Content Warning

This story depicts an ftm person in situations of dubious consent. If nonconsent/reluctance triggers or upsets you, you will probably not enjoy this work. Words like "pussy" and "cunt" are used to describe the genitals of a masculine trans person. If you find this upsetting, this may not be your cup of tea. All characters are over the age of 18.


The first thing I noticed when I regained consciousness was my throat. It was sore; it felt bruised, but on the inside. The second thing I felt was a slurry of date's cum and my juices drying all over my tender crotch.

A jolt of panic hit me in my core. I was still gagged and restrained in a hotel bed. I was disoriented and instinctively struggled against my bonds and screamed into my gag.

"Great! You've come to. They'll be here any minute so I'm going to go ahead and break in that ass before one of them gets to it first." MonsterWC69, the anonymous date I had met on a dating app, crossed the room toward me and began fiddling with my restraints while I tried to decipher what was just said to me.

Who the fuck are "they"? I just want to go home and shower. I can't believe he came inside me. This can't be happening. My thoughts were racing, fighting through some fog.

I didn't regain my wits enough to resist until I was secured face down, warm cum dripping from my cunt down the insides of my legs.

"I took the liberty of sending some pictures of you to a few guys on the app. You would not believe how many people went nuts over your new profile picture of your pussy being bred. Anyway, a few of them are on the way to meet you, so I better stake my claim on that ass before they show up."

I was still gagged and could not stand up, so I just laid there silently and prayed he was joking.

He collected some of our combined bodily fluids in his hand and deposited it in my ass crack, using two fingers to push some into my sphincter. I grunted at the rough entry and tried to relax my hole as he repeated the process several times. Once he was satisfied with the level of lubrication, he lined his semi-hard cock up with my raw, used cunt and shoved his way in. I yelped. It hurt more than the first time he entered me. He gyrated his hips, grinding his dry cock further and further into my sloppy pussy.

I felt his erection growing thicker and firmer inside of me. This turned me on and I stretched to accomodate his massive cock as best I could. He began thrusting in and out rabidly. I couldn't help but moan into the rag stuffed into my mouth. This earned me a quick slap to the face.

"You're here to milk this cock with your holes, not so your little bitch hole can feel good. Use your pussy muscles and finish getting me hard."

I tried as best I could to alternate squeezing and releasing my pelvic muscles, unable to move my hips in my current position, tied and pinned face-down on the bed. I must have done the right thing, the rough, fast fucking resumed. Squeezing became difficult once MonsterWC's cock reached it's full girth.

He pulled out of my pussy and returned his focus to my ass, spreading my cheeks and probing my hole with two fingers.

His cock was easily twice the girth of any cock or toy I had ever had in my ass. I struggled to relax as I felt him line his massive cock head up with my asshole. This has to be a joke, I thought. He'll slide back into my pussy any second now!

The pressure against my asshole began steadily increasing. I felt my hole begin to stretch, not yielding but losing some resistance. There was no way that cock was going to make it into my ass without some major tearing. I bit into my gag and gripped the sheets in preparation for the pain. I felt a merciful stream of what felt like lube trail it's way from the top of my crack to the tip of the monster trying to break into my ass. He used two fingers to spread the lube around his cock and my hole.

The pressure returned, but with an urgency. One hand grabbed my shoulder, his other wrapped around his cock, fingers barely able to filly encircle it. The hand on my shoulder pulled to shove me back toward his body and he used his other hand and body weight to pop the bulbous head of his cock through the tight ring of my asshole. I screamed into the gag, ignoring the pain in my throat.

He chuckled and commented on how glad he was that he decided to take my ass before the other boys showed up.

My mind briefly distracted itself from the pain with worrying about the prospect of this guy having invited others to the hotel. Oh no. No. This isn't real. No. He is just bluffing, I thought. God I was so dumb.

I could only whimper as he slowly pushed more of his rod in me. I tried my best to relax my ass and let him in but the pain and panic made the task difficult.

At about the halfway point he stopped pushing in more cock and began thrusting in and out slowly, letting me get used to his size. The pain blended with a primal pleasure. My ass had never been so full. Every nerve ending in my ass was going berserk.

Gradually the pace grew faster and my date buried more and more of his cock in my ass. As I felt his balls slapping my gaping pussy I could also feel the head of his cock punching my guts, over and over. I am certain that if I had been on my back there would have been a visible bulge in my stomach every time he drove his dick home.

Despite the pain from my stretched and torn asshole, I was on the verge of cumming. I tried my best to tighten and release my ass muscles to make it feel as good as possible for him, hoping to make him cum more quickly. The unintended consequence was how much better it felt for me when I tightened my muscles in a particular way that stimulated my g-spot when combined with a well-timed thrust.

"You are nothing short of a natural-born cumdump. Your life's purpose is to have your holes seeded. You're begging for it with your ass muscles, trying to milk my cock. The good news for you is this load in your ass will make great lube for later."

The fantasy talk about more guys coming to fuck me later combined with the pain and pleasure of having my asshole pummeled won over and my ass clamped down on his cock as I drenched the sheets with cum. The sudden tightening set him off and I couldn't help but think I would be touching myself later to the memory of feeling his pulsing cock emptying his load deep in my bowels.

"Phew, that was AWESOME," he sounded like a frat boy, giddy and high on getting laid. He less-than-gracefully dismounted and pulled out, a trickle of cum spilling out, dripping over my cunt and dick.

Relieved and ready to go home, I waited for him to undo my restraints. He vanished into the hotel bathroom and I heard the shower turn on.

Maybe he is going to do some sweet aftercare and help me wash up before I go home, I thought, feeling a flash of optimism. A few minutes later I heard the shower curtain slide open and shut and my optimism evaporated. Ten minutes later he emerged, fully dressed. He undid my leg restraints and rolled me over, deftly reattaching everything with my legs spread eagle and my hands under my back.

"God what a fucking filthy slut. You're dripping cum out of both of your fuckholes and you've made a complete mess of the sheets in this hotel. What am I-," he was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Hahahaha. Nevermind, I know exactly what I am going to do with you."

To be continued...