You are in your kitchen making lunch. The kids are off at school and husband is at work. You live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, and never worry about locking your doors during the day. You think you hear a door open, so you look to see, but there is no one there, so you don't worry about it. A couple of minutes later you hear something behind you but before you have time to turn around to see you feel a strong arm around your waist and a hand clamped over your mouth. A man's voice hisses in your ear. "Don't move unless you want to get hurt, bitch. I am going to take my hand off your mouth but if you scream I will kill you. Do you understand?" Trembling in fear, you nod your head. Your cell phone is just a few feet away, and you think about making a run for it, but you know you would never have time to call anyone. You want to scream, but there is real menace in the voice hissing in your ear. You realize you will have to do what he says for the moment, and hope you won't get hurt. Then your heart jumps as you realize your sons will be home in two hours--your thoughts begin to race...

What if he is still here then? I have to do what he wants and get him out of here before then!! What does he want? Money? I don't have any of that here, but I guess we could go to an ATM. Is he going to rape me? Hurt me? He releases your mouth but then he pulls your hands behind you, roughly, holding them together as he says he really doesn't want to hurt you, he just wants money or jewelry and he will leave you alone.

"I only have a few dollars here, but you can have that. Or we can go to an ATM. I can get you $500 today. Is that enough?"

"Go to an ATM? So you can get away and call the cops? No thanks. Let's go check your purse. Where is it?"

"In the living room."

"Let's go see." You feel him pull your hands together and duct tape them together, making it impossible for you to get to your cell phone or any other kind of help. You really feel helpless now, knowing you will have to do whatever he wants. For some strange reason you feel a tingling in your pussy. It's been months since your husband fucked you, you really don't want him any more, but you really need sex. OH, GOD. Can I really be WANTING this stranger between my legs? No, never....

You lead him to the living room and he sees your purse on the couch. He rummages through it and only finds about $50.00. "Is this all, bitch? This is a nice house, surely you have some cash somewhere."

"That's all. I have some jewelry but it's not much. How about the TV and Computer? They're pretty new. Take them and go. I'll tell everyone I came home and found them missing."

You notice him looking up and down your body, undressing you with his eyes. Is he going to rape me? That would be better than watching him hurt my kids. Your pussy moistens a little at the thought, and it makes you ashamed to think you might actually want him, but he isn't bad looking, and you have really been needing sex. You almost started an affair with an old friend, but you didn't want to take the chance of a nasty divorce, with your kids still in school.

"You stupid bitch!!! I couldn't get more than $100 for them from a fence, and I don't need a computer or TV. Let's see the jewels."

You take him into the bedroom and tell him they are all in the jewelry chest on the dresser. He rummages through and finds a couple of nice items and puts them in his pocket. "This is a start, where's the rest?"

"There isn't any." He slaps you on the face and you stumble back to avoid him, winding up sitting on your bed. "You lying bitch! Where is it? You have a safe?" He stands over you menacingly, but you really don't have anything else for him." No, that's all, I swear. I don't have much jewelry." He slaps you again, your face stinging now, feeling so helpless, hoping he won't hurt you or your kids.

"Maybe we need to wait 'til your kids get home. Maybe then you will tell me the truth."

"NO, PLEASE!!!! I SWEAR THAT'S IT!!! Let's go to the bank, I'll get you some cash. My husband won't miss it, I take care of the money. PLEASE!!!!" The top button of your blouse has come undone in the struggle and you see him looking at your cleavage. One more slap stuns you.

"Let's wait for the kids. I bet if I cut one of them a little you'll tellme the truth."

"NO, PLEASE!!!! Do what you want to me but don't hurt them."

He smiles a cruel smile. "Do what I want to you? Maybe I can make this trip worthwhile after all." He sits by you and caresses your cheek. "You are a pretty thing, I bet your husband really has fun with you at night." The look on your face tells him that's not true, but you don't say anything, even as his hand slides down and cups one of your tits. You are wearing a thin bra and your nipple hardens in his hand. God, is this bastard actually turning me on? It's all you can do to keep from moaning. No one has touched your tits in months but you, and the feel of a strong male hand on them is strangely arousing.

"Get your hands off me, you bastard!!! Take what you can and go, please."

"But you just said I can do what I want to you." He stands up and pushes you back onto the bed, looking down at your body with a look that tells you he is about to take what he wants from you. He reaches down and with a swift motion rips your blouse open, exposing your lacy bra, nipples showing through.

"Nice, he says, very nice. Maybe this won't be a wasted trip after all." You try to hold your legs together but he forces them open and pushes his finger under your panties. The moisture and warmth from your pussy betrays you a little, but the idea of being forced like that scares you and you try to struggle. He takes some rope from his pocket and turns you over, cutting the tape off you and tying one of your hands. You try to break free as he pulls you into the bathroom and ties your hands over the shower curtain rod. He finishes tearing your blouse off and jerks your bra cups down, exposing your nipples to his view. You are trembling, mostly in fear, but there is a strange feeling of anticipation as well. You REALLY need a cock inside you, you just wish he would seduce you instead of force you..... Or do you?

"I still think you're holding out on me, bitch!!!" You see him take off his belt and feel it cut into your ass, stinging you. He uses the belt on your ass and thighs, making them sting. "Where is the money? The jewels?"

"Please, stop!!! I don't have anything else. I've shown you everything." The cruel look in his eyes tells you he is enjoying hurting you. He wraps the belt around his hand just leaving about a foot free. He swats your nipples with the belt, making them sting, but the pain is somehow exquisite, a feeling you have never had before. Am I actually ENJOYING this?? It can't be. I'm not some kind of whore. He takes out some more rope, wraps it around your tits, leaving the nipples poking out from between the strands. He pinches and pulls them, then leans to suck them as he unzips your skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He smiles as he sees you are wearing a thong. "Nice. I bet you're a tiger in the bedroom. Maybe I'll find out just how much." He forces his hand under your ass from behind you, his finger exploring your moist pussy.

"No, please, stop!!!!" You beg, but he senses you may not really mean it. He bites into your nipple and instead of crying out in pain you let out a low moan. He works your tits over with his mouth and one hand, his other hand jerking your panties down and forcing its way between your legs. His finger pushes up in to you, hurting you a little, but you really want to feel it deeper. It's all you can do to keep from riding up and down on it now, the tingling of your nipples arousing feelings you have never had before. "Nice and wet in there. Tight too. Maybe that husband of yours doesn't use it enough." he hisses. "He should be all over a hot piece of ass like you. Maybe you need a good fucking."

"NO!!! PLEASE!!! Just go away. Take what you want and go!!"

"What I want is that wet pussy of yours." You hear his zipper and gasp as he presses his hard cock into your back. He bends his legs and you feel it between your legs, pressing against your pussy and your ass.

MY GOD!!! I want that inside me. I feel like a whore, but I can't help it!! The tip of it is inches from your swollen clit. He reaches around you, one hand using your nipples roughly, the other finding your pussy and teasing it.

"I think you want it too, bitch, but I want to hear you beg for it."


"Oh I think you'll be begging soon." He moves back and you look at him, your eyes focused on his hard cock. You hear the belt and feel it cut into your already sore ass and thighs.

I won't beg for it!! He can fuck me, but I'm not a whore who will beg him. But the pain is becoming too much and you know you can't hold out long.

"Beg for it, cunt. Beg to suck my cock."

You finally relent. "Please, let me suck your cock."

"Say it like you mean it, cunt." The belt cuts into your ass again, the thong not offering any protection.

"PLEASE, let me suck your cock!" For some reason the thought of his cock in your mouth is starting to turn you on. Your husband never liked it much, when he did fuck you he just rolled on top of you, pushed it in and out a few times, and then went to sleep after he came. He hasn't brought you to orgasm in years, and when he did it was almost accidental.

"Not too bad, but you have to make me think you mean it." The belt stings again, though he lets up a little, sensing you are ready to relent.

"Please, please, let me suck it." He unties you and tapes your hands behind your back again, pushing you to your knees, then pulling your hair back and stuffing his cock into your mouth. You gag a little at first, since it's been so long for you, but then you get used to it. He holds your head steady and fucks your mouth, smiling as he realizes that you are sucking it for real. He releases your head and watches as you begin to suck it eagerly.

"You are a hot little whore, aren't you? Maybe your husband doesn't give you what you need any more." His cock is thick and hard, and your pussy is moistening now, getting your panties wet. You do feel like a whore, but you can't help wanting more. You feel his legs start to shake and realize he is going to cum in your mouth. Your husband never did that, so you wonder how it will feel and taste. He surprises you, though, by pulling his cock out. You try to follow it, but he slaps you.

"Stay still, bitch." He strokes it a few times and you see a ribbon of cum spurting out onto your cheeks and chin. He pushes you down and you feel some shooting into your hair. You are almost disappointed, your pussy is so wet now, almost throbbing. He lifts you to your feet and pushes you onto the bed again, hands still taped behind you. His cum is getting sticky in your face and hair as he looks at your body, tits still spilling out of your lacy bra. He puts his fingers under the elastic of your panties and jerks them down. You struggle a little and he jerks harder, ripping them down one side. You see him looking down at your smooth pussy and feel his hand move to it. You don't try to close your legs this time, and hear yourself gasp as he teases your clit for a bit, then pushes his finger into you, stretching you a little. "Nice and wet." He hisses. You do need some attention down there, don't you?" You shake your head no, but he knows better as he expertly plays with your clit, reaching up to pinch and pull your nipples, the rope still binding them. This can't be happening. I can't really WANT this...... Then he turns you onto your stomach, and slides his finger into your pussy, so wet now it slides in easily. You let out a low moan, unable to control it. Then you feel his finger move up, finding your anal opening, teasing. No one has ever done that, and you beg him to stop, but he pushes his finger in, the moisture from your pussy lubricating his finger a little. He spreads you open to let his finger go a little deeper, making you squirm, the new feeling making you tremble a little. He reaches under you and pinches a nipple as he plays with your ass, making the nipple so hard. It's still sore from the belt. He twists it, making it hurt a little, but somehow the pain excites you. Your pussy is aching now, wondering if he will get hard soon, wondering if he wants to fuck you, hoping that he will, hoping that he won't, then hoping again that he will. You feel like a slut even thinking about it.

"You have a nice ass, baby." He whispers as he continues to fondle your tits and explore your ass with his finger. To your surprise, your ass clenches his finger as your spasms begin, your body trembling. He turns you back over, looking up and down your body, you glance at his cock and your heart jumps when you see it erect. He pulls you to the edge of the bed and lifts your legs upright, resting on his shoulders. His cock is pressing to your clit now, and you want it more than you have wanted anything in a long time.

"I think you want this, bitch. I think you need a good fucking."

"No, stop!!! I don't!!! I sucked you, now go, please. "He reaches down and rubs his cock on your clit, teasing it, pushing it into you a little, so wet now, so hot, so ready. Your eyes betray you and you can't suppress a low moan. This man has hit you, hurt you, humbled you, and now you can only think of taking him inside you. It's been months and your pussy is aching for it, but you make one last try, "No, please..." You gasp as he thrusts it deep into you, filling you, stretching you. Your pussy squeezes it, contracting, spasming as you cry out in pleasure, cumming on it, eyes rolling back in your head. You want to reach for him, but your hands are tied behind you. He fondles your tits as his cock tenses inside you.

"Tell me what you want, bitch. Or I'll take it out now and leave you here." You can't believe your response, the voice seems to be some one else's as you plead with him.

"Fuck me, please, fuck me!!" He starts to move in and out, the feeling exquisite. Your legs are on his shoulders, and he can go deeper into you than you have ever imagined. Your tits are still sore, but when he pinches and pulls them the pain turns to pleasure, shooting through you, making your pussy tighten around him as he uses it. He is slow at first, deliberate. He senses you are about to cum again and he slows down, denying you the pleasure. Then he holds it out, just letting you feel the tip throb inside you.

"Beg for it again, like a good little whore." He hisses.

"Please, please..." Again you don't really know where the voice is coming from, but you really do need him, your pussy tingling.

"If I untie you, will you behave, bitch? Will you be my whore?"

"God, yes, please, please." He turns you over and undoes the tape, but he leaves the rope on your tits. "On your hands and knees, like a good little bitch." You get on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed and he slides his cock between your legs. He doesn't put it in you though, he tortures you by letting you feel the length of it as he presses it to your slit, dripping now.

"Please, put it in." you beg, your voice cracking, needing it so bad.

"You have to ask nicer than that", he says, pushing it up against you, forcing your labia open, the tip pressing to your swollen clit.

"Please, fuck me, I need it bad."He moves back finds your opening and thrusts deep as you move back against him, so deep inside you, as you cum for the third time, even harder than before.

"Ride it, whore. Fuck yourself with my cock." He holds himself in place as you grind against him, your body his now, as he reaches under you to play with your tits. He unties the rope now and they hang beneath you, swaying as you push back and forth on his cock. You have never felt so wanton, so needy, so ready to cum. Your husband has never made you cum more than once, and you need the release this strange man gives you.

He knows now how much you need him and he reaches beneath you to tease your clit, bringing you to the brink, then letting up, frustrating you, keeping you from that moment of ecstasy. His finger is wet from your pussy and he teases your ass with it as you slide back and forth on him. He pushes it in just a little then a little more, each time you push back on him it goes in a little deeper, your ass tightening around his finger, now its all the way in, like his cock. You can barely stand it, and you push back against him and explode, your juices running down your thighs now, wetter than you ever imagined you could be. He groans and you feel a delicious load of cum filling you, seeping out of you, running down your thighs mixed with your hot juices. You have never felt so satisfied, so used. He lays by you now and hisses. "Clean me off, bitch. Taste it." Your body moves on its own now as your mouth finds his cock, taking it in, tasting his cum mixed with yours. You have never done that, but you find the taste delicious, your body aching, throbbing, used, but sooooooo satisfied.

His cock comes back to life a little as you suck him, and you find yourself hoping he has one more load for you, for your hot mouth. You speed up as you hear him groan and tell you what a good cocksucker you are. He is not fully erect, but you feel his legs tremble. You can feel his cum on your face, in your hair, between your legs, and you want to taste it.

"You are a hot little whore. Suck it nice, baby. Maybe you can taste it."

You move faster, not sure what strange force makes you want to be this man's whore. He stiffens a little more, groans and you feel his cock pumping what is left of his sweet cum down your throat. You find yourself loving the taste, swallowing it, something you have never done, but always secretly wanted to try. He dresses as he looks down at your naked body, your legs spread open so he can see what he has just taken. You can't believe it's your voice saying:

"Will you come back tomorrow? My kids leave about 9. I'll do anything you want." He smiles. "Yes, I'll be here. Be sure to wear something sexy for me." As you lead him to the door, he fondles you one last time. "Don't forget the rope."

He smiles and walks away, leaving you trembling in anticipation.