This is Penny's story as told to me.

I knew our company was suffering from the COVID-19 crisis, but I had no idea how badly until Nic spoke to me about it.

"Love, I've been trying to keep this from you because I didn't want you to worry, but you need to know now. The shortfall in business has us on the brink of liquidation. We might have to to wind up the company," he told me.

"Well, I know it's our only source of income," I tried to comfort him, "but we've still got CB our family and our house and we're resourceful enough to come up with something new."

Nic couldn't look me in the eye as he told me, "That's just it love, things are so bad, I had to remortgage the house to keep the company afloat. With no income, the bank will foreclose and we'll be homeless."

'Shit!', I thought, realising the predicament we were in "What are we going to do? I could make loukomadies and kataifi and sell them at the local shops," trying to think how I could help.

"As fantastic as your Greek sweets are darling, they won't bring in the amount of cash flow we need. But there is something you could do to help. I know a couple who are good clients of ours and they run an introduction service," he told me.

"Are you serious? You're asking me to be a prostitute? Give head jobs in cars for $100? Bend over behind a dumpster and take it doggy style for $200?," I protested.

"No, it's not like that love. Their clients are high end with sophisticated tastes. You'd meet them at their homes or 5 star hotels and my clients say you could make up to $5,000 for one nightlong meeting, sometimes more. You'd just need to cater for their tastes," he tried to assuage me.

"Fuck off Nic! You still want me to sell my body like a common whore! I might be a slut, but I'm not a prostitute," and I stormed out, jumped in my car and went to the local pub, which I rarely do.

As I sat drinking an ouzo and coke I was fuming, but images and thoughts kept going through my mind. 'High end clients, catering to their tastes, $5,000 a night, being a filthy whore.' Those thoughts were having a very positive effect on my erogenous zones and I realised my pussy was wet.

I had a pretty good idea who the clients Nic was referring to. Of course,being the company's admin person, I talk to all of our clients on a regular basis. After a few more ouzos, I picked up the phone and rang Barb, a mature woman in her sixties, butlooked and thought younger.

I talked to her about normal business and was about to chicken out and hang up when Barb asked, "Has Nic talked to you about our other business proposition? Eric and I know you and Nic are in dire straits, but our business is flourishing. Lots of rich people staying at home getting bored and all that and they've been referring their rich friends to us. We can't keep up with supply!"

"Well," I responded, I initially told Nic to fuck off, butI have been considering it and I'd like to know more, but I don't want Nic to know that I've talked to you about it."

"Mum's the word, dear," Barb said in her old world style. "If you're free, I can get our chauffeur Charles to come and collect you and we can talk privately."

I accepted, I probably shouldn't be driving home now anyway. I would be way over the limit and the ouzo gave me the Dutch courage to talk more openly with Barb and Eric.

When I arrived, Eric and Barb greeted me with open arms, hugs and kisses and a large glass of wine. "We're thrilled you are considering our proposition Penny," Eric smiled as we sat in comfortable leather chairs, "I can tell you, you'll be very popular with a lot of our clients if you choose to join us. You're a very sensual, voluptuous woman."

That made me feel even more emboldened and proud. Barb said, "Eric is right, Penny. You'd be highly sought after and could command very high fees, but we want you to make your decisions, being fully informed and understanding our rules and safety measures. A bit unsexy, but they're very important, especially for your privacy and safety and that of our clients. So why don't we start with any initial questions you have?"

"Sounds good Barb," I said, "One thing that piqued my interest was that Nic mentioned that I would need to cater for your clients' special interests. What sort of things would that involve?"

"Good question Penny," Eric piped up, "Our clients' requests are very wide and varied. You will always be fully informed of their needs before taking a booking and we will never ask you to do anything you don't want to. We'll give you a list of requests we've received in the past and you can cross out anything you're not prepared to do, so we don't waste each other's time."

Barb took over, "Our service is popular and our clients are prepared to pay big dollars because we don't judge them for their interests and needs. Our employees tend to stay with us for a long time because we also don't judge them for what services they are or aren't prepared to provide. We keep our clients and employees safe, their privacy secure and we give them the respect they deserve. How does it sound so far, would you like to progress with an interview?"

"Yes," I replied, wondering what an interview might entail, "It sounds very good so far. What does the interview consist of?"

Eric responded, "We need to test your suitability. We don't want you to think we're a dirty old couple trying to take advantage of you, so you'll be paid for the interview with a $1,000 voucher at one of our client's specialist boutiques, whether you pass or nor not. A lot of candidates choose to use it to enhance their 'professional' wardrobe and accoutrements."

"I'll just clarify something that Eric just said," Barb interrupted, "We ARE a dirty old couple, but the rest is true." We all laughed.

Despite the hilarity calming me a little, I as very apprehensive about what would be required of me. I figured they'd want to see me naked, which causes me some embarrassment. I'm a big girl. I've had many compliments about my curvaceous and vivacious body, but I still feel insecure.

Barb said, "We need to see you naked, but to make you feel more at ease, we'll strip first. None of us are perfect, but our clients are not that shallow as to expect a glamour model and in fact, the majority prefer a 'normal person'. What they want is a sexual being, somebody who will accept them for what they are and what their needs are."

I watched as they unceremoniously undressed. Even up until now I hadn't thought of Barb and Eric in a sexual way. They obviously had no inhibitions or self consciousness. As they stripped, Barb talked.Maybe she sensed my apprehension and nervousness. "Keep in mind Penny, anything we ask you to do today will be nothing compared to our clients' expectations. If you're not able to do as we ask, you're probably not suited." That didn't really make me any more at ease, but it did make me determined to pass any tests they may have.

I'd never thought about Eric and Barb in a sexual way. They were simply people used our company's services. Even now, I simply saw them as business people who had found another stream of income. It was almost like Barb had read my mind.

As she exposed her smallish taut breasts, adorned with nipple rings, she said, "We're not just a conduit to connect people. We provide services to our clients as well." As she removed her skirt, revealing a cute, completely bare pussy, she continued, "We enjoy what we do and we're not in it to make huge amounts of money. In fact the modest 10% cut we take barely covers our costs."

I looked over at Eric who was now naked. He's a lean man with an impressive tool. I think my eyes widened when I saw it swinging between his legs. Barb noticed, "You can see why Eric is very popular. His equipment is obvious, but he has many talents," she giggled.

They sat back on their leather seats and Eric said, "Your turn now Penny," as he took his impressive tool in his hand and started stroking it. I was nervous, embarrassed, shy and apprehensive, but I was determined not show it. I channeled my sexual excitement, the desperation of of our financial situation and the memory of stripping for my husband and his friend while on holiday, to put on a facade of confidence and sensuality.

As I swayed and swivelled, I noticed that Barb had joined Eric in masturbating. Her legs spread over the arms of her chair, she was stroking her clit and dipping her fingers into her obviously wet pussy. I removed my top and bra, holding my tits so my hands covered my nipples.

I stood close to Barb and exposed my nipples to her, before bending and swinging my tits, slapping her face with them. I then went to Eric and stood astride his legs, slowly lowering my skirt to reveal my panty clad bum.

I took his hands and moved them to the sides of my panties, silently inviting him to remove them. As I did, I looked Barb in the eyes and licked my lips. As he lowered my panties, I bent slowly, causing my cheeks to separate and expose my hairy slit. I also slowly moved my arse backwards so that when I was completely exposed to him, his nose was buried between my cheeks and my pussy lips kissed his lips.

I smiled cheekily at Barb and raised my eyebrows as Eric's tongue snaked its way inside my pussy. I said to her, "I can feel one of Eric's talents now. His tongue feels lovely in my wet cunt." I saw Barb's body twitch as she finger fucked herself. I'd obviously struck a chord and silently congratulated myself.

"Nice work Penny, but a slutty striptease is child's play compared to what our clients are expecting. Go to the drawer to your right and choose two toys, one for me and one for you. Then position yourself on your chair just as I am. It's time to open up for us, in more ways than one.," Barb directed me.

I chose a 'rabbit' for Barb and a long, thick black dildo for me. As I handed the rabbit to Barb I felt my resolve dissolve a bit, but I knew I had to comply with them to have a chance to save the company. I'd do anything they asked.

I resumed my seat and hooked my legs over the arms, feeling my pussy lips separate, knowing I was exposing my moist pinkness to them. I felt very uncomfortable , but at the same time the wanton nature of what I was doing made my pussy twitch.

"I hope you're nice and wet Penny. I want to see you push the whole of the big black cock into you and keep it there while we ask you some questions," Barb said with a little venom in her tone.

I didn't know if I was brave enough to open myself up more than I already was with my legs spread like this. I sensed Barb was about to say something when I looked at Eric slowly stroking his impressive erection and looking at my open pussy with an expression of great expectation

That encouraged me to take the long black dildo and rub it up and down my slit, covering it in my lubricant. I concentrated on staring at Eric's hand and especially the way it pushed his foreskin over his helmet. The way his foreskin would pause and scrunch up at the ridge of his blood engorged cock head and then flip over the ridge and sliding over his helmet.

I introduced the head of the big silicone cock and pushed it in a few inches and withdrew a little a few times, before my pussy was ready to accept more. I pushed hard and was surprised when I found no resistance and the whole ten thick inches slid easily inside me. There was a loud collective gasp and sigh as it was clear I was completely filled with the dildo.

I didn't pull it out because my whole vaginal canal partly because it felt so good and partly because my cervix and uterus were gripping onto the invader so tightly, I didn't think they'd let go.

I looked at Eric and Barb and they were both masturbating furiously. That emboldened me further. My nipples were aching and I took my breasts in my hands and toyed with my nipples. It was a reflex action, but I realised that it must have looked very hot. Me playing with my nipples and my vagina holding onto the huge black cock deep inside me.

Barb was the first to recover her senses to some extent. "Very good Penny. It seems that your cunt won't have any problems with accepting anything our clients might choose to put in there and it looks like you have some well developed muscles as well. Now, I want you to fuck yourself while I present you with some scenarios. All I require from you is a 'Yes' if you would take the job or consider taking it and a 'No' if you wouldn't."

I couldn't look Barb or Eric in the face while I masturbated and answered, so I just looked at my pussy and the enormous sex toy. I slowly slid all but about an inch of it from me and it was covered in my juices and shone brightly in the light.

Barb started with a series of scenarios. "An older male wants you to attend his hotel. He will slowly remove each item of your clothing, exposing your body to his gaze and his touch. He will fondle you everywhere and likely use his lips and tongue on every part of your body. He may want to spank you. He will then expect you to make him cum. That might be with your hands, your mouth, your cunt, your feet and may involve your underwear."

There was a sufficient pause to let me know she wanted my answer. I continued to watch the black pole slowly fucking me and responded, "Yes."

Eric presented the next scenario, "A high profile business woman wants you to seduce her. You'll begin by complimenting her, then touching her and removing her clothes. You'll be in charge and encourage her to remove your clothes. You'll direct her to perform acts on you. The naughtier and dirtier they are the better. You'll also perform dominant acts on her including nipple torture and fucking her with a strap on dildo, in all of her orifices."

The pause came again and I responded, "Yes." If my sexual senses hadn't been so heightened from the dildo and their questions. If we were all dressed and it was more businesslike I don't know if I'd be answering the way I was.

Barb took up the next scenario. "A younger couple wants you to pretend to be the man's mother and the two of you have been sexual partners for some years. His actual partner will play the role of a third person in the relationship. His partner is a very attractive transgender woman with a lovely body and a generous cock."

"The young man thinks his mother is treating him to a FFM threesome, but the reality turns out that she intends to cuckold him before watching them together and joining in."

I was already getting close to orgasm, but the twists in that scenario took me over the edge. I fucked myself with shorter and faster strokes and my pussy began to twitch around the big pole, I continued to look at it, rather than them and now, instead of glistening lubricating juice, my frantic masturbation now resulted in it being covered in a creamy, whipped up coating.

I announced my orgasm, "Yes. Fuck yes, fuck fuck fuck, YESSSSSSS!" That also sufficed as my answer. As my orgasm swept over me I felt a hand directing my face to the side and Eric pushed the head of his cock between my lips. I opened my mouth and my throat and took his length down there.

He groaned and let out a number of expletives, which I don't remember which ones. He fucked my throat and on only the second stroke I felt a big spurt of cum go straight down my gullet. I pulled my head back and used my tongue and lips on the head of his cock, enhancing his orgasm and allowing me to enjoy the feeling and taste of his remaining spunk spurting into my mouth.

He supplied me with another 3 good spurts before my ministrations became too much for him and he withdrew. My orgasm was still in full swing and I, uncharacteristically and quite brazenly looked Barb in the eye and beckoned her to me.

She was beside me like a shot and I reached up and pulled her face to mine and kissed her openmouthed, pushing my tongue and some of her husband's salty cream into her mouth. She responded enthusiastically and our tongues swirled, swapping Eric's baby batter until we'd both swallowed an equal amount.

My orgasm and apparently, Barb's orgasm subsided and she pulled away, still gently strumming her pussy lips, "Well!" she exclaimed, "You've surprised us! I haven't enjoyed tasting Eric's cum so much in years and that little interlude answers a few other questions. You can deep throat like an expert and you swallow."

After we dressed and I was ready to leave, Barb said, "I can safely say we can give you a start and give you some very well paid assignments in the next week. We may need to have a debrief and further interview after that, but we'll pay you in cash for that."

As I walked to my car, I was very nervous and unsure about what I'd committed myself to, but acutely aware of our precarious financial position. That was my head talking. My pussy was saying, "I can't wait for the first assignment."