I looked at the meter and saw I was doing 90 so I slowed down. Don't feel like going back to jail so soon.

"Sorry I was just thinking about that nigga I told you about," I groaned. Luck hummed nodding.

"So do you think he's dangerous?" he asked.

"No, he teaches an anger management class and seems too busy with his son to be dangerous." I can admit Bassir is a good dad. He helped Romero whenever he asked and treated Ro like a person, not just a little kid.

"Oh well. I found out who was shooting last night. It was Dave ex she was trying to kill him again." I nodded. Toni was crazy as hell. This isn't the first time she'd tried to kill Dave. Dave is another one of my friends. He helps with the gang activities.

"He keep fucking with them crazy biches." I laughed turning into a parking lot.

"You be fucking with all the bitches." Luck replied.

"You fuck with anybody too nigga. I only like women, you like any and everybody." I reminded him.

"I stopped though bro. You need to settle the fuck down. If you really serious about this change you need to stop fucking then ditching these hoes. We're trying to clear your name and fucking randoms not gon do that," he groaned. He's right about clearing my name but that doesn't mean the fun gotta stop.

It's been a few months since I finally gained a legitimate company. I along with a few friends run a shipping company and we also have some illegal dealings underground. We're trying to clear my name because I have a hefty record. I still own and manage a gang but I'm no longer the face. I am now a business man with a messy past.

"You didn't settle down." I countered.

"Yeah but I'm different," he smirked my way.

"I'll be fine don't worry."

We finally got to my apartment and as soon as I walked in a saw ass. Emmanuel was kissing Axel on my couch with their dicks out.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled covering my eyes.

"Sorry!" Axel yelled before I heard a loud slam. So my night was shitty but theirs was good. Axel is Emmanuel's boyfriend of two years. They were best friends before Axel confessed to Manny. Thank god he did because I was tired of hearing Manny cry over him every night.

"Oh they nasty." Luck said walking in after me.

"Whatever, let's just grab the shit for the meeting and change." He nodded going into the basement.

I went into the kitchen instead of the living room. I looked at the folder Bassir gave us. This man gave us homework like we were some little ass kids. The folder was full of daily logs to track our feelings. He said we need to write down what makes us happy. I just feel like that's some corny ass shit. I'm grown, why do I gotta write about what makes me happy? He got me really thinking about what makes me happy and I'm coming up blank. The only thing that makes me happy is money and bitches but I don't think I can put that.

I hate his class and it's only the first day. What's worse is all the women in the class are drooling over him. That man does not look that good. He is tall, dark skin and has good teeth. I don't see the hype. Me on the other hand I'm fine as fuck. With my height and my smile I can make anybody fall for me. He is a little taller than me and he has a pretty good smile but I still look better than him.

I can't let him distract me though. I made my way to my room so I could get dressed. I got changed into a suit and grabbed a briefcase making my way to the car. Luck joined me with his dreads pulled back into a ponytail with his own briefcase. One was filled with guns the other with the necessary paperwork. You always gotta be prepared.

"So about the guy is he by any chance the guy who was standing outside when I picked you up?" I nodded. "That man is something else you don't see niggas that fine no more." See everybody think that nigga look good. Looking like I'm the only one who know that man is really an asshole.


We were sitting in my office at a building we rent. I have a few floors filled with employees that oversee shipping and finances. Very few here know that I'm a kingpin; they all just think they worked for some dude who ships clothes back and forth. We do more than just sell drugs though so while I do have people working in shippents I also have people working for my more underground endeavors.

Along with selling drugs, I sell guns, and help people get new identities. It's very important that we keep it private so I have a section of the floor dedicated to the people who oversee the transfer of people. While shipping the drugs, we also ship other products that don't involve anything illegal. The whole operation is very difficult but with the help of Luck and some more friends I've been able to run a business and a gang.

"So, do you find your teacher sexy?" Luck asked sitting across from me. I glared at him not answering. "That's the only reason he's under your skin." He smiled.

Luck is like a brother to me. We have been friends for longer than either of us could remember. He's bisexual and very open with his affairs. For some reason he thinks a nigga out there that would turn me out. I keep telling him it'll never happen and it damn sure won't be Bassir turning me out.

"Nigga get that shit out yo head. I like pussy. P-U-S-S-Y. Say it with me pussy." I enunciated the word pussy.

"Did I come at a bad time?" I heard a thick russian accent say from the door.

"Star. You're finally here." I stood up to hug my friend.

"Hi my friend." Star said, walking in my office. Star is a close friend who handles shipping. He's russian with a strong accent and a playful personality. The only reason we are close is because I saved his ass one night at a club. Star is Russian mafia and can be very scary. I ain't scared of nobody though and he knows this. So added to our great friendship is a great partnership. My company has opened him up to the American market and he opened me up to the forigen market.

"Hey Star." I smiled. Today we have to go over some new trucks and get more people to work at the docks.

"I don't think we've met." Luck smiled turning towards Star. The smile on his face read trouble. That's his 'lets fuck' look.

"No we haven't." Star put his hand in Luck's giving him the same look. Oh fucking boy here we go. "I'm Zola."

"Chance." Luck said watching Star sit in the seat across from me. Luck never uses his real name unless he likes someone.

"Please can ya'll wait till the meeting is over. I don't wanna see two grown men flirt." I groaned.

"Yeah but you can flirt with... what's his name again?" Luck smirked.

"Tyrell like men?" Star asked, looking between me and Luck.

"No, I hate the guy he is talking about." I glared Luck's way.

"Wait, you hate him?" I nodded. "Oh well I think you should have sex with the man." Star said confidently.

"Yes I totally agree." Luck grinned.

"How do you get I should fuck him from me saying I hate him?" I was truly confused.

"Your cheeks light up when you speak of this man. That's a sign of love and I once hated this guy. It was the best sex I've ever had. Well top three." Star smiled. I hate him and Luck and Bassir.

"Whatever let's just start the meeting." I glared at them both.


"Me want to talk to you." I heard a little voice say before I left the classroom. I was the last one to leave because I sat in the back. Last one to come and last one to leave.

Today in class we talked about the homework we had yesterday. When Bassir got to me I didn't have an answer. He laughed and told me to keep thinking about it like I was a little ass kid. He's just so fucking cocky and it's annoying.

"About what?"

"Um you like zoo?" He asked with the cutest smile.

"Yeah I like the zoo why?" My eyes kept straying from the adorable three year old to his father. Bassir was packing up his desk. He looked like a fucking dork. He had on a dark blue button down with black pants and simple loafers. What was different was the glasses he wore on his face.

"Me and daddy go. You go with us?" I looked at his father and glared.

"Romero, you can't just invite him to the zoo with us. He might be busy." Bassir said from his desk.

"So a nigga can't go hang with a friend who just so happens to be your son." I glared.

"First my child is three, how are y'all friends and second I never said you couldn't come." He smirked before going back to packing.

"You go?" I nodded.

"I'll go with you guys why not."


"Hi Tyrell." Emmanuel was sitting at the island with a dopey smile. He announced that he and Axel are looking for an apartment together. Them niggas so happy it's making me sick.

"What's up dumbass." His smile slightly dropped.

"Nothing much asswipe. I have class today but after I'll help Luck with the shipments." My operation takes a lot of teamwork so Manny helps us sometimes. He studies something that has to do with math so I trust him with that kind of stuff. Don't get me wrong I always look over everybody work but I do trust him and Luck to not fuck me over. I don't trust anybody but them.

"Okay thank you. If you and yo boyfriend fuck on my couch again that's ya ass." I left out the door to go drive to the zoo. I'm meeting my best friend and his asshole father. That nigga is annoying. Always talking about being a better you and not letting anger get the best of you. Man fuck that shit if I'm mad I'm going to let out.

I'm also tired of everybody complimenting him. It's a new person every fucking day coming in class saying how good he look. He is not all that. He's just okay but niggas always dick sucking in that class.

Whatever I'm here to hang with my best friend. It took a short amount of time for me and Romero to become friends. After that first class he's been my guy. It's been a few days in the class and every day Romero gives me a sticker and a high five.

"Rell you came." Romero jumped up and down smiling. I smiled back at him. He is so cute, nothing like his dad.

"Of course I came Ro. Let's go see the lions." I grabbed his hand and we walked to the booth. Bassir was walking behind us with a smirk. The hell is he smiling at?

The guy at the booth looked bored until he saw us. When he saw us walk up he started blushing. What the hell is up with him? Is everybody going crazy today?

"Three tickets, two adult one child." Bassir said from behind us. He nodded fumbling to get the money and tickets.

"H-here you go. You have a nice family by the way." I went to curse him out but Bassir beat me to it.

"Thank you." He grabbed my shoulder dragging me away.

"What the hell was that you should have told him we're not together." I don't want anybody to think I go with his hoe ass. Hell I don't want anybody to think I'm gay. I like women.

"Yes but it's fun messing you. Awe there it goes again that little pout." He went to poke my cheek but I slapped his hand away. That shit ain't funny.

"Fuck you I don't pout." I glared at him.

"You're doing it now." I turned away going back to looking at the lions with Romero. I've been tricked. This grown man called me cute like a little kid. I am handsome, not cute.

"Let's go see the monkeys Bubba." Bassir said with a smile. Romero looked up nodding. We walked towards the monkeys in silence. My best friend was looking all around so I left him alone. He's fascinated by animals and nature that's cute and refreshing to see.

I feel like Steve Irwin in this bitch.

"So what do you do besides beat people up?" I looked at him with a glare. "There's that pout again babyboy."

"Whatever I don't pout. I'm a salesman."

"What do you sell?" He had a smirk on his face. I know he knows what I sell.

"I sell products that make people happy."

"I got a product that can make you happy." I heard him mumble. I know he is not talking about his dick I just know he not. Imma let it slide because I'll hate to beat his ass in front of all these white people.

"Let's go." Romero whined. He pulled us towards the monkeys making sounds the whole way.

"Where's his mom?" He glared before relaxing.

"Jail." He looked at me with a blank stare.

"Oh what she do?"

"Attempted murder." He replied.

"Sorry for asking."

"It's okay I'm much better without her." It got silent and I made it awkward so I had to make it better.

"I might not like you but I can tell you're a good dad." He smiled.

"Thanks babyboy." My face heated up when he called me babyboy. What the fuck? I know I'm not blushing, I just know I'm not.

"I think I like the blush more than the pout." He said before catching up with his son.It's going to take everything in me not to beat his ass.

After the zoo we went back to his house to eat lunch. It was a small house that seemed big once you stepped inside. The walls were full of pictures drawn by little kids and it was pictures of him and Ro everywhere with two other people. A white man and a black girl who was fucking gorgeous. It's obvious they were a couple though because she was hanging onto the white guy with a dopey smile. The same smile Manny has when he's with Axel.

"So Romero is stuck on chicken right now so we are eating chicken nuggets and chips." I nodded walking around. It was a two bedroom house with only one floor and a basement. I could easily spot Romero's room because it was a bright blue and had pictures all around. He had a small bed with dressers on both sides. Romero had actually fallen asleep on our way back to Bassir house so he's in his bed knocked out. Since he's asleep and I only came for him I was going to leave but then Bassir brought up food when we were leaving the zoo.

I continued walking down the hallway till I reached the second room which was bigger than the first. It had a big bed in the middle and a huge window next to it.

"The chicken nuggets done." Bassir called from the kitchen. I stopped snooping and went to go eat.