"It's almost bedtime little Princess," He called over the noise of the tub's jets, "you have twenty minutes."

I smiled and cooed, "Yes, Sir."

As excited as I was about the evening ahead of me, I was hesitant to leave the comfort of the hot bath. My tanned skin was pink and flushed from the heat, making the bubbles seem even a brighter white by contrast. I had been soaking for quite a while though, letting my imagination wander.

I turned off the jets, stood in the tub and rinsed my body with the sprayer while the bathwater drained. I rehung the hand shower, stepped out onto the soft rug and reached for the bottle of warm vanilla body oil on the counter. A couple drops spurted out when I opened the top and I smiled. I tipped the bottle over my chest and watched the oil slowly run down my tits for a minute before massaging it in.

I caught a glimpse of my ass in the mirror as I bent over massaging my legs.

I smirked and dripped oil on the tip of a metal anal plug. I moved the the plug around the outside of my hole to spread the oil. I poked the rounded tip in my ass a few times, pushing a little harder each time. I pushed again and could tell the plug was at its widest and wiggled it a bit. Rather than push it in all the way, I backed it out so I could play a little more. Mmmm it felt good, stretching just a little as I pushed the tool in and out before finally letting it pop all the way in.

I knew time was slipping away from me as I covered the rest of my body in the oil and wrapped a towel around my waist. I turned around to the sink and washed the oil from my hands so that I could fix my hair and makeup. I sipped on my grape juice and analyzed my reflection. I decided to put my hair up into a couple of puffball buns to save time. I chose to do my makeup with plenty of black eyeliner and deep red lipstick. When I was finished, I wrapped my collar around my neck and went out to check in with Him.

"Turn, mm hmm, turn, mm hmm," He commented as He inspected my body. He ran his hand up and down my leg. "Very nice." He hooked my leash onto my collar and pointed at the ground so I went to my knees. He pointed at the ground again and I moved to my hands and knees. Damn I was already getting aroused. He tugged the leash slightly and I followed Him over to my cage. He told me I was a good girl as I crawled in. He handed me my juice box and stuffy and closed the door.

"You have five minutes until lights out," He explained, "so finish your juice and get comfortable."

"Thank you, Sir," I smiled, wiggled my butt & gripped my stuffy.

He locked the padlock on the main door of the cage. I loved that he locked it but wasn't even sure why, it wasn't like I wanted to be anywhere else anyway.

A few minutes passed and he came back and collected my empty juice box through the side door. Yes! Playtime! Finally! He told me to put on my eye mask and get some sleep. What?!? Sleep?? But...but... playtime... I thought to myself. He locked the side door and turned away. What?????? I know he saw the plug. And what about my eyelashes??

"May I-"

"Lay down and go to sleep."

Damn. He didn't even let me ask for permission to play by myself. What the hell???

I felt a tug on my leash. Mmmmm, yes. Playtime!

"Suck my cock, Princess."

Yes!! Thank you!!! I reached to remove my mask from my eyes so that I could see.

He tugged my leash hard, "leave it alone, just suck my cock," He barked. I got up on my knees and let Him pull me toward Him.

Mmmm. I pressed my face against the metal bars of the cage as He pushed His cock into my warm wet mouth. I wrapped my lips around Him. Mmmmm. He pulled my treat away from me and I sat there with my mouth open, waiting, wanting, ready for more. Finally, He gave it back. I showed my appreciation. I sucked on the head of His dick and slowly pulled the rest of it into my mouth, pressing my lips into his groin, trying to choke myself for Him. I started to gag and backed off.

I twirled my tongue around His cock while I kept it all in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and pumped, twisting slightly, until my lips met my own hand. I bounced my face and lips off of the hand that I had wrapped around Him. Then I moved my hand so that I could slide my mouth as far down His cock as I could, reaching underneath to massage His balls at the same time. I couldn't take it; I had to get my mouth on them.

I shifted so that I could suck His balls into my mouth while my hand stroked his dick. I was getting frustrated. I couldn't reach, they were too far away. All I could do was flick my tongue and lick at them while He no doubt watched me struggle. I took His cock back in my mouth and slid up and down, hitting my throat with the head of it each time. I continued up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down, getting more and more turned on. The slobbery sounds and sensations apparently had Him wound up too; He pulled my leash tight and gave me my treat as we both pressed against the bars. Mmmmm yes.

"That's my good little slut," I swallowed my prize with pride and wiped my drool from my chin with my hand. I beamed. I knelt and waited for further instruction. I hoped I was being let out for more playtime. I heard one of the locks click open and got excited! The side door popped open and He reached in to the cage. He pulled gently at my lower jaw and I opened my mouth wide. A cock-shaped gag went into my mouth and the leather wrapped around my face and the back of my head. Okaaay. Interesting. He pulled the strap tight. That part was different. I'm usually very well-behaved and don't fight the gag. Hell, there have been times that it wasn't even buckled and I made sure to keep it in my mouth. "Click!" I heard the unmistakable sound of a lock right behind my head. Seriously?! Why did He just lock on my gag?? He's never done that. Whatever. There's probably some reason. I heard the cage door bang and the padlock click. I continued to kneel like a good girl.

"I'm going down to the hotel bar for a while. Be a good girl. Keep the mask on, the gag in... nice choice on the plug. I won't be gone that long. You may play with yourself if you want but you do not have permission to orgasm, do you understand?"

"Yeff fah," I attempted to respond.

He laughed, "Your gag lisp is cute."

With that I heard the heavy thud of the hotel room door.

The door opened after what seemed like forever. It probably hadn't been more than ten or fifteen minutes in reality. I popped up to my knees to greet Him.

"Gentlemen," He says, "here it is."

There are men's voices:

"Aww, yeah."

"Son of a bitch."

"No kidding."

"That's yours?"

"Fuck yeah."

"It's a fucking cage."

"Just like the pictures."

I do my best to fix my posture and pop my tits out a little better. I can't tell how many people there are from the voices but I'm excited. I can't wait to get out and play!

"Yeah, go ahead. Just remember what I told you," He tells someone. I listen for the sound of the keys but the entire cage turns instead. I grab onto the bars to keep my balance. I feel a hand stroke my face. They grab at the strap of the gag and pull my face toward the bars. The lock pops open and the gag is pulled from my mouth. Ah, finally. That feels so much better.

My leash is pulled toward the end of the cage and I cooperate. I crawl over on my hands and knees and press my face against the bars. Mmmm. The head of a cock presses against my lips and I instinctively open my mouth to accept it. I hear murmuring.

"That's my good cock whore," He praises. Mmmmmmm. I rock back and forth, enthusiastically performing the blowjob for my audience. "That's enough," He says, and I sit back on my heels. Damnit. I wasn't done. In fact, I was just getting started.

The men are talking, whispering. I can make out a few words here and there but not much more.

"On your back. Get your pussy against the rails."

I scramble to follow directions. I get into position and put my legs above me. There's more murmuring. A finger pokes through the bars and explores my pussy. I'm already wet. The finger pushes inside of me and wiggles around. I feel tugging at my ass and the plug is popped out and dropped inside my cage with me. Son of a bitch, I was not expecting that. The finger still inside me wiggles some more and leaves. The side door of my kennel is opened and the finger is thrust into my mouth. I try to suck at it but I can't. The finger repeatedly jams the back of my throat and knuckles grind against my lips and teeth. Fuck. Come on, easy man, you're just getting started, I think to myself.

A hard dick is forced into my tight pussy. On one hand, it feels good but on the other, it kind of feels like I am going to get ripped open. I jerk away from it within my cage. I should have known better than to do that though. A hard smack stings my chest and I push myself back down onto the cock, using my arms to push against the sides of my crate. I whimper. There is another smack on my chest that makes me jump. I push my body against the crate. The cock pumps my pussy, the man banging into the metal bars with each thrust.

Smack! Smack! Smack! More cracks on my chest get my attention and I buck my hips. Fuck I'm getting wet. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The sting on my nipples this time make my pussy throb and pulse, tightening around the cock still inside me. The sensations continue, I cannot imagine how hard my nipples are right now. Each smack is just making me hotter as I buck and thrust and try to pay attention to what I am supposed to be doing. The cock pops out of me and explodes onto my body. I dip my fingers in the cum and go to lick it off but instead rub it on my nipples. I usually try to make sure that I swallow every drop but He did not give me permission this time.

He sounds exasperated "Oh my god you cum slut, go ahead." I picture Him shaking His head and rolling His eyes, even though rolling eyes is usually my thing. I smile and lick my fingers clean. I hear the men's voices as I am coming out of my zone, almost as if I have a cheering squad. The audience and their appreciation is hot and I'm enjoying myself so I continue to clean myself with my fingers and tongue.

"Get up," He tells me, so I get back up on my knees. I hear Him explaining that He is positioning me so that the men have better access. Fuck yeah. I get a dick in my mouth and my pussy. He puts my leather harness around my neck and straps it under my tits. Mmm. Not sure what's coming next but hell yeah. A guy pops his dick in my mouth and another presses himself into my pussy. Mmmm. Yeah.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Yesh shah," I answer Him. I hear a few people laugh. I roll my eyes under my mask; I will never understand why it is so funny to try to make a slut talk when she has a mouth full of cock.

The guy in my pussy likes it though and pushes my face into the other guy... over and over again. I don't have much control over the situation and just make sure that my teeth are covered by my lips as I get rammed again and again. The guy behind me is still pushing me as the other cums in my mouth. I have no choice but to swallow as he is so deep, before he quickly jerks out of my mouth. Damn, I thought I would have more warning. Hopefully I am not in trouble for that one. Another guy takes his place in my mouth as the guy behind me is finishing.

I get the dick in my mouth taken away and pout. He laughs, "you are insatiable," and leads me out of my kennel completely. He attaches my leash to my kennel and steps away.

"There, try that," He tells someone.

A man lays down on his back and pulls me on top of him but is not interested in my pussy. I get turned around into a reverse cowgirl sort of position as he works his way into my ass. Mmmmm that feels good. He grabs my harness and pulls my body down and back. I rock my hips. He pulls my entire body down on top of him. Oooohhhh oh oh oh oh. I feel the hair of his chest on my back. Another guy is pressing his cock into my pussy. I whimper and moan. Ahhhh ah ah mmmm. It is an insane feeling of fullness as I lay back. Each time one of them thrusts inside me it feels like the other will be forced out. The guy under me holds my arms and the other guy pulls on my harness. Ohhhhhhhh my god oh my god oh my god.

He puts His hand over my mouth and nose and my pussy floods. He keeps His hand there for just a moment and, as He removes His hand, a cock takes its place. The dick fills my mouth as my ass and pussy are filled. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He pinches my nose and I buck wildly. It's like my brain is disconnected from my body. All three cocks are pumping, thrusting, while He pinches my nose again. He growls, "Is my slut gonna' cum?" He lets go and I nod my head frantically. "Is that what you want?" I don't know how to answer. Of course I want to cum, but my brain is just not working. My body is just responding to things that are happening like I'm not controlling my body. It's almost primal. "Gluck gluck gluck gluck," the sound of the cock in my mouth fills my ears. He smacks my face and I howl. Yes! He does it again. I'm losing it. My knees are pressed into my chest and it feels like the guy is going to puncture my lungs with his cock. A thumb rubs my clit and I am over the edge. I buck and grind and feel everything intensely. I wiggle and howl but the guys don't let up. In fact, after I orgasm they just fuck me harder. I can't help it, I twitch and twist and writhe but to no avail. I am held in place. The guy in my mouth gives me his load and then the gag goes back in my mouth. The other two hold me tightly in place until they are done. I roll off of them, completely spent.

"Oh, no, you aren't done yet, are you?" He asks.

I just lie there. Gag in my mouth, blindfold over my eyes, collar on my neck, leash attached to collar, chained to my kennel... just lying there.

He jerks my leash, "I asked you a question."

Some jackass says "Oooooh, someone's in trouble," as if I'm being sent to the office.

I struggle to my knees and shake my head.

"You're telling me no?"

I shake my head frantically. I was saying no that I wasn't done.

"Keep it up little one," He warns.

I'm confused. I shake my head no again. No, I wasn't telling Him no. Wait, what?

"Turn around," He directs.

I turn away from Him, still on my knees.

"Bend over."

I go down on my hands and knees and try to pop my ass up like He likes. I hear the sound of His belt coming out of His beltloops and tense.

Smack! "One," He counts, "for not answering me."

I whimper at the sting on my ass.

Smack! "Two," He continues, "for taking your time."

Smack! "Three, for wasting my time."

Smack! "Four," He goes on, "for wasting my friends' time."

Smack! "Five, for telling me no."

Smack! "Six, for being a smart ass."

Smack! "Seven, for telling me no."

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! He continues. Eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve are all for telling Him no.

I howl, still muffled by the gag, and hear snickering. It takes me until twelve to realize that some of His friends are sadists and that things are about to get a lot more interesting.

Game on. I put my head down, dip my shoulders low, curve my back and push my ass as high in the air as I am able.

"There's my girl!"

SMACK! "Thirteen is your reward," He sneers sexily, "for figuring it out. I hope you enjoyed your appetizer."

Part three coming soon...