Miss White woke up Christmas morning with a throbbing head, a dry mouth, and ringing ears. But no regrets. The previous night had been quite possibly the most fun she'd ever had.

It had started with Monika, Angel, Jodie, and herself taking the streetcar into town for a fabulous dinner at one of New Orleans' best restaurants. Then they'd headed down to Frenchman Street, where they drifted from nightclub to nightclub to see a series of bands, each one seemingly better than the last. There were also drinks, of course; after a while she lost track of how many. But it was of no importance. Between the music, the booze, the dancing, and the general sense of festivity, time seemed to lose all its meaning.

At one club Miss White and Monika spent a long interval standing at the bar, sipping zombies and talking occasionally as they watched Jodie and Angel dance. The two young women seemed to have a natural chemistry, and Miss White and Monika were not the only ones watching. Jodie was an enthusiastic and naturally gifted dancer, but Angel had formal training and it showed. Sometimes they danced loose and freeform, and sometimes Angel grabbed Jodie and led her; something about this made Miss White copiously wet between the legs.

It was somewhere in the wee hours when they all piled into a Lyft and headed home. Back at Monika's house Miss White and Jodie tumbled immediately into bed and fell fast asleep.

Now Miss White tentatively opened her eyes and squinted at the bedside table, hoping she'd had the foresight to put a glass of water there. She hadn't, but then her eyes alighted on the bell sitting there. Monika had told her that when she woke up, she could ring the bell and Annie would bring them breakfast in bed. She felt a little silly doing it, and the ringing sound didn't help her head any; but sure enough Annie turned up a minute later, looking chipper, bright-eyed, and beautiful in her tight uniform.

"Good morning," said Annie, curtseying slightly. "What can I get you?"

"Some water would be good to start with," said Miss White. As Annie turned to go she added, "And ice, please."

Annie quickly returned with a tall glass of ice water that she handed to Miss White, who sipped it gratefully. After thinking for a moment Annie said, "I know what you need." About 10 minutes later she was back with two gigantic Bloody Marys. She sat one down next to Miss White, who was already starting to feel better, and was cheered even further by the sight of the hair of the dog. The other drink went next to Jodie, who was only now beginning to stir.

"Now," said Annie. "What would you like to eat? Waffles, French toast, omelets? I do a very nice crab benedict, if I do say so myself."

"Mmm, that sounds nice," said Miss White, feeling her stomach growl. Looking over at Jodie, who had now managed to achieve a sitting position, she said, "Two of those?"

Jodie nodded and Annie quickly turned on her heel and was gone. "Be just a few minutes."

By the time they had finished their benedicts and Bloodys Miss White was feeling mostly restored, and when Annie returned to see if there was anything else they needed, she was sorely tempted to ask the maid to join them in bed. And Miss White got the sense that she Annie would quite happily have stripped off her uniform and jumped into the sack with them. But she didn't want to presume on Monika's hospitality and anyway it was early still; no need to be in any hurry.

After showering Miss White and Jodie got dressed and headed downstairs. They found Monika, Angel, and Annie hard at work in the kitchen. Or at least Monika and Annie were hard at work — though Angel was wearing an apron that looked very cute on her, Miss White soon noticed that she didn't seem to be doing much.

Miss White and Jodie offered to help but Monika demurred. "We're mostly done here. In fact... Annie, you can finish up, can't you?"

"Yes ma'am," chirped the maid.

Looking out the window Monika said, "It's warm out today. How about a glass of Champagne in the garden?"

Monika, Miss White, and Jodie adjourned outside with a freshly popped bottle of bubbly and three glasses; Angel drifted off somewhere, not to be seen again until dinnertime. It was indeed a lovely day, and Miss White leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, soaking up the sun as Monika and Jodie chatted.

It did not escape Miss White's notice that Monika was focusing a lot of attention on Jodie. In truth, Monika was very curious about both of them, but Miss White's air of mystery felt impenetrable, at least in this early stage of their relationship. Jodie seemed much more approachable, and at Monika's gentle prompting, she talked more about herself than Miss White had ever known her to.

In the course of the conversation Miss White learned some things about Jodie that were new to her, and she realized that although they were lovers — and something more than that, something undefined but powerful — they didn't really know each other all that well. She had known that Jodie was an orphan, but not that her father had been a priest. She knew that Jodie was smart, but not that she'd been a National Merit Scholar. And she knew that Jodie was an art history major, but not that her favorite artist was Henri Matisse.

Hearing the name, Monika brightened. "I have a signed Matisse lithograph inside," she said. Then she added, a little sheepishly, "I inherited it. Would you like to see it?"

Jodie and Miss White said that of course they would, and they all headed back to the house. Walking into the kitchen they found Annie hunched over a mixing bowl, wearing only white lace bra and panties. Her body, Miss White quickly noticed, was every bit as luscious as it looked under the uniform; she hoped that eventually she would get to see all of it.

Monika, though was frowning. "Anastasia," she said frostily, "what is the rule?"

Annie began to blush. "Always in uniform when there are guests," she said. "But it was so hot, and so messy...."

Monika waved her off. "Rules are rules. But you can finish what you're doing, then go get dressed."

"Yes, ma'am," answered Annie meekly. "Thank you ma'am."

"Next time there will be consequences."

The hint of a grin curled the corner of Annie's mouth, then was quickly replaced by a poker face as she resumed her work.

Miss White and Jodie followed Monika to the dining room, where they stood before an image of a reclining woman surrounded by flowers and fruit. Her eyes were closed and one breast hung casually out of her open sweater.

Looking over at Jodie, Miss White was surprised and moved to see tears brimming in her eyes. She wrapped an arm around the younger woman, who rested her head on Miss White's shoulder. Monika, sensing that they were having a moment, slipped quietly out of the room.

Dinner that night was baked oysters, crawfish etouffee, shrimp and grits, roasted squash, and gumbo, accompanied by several fine French vintages. Everyone ate themselves into a stupor, including Annie, whom Monika invited to join them at the table after serving the food.

Miss White sat back from the table feeling like she would never be hungry again. But when the dessert came out — red velvet cake, a pear tart, and a big plate of various kinds of cookies — she somehow found room for it, along with a tall cup of strong coffee.

The last one left eating was Jodie, who seemed to have a hollow leg — Miss White had noticed that she could put away amazing amounts of food without ever seeming to gain a pound. But at last she too sat back with a sigh, and soon Annie began to clear the table. Jodie stood up to help but Monika stopped her. "You're a guest," she said firmly. "And it is her job, after all."

Angel, who had seemed moody throughout the meal, excused herself and disappeared as Monika led Miss White and Jodie to the living room. There she stoked up the fire and poured them each a snifter of brandy. For a long interval they sat, Monika in a rocking chair and Miss White and Jodie on a sofa, staring into the fire. Occasionally they talked but mostly they just relaxed in contented silence, digesting their food and sipping their drinks.

An one point Angel appeared in the doorway in her overcoat. "I'm heading out," she said, and Monika nodded. When she had left, Monika looked a little pensive. She explained that Angel was on her way to her parents' house.

"Her mom doesn't care for me," Monika said. "Thinks I corrupted her daughter." Sipping her brandy, she added with a chuckle, "Which I guess I did."

After that they sat quietly for another stretch as the fire crackled and pulsed. Finally Monika stood up and said, "Will you excuse me for a few minutes? I want to sketch this idea I've just had before I forget it." Miss White said that of course they would, and before leaving Monika added several more logs to the fire. When they caught it became quite warm in the room, almost too warm. Miss White and Jodie both took off their sweaters, leaving Miss White in a ruffled blouse — uncharacteristically femme for her wardrobe — and Jodie in a tight halter top.

A few minutes later Annie appeared, having finished all her chores and ready to relax. Without acknowledging Miss White and Jodie's presence — and though they were somewhat in the shadows, she could not have failed to notice them — she crossed the room to the fireplace, before which sat a thick, luxurious white area rug.

For a moment Annie just stood with her eyes closed soaking up the heat from the fire. Then she reached down and in one swift motion pulled her uniform up over her head and off, leaving her again in white lace bra and panties. If it had been hot in the room before, now Miss White felt sweat beading on her forehead; her libido had been on a slow burn all day, and now began to kindle in earnest.

Annie lay down on the rug facing the fireplace. That close to the flames, even the underwear was apparently too much for her; soon she stripped off her bra, then her panties, and tossed them aside. Stretching out all her limbs, she spread herself out across the rug gloriously naked, seemingly oblivious to the effect she was having on the two women watching her.

Miss White's natural impulse was to go over there and get a taste of Annie's succulent young flesh, maybe bury her face in that soft blond bush. But something was telling her to wait, and she still felt a little too full for physical activity. For the moment she contented herself with sitting quietly, drinking in the sight of Annie's gorgeous body, stroking Jodie's knee and thigh with one hand.

Soon Monika reappeared, and upon seeing Annie she put on a stern expression. Actually, she had planned this whole scene out in advance; now she assumed the role she had assigned herself.

"You're out of uniform again," she said in a steely voice.

"I know," whined Annie. "But it's so hot in here, and it feels so good...."

"I said there would be consequences, didn't I?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Annie meekly.

"You know what to do."

Annie got up onto her knees and crawled over to a nearby ottoman, which she draped herself across while locking her hands behind her back. Monika, meanwhile, had opened a drawer and pulled out a brown leather paddle. Miss White and Jodie leaned forward in anticipation; this was getting interesting.