I had worked all weekend and I was tired. It was due to the hours and not so much from the actual work. The restaurant/bar I worked at was dying quickly. So quickly that I had already asked Courtney if her work was hiring. She told me she would ask for me.

It was Monday. I was off work. I was bored. I went to my bedroom and witnessed a mess. It was time for a good cleaning. Jeans and shorts and panties and bras were strewn along the floor - casualties of late nights and bad decisions. I grabbed all the clothes and put them in a pile in a corner to be washed at a later time.

Next was the bed. I yanked the pillow cases off the pillow and discarded them into the clothes pile. Down toward the foot of the bed were white stains - undoubtedly from my Thursday night Sunfest romp with the Black God of Thickness. The soreness has taken three days to dissipate but the cum stains were still there to remind me.

I ripped the bed sheet off and threw it in the clothes pile as well. I leaned down and grabbed a pair of shoes which was attempting to hide under the bed. An empty condom wrapper was sitting inside one of the shoes.

Behind the bedroom door, I picked up the bag of sex toys I had bought on my trip to the sex store with Courtney. I hadn't taken any of them out of the bag yet, but was feeling horny enough to now consider it. I pulled out the black dildo. It was rubber and had rubbed rubber veins on it. It was about seven inches long had fake rubber balls as well. Or at least half a ball sac.

I brought it up to my nose. It smelled like rubber which made sense because, well...it was. I slid some of it in my mouth. Tasted like rubber too. Definitely not like the real thing. I put it back in the bag for another day.

I took a shower and put on some shorts and a white T-shirt. It was a casual night and I was going to see if Courtney was at work.

I arrived at the bar already slightly buzzed. I had take a few tequila shots while getting ready and they had now begun to warm me up. The bar was empty except for a group of five men chatting loudly at one end of the bar. As I looked closer I noticed it was Jimmy and a few friends of his. I didnt recognize any of them which was good.

I walked over to say hi.

"Hey Jimmy," I greeted him.

Jimmy turned and looked me up and down. His eyes were bloodshot and I could tell he was already drunk.

"Hey Kelly," he said flippantly and then turned around ignoring me.

I was embarrassed and slightly shocked. He was my friend yet he couldn't have greeted me any less friendly.

Mortified and now lacking confidence, I walked over to the bar and sat by myself, looking for Court and a strong shot. Her coworker Emily came over to serve me.

"Where is Courtney?"

"Her mother came into town unexpectedly so she called out. What can I get you?"

"A shot of Patron please."

Great. I was here by myself and the friend I planned to hang out with wasn't working. Luckily Jimmy and his friends had left. I was no longer in the mood to deal with him.

I debated calling it a night until a cute guy took a seat three barstools down.

After finishing his beer he looked over to me, the only company sitting at the bar.

"Monday's suck."

"Sounds like someone has a case of the Monday's," I returned. I had remembered that line from some stupid movie by ex boyfriend watched all the time.

"I LOVE that movie!" He shouted.

The ice was broken that easily. He moved himself to the stool next to mine. He was white and stood about 5'9". He had dark brown hair and was skinny. His navy blue Penn State shirt hung loosely on him. He couldn't have been more than one hundred sixty-five pounds. He smelled good, like fresh soap and expensive shampoo.

We shared a few drink and some shots. He was friendly and good with conversation. His hand found a resting place on my thigh two or three times and I made no effort to remove it. This dog was in heat and looking for a mate.

"Let's go some place more private," he suggested.

I was game.

We paid the tab and walked out to the parking lot at the back of the restaurant. He pushed me against the outside wall of the restaurant and kissed me aggressively. He had me pinned against the wall and his hand felt my tits over my shirt.

"Let's continue this at home," I panted after pulling my lips away.

"No. Here," he demanded.

"Right here?!"

"There's dumpsters on each side of us. Plus I can see if anyone is coming."

I had never been into public play but my hormones took over. I was still unsure if this PDA should continue, but he had already unzipped his shorts and had pulled his dick out of his zipper opening. I was shocked at the audacity. His hand pressed down on my shoulder and I found myself lowering to my knees.

Gravel was digging into my knees and the stench of the dumpsters was unappealing. His dick was already hard and there was a glisten of precum on the tip.

My tongue instinctively reached out and licked it. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I had officially lost all morals. I sucked the head. It was much thicker than the rest of his six inch cock. I could feel the edges of his cock head as I traced my tongue and lips around it.

"I can't," I said worriedly as his hard cock twitches in front of me.

"Coast is clear," he said while peering over the dumpsters without even looking at me. His hand found my head and guided it back to his cock.

I realized I had to do this quickly before we got caught so I put forth some of my best work. I ravaged his dick with my mouth. I could easily deep throat his dick so I did - again and again and again. My tongue massaged the bottom of his shaft each time he slid into my throat. My lips massaged the head each time I pulled him almost fully out.

I noticed his breathing and moans which signaled he enjoyed when I sucked his shaft furiously instead of slow and sensually. I obliged, taking him all the way in and out of my mouth so fast you could hear the gurgle of spit forming.

Noticed his legs tense up and I took all of his six inches into my mouth and throat. My nose was pressed against the fabric of his shorts and I felt his dick pulse and braced for the ejaculation.

He grabbed my head and unloaded his seed which I swallowed it quite easily - smiling up at him embarrassed at what I had just done.

He zipped us his pants and smiled back.

"Jimmy was right. You give one hell of a blow job."

"Oh fuck," I thought to myself. Another star for this general and I didn't even know it.