11: Monday, July 13, 1300 hours CST: Colette's Report

On the way to his building after his shower, Zach smiled and texted Berte, "I'm back."

"Welcome back. Rebalancing a fusion bottle," Berte texted.

Zach continued, "I have a request based on our previous conversation. Please do the looking me in the eye thing and the yes thing for me just like Colleen taught you. Just have your mouth be normal. I think I'll get excited even more knowing that you're doing it just to excite me."

"Ooh, this is going to be fun! I can't wait to see how hard and excited you get from my eye job. Eye job?"

He was exploring a new frontier indeed. Now he was getting eye jobs. "As good a name as any. I love you. Remember, I'll pick you up from your quarters at 6 PM tomorrow."

"Reminder: eidetic memory. Don't be repetitive except with your hips."

He didn't know what to text to Berte in response to that, so instead he called Khushi. Heavy breathing answered. "Khushi's phone," giggled Ayana.

Khushi's voice in the background, incredulous, "You answered it? Mmmmf." The rest was garbled.

"Hi Ayana. I was just calling for Khushi. I can call back later."

"She's eating at the moment," Ayana said gleefully, breathlessly. I'll bet, thought Zach. He had never heard Ayana filled with such joy before. He heard a struggle over the phone, phone dropped, laughing, struggling, and then the call ended. Gosh, they were such a cute couple, he thought.

Zach arrived at his room. Given he had ended up taking Aanya on the greenhouse dirt pile and showering there, he had no tidying up to do to be ready for Colby at 3 PM. God, he was horny. Aanya had just gotten him started. He was on edge to see Colby again, he knew. His body and soul ached for her. He was in trouble with that one. He called Berte. His call went to voicemail, and he said, "Honey, I know you're busy, but I just wanted to tell you I love you." She was probably still in the innards of that machine she mentioned earlier. He was edgy, not sleepy. Then he remembered he needed to visit Colette to approve her letter to her husband.

Zach found Colette working with Alexis at the visualization lab, examining a 3D representation of the terrain and evident geological formations around the colony site, planning their search for ore that would allow the colonists to eventually expand the single colony dome to a network of domes, a city of domes. They hadn't noticed him yet; they were so absorbed in their work and their discussion. He had a star struck moment quietly watching these two brilliant scientists in their element, doing what they do best.

They noticed him in the corner over there. Alexis said, "Zach, you're so quiet, come over here and visit!"

"I didn't want to intrude," said Zach, walking over.

"Usually he's not so quiet... Raaaa!" Alexis joked to Colette. The sound and the hand and hip motions she made while doing it were not overtly sexual, but for anybody who had ever witnessed Zach climax, her parody was unmistakable. Colette doubled over in a peal of laughter. Another data point for Alexis.

Zach sighed and turned to Colette, "Should we review that letter?"

"Yes," answered Colette catching her breath, and said to Alexis, "I'll be back soon." Colette walked Zach into her office, shut the door, and brought up the message on her workstation.

"My Love,"

"Doctor Carson took me out to dinner where we had our first conversation. He is a stunning creature in person, with blue-gray eyes I must look up into, and exquisite muscles, not beefy, but lean and strong. I felt moist touching his chest in the car only moments after meeting him."

"He is agreeable in principle to raising a child with me if you wish. I answered basic questions from him regarding our marriage, and then I gave him your message. He was surprised by the contents, having never encountered similar matters in the past. His first reaction was to satisfy himself I wasn't being coerced, which touched me. This is a good, high integrity man. He is uncertain with regard to the arrangement, and concerned that future instructions might violate his ethical standards. I assured him that we could work with him to address any concerns."

"He is obviously a man of great lust and, as you'll read, raw sexual energy. From the moment we met, I could tell I was exciting him, although he did nothing in the least inappropriate or suggestive until, despite his concerns, he agreed to execute the instructions in your letter. After agreeing, I think he did his best to capture the spirit of your rules by spending perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes enjoying himself by tongue kissing me and feeling me in our secluded booth at the restaurant. Despite his adherence to the rules, by the end of his kissing and touching, I knew I had soiled my dress with my vaginal fluids, my nipples were rock hard, and my vagina ached to be filled by him."

"Despite his clear discomfort and fear of being caught, he then urgently and with a cute guilty look ordered me under the table to service him orally. He is significantly above average in size and was quite stiff as I released him from his pants. Once I was on him, he didn't last long, though I have no concerns regarding his stamina, as you'll read. It was just that he was already extremely excited, as I was, and had probably not orgasmed in several hours, and also was perhaps not as familiar with oral pleasure as I expect he will be from now on."

"We left the restaurant and went to a grocer, where he bought a small container of table salt. Then we proceeded to the hotel. After we arrived at our room, he went into the bathroom. Minutes later, he emerged and asked me for the bullet vibrator. I gave it to him. He looked at his phone, and minutes later, he asked for the code. I gave him the code. He then ordered me to remove my clothes and put them away. He noticed the wet spot I had made on the back of my dress, asked for the dress, and sniffed and licked at the spot. He is quite an oral person. Then he ushered me into the bathroom where I saw an enema bag hanging from the shower rod and thereby recognized your hand in these proceedings."

"He put on some latex gloves, lubricated the bullet vibrator, and gently pushed it into my sopping cunt. I almost orgasmed then, feeling his finger momentarily enter and brush my cunt lips. He was scrupulous to avoid touching my clitoris. I craved to have his slick and dexterous hands pleasure my wet cunt even a little so I could have release, but he was scrupulous in his avoidance, leaving me shaking with excitement and frustration. I then realized I needed to piss, and he let me piss into the toilet, but he made me show him and he watched me. He's definitely quite a voyeur with the dress and also the urine. Then, while I was still seated on the toilet, he turned on the vibrator. He had pushed it in just far enough that it was pressing right on my g-spot. I immediately asked permission, he granted it, and I orgasmed with a grunt and a shudder. I hadn't realized how worked up he'd gotten me and how much I'd been holding back."

"After orgasming, my womb ached with emptiness. He had me stand up from the toilet and bend over. He told me that I must hold the fluid in until he allowed me to release it. Then he inserted the enema tube into my bottom and held it there while he released the hot stream of fluid into me. It was piping hot, but not enough to burn, and it felt wonderful. It was hot, and the vibrator pressed hard against my g-spot, making me desperate. I took in all I possibly could, my love. I began begging him for permission to orgasm then, but he refused, and told me I could only orgasm once he ordered me to release the fluid."

"My legs started to shake, and I told him I would probably not be able to hold it much longer, and then he would have to beat me. He seemed unconcerned, and then he tapped my abdomen, which almost had me lose it, and then he squeezed in what felt like another gallon of fluid, though I expect it was only a small amount. I sat down on the toilet but he had me stand again, and I made an animal noise and complied. I hope you are proud of me, my love. I was grunting and grimacing with discomfort and frustration with every breath by then, and he was looking casually at his phone. I thought I was going to loose my bowels and my orgasm both any moment, my love, but you've trained me well, and I continued to endure. I'm not sure how he knew I could. I suppose he was testing my limits."

"After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only two minutes, he told me to release, and I sat, released, and orgasmed hard in the same instant. Luckily, he immediately held me down by my thighs on the toilet as I shrieked and voided my bowels explosively, or I would have sprayed the entire bathroom since my legs were flailing so much. After thirty seconds, my discharge was down to pushing out additional squirts, and my orgasm had finally ended. Then he made me stand up, wipe off my bottom with tissue, and bend over again."

"He repeated this procedure two additional times, each one more torturous and ultimately gratifying than the last. It left me terrified of what this man could do to subjugate and debase me further at your hands. None of the other doctors or sadists you've sent me to over the years measure up to his mixture of deftness, understanding of the human body, empathy, and precision. In your hands, he is a diabolical instrument."

"After my third enema had run its course, he shut off the bullet vibrator and gently pulled it out by the safety cord. He made me clean it with my mouth, wash it in the sink, and then tidy up the bathroom. Thanks to his help in restraining me on the toilet, we hadn't left much of a mess, and it only took me minutes. He had undressed. This man is an Adonis, covered in lean muscle, with the added virtue that he is significantly larger, even limp, than any statue we ever saw in Italy. His body hair is light or shaved other than the top of his head."

"He carried me lightly to the bed and put me down on my back in the middle. He had a stiff erection at this point and didn't ask for any help from me. Then he lubricated his cock and spread my legs, and for a moment, my love, I'd thought you'd given him permission to breed me. But no, my hopes were dashed when he held my legs up further and started pushing his cock into my bottom. It was uncomfortable at first. He has quite an instrument. I'm so happy he took me from the front. It was good to be able to watch this demigod enjoy my bottom with increasing excitement. He is so massive and energetic that he apparently rubs many of the good spots in my vagina as vigorously as some smaller men penetrating me vaginally have. As a result, much to my surprise, I orgasmed along with him when he released his seed in me the first time."

"After this, he pulled out and asked me whether he should be satisfied, which seemed to me an odd question. I asked him whether he was satisfied, and he told me no. He then spread more lube on his cock and immediately pushed his way back into my bottom and started to enjoy me a second time. He lasted longer this time, and I came two times. After this bout, the same puzzling question. I think he wanted me to tell him to stop, but when I asked him whether he was satisfied, each time he would say no. After his third enjoyment of my bottom, I stopped orgasming. After his sixth time hours later, he was exhausted, as was I, and he finally weakly agreed that he was satisfied. He was careful with the lube and did no permanent damage. Even counting that group affair you sent me to years ago where my cunt was taped and glued shut, that I have ever had my bottom used this hard. Whatever you tell him to do, darling, I beg you to consider your words carefully."

"He took me to my quarters on the base and departed with a kiss and a smile, and I enjoyed a good night's sleep."

"Your Loving Colette."

"Thanks for sharing this with me, it's beautiful. You are too kind," said Zach, and then added, "Though I'm not sure how I should feel about being called a diabolical instrument."

"Flattered," answered Colette. "You know, you look pretty worked up. I'd like to remind you that I get off work at 5 PM. If you visit then, I can give you any oral or manual pleasure you'd like until you're a little calmer. My panties are quite thoroughly wet and crusty today from thinking what might happen next. Maybe you'd like to sniff them or suck on them while I service you."

"Would you like that?" Zach ventured.

"My husband expects you to use me as a sperm dump whenever you're feeling inclined."

"That's not what I asked," Zach said. Then, because it was clear that Colette wouldn't answer directly, he changed the subject. "How is your ass?"

"Oh, it's fine, just fine," Colette assured him.

"Well you're acting like you'd like me to come by, and I'm always inclined, if you put it that way, so I'll see you at 5 PM."

"Wonderful!" Colette said. She actually did look happy. This relationship was inexplicable.

On the way to his room, Zach called Berte and talked to her with his voice. "Please wear an evening dress when I pick you up tomorrow."

"Will do," Berte replied. It was so good to hear her voice, the distant quality, the slight European lilt.

"Have you tamed your machine?"

"You mean tuned it? Yes," confirmed Berte.

"I love you with all my heart," said Zach, feeling it viscerally.

"I... really love you. I really love you," Berte replied with what sounded like astonishment.

"I feel happy."

"Me too!" Berte squealed.

"Bye for now," said Zach.

"Okay bye," said Berte.

Immediately, Berte texted, "I felt that."

Zach texted, "I meant it."

"Did you feel mine too?" Berte queried.

"Deeply," texted Zach.

"Plus your voice is ultra cute."

"It just slays me."

He called Khushi again to see if she was done with her slap and tickle yet. She didn't answer. Since he still had an hour until Colby arrived, he decided to take a nap. He was extremely horny for Colby now. He fell asleep dreaming of how it would feel to stroke her dark chocolate body, hold her firm little chocolate ass in both hands, push deeply into her dewy pink slit, and watch her face glow in ecstasy again.

(To be continued)