At two minutes before seven she went upstairs to his apartment and paused in the hall before approaching his door. As she raised her hand to knock, he opened the door and let her in. At his direction she preceded him to the bedroom. There he told her to stand before a closet where she was to put her clothes. She was surprised to see a woman's dress hanging at the far end and a pair of shoes; they were gone the next day and she never learned who they belonged to.

After she hung up her skirt, blouse, and lingerie item by item Paul inspected her. He made her remove her jewelry and ordered her to dispose of it all and never to wear any again, except for her collar and bracelets. She wanted to kneel at his feet but feared he would disapprove.

He fastened her hands behind her and attached a leash to the back of her collar. As a child, Anne envied the dogs she saw going for walks on their leashes. How happy they looked under the control of their owners. She asked her parents to take her out in the park like that, but her father looked at her strangely and her mother said no.

Later when she was at college, she tried again with an older girl and got her wish. From a chest at the foot of her bed Hilde drew out a short rope and formed it into a noose. Anne knelt at her feet as she slipped it over her head, and crawled around on the floor at her command. A crowd of students gathered to watch. Hilde lifted the hem of Anne's pleated skirt over her back and pulled her panties down to her knees. It was hard to crawl that way, but Hilde whacked her with a hairbrush whenever she slowed down.

She let Anne wear the noose for the rest of the school year, hidden under her clothes during the day. Its rough surface rubbed her belly and between her growing breasts, a constant presence. As soon as classes were over she went up to her room; after she undressed she took the end of the rope in her teeth and crawled on hands and knees to Hilde's. Soon other girls and even teachers led her out around the corridors.

They used the hairbrush on her buttocks to speed her up, or a leather belt. Now and then Hilde tightened the noose to demonstrate her power over Anne, which frightened her but was exciting and made her wet. Once someone - she never learned who - spread her cheeks apart. It was a new sensation, strange and exciting.

The link between submission and pleasure that had been vague and faint before grew strong that year. She craved orders to obey, praise from her instructor and the group when she performed well, and even their chastisements when she failed. Which happened often; she could not help analyzing the situation, and this slowed her down until the paddle or the belt brought her back to her task.

The school had a grassy sports field beside the highway. At the end of the field was a cage that some previous headmaster kept a watchdog in. They made her sleep in it overnight sometimes; the headlights of passing cars illuminated her and she shivered naked in the early morning hours when the wind came up and blew through the iron bars. The yearbook made a veiled reference to her as the school's new mascot.

By the end of the term Anne had a crush on Hilde, but nothing came of it. She heard that Hilde married a wealthy -

Paul tugged on the leash and ended her reverie; she tingled with anticipation at surrendering herself into the hands of a stranger. Then he locked the closet and drove her before him into the living room. Standing to one side he had her march back and forth, her leash dangling behind, while he reviewed her posture and told her how to improve it.

Her appetite was strong since she had taken no food after breakfast. After several minutes of these exercises he led her to the kitchen. There she knelt on the floor while he fastened the end of her leash to an iron loop in the wall before setting a pair of bowls before her, pouring water into one and a cup of feed pellets in the other; they were her dinner.

Lowering her head, she inhaled the odor of the feed for a moment. Then she extended her tongue into the bowl and chewed a pellet while Paul watched her. She could not identify the flavor; it was bland if a bit salty and she began to eat in earnest. Paul swung a chair around and sat to observe as she continued through her dinner, alternating between the dry food and the water which she learned to lap up. Feeding this way soon became natural to her.

She ate all the pellets and hoped Paul would give her some more. (Actually her first dinner was a generous one. Later when the syndicate decided to slim her down, they were smaller and left her hungry nearly all the time.)

As Paul made no sign for her to rise she lowered her head and stared at the wooden floor. A pair of ants crawled along the rim of her feed bowl; she wondered if they would fall in, and what she would do if she saw them.

Paul shook her leash and she raised her head. He told her to stand and led her into the living room. At his direction she knelt as he opened his trousers, and took him in her mouth. He was slow to arouse and critiqued her performance, giving directions she followed to the best of her ability. She was grateful to him for teaching her a new skill and had to pay close attention.

After a minute or two she heard the front door open and a man greet Paul, who waved him to a sideboard where beverages were laid out; she dared not turn her head to look at the newcomer and could not if she wanted to.

Soon she felt Paul harden in her and at last her efforts were successful. (He was strict and demanding, Anne said, but not cruel; once when she asked why she must perform a simple act for the fifth time, he bound her hands and made her lie down. Securing her collar to the floor with a short chain, he left her there until morning without dinner. But he poured her an extra ration of pellets for breakfast before sending her away, and he explained the need for repetition. She never questioned him again.)

He pushed her away, restored his clothing and told her to stand. The visitor inspected her.

"How was she?"

"All right, considering. She's new at it. Try her out yourself."

"First time for this too?" He gestured at her backside.

"Almost," Paul responded. "You'll be the fourth, after Gene last week and Gene and me yesterday." Anne saw that her experience was now, if not public knowledge, at least shared freely among her partners.

And to Anne: "Did you lubricate yourself this time?"

"Yes sir, I did."

"All right then, over the back of the sofa and open your legs." Anne obeyed while Paul held her leash and Gabriel entered her.

"Too much grease. You need to explain this to her, Paul."

So that was his name; Paul, the severe apostle of her new faith.

"I will, Gabe; and we're going to open her up."

"Good idea; she's pretty narrow. Not bad, though." Gabriel continued to work his way into her, growing all the time when she heard the door open again and a woman enter.

"This must be your new one. I look forward to meeting her. Don't let me interrupt you; I'll get some wine and watch." Pouring herself a glass, Iris sat on the end of the sofa and observed Anne who tried to suppress her cries with diminishing success while Iris patted her on the head and played with her hair.

In time Gabriel exploded within her; she burst into tears and wept.

"Shut your mouth, dear," said Iris. "You're slobbering."

She squeezed his member with the ring of her buttocks, the only form of expression available to her. He made a final thrust that brought a yelp and stroked her backside.

"Good material here, Paul; a talented amateur. With the right training - St. Agnes, say, she could be worth something. Might even interest the Arabs."

Paul put a hand on her hip and pulled her upright by her collar. She was still crying; Paul slapped her and she stopped.

Iris examined her closely and discussed a number of financial terms that Anne did not understand. She pressed Anne's shoulder.

"You haven't taught her?"

"This is her first time here. Anne, a couple of simple commands: a hand on your shoulder means kneel, a shake of your leash means stand up. Immediately in both cases, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," she replied as she knelt. Iris shook her leash and she stood.

Iris said "Now I'll inspect her." She took Anne into the kitchen and poured a full bowl of water for her. "Drink this; I don't want to catch anything from Paul." Anne did as she was told. Looking over at her feed bowl she saw a number of ants inside; well, she would just have to get used to it.

Iris led her with Paul and Gabriel following into the bedroom. She handed Anne's leash to Paul, lay back on the bed with her hips at the edge and raised her dress. Anne saw that Iris was completely hairless below as she crept forward on her knees to await her next orders.

"All right, let's see how you are with a woman."

With infinite tenderness she began to lick the folds between Iris's thighs while the woman commented on her performance. After a period of time - she couldn't be sure how long - the woman's voice seemed to trail off, though it may have been drowned out by the blood pounding in her ears.

She inserted her tongue very gently into the cleft and proceeded with minute advances until she felt the woman respond. Iris had definitely stopped talking now, except for occasional noises. Anne proceeded respectfully (she hoped) further in as the wetness increased and Iris began to tremble, continuing for what seemed like forever. She felt herself becoming wet as well. Iris started to shake and it was all Anne could do to stay inside.

There was a tug on her leash and a voice from a great distance telling her to stop. Iris pushed her head away and she knelt quietly between her partner's knees, her head lowered.

In time Iris sat up on the bed. In a husky voice she said "She'll do. She'll do very well. You must have had practice, Anne."

"Yes, ma'am. When I was at school the other girls and I - did this - almost every night. And sometimes the teachers showed us things..." She blushed furiously.

"I understand, Anne. You were an apt pupil. Paul, give it a reward." Anne looked up to see Paul holding out a dry cookie of the same composition as her pellets. She devoured it gratefully, the flavor of the cookie mingling with Iris in her mouth.

"I think she is worth training at St. Agnes, but we need not rush to a decision. Now leave us, Anne; we have to discuss your future. Come back here tomorrow at the same time." Anne bowed her head in agreement. Paul shook her leash and she stood while he unlocked the closet and released her hands. As Anne retrieved her clothing, Iris pointed to it.

"I believe Paul has instructed you not to wear jewelry. The same applies to underwear. Take those things in the closet and put them in the wastebasket here, and when you arrive home do the same with the remainder. No cosmetics or perfume either, except as we direct."

"Should she get a special dress, blouse, anything like that?" Gabriel asked.

"There's no need; she won't be wearing clothes at all in a few months. That reminds me; Anne, from this point when you are at home you will have nothing on. Turn the heat up if you need to. You must become used to your condition."

Anne thanked Iris before disposing of the two items and putting on her remaining clothes. Paul led her to the front door without a word and unhooked her leash. Uncertain of the right thing to say, Anne curtseyed to him as she left.

She was shivering as she reached her apartment a few blocks away; whether from the cold or from apprehension she could not tell. She removed her skirt and blouse as ordered before putting all her jewelry in a bag for her cleaning lady. She emptied her wardrobe of underclothes and studied her closet. They had not forbidden her from wearing slacks, but plainly they favored the easier access a skirt offered; she put all of them out as well. Soon she would need none of the articles in there if Iris was right, but for now the present set would do.

The geraniums in the flower box outside her window needed watering; in the excitement of the day she forgot to do it after work. She filled a pitcher and went over to them. She hesitated to open the window and stand in it, naked to the street. Should she put her blouse back on?

No, Iris was quite specific about that; she had no choice. The window opened with a creak. Some passersby on the sidewalk looked up; one of them whistled at her and she smiled down on him. Amazed at her own boldness, she watered her plants slowly and carefully before waving to her admirer and closing the window.

There; that wasn't hard at all. It was not so different from giving herself to Eugene, and Paul, and Iris, and ... what was that other man's name? It didn't matter really, she was at their pleasure; the evening revealed a side of herself that she had never known before. A door to a new world opened and summoned her to enter.

Afterwards as she lay in bed she speculated on their plans to "open her up" before drifting off to sleep; images of the procedure haunted her dreams that night.