The both of us were clearly excited. It had been a long time since either of us had been on a holiday, especially a holiday promising to be as fun as this one! Pulling up in the allocated tent space at the small camping, we looked at each other. Your whole face seemed to smile and I couldn't help but smile in return. Excited and eager to get out of the car after the long trip, I briefly touched your hand, resting on the handbrake, then opened the passenger door and hopped out.

Looking around, I was extremely pleased with the spot we had chosen for the little get away. A quiet, small camping. Especially as it was the off-season. A bit deeper into the Blue Mountains than most tourists and holidaying families dared to venture. Apart from one lonely tent and 2 camper vans, the whole camping was deserted.

The weather was beautiful and while it wasn't too warm in the Mountains, at least no rain was predicted. Weather warm enough to wear short sleeves and shorts during the daytime. At night we planned to rug up and keep each other warm, very warm, inside the tent anyway! As we are setting up the tent, your hands brush, grab, pinch and stroke my body any chance they get. Bending over to fix a zipper, you grab my kitty from behind, through my shorts. I gasp in surprise and turn my head, a pretend look of outrage on my face.

You laugh and respond, "It's mine!" and after rubbing a little, you move on to another part of the tent.

When you are intend on connecting the extension cable to the power socket of the tent site, I can't resist taking revenge and, coming up behind you, I wriggle my hand between your legs, softly cupping your balls through your shorts.

I stand on tippy toes to whisper in your ear. "Mine!" I mimic, massaging them for a few seconds. You groan, then break out in laughter as I remove my hand and carry on with the tent.

Just as I put the finishing touches to the bed inside the tent, you crawl in and, with the entrance to the tent wide open, push me over onto my back. Sprawled out on top of the air mattress, I am willingly helpless as you dive face first into my tits. You push my shirt up and bite the tops of my bra-covered breasts. I gasp and moan a little as I feel you suck, bite some more, then kiss. Slowly you pull away and I look down at my tits. The tops are a little red and have some small teeth marks in them.

Looking up at you, I notice over your shoulder a couple outside their camper van. I grin and nod my head in their direction. "I think those old birdies there weren't too impressed," I giggle.

You look over your shoulder and laugh. "We will have to keep a light on in the tent tonight. Maybe they will be more impressed with a nice shadow show!"

"Somehow, I doubt it, but we should definitely try!" I agree.

Then I wrap my arms around your neck and drag you back down to the bed with me, sharing an intimate kiss. I kiss your lips, suck on them and gently bite them. You are not slow to react and I soon feel your tongue exploring my mouth. I moan into your mouth as you bite my lips and even my tongue and return the passion by sucking on yours. I am sure the conservative retiree couple are NOT impressed as we make out like horny teens in the open tent!

The rest of the day passes with both sweet displays of affection as well as lustful groping. My lips feel nearly bruised from the many kisses we have shared. Kisses that included a fair share of sucking and biting. I wouldn't want it any other way however and my cheeks are practically glowing with a rosy satisfaction. And maybe some arousal, as I am wet between the legs. The lacy black thong I had put on for you this morning, is soaked with my juices.

After I set down a plate of dinner for you, you wind your fingers through my hair and roughly pull me in for another delicious kiss. I moan a little in both pleasure and protest. "Hush, mine. I kiss you when I want," you growl and this time my moan is pure pleasure, as my kitty creams a little more.

My eyes dart around and seeing the night has darkened a little and seemingly no one is passing by, I grab your crotch with one hand, softly squeezing. You are already hard, and my needy kitty spasms in reply. I let out an extremely needy whimper, wordlessly letting you know I need you. You just grin and pull me back by my hair a little.

"Dinner first, sweetheart, you need your strength for tonight and so do I," you say, not bulging.

With a heavy pout I listen and sit down to share dinner with you.

We lie down on the bed, two small, solar powered lights hanging from the roof of the tent. While it is dark outside, it is still warm enough that we don't need blankets to sleep and instead we lay on top of them. The outline of our bodies would be pretty visible for anyone standing close enough.

I am lying on my back, sprawled out, while you lay on your side next to me, facing me. Or more so, facing my tits, as you watch your hand stroke them, creating goose bumps and hardening my nipples. I whimper as you tease me with feather-light touches, my body craving ever more.

"What is it baby?" you ask, teasingly.

I whimper again, a bit louder this time and rub my legs together.

Lightning fast, your hand slaps the inside of my thighs in quick succession. "Keep them open," you growl. "Because who does this body belong to?"

I gasp and quickly open my legs for you, even wider than before. "You," I say, breathlessly as I feel my kitty cream more for you.

"That's right. Mine." You emphasise your words by roughly grabbing one of my nipples, pinching and twisting.

I moan for you, nipples now rock hard. I can feel you growing against my hip. "Please?" I murmur.

"Please what, sweetheart?" you ask innocently.

"Please... My... Your kitty..." I quickly correct myself. You smile and bend down to my chest, taking a nipple in your mouth and sucking hard on it, biting it a little even. "Please, please! I need your cock!" I beg, my resolve breaking and my pride falling away.

You laugh and start to climb over me, resting between my knees. Just as you grab your hard cock to enter me, the clouds break and heavy rain thuds on the roof of our tent. We both look up a bit shocked. It wasn't meant to rain this holiday!

I feel a tinge of disappointment, as some of our plans might suffer from this heavy rain tonight. You seem to recover from your own surprise and start to put on a pair of shorts, struggling to get your hard cock tucked into them. "What are you doing?" Now I am really disappointed, not only will the rain prevent our little exhibition show, but you seem to now be done too.

I must have pouted because you laugh at me. "Stop biting your lip like that, sweety. Now, get up and put this on," you say sternly and toss me a sweater.

I am baffled, but quickly do as you say, maybe you have noticed something I missed and we need to check on the tent. I wrap the sweater over my shoulders and zip it up. It reaches just pas my bum and I feel a thrill at being so naked underneath, as we clamber out of the tent.

Instantly we are soaked, but it isn't unpleasant as the air is still warm and even the rain is slightly warm. I am unsure at what we are to do and wait for you, as you grab one of the lamps from the tent. Then you grab my hand and start to drag me off towards the trees behind the tent.

"Where are we going?" I ask, confused, but you either don't hear me or just don't answer. We cross the tree line and venture a little deeper into the woods. Such a small backwoods camping has no need for fences and within seconds we are surrounded by trees, hidden form the view of other campers.

You stop in a small clearing, just big enough for us to stand and move around in, set the light down on a fallen tree and turn back to me, letting go of my hand.

"Take off that sweater, it is soaked anyway, baby." You smirk at your own words.

My mouth opens a little, first to protest, then to take a deep breath. I feel excitement run through my whole body.

Quickly I comply, my kitty spasms a little as I stand naked in front of you. Your hand grabs my hair and before I know it, I am on my knees in the grass in front of you. Your shorts pushed down and on the ground, your hard cock in front of my face. My mouth waters and I don't need encouragement.

I go to work, wasting no time licking and kissing it, as I normally would when worshipping you. Instead I open wide and take you deep into my mouth. You groan and your other hand grabs my hair too.

"That's it baby, suck it," you growl and I get to work, the rain soaking our naked bodies.

Sucking hard, moving my head back and forth, fucking you with my mouth. Your thick head bumps my throat and I groan in pleasure as I kneel on the forest floor for you. It doesn't take you long and I feel you swell in my mouth a little, throbbing each time I run my tongue over the head. Your hands grab my hair tighter and you start thrusting your hips. I relax my mouth and throat, instead just making sure I pleasure you with my tongue, while being your willing little cock sheath. I moan around your thickness, my kitty soaking wet at your pleasure as you roughly fuck my mouth, dragging my head closer by my hair while you thrust deep and hard.

Soon I feel your delicious cock swell more and I am rewarded with your seed in my mouth under the pouring rain. You force yourself even deeper, bumping my throat and I do my very best to take you all in as your hot cum flows into my throat.

When you pull out, I swallow the remainder of your salty sperm. "Thank you," I say, blinking heavily against the rain in my eyes, as I look up at you.

Out of habit I bend forwards to lick your cock clean. You are still incredibly hard. I know you can often go again easily, but I am still surprised at how hugely aroused you must still be. However, you drag me back and up by my hair.

"No need, my hungry little cum slut," you growl.

I whimper a little as my scalp tingles and my kitty tingles with it. I wonder what your plan is now, but it starts to dawn on me as you turn me around and push me back down to the ground.

"All fours, my little bitch," you growl and I am quick to listen.

I feel you kneel behind me and I push out my needy kitty towards you. The rain pounds on my back and drips down. I look underneath my body and notice droplets dripping down my nipples. I am not sure why, but am extremely aroused by the image of it. I need you even more now! Instead though, you are just rubbing the head of your cock over my lips, not entering and every time I try to push back, you pull backwards.

I cry out in frustration. "Please, please!" I beg you but I just hear you laugh behind me. I try to look back, but the rain prevents me from seeing much more than the outline of your body.

"What is it, my desperate slut? What does my sweetheart need?"

"For you to fuck me," I respond.

"Louder," you growl. "I want those people back on the camping to hear you beg me for it!"

I gasp and my face reddens. I feel relatively safe here, concealed by trees and the weather, but for me to call out those obscenities so loudly? Yet, my kitty spasms again at the thought, I am so soaking wet that even the rain can't wash it away. I look about me, an absolute fantasy about the come true? Your delicious cock deep inside me, out here...

"Please! Please fuck me! Please fuck your slut. I need it! I need to cum on your cock. Use your kitty! It is so needy," I beg you loudly and just as I start to whimper, you slam into me. I gasp and nearly instantly cum on your cock. "Please, please, please!"

"Yes baby, cum for me. Cum on my cock, my little bitch in heat!" You encourage me and I explode, seeing stars and crying out loud for you, as my kitty contracts around your cock in a dizzying orgasm. I gasp and moan and thrust back against you.

The rain might have already washed it away, but I am sure I have coated both our legs and the ground underneath us with my juices. I am still feeling as if in heaven and actively thrust back into you. You growl and groan behind me, calling me names, expressing how good you feel, while I am a whimpering mess around you, incoherently thanking you as well as expressing how good your hard cock feels.

Suddenly my eyes widen, as I feel you thicken and throb inside me. Your orgasm sets off another one for me and my kitty milks your cock, as you growl and empty yourself into me, coating my womb with your seed, filling me up completely with your hot cum. It seems to last for ages and so does my orgasm, until we both collapse onto the sodden ground. We lay panting for a minute, before you slip out of me.

On shaky legs we stand up, a little wobbly as you gather our clothes, your cum already starting to leak out of my well used kitty. You offer me your arm and I gladly take it. However, you choose to carry my sweater, rather than letting me wear it.

Utterly content we walk close together, clinging to each other as we walk back to our tent. Still naked, we walk to the private bathroom at the site and enter, locking the door behind us. I turn on the shower for us and underneath the hot steamy water, we share a kiss of utter contentment, having just fulfilled a fantastic fantasy that will both fuel us for a long time coming...,qolotewo,Uzytkownik.html