a curveso gently tracedas my fingers find youand feel your soft form riseto me

I awoke before her, quietly running my hand along her body as she slept, feeling her soft skin, watching her breast rise and fall with each breath. She was beautiful, with such soft skin I couldn't help but touch her, run my lips over her skin. Even after living with her for over twenty-five years I couldn't resist the urge to squeeze her ass.

Her breasts sagged a bit now, but her nipples never failed to excited me, poking out so much when she was cold or turned on. The feel of them across my face would make me tremble and when I took them between my lips I couldn't help but suck and bite them.

Laying beside her that morning I wanted to find a way to do something for her, to her in a way I had never done before. I wanted her to feel the absolute intensity my love for her, to somehow feel a physical equivalent of the emotion.

Carefully climbing out of bed, I quietly opened the bottom drawer on her dresser, where she kept the silk scarves she had used once for a costume party. Grabbing four, I went to the four corners of our bed, tying a scarf at each one. It was a bit difficult tying the slick fabric, but with slow and careful work, I finally had them ready. I then climbed back into bed, waiting for her to wake up.

Dozing a bit, I woke about an hour later as she climbed back into bed after going to the bathroom. Snuggling up close to her, I gently kissed her on her forehead and began unbuttoning her gown. After slipping it off of her, I leaned down and began kissing her breasts, letting her firm, dark nipples slide across my face. When she began to respond, I grabbed both of her wrists firmly.

"I am going to do something now, something I've wanted to do for a long time."

Rising up a bit she looked curiously at me and asked, "And what do you have planned?"

"Shhh, just let me do this."

She shrugged and nodded, "Okay, but if I tell you to stop, you better stop."

"Look, if you want me to stop, really want me to stop simply say thorn."


"Yes, if you say anything else, I will simply keep going."

"Why not just let me stay stop?"

"What if you say stop, but really want me to go on?"

"Just what do you have planned?"

"You'll see, just remember, say 'thorn' but only if you absolutely want me to stop."

"Okay," she said, "I'm all yours."

"I was hoping you'd say that," I replied, taking her right hand and wrapping the scarf around her wrist.

"Oh my, you've wanted to tie me up?"

"Shh... no talking now, just feel," I said finishing the knot on her wrist. I let my fingers slowly run down her arm, over her shoulder and onto her breast, before continuing down her stomach, thighs and down to her ankles. Carefully tying her right ankle, I got up and moved to the other corner of the bed, gently taking her ankle and spreading her legs.

Her head had lifted up as she watched me, her face was wrought with an intensity I had not seen in her before. I could tell that, in spite of the casual conversation earlier, she was incredibly turned on. Wanting to get started on her, I quickly finished the knot on her ankle and then ran my hand up her leg, over her breast and finally to her left hand. Reaching the arm out to the corner of the bed, I finished tying her up, before grabbing one final scarf from her drawer.

I climbed back onto the bed and moved the scarf over her eyes.

"No, no, I want to watch."

"Shh... I said no talking now, just feel."


"No, no talking, no watching, just feel," I whispered in her ear as I gently tied the scarf over her eyes. Finished with the preparations, I climbed off the bed and stood back, just looking at the woman I had touched in so many ways over the years, the woman I wanted to touch in a brand-new way now.

I moved closer to her, and leaning over her, braced my hand on the bed, so I could lower my mouth to her breasts with her feeling nothing but my breath upon her. I let my lips hover over her, my tongue flicking over the nipples with the faintest touch possible. Moving from one nipple to the other, I then just breathed on her, letting my warm breath flow over her nipples and breasts, lifting my head each time she rose up to me.

After teasing her breasts, I let myself slowly descend, again using my hand lightly on the bed to maintain my balance, I touched her only with my breath as I hovered just millimeters above her trembling flesh. Passing down her stomach, I looked at her breasts and watched as they heaved deeply with each breath. Her breath was fast and ragged so I knew she was turned on.

I let my nose tickle through the curly patch of hair above her pussy and then took a deep breath, to drink her scent. Again, I touched her only with my breath, letting it spill over her throbbing clit and then run down her slit to her glistening pussy. Careful to keep just above her, I had to move quickly as she raised her ass up off the bed, lifting her hips, trying to push herself against me.

"Please," she moaned.

"Shhh... or I'll stop," I whispered, immediately hearing her gasp in frustration.

My breath then rolled down her thighs, over her knees and down to her ankles, where I let my tongue lightly touch her again. Now I let my tongue roll up her leg, curling up her calf, over her knee and along the inside of her thigh. Letting my head brush only lightly against the swollen lips of her pussy, I ran my tongue over the curve of her hip and then up to her breasts.

This time I took them into my mouth, sucking and licking them greedily, letting only my lips and tongue touch her. I moved from nipple to nipple as she writhed under me, trying to move herself against my hand. Letting my tongue circle her nipple I continued in an ever-increasing circle, moving outward on her breast and then down onto her stomach. Letting my tongue slide over her, I moved down into her pubic hair, but just when it seemed I'd dive onto her clit, I circled upward, back up towards her breasts.

She continued moving, arching her back, thrusting her hips in the air, silently pleading for my touch. Then I began my slow descent again, this time running my tongue over her hips and thighs, finally moving to where I again hovered just above her wet opening. Letting my breath roll over her, I finally pushed my tongue to her, trying to slowly push it into her, except, just as I touched her, she lifted her hips, opening her pussy to my tongue. I let it plunge deep into her hole savoring the tart taste for a moment. Withdrawing I moved up to her clit, where I pinched it between my upper lip and tongue.

I felt her lift her hips as she came, groaning loudly, her breathing fast and shallow. I kept my mouth and tongue on her clit as she writhed in her climax, but instead of stopping as I normally would do. I continued my motion as she pulled back a bit, but then began to respond again and soon was writhing once again in orgasm.

She had come twice and I had only touched her with my tongue and lips. Moving my tongue back inside of her, I began teasing, letting my tongue enter her just slightly and then withdrawing it, pulling away as she lifted to me. I continued as she moved and groaned more urgently, her hips thrusting rhythmically into the air, her legs and arms flexing.

"Fuck me please," she screamed, "please fuck me now."

I moved quickly now, kneeling between her legs, but supporting myself on my hands, so when I eased into her, she would feel nothing but my hard cock. She was already very wet so my erection slid easily into her as I pressed it deep inside her and then slowly withdrew. Instead of thrusting again, I let myself slip out and I looked down at her beautiful opening. The lips curled back, sparkling in her juices, exposing her gaping hole, wet and so ready for me. Staring in amazement I took in incredible sight of my wife's beautiful pussy...

"Oh god, fuck me, please," she moaned, nearly in tears.

Climbing back over her, I entered her again, this time fucking her with a fury, driving myself to the hilt, letting my balls slap against her. I felt her come once again, the pulsations I had felt from her so many times before, seemed so much more intense. Feeling her incredible surge roll over me, I couldn't hold off any more and I came, my cock twitching and throbbing as I spurted inside her again and again. Only after coming did I let myself fall upon her.

She tried to move her arms and legs to close around me, but the scarves prevented it. I reached up and pulled the scarf off her eyes and then, untied her hands and feet. I then leaned back on her, feeling her grab my still partially hard cock and pull it back to her pussy, trying to slide it back inside her. Leaning with her, it slipped in just a bit as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. I rested my head on her shoulder as I felt her body shake as she sobbed.

"Are you okay?" I whispered.

"Yes, yes, just be quiet now," she said.

She continued crying for some time, finally calming herself after about ten minutes. When she stopped, I rose up and looked down on her face and whispered, "I love you so very much."

"I love you too," she replied, beginning to cry again.

I rolled over beside her and snuggled up against her, feeling her body quake as she cried. Soothing her, I ran my hand along her side, fascinated at the sexy curve of her hip. A curve that still thrilled me after all these years.