My hand was shaking as I reached up to knock on the door. I was weak with anticipation -my heart bursting in my chest. I smoothed the tight little skirt and unbuttoned the top button on my blouse. The sheer fabric clung to my breasts, and no, I wasn't wearing a bra. If you're going to do something this scandalous, you might as well look the part, right?

The battered old door opened and a wrinkled visage peered out from the harsh white light of the locker room. He stared at me for a moment, scanned my outfit and my made-up face. He paused as he considered why I was there in the bellows of that arena in the aftermath of that particular fight. Oscar was never very clever, except when it came to boxing, so it took a moment for the whole thing to register. His eyes narrowed and I tried to read the expression on his face. Shock? Disgust?

"You need to get out of here. You can't come in here now." I didn't like the idea of the old trainer seeing any of this, but I supposed he'd find out sooner or later. There was judgment in his eyes, and shock. I couldn't blame him.

"Let her in, Oscar." I felt a sexual rush as I heard Devon's voice from the back of the room -so strong and masculine.

"This is some degenerate shit, Devon. This is just wrong." Oscar looked pained by the whole thing, but he moved aside to let me into the dressing room. I could smell the heady odor of sweat and leather as I stepped inside.

Devon studied me from the examination table where he was lying, still in his boxing trunks. A shiny silk robe was crumpled on the floor near his feet. I could read the lettering on the back, "Devon -King- Walker." The commission doctor was cutting Devon's glove off his right hand. The boxer grimaced in pain. I'd been around long enough to know what that meant -a broken hand.

A hand break was bad news for a boxer. He'd be unable to train for weeks and would have to take a longer layoff before fighting again. There would be months between paydays during which time he'd have to pay for treatment out of his own pocket. Future breaks would come easier. Even in victory, a fighter may end up worse off than before the fight. It's a shit way to make a living.

I sat on a three-legged stool a few feet behind the doctor. I looked at Devon and licked my lips. He grimaced but held my gaze as I pouted at him. I smiled wickedly and opened my legs letting him see all the way up to my underwear before crossing them again. I wanted to distract him from the pain as the doctor completed his task. It worked.

The fighter's hand was a deep purple. The area below the middle finger was thick and discolored -the site of the break. The doctor pushed gently on Devon's thumb to check the range of motion.

"Ah, fuck. Really, Doc? You know it's broken." Devon spit out the words. He was scary when he was angry. He was a jungle cat, his muscular body covered in a thin layer of perspiration. God damn, the man was sexy. I wanted him.

The doctor had patched up hundreds of prize fighters. He'd seen it all before. "We'll get that hand taped-up then get you downtown for x-rays. You're not going to be able to punch for a while, Devon. We need to get it set properly."

"Give us a couple of minutes first, Doc," I said. The doctor looked back at me for the first time since I'd entered the room. He scanned my outfit, the short skirt, sheer blouse and the hard nipples underneath. I held his gaze and applied another coat of lipstick. It was obvious what I was doing there.

"I promise not to hurt him, Doc. I just need him for half an hour. Maybe a bit longer." I uncrossed my legs and the man saw a flash of black silk under my skirt. He blushed and I felt a rush of power.

"Absolutely not." The doctor clenched his teeth. "You can stay and watch if you want," I said, "I'm not shy." I stared back at him. The doctor seethed in anger. I knew he would back down.

"Y'all get out of here for a few minutes. I'll meet you in the car afterward. I'm good, Doc. Oscar, you too. I'll see you outside." Devon shook his head at me. He knew how I was. My mind was made-up.

Oscar muttered, just before he closed the door, "This is some fucked-up shit." He was right. After they left, I moved the stool to the edge of the table. Devon watched as I reached under my skirt and slipped my panties over my hips. I turned to give him a view from behind as I lowered them down my smooth legs and over the delicate black straps around my ankles and the pencil-thin heels. I threw the silk thong onto the countertop near Devon's duffel bag.

I sat on the stool so that the boxer's legs were on either side of my own. I rubbed the top of his thighs and felt the hard muscles -the abductors and the glutes. Devon was an amazing physical specimen.

"You really are fucked-up, you know." He leaned forward to kiss me. I shivered as his tongue entered my mouth. I leaned into him as we kissed. His scent made me anxious to feel him inside me.

I licked Devon's lip as the kiss ended and I tasted the iron and the salt on him. "I know I am. I'm just so turned on right now." I was breathing deeply, trying to keep from rushing the moment we were about to share. I lowered the zipper over the curve of my right hip and let the skirt drop to the floor.

It took his hand and brought it up to my face. The break looked bad. I brushed my lips against it as he tensed in the anticipation of pain.

I kissed the back of his hand and traced a line around the purple contusion. I leaned down and took the tip of his thumb into my mouth. Devon was on edge. Even my feathery touch had to be uncomfortable. "It looks so painful." I kissed the swelling.

"I'll survive." He was a coiled spring as I teased him and the broken appendage.

"Is this from when you broke his nose?" I traced the lines of his palm with my thumb and looked at his intense brown eyes.

"No. I did this after. I broke his nose with my left. It was a perfect shot. Did you see how he fell? I thought it was over."

"He's a tough son of a bitch," I said. I let go of the broken hand and Devon relaxed.

He should have stayed down." Devon brushed my cheek. "Broke the hand on a body shot. Busted his ribs. He's going to feel it for a long time."

I took Devon's good hand and guided it between my legs. He felt how wet this was all making me. "I really fucked him up, Andrea. He's not going to be right for a long time. Hurt him bad." I moaned as his finger brushed against the folds of my pussy. I closed my eyes and squeezed the flesh on the top of his legs.

"He couldn't last with you. You were a monster out there. It turned me on so much." I leaned back and untucked my blouse, started unbuttoning.

"He was done in the fourth. I held off for two rounds. I was thinking of you while I dragged it out."

"Fuck that's hot." I leaned in to kiss him. "You have no idea what this is doing to me." I pulled off my blouse and discarded it as we broke the kiss. He looked at my tits with a wolfish hunger. My nipples were hard and proud.

"You are one evil bitch, you know that?" He held my right breast with his good hand and teased the erect tip.

I nodded. "I know it. I'm broken." I closed my eyes and focused on his touch.

"The ref should have stopped it earlier. He was blind after you closed his eye. God, what you did to him. It was brutal. Primal." I reached under the leg of his trunks and felt his thick cock. It grew hard as we kissed. "Stand up, up for me." My voice was a low whisper. I was so excited that I was short of breath.

I slid the boxer's trunks down his glistening thighs and kissed the head of his this cock leaving a small dab of lipstick to mark the spot. Devon grabbed a handful of my hair with his good hand. I took him into my mouth and moaned as I felt the heat of his member. He looked down at me as I serviced him.

"Did you see them carry him out of the ring? Ten minutes on that stool and he still couldn't walk. I scrambled his fucking head. He's never been hit like that before." Devon's voice was driving me insane as he recounted the brutal beat down. I reached between my legs and brushed a finger over my clit. The thrill of this awful taboo was almost too much to bear. I fingered my hungry pussy as I pleasured the boxer with my mouth. What kind of terrible person was I to get off on this? What was wrong with me?

"That scrub was too slow for me. He knew it the first time I landed a punch. He groaned like a bitch every time I hit him. He wanted out of there. He wasn't man enough." Devon looked down at me. I looked up at his expression as he remembered the fight. "My power was too much. He was broken and hoping to survive. Fuck that. He doesn't get to survive."

I released his member from my mouth and stood. I put my finger on his lips and he sucked the tip, tasting the arousal left there. "Keep going. Tell me all about it. You see what it does to me." I climbed on the padded table, my legs straddling his. I could smell his sweat and arousal, feel the heat from his skin. I was bursting with lust for as I crawled over his thighs to kiss his hard pectoral muscles. I leaned against his chest and reached back to take hold of the proud member between Devon's legs. It was rigid, and hot, and so fucking thick.

I gripped his hard cock and rubbed the wide head back and forth in between the lips of my sex. The sound of my wetness on his member was obscene and arousing. He grabbed my breast and I closed my eyes in ecstasy. "You want it, Andrea. You want it more than anything, don't you?"

I pushed against his glistening chest and felt the hard pectoral muscles moving under my palms. His body was perfection. "Yes. I want it more than anything. "

"Even though it's so wrong?" He asked.

"Especially because it's wrong." I lowered my pussy onto his iron rod. The feeling of Devon inside me made me gasp. Our coupling was so raw I could barely keep my emotions in check. My eyes were squeezed shut as I concentrated on his cock filling me. I sank down to engulf his entire length and a moan escaped my pursed lips. "You were thinking about this moment during the fight, weren't you? You were thinking of me fucking you." Devon was taking wide gulping breaths. I wasn't the only one take a perverse pleasure in this.

"I've never seen anything so sexy before -so manly." I lifted myself until only the thick head of his cock was inside me. I held myself there, teasing Devon then easing myself down on him again. Every inch was a cascade of pleasure.

"You're fucking twisted," he said.

I nodded. "Tell me how it felt when you knew he was beaten."

Devon lifted me to my feet. He bent me over the table and reached from behind me to grope my breast. I felt back for his cock, wet with my juices. I guided it into the wet cleft between my lips and looked back over my shoulder. "Tell me. What was it was like?"

"It's a rush." Devon was pumping his length in and out of me now. "It's hard to describe, feeling a man's strength and then feeling him wilt as you break his will." He was quiet for a moment, reveling in the sensation of his body and mine before speaking again. "It's a primitive thing, Andrea, breaking a man like that." He increased the strength of his thrusting until together we became a tangled mindless creature.

I could feel the boxer's strength as we fucked. It was an echo of the power I saw earlier that night. The anxious excitement I felt as I watched that violent display was replaced by arousal. I pushed back to meet his thrusts. The orgasm began deep inside me and increased in volume like an approaching siren. Then it was upon me, wailing and screaming before leaving me spent on the examination table awash with some strange mix of emotions.

When Devon finished with me, I felt sore and used and satisfied. I grabbed my things and followed him out to the hallway. I touched his elbow.

"You go ahead, I've got a call to make. Go see the doctor. I'll call you."

I watched his walk down the hallway, his bag slung over his shoulder. I bit my lip as I admired his perfect ass.

Damn, he was a beautiful man.

I fished my phone out of my purse and dialed the number.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm okay," he said. "Where are you?"

"I'm on my way. Traffic is bad." I knew he would believe the lie.

"Are you upset?" His voice trembled. He was fighting to hold back the sobbing anguish, I could tell.

"No, just worried about you." Was that a lie too?

"I'm okay. My head hurts. I could have beat him, you know. He just landed a lucky punch. I wasn't myself tonight." It was what boxers always say. It was how they survive, egos intact.

"I'll be there soon okay." My body ached from the incredible sex. I felt a perverse thrill.

"Okay. I love you." His voice sounded so sad.

I hung up the phone. The sound of my heels echoed in the hallway as I passed under the flickering red light of the exit sign.