Note, everyone in this story is over 18 years of age.

Maddy and I had been friends for five years. It was one of those diverted romantic situations which could have been a romance but somehow got friend zoned at the start. Of course I was always secretly a bit in love with her. How could I not be? She was beautiful, vivacious and playful. Over the years of friendship, we had spent plenty of time together hanging out in general, going to the beach and camping. She wasn't particularly shy about her body but I had never managed to see more than her naked back as she changed into a bikini at the beach or her bare legs emerging from a tiny beach towel wrapped around her naked body. I don't want to give the impression I was always trying to perv on her; just the usual machinations of a young man.

Maddy was one of those women who made everyone around her feel good and, as a consequence, didn't have much trouble finding work. She generally worked in hospitality, however had recently started studying photography. She had bought herself a digital SLR camera and a printer and was enrolled in a local college. As her course progressed, Maddy would show me her latest works. These progressed from fairly pedestrian nature shots to edgier still lifes.

At one point, Maddy's course required her to take some sepia shots of 'ye olde times'. Apparently, she had had trouble finding a model and asked me to model for her. All I had to do was meet her in a local park and she would provide everything else including dinner at her house that night. I dutifully met her at the park and we got underway. There were various costume changes and I had to strip down to my underwear on a few occasions. I found it a bit exciting being in my underwear in the open park and in front of Maddy but fortunately managed to limit the blood flow to a slight chubby. During the costume changes, Maddy didn't seem to pay much attention, mostly fiddling with her camera. In due course, the shoot ended, we hugged and said goodbye and agreed that I would come to her place at 7 that night for the promised dinner.

Seven o'clock came around and I arrived at Maddy's house with a cheapish bottle of wine under my arm. Maddy lived in a share house with two other young women (Jess and Hayley) in similar stages of life and interests. It was a fun, eclectic share house and I liked her flatmates. They were both pretty and fun and I had had a great time at a few parties there and had hung out there with Maddy plenty of times. As it turned out, the girls were all eating together that night and the spaghetti bolognaise was ready a few minutes after I arrived.

The four of us sat down together at the kitchen table and I poured us all some wine. I coughed and sputtered as I took my first sip and looked up over the table at the pin up board the girls kept in the kitchen. Pinned to it were a bunch of photos from the day's shoot, me in various period costumes, but then following on were a bunch of me in my underwear as I got in and out of the costumes. There were a few of them in various 'poses': bending over with one leg in some overalls, stretching my arms into a button up shirt etc and a few where I was directly facing the camera with my chubby clearly outlined in my boy short jocks.

Maddy was watching me keenly over her glass with one eyebrow arched. "See something you like?" she said.

"It looks like he did" said Jess, laughing and pointing at the full frontal shots with her chin.

"I like the way his shoulders look in this one" said Hayley, pointing at the photo of me stretching into the shirt.

"I hope you don't mind that I took those shots and pinned them up, Benny" said Maddy. "I just thought they were great shots, I was very proud of them, and you look so hot in them."

I really didn't know what to say. I was surprised and flattered and turned on. I just turned red and said something like "They're great shots, no worries." I recovered and we ate our dinner and drank our wine, the conversation moving onto other things. The night finished fairly uneventfully, however on my way out after Jess and Hayley had retired to their rooms I noticed that two of the photos were missing from the pin up board.

Life went on pretty much as normal. I saw Maddy a few times and we hung out. She told me that she was working on a new photography project but she didn't tell me much about it. Then one day she turned up on my doorstep for an unannounced visit. I let her in and we went into my living room. She said she was ready to show me her latest project and produced an A3 board covered with photos. I think my jaw may have hit the floor; there were about a dozen photos of Maddy in soft lighting in various states of undress. I didn't know where to look. She was even more magnificently beautiful naked than clothed. My eyes settled on what must have been my immediate favourite. In the photo, she was completely naked standing with her head cocked to one side and a gentle smile on her face. I felt myself getting hard and couldn't tear my eyes away. Then I heard Maddy saying timidly "Do you like it?" I looked up at her and she saw my face.

"You like it, don't you?"

Then she obviously took in my state and hit me on the shoulder saying "You really like it, don't you?!"

I said "Umm, they're great. You look really beautiful!"

"It's not about beautiful, it's art."

"Sorry, it's hard not to notice."

Biting her lip, Maddy then said she had a favour to ask me, would I pose for her. I said sure, how. She then told me that she was interested in voyeurism as a focus of her work and would like a picture of a man looking at her nude picture on screen. It sounded fine so she positioned me on the couch with a laptop on my lap and another glorious nude of her filling the screen. She then positioned herself behind me so that she the photo was of my back and the screen over my shoulder. It seemed like a good setup to me but something was bothering Maddy. She ummed and ahhed and asked if I would take my shirt off. I didn't see much problem with that so complied and we resumed the shoot. Meanwhile I was grateful for the laptop on my lap as I was becoming aroused looking at the photo of beautiful Maddy on the screen in all her glory. Once again, though, Maddy wasn't happy. She said it just wasn't erotic enough, felt stifled. She then shifted from foot to foot and said "I know this probably sounds weird, but I promise not to look but can you take off your pants. I won't see anything and nothing will show on the photo, just your naked hip under the laptop from behind but it will be much more realistic and edgy."

"What the hell?!" I said.

She looked sad and apologised "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking, I was just in the moment and want the best shot. Of course you're not comfortable with it. I'll have to get a professional model."

The sad look on her face melted me. "It's ok, I'll do it."

Her face lit up and she said "Oh thanks so much Benny," leaning in and hugging me. I was now fully hard and knew that she must be able to feel my hardness through our hug.

"I'll just turn my back while you, ahem, disrobe."

She did and I did, scrambling to get the laptop onto my naked and hard groin before she turned back around. It was a bit wobbly due to my erection. She turned back around and recommenced shooting. I could tell that she still wasn't happy, though, and I suspected it was because of the wobbly laptop.

"Benny, I'm sorry, it's still not quite right. The laptop is not sitting square and it looks weird." I looked at her and our eyes met and there was no mistaking that she knew the source of the laptop's unsteadiness.

"Benny, I'll be careful not to look and not to get anything in the shot, but can you put the laptop on the table, leaning forward and looking at it?" I knew this was getting kind of crazy but I was in some kind of zone now and just complied. I was incredibly turned on and my hard cock was pointing straight at the ceiling. I had to believe her that she wasn't looking and nothing was getting in the shot.

I could hear Maddy behind me clicking away and I knew that she was getting the shots she wanted. I heard the camera stop and her put it down, then suddenly she was dancing and jumping around in front of me yelling "Oh Benny, they're fabulous, thank you so much!" Then she stopped. I was frozen, sitting there in front of her with a raging hard on and her so beautiful, standing in front of me taking it all in. She continued to look me up and down for what must have been 20 seconds but felt like hours before she flopped onto the couch beside me and put her arms around me.

"I'm sorry Benny, I promised not to look. But now I have, you look so nice! And I can tell you really liked my photos!" Smiling, she pulled back from me and looked me in the eyes.

"Thanks so much" and she leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips, at the same time wrapping her slender fingers around my raging cock. She proceeded to gently caress me me, holding my head to her shoulder until I came forcefully all over my chest and stomach. She kissed me again and we stayed cuddling in that position as my cock slowly returned to flaccidity.