It's reached the end of the week of uploading a new picture every day, Lisa is very happy and has loved seeing so many angles of her crush. Having thought Faye was straight and also vanilla, for this to happen is almost like a dream come true and to top it off, Faye seemed very submissive, she didn't even try and fight back with any of it.

Faye was dreading interactions with others, there are so many pictures of herself on that website now and if her neighbour found them, who else might? But she carried on posting each day like Lisa wanted. She found herself asking why, but didn't think too hard on it, she found Lisa very attractive and if she wants my body posted online then so be it.

She glanced at the time, just past 2:40, taking a few deep breathes, she stripped and headed to the garden, it was raining slightly but Lisa hadn't said anything about what to do in different weathers, so she waiting by the back door until 2:59 and went over to the fence, where she waited. several minutes later, she's still there, naked and waiting for Lisa. "Where is she?" Faye thought to herself. She went to the fence panel closest to Lisa's back door but couldn't see anything in her house.

Wondering if Lisa went out, she starts to head inside but stops, what if this is a test?

But it's raining and she's already been waiting ten minutes.

She heads inside and notices Lisa leaning on a car just outside the window.

She carefully unlocks the door, knowing Lisa can't see her currently but Faye keeps looking, Lisa is currently on her phone, not looking up from it, and with earphones in.

Faye carefully opens the door, peaks out up and down the street, it's empty apart from her well, what exactly is Lisa to her now?

She steps out and walks over to Lisa, puts her hand on the lovely young ladies' cheek and kisses her lips and smiles.

Lisa kisses back, somewhat startled and looks down to notice Faye is naked.

"Let's get you inside before someone else notices, my little exhibitionist" Lisa says as she wraps her arms around the shorter girls shoulder and they both head into the house.

"I see you're getting quite brave, but thank you for the kiss and I'm sorry, I lost track of time, rough day."

Faye helps Lisa out of her coat and shoes, then gives her a big hug and heads to the kitchen to make some tea for them both.

Lisa takes a seat and looks around the room, pictures of Faye with her parents are hung up, Faye with another girl and a few pictures of animals.

Faye passes Lisa the cup of tea and feels a bit unsure of what to do with herself after.

"Thank you pet, I love that you're still naked too"

Lisa looked to Faye and then pointed to the ground next to her feet, it took her a minute to figure it out but then got on her knees and rested her head on Lisa's lap.

Smiling and running her fingers through the naked girls hair, Lisa starts browsing on her phone, looking at the posted nudes of her neighbour. What a lovely week this has been. The two ladies relax like that for a few hours, before Lisa has to get going home.

As Faye is seeing her out, she asks "What now? That week is over"

Lisa smiles, leans in and kisses her. "You free on Thursday?"

Kissing back, she smiles "Yes, after 5pm that is."

"Good, date night." Lisa replies. "And I'll be round before then with something for you to wear, until then, relax and don't post anything else, they've seen enough. For now" Lisa heads out the door and smiles widely to herself.

Faye closes the door, locks it and leans back against it with a deep sigh and a smile. What will Thursday be like?

Faye marks and circles Thursday on her calendar, she carries on as normal, the best she can until Thursday morning when she gets something delivered in the post. Confused and thinking it may be for someone else as she had not ordered anything herself. Also it wasn't marked or anything, so she opens it. There's a note first, "Faye, make sure you're wearing this tonight." With a heart.

It's a vibrating egg but there doesn't seem to be a way to turn it on? She gets her outfit sorted, lacy black underwear, with a matching bra and a light blue dress to bring out her eyes. After showering, she picks up the toy Lisa posted and wears it, before getting herself dressed and ready. She's downstairs and ready for her date.