Imagine that you search for a new lesbian video to watch, and this is what you find. Is this something that you'd like to see?

Episode 6: Special Delivery Sex

Scene: two brunettes 22-25 sit in a car. Driver wears tight jeans, boots, a tight sweater. Passenger has come from work. Grey or brown skirt just below the knees and conservative blouse.

Passenger says "Thanks again for giving me a ride home while my car's being worked on. I sure appreciate it. I know it's not really convenient for you."

"I'm happy to help. Besides, I'm not going anywhere tonight except home, so it wasn't any kind of bother to me."

"Well, I'm still very appreciative. You say you don't have anything to do tonight. How about if you come up and let me make dinner for you? I'm just planning to heat up some grilled chicken and put it in a salad, but I'd like the company." She pauses and smiles. "I've got wine."

They both laugh. "You make it sound so persuasive." she smiles. "I'd love it." They get out of the car.

Scene 2: the two women enter a very simple, dark apartment.

The passenger (Jane) closes and locks the door behind them. "Just make yourself at home, and I'm going to put on something more casual. You can have anything to drink that you find.

Jane goes into the bedroom. The driver (Melissa) goes into the kitchen and we here her call "I found the wine!" She returns to the living room carrying the bottle and two wine glasses. The doorbell rings. She sets down the bottle and glasses and we see her look out the window. While opening the front door, she calls "Jane, you've got a package." She picks it up, brings it inside, and closes the door.

From the other room, Jane shouts "That's for me, I'll get it." She immediately comes out of the bedroom into the living room. She has on some tight jeans. She's barefoot. She's pulling down a t-shirt as she runs into the room. It doesn't reach her navel. She has no bra on underneath. She's in a hurry but trying not to show it.

Jane says "I hope you don't mind. I'm going to have to give you dinner some other time. That's a bunch of work that just arrived and I have to give it my attention tonight. Immediately.

Melissa's looking at the package. It's a plain box except for the shipping label. "Hold on. I think I recognize the company that sent this. I've seen its name online."

"Oh, yeah, it's a very generic name. You've probably seen something similar that this reminds you of. Let me have that package, please."

Jane reaches for the box but Melissa turns so Jane is at her back and she sets it on the table. "No, I've got to see if this is what I think it is."

"Shit! Please give me my box, Mel!"

Melissa opens it and takes out a Sybian. "I can't believe that you got a Sybian!"

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

"You are such a surprise. This is so amazing. I've always wanted to try one. You are so awesome. You're going to let me try this, right?"

"Are you crazy? I've been waiting a week and a half for this. Really, I've waited more like twenty years for it. I'm not loaning it out."

"I didn't mean that I'd take it with me. Let me have a turn tonight, here. Please, Jane. You would't believe how long it's been since I had sex. I'm begging you, Jane, Please let me have a turn."

"All right, you can have a turn. But not tonight. You've got to go so I can use it. I'm having trouble thinking of anything except taking off these jeans and climbing on it."

"I'm not leaving until I've had a turn. Besides, it's not like we both haven't seen other nude girls."

Jane starts taking off her jeans and panties at the same time. "Damn you, Melissa. Fine, I can't wait. You can use it after me."

She sets up the machine and puts on an attachment and tests the controls. All the time she sets it up and tests it, Mel is staring at it like Jane isn't even in the room. Mel says to herself "I wonder if they make one for two."

Jane starts riding the Sybian. Mel is pacing, watching. She rubs herself through the jeans. "Damn, that's no good." She strips off her jeans and has on a thong. She pushes the fabric to one side and fingers herself. Then she pulls off the thong and continues fingering while she watches Jane. Jane is panting and is playing with her breasts under her shirt. She's hot and pulls the shirt off and plays with her breasts. She starts humping the machine to speed up her orgasm. Mel continues masturbating. She pulls off her sweater and has a sexy bra that matches the thong. She takes off the bra while masturbating. Jane has an orgasm and Mel says it's her turn.

"Almost. Just another five minutes." 3 minutes pass with Jane riding and Mel masturbating.

"It's been 5 minutes. Let me have a turn."

"Wait, wait..." but Mel is practically pulling her off. Jane stops it and climbs off and tells Mel that she should clean it off, but Mel isn't waiting and climbs on. Now it's Jane's turn to masturbate while Mel rides and plays with her breasts and has an orgasm.

"I'm ready for another turn."

"Wait! I'm so turned on! I need someone to kiss. Kiss me, and I'll get off." Jane and Mel french kiss while Mel is riding. Jane says "okay, my turn." She tries to pull Mel off from the side but slips backwards. She's lying on her back with her legs open. Mel gets off but her knees are weak and she falls forward with her face between Jane's legs. "I'm so turned on, and you're so hot, Jane. And I love that you shared this with me tonight." She fingers and gives oral sex to Jane. This satisfies Jane so much that she forgets the Sybian. The two girls decide that this is more fun and continue having sex. They kiss and finger and lick each other's bodies until the evening light from the window fades.

Jane stands up and turns on a light. Mel is still lying on the floor with her legs apart. She sees Jane' looking at her pussy. "Do you like what you see."

"I do." Jane reaches down and Mel takes her hands and Jane helps pull her up off the floor and into an embrace. They kiss. "I'm hungry. Are you going to stay for dinner?" Jane lets go but Melissa continues holding on and kisses her. Jane reaches puts her arms back around Mel and they kiss some more. Then Jane stops and pushes away. "Let's eat, and we can play with the Sybian some more after dinner."

"I approve of this plan." They both laugh. Mel has let go, and Jane turns towards the kitchen. Mel is following and one of her hands is still caressing Jane's butt and top of her inner thigh. "And I have an idea. How about if we start a carpool and I'll drive every day. Let me come before work and use your machine and then shower and dress here. Then I'll drive you to work and pick you up at night and bring you home and you and I can have sex all night?"

Jane turns to Mel, runs her fingers through Mel's hair and puts her close with the other and kisses her again. "I like that plan." They kiss. "Or here's another plan. Maybe you should just move in."

Mel squeezes Jane's ass while they kiss some more. "I like that plan a lot!" The scene fades out while they continue kissing.