This follows on from the first story, Driving Lady C'. I'd recommend reading that first but not essential.


It was a couple of weeks after I'd had the pleasure of driving Caroline that she contacted me. It was a text requesting that I be available from lunchtime to early evening in a couple of weeks. I was required to drive for her again. I replied straight away, smiling that Caroline had been in touch. I explained that I would need to sort the time off from work and I'd confirmed the next day. I also mentioned that I wouldn't have access to the same car unless I went via Nigel.

I found that just this message from Caroline has me getting aroused, perhaps just from the memories of a few weeks back.

Caroline's reply came straight away! I wasn't to worry about a car, one would be provided. Also that I shouldn't disappoint her. That message ended with three dots. I could see that she was typing but then appeared to stop so I waited. A message appeared that simply said 'remember last time' another three dots. There was a short pause and then a photo appeared.

I recognised her naked breasts immediately, large and firm, the nipples hard. It looked like the photo had been cropped to remove anything that would make it obvious it was Caroline but I was certain. It took a few seconds but then I realised, it must have been one of the photos she took in the back of the car just after we'd finished having sex, I could make out my cum glistening on her breasts. I thought about the naughty smile she'd probably had on her face when she took the photo and when she'd just sent it.

If I needed the slightest bit of motivation to get the time off work then this was more than was needed but no motivation required!

I replied, saying thank you and that I thought about that encounter almost every day, confirmed that I'd message her tomorrow.


Two weeks later I parked up around the corner from Caroline's house, so I could walk the last bit as instructed. My phone beeped, it was a message from Caroline telling me to go around the back of the house, the door would be open and I should head upstairs.

I walked up the drive, the same a Mercedes of Nigel's was parked in front of the house. I made my way around the back and into the house, I heard Caroline's voice coming from upstairs, she must have been on the phone. I followed the sound.

I headed into the bathroom, Caroline was reclined in the bath of the ensuite, I could see her reflection in the mirror through the open door. Rather than enter whilst she was on the phone, I waited in the door for her to finish. Gazing in the mirror, admiring what I could see of her body, it made me instantly hard.

Noticing me looking, Caroline beckoned me in. Looking up at me she smiled, her free hand came up to her breast, rubbing her nipple as whilst simultaneously licking her lips, teasing me right from the off. Caroline's hair was tied up to keep it from being wet.

'Ok darling, I need to go now and get ready. Yes, see you when you get home later.'

'Good, you're here, take this!" Caroline handed me her phone. Caroline lifted herself up, turning to face me. A look of expectation on her face. I was mesmerised, looking at her body flooded my mind with memories of last time.

'Towel!' barked Caroline.

My focused returned immediately, I quickly spotted the towel and held it out for her. Caroline stepped from the bath, turning her back on me so I could wrap the towel around her. Taking hold of the towel she tied it at the front. As Caroline turned back around she snatched her phone from my hand.

'Thank you!' she said with a touch of sarcasm. Caroline was always abrupt, rarely said please or thank you. However, there was something powerful about her that made me feel ok about it when I was in her presence. Perhaps something to do with the pleasure she can give, though I'm sure it's her own pleasure that's only of importance to her. Caroline walked into the bedroom.

'Go and fetch me a glass of water from the kitchen, there's a good boy!' Of course, I went without question.

I was quickly back upstairs, Caroline stood waiting, towel still wrapped around her. I handed the glass to her, taking a sip she passed it back.

'You can put that on the side.' Giving a little nod to the dressing table. Some items had been laid out. I noticed a black bra with not much material to it, black suspender belt that had metal clasps and an unopened pack of stockings. There was also a selection of jewellery.

The was a placemat for the glass. Leaving the glass in its place I spun round, Caroline was facing me, the towel held open, teasing me with her body once more. Casually Caroline let the towel fall to the floor and took a step closer to me. Reaching out with her right hand, she used a finger to trace the length of my hard cock through my trousers. On reaching the top she applied a bit of pressure.

'I do hope that's full of cum for me and that you haven't been wanking as I instructed?' Caroline asked.

'No, I haven't, I followed your instructions to the letter,' I replied.

'And I can take it you freshly shaved it this morning?' she enquired.

'Of course. Do you need to see?'

Caroline smiled, 'I'll tell you if and when I need to see it!'

'Now you need to concentrate on moisturising me. Go in the bathroom and get the bottle of Clarins that's on the side.'

I returned to find Caroline lying face down on the bed, head tilted towards me.

'Make sure you cover every inch and take your time, I'm not in a rush!' she instructed.

'In fact, wait a moment. I don't see why I'm naked and you still have all your clothes on! Strip to your boxers,' Caroline demanded.

I did as requested. My hard-on clearly visibly through my close-fitting boxers.

I wasn't sure where to start with applying the lotion. I opted to begin at her feet and work my way up. I began slowly, gently rubbing it in. I worked my way up Caroline's leg, past the knee to her thigh, my fingers reaching in between her thighs. I noticed Caroline parted her legs ever so slight so help the passage of my hands. I switched legs, repeating my actions. We didn't speak, Caroline had her eyes closed, her body fully relaxed.

I reached her shoulders and neck, finishing up and lifted my hands from her body. My cock was raging hard, desperate to spring free from my boxers. I wished I could release it up and offer it up for Caroline to take in her mouth. Yet I knew that's not how this lady worked, everything was about her choosing how and when things did and didn't happen.

Caroline opened her eyes and rolled over, she looked at my boxers and raised her eyebrows, that wicked wry smile appearing across her lips.

'Don't forget, every inch needs moisturising and I mean every inch!' Caroline reiterated.

I started at her feet again, this time Caroline watched me closely. Smiling at the effect she was having on me. Slowly working up the leg, feeling how firm and slender they were. Again Caroline parted her legs a little as I worked on her thigh. I wasn't sure what she expected me to do when it came to her pussy. Switching legs I covered the other leg in the cream. Next, I moved my hands up to her stomach, avoiding her pussy. Caroline didn't say a word so I thought that it was fine.

'You can take extra care and time now,' said Caroline as I took her left breast in my hands. Caroline's nipples were hard and prominent, it was imposed not to flick the nipple as my hands moved across her breasts. I reached for more cream and rubbed it into the other breast. I was amazed at how controlled Caroline was. Given how hard her nipples were, it was clear she was enjoying this yet she said nothing. I finished up on her shoulders and took a step away from the bed.

'Erm, I think you'll find you've not covered every inch! Have you?' Caroline said indignantly. She lifted herself onto her elbows, brought her feet up and spread her legs wide.

'Don't forget the area around me pussy!' A slight of disapproval on her face.

I put some cream on my hands, moved back towards the bed and started applying it to her inner thighs, then over the pubic area. Caroline grabbed my hand and slide it over to her clit.

'It needs some special attention right there!' Laying her fingers over mine she started to make circular motions before removing her hand and leaving me to it. Caroline's head tilted back, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling.

After a minute or so, her head came up and eyes opened. 'That will do. Don't want you getting over-excited.' My cock right in her eye-line.

'Get my bra,' pointing to the dressing table.

I retrieved the bra, Caroline stood waiting. I didn't think there was much to the bra and I was right. Caroline slipped it on, to reveal it was a qtr cup bra. She watched herself in the mirror, adjusting the straps so it sat perfectly around her breasts.

Caroline looked across, saying 'I don't need a bra but I do like the way this frames my breasts.' Next, she requested the suspended belt. It had six wide straps and quite deep, not at all flimsy.

'You can unwrap the stockings whilst I'm putting this on."

I picked up the packet, opened it and carefully took out a pair of very sheer nude seamed stockings. Watching Caroline slip on the suspender belt out of the corner of my eye. Once it was on and adjusted Caroline sat in the chair, holding out her hand for a stocking.

It was amazing to watching her bunch it up, slip it over her toes and carefully pull it up her leg. Caroline then fastened the front and side strap before repeating it all when the other stocking. Caroline stood, turning her back to me once again.

'You can do the back straps up.' Caroline was pointing towards the strap at the back left. I knelt down.

'Have you ever done this before?' Caroline asked.

'No.' I replied

'Well be careful, don't catch them and make sure the clip is fastened correctly. The last thing I want is them coming undone.'

'Yes Caroline, I will do it correctly for you.' In the end, I found it quite straight forward to fasten the clip and then tighten the strap. I adjusted my position so I could do the other leg.

'You should feel privileged, I don't even let me husband do this job. Since you seem rather good with your hands I decide to let you.'

'Thank you, Caroline.' I finished the second strap and stood up.

'There's a dress handing up in my dressing room and a pair of shoes out, bring this through.'

I went off to do as asked. I found a dark navy blue dress and black patent slingbacks with gold metal heels. The heel looked very high. Returning to the bedroom I found Caroline was over by the dressing table putting her earring in. They were medium-sized gold hoops. I placed the shoes by the chair and hung the dress up.

Caroline finished putting her earring in then came over to the chair, sat down and crossed her legs, ready for me to put her shoes on. This was just as I'd done it last time, only this time we both had fewer clothes on. The shoes were exquisite, certainly what one would call killer heels. Once done I remained kneeling, rather than standing up, Caroline spread her legs, displaying her smooth pussy in all its glory. Her hands rested on her inner thighs just by the stocking tops. Caroline looked down on me.

Caroline's hand moved up to her pussy, using a single finger she began to gently play with herself, rubbing her clit, stroking her finger up and down her pussy lips. I looked on, my cock straining at my boxers and desire building to be allowed to lick her.

'Come closer!' Caroline demanded. I shuffled forward. 'Stick your tongue out.'

Again I did as requested. Caroline took her wet finger, holding it out, 'Taste!' she commanded.

I used my tongue to lick at Caroline's outstretched finger before wrapping my lips around it and sucking it into my mouth. The sweet flavours of her juices hitting my taste buds. It made my desire to lick and pleasure her pussy even greater.

'That's enough for now' said Caroline as she withdrew her finger. Caroline stood and turned on her heels towering over me. Her heels added 5 inches to her height, whilst also enhancing the shape of her legs.

'Are my seams straight?' She enquired.

My eyes followed the seams up and down both legs. I could see they needed some minor adjustments.

'They both need a little adjustment, Caroline.' I replied.

'Then best you make them then, I want them perfectly straight. Nothing worse than a seam that's not straight!'

If it wasn't arousing enough to be in the floor behind Caroline touching her slender nylon clad legs, she leaned forward pushing her bare pussy closer to my face. It made it very hard to concentrate on the job in hand!

Once I was happy, I stood and let Caroline know they were straight.

'Right, I need to finish getting ready. I want you to take your clothes, go into the room next door and get dressed. Then go and make sure the car is ready.'

I gathered my clothes up and made my way to the door.

'Oh and you can take the boxers off. No need to have those restraining your excitement!' Caroline added as I left the room.

I quickly got dressed, stuffed my boxer shorts into my pocket and headed downstairs. The car keys were on a table in the hall. I check the car over, it was good to go. Leaning against the car I waited for Caroline to emerge. My hard-on had subsided thankfully. It was going to very obvious if my cock was hard now I wasn't wearing any boxers.

It was a good 15 minutes that I must have been waiting but boy it was worth the wait! Caroline appeared at the door, the dress was very figure-hugging, it's length around mid-thigh, making the most of her amazing figure. It crossed over just below the breasts, meaning a large amount of cleavage was on display. Stretched taut, you could clearly see the shape of her nipples pushing at the material. There was a thin gold necklace with a snake's head nestling just above her breasts. Caroline's hair was worn down, with sunglasses propped atop of her head.

A rather expensive-looking black handbag dangled from a gold coloured chain resting on her shoulder. The outline of her suspender straps through the dress, I had a strong desire to reach out and feel them. This was a head-turning woman dressed to impress. The seamed stockings and killer heels taking it to another level. The erection that had previously subsided, start to return.

I opened the car door ready for Caroline to step in. Walking over she stopped in front of me.

'Do I looked good enough to fuck?' came the words from Caroline's bright red lips. 'That's a rhetorical question!' Caroline said, simultaneously grabbing my cock. 'I can see the answer to that. I wonder if anyone else will notice this afternoon!' A wicked look on her face Caroline eased into the car. It was impossible not to stare at Caroline's heaving cleavage.

I jumped in and asked Caroline where to.