A new semester usually meant the arrival of new students, and Sarah was among the transfers who joined us halfway through my senior year.

As she stood at the front of the room and introduced herself to my English class, I couldn't help but notice how cute she was. Short and slim, with medium-sized breasts, Sarah's wavy dark brown hair fell about her shoulders and framed her pretty and distinctive face, with its sparkly blue eyes, prominent nose and resting smirk. The blue plaid uniform skirt showed off her tanned legs, and her white socks reached halfway up her calves.

Besides her good looks, I soon had another reason to want to get to know Sarah. I had taken art in the expectation that it would be an easy subject in which to get a good grade, but it turned out I was a far better musician than I was an artist. Unless I improved my skills I wouldn't stand a chance of getting a decent mark on my final work. Sarah quickly proved to be a talented artist, and after a few classes together I asked whether she would consider tutoring me.

To my relief, Sarah agreed. We arranged our first session for lunchtime the next day. Although she was still settling in and making friends, she had already developed a rapport with Ms Salmon, our art teacher, and said that she would make the arrangements to use one of the art rooms. I was glad that the events of the preceding semester hadn't become the subject of schoolyard gossip, as I thought that Sarah would have been more reluctant if she knew the details of my exploits.

"Do you know what sort of thing you'll paint for your final work?" Sarah asked me when we were set up.

"No — and I know I should have settled on something by now."

"That's okay, but we should probably figure that out as soon as possible."

Sarah walked over to the bookshelf. Standing on her toes with her back to me, running her finger along the spines. Her skirt rode up a little, revealing more of her tempting thighs. I watched her bottom wiggle as she took down a book on art history.

"Getting a good look?" She turned and winked at me. I blushed. "You could do something more modern like Picasso." She turned the book to me and showed me a picture of Guernica. "Or you could play it safe and do something more traditional like Vermeer. There are lots of options, but going the traditional route might be more realistic." Sarah thumbed back a few chapters and found a picture of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. "Maybe start with this one and just try copying it out to begin with. Nothing too detailed, just a basic sketch. We'll see where you need improvement."

I tried my best as Sarah stood next to me giving tips and suggestions. Her thighs pressed against my side when she leaned over the tall desk to draw my attention to something. I liked the feeling of warmth when our bodies made contact, and found the faint scent of mint on her breath intoxicating.

Lunchtime was nearly over by the time I had finished my sketch. "Practice makes perfect," Sarah reassured me. "Try again on your own, and really focus on getting a feel for the style, the dimensions, and the nuance. We'll see how you're going in a couple of days."

I did as Sarah suggested and by the time we met again I'd managed to produce three more copies. Sarah seemed pleased with my progress. "I think you should try drawing something from scratch today."

"What should I draw?"

"How about me?" Sarah gave an exaggerated flourish. "I can be your muse!"

I didn't have much confidence in my ability to do Sarah's beauty justice, but I was eager for the chance to keep my eyes on her. Sarah clambered onto the desk and sat cross-legged in front of me so that she could still watch my progress and give me tips. This blessed me with a direct view up her skirt. Not wanting to let on, I busied myself sketching her, sneaking only the occasional glance at her black panties.

When I'd finished drawing her, Sarah held my sketch up and examined it. "How do you feel? Happy with it?"

"Not entirely, but it's much better than when I started. Your tips are really helping."

"Is my nose really that big?" She self-consciously touched her face.

"You have a very pretty nose," I hastily reassured her. She smiled.

Sarah said that I'd probably be able to start on my preliminary sketches for my final work at our next meeting. I told her that I'd decided to stick with a more traditional portrait, and she was flattered when I asked whether she would consider continuing as my model. She agreed, and said she'd also keep assisting me while she worked on her own submission.

The next day, Rhiannon and I were alone in the downstairs music room, enjoying one of our lunchtime liaisons.

"You get along with Sarah, don't you?" I asked.

Rhiannon looked up at me and let my cock slip out of her mouth. "Bringing up other women isn't exactly a turn-on, you know that, right?" she said jokingly, and took my in her mouth again.

"You and her seem close already. Some people say you're almost like sisters."

"I guess so," she replied, tugging me slowly. "Why?"

"Has she mentioned me to you at all?"

"Should she have?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Rhiannon raised her eyebrows. "She's been tutoring me," I explained. "Art. Yesterday she flashed her panties at me, but I don't know if it was deliberate."

"Ooh. Well, if she tells me anything I'll let you know."

"You wouldn't be jealous?"

"I don't mind sharing," she shrugged. "Now, if you don't stop asking questions we'll never be finished."

I kept my mouth shut and Rhiannon resumed sucking me off. Eventually I came in her mouth and watched as she swallowed my load and licked her lips.

"You've been drinking pineapple juice, haven't you?"

I stole a quick glance up Sarah's skirt at our next meeting, then focused on my drawing. Sarah remained frustratingly opaque about her lack of modesty as she sat perched on the table. Although I wasn't complaining, I wondered whether better grades were worth the agony of the hour-long unsatisfied erections.

As I sketched the outline of Sarah's head and torso from memory, I felt something nudge my groin and almost fell off my stool. Looking down, I saw toes covered in a white sock. My eyes followed the sock over an ankle and up a leg, until it gave way to tanned skin. They continued over a knee, along a soft thigh, the hem of a plaid skirt, over the pair of bumps in the front of a sky blue blouse, and eventually fixed on Sarah's smirking face.

"I thought your muse should give you a bit more inspiration." She gently twisted her foot, my member swelling as she prodded. Sensing no objection, Sarah slid off the desk and ducked underneath it. It wasn't long before I saw her face between my legs and her hands reaching toward my crotch as she kneeled under the desk.

Sarah unzipped my trousers and reached inside, navigating her way into my briefs. She stroked my erect member and it twitched with enthusiasm. Deftly pulling my briefs out of the way, Sarah's nimble fingers wrapped around my shaft and she started stroking, slowly building speed.

"Rhiannon told me you could see up my skirt. I was wondering if you'd noticed. She also said that you like girls who swallow, and that you'd been drinking pineapple juice. Let's see if that's true."

Suddenly I was in Sarah's mouth and she was sucking vigorously. Her blues eyes locked on mine as her headed bobbed up and down, and she sucked and slurped, covering my cock in her saliva. I let out an involuntary moan as her tongue brushed across the tip.

My cock was pulsating and she wasn't slowing. At this rate I wouldn't last long. Sarah's breath quickened. Her rapid exhaling was parting my pubic hair as her lips glided over my cock. Soon I felt it coming, and Sarah seemed to sense it too, tightening her seal around me.

I shot my semen into Sarah's mouth, a few thick squirts. She swallowed it eagerly and licked her lips. "Very nice." Her eyes watched with satisfaction as my cock began to go flaccid. "You can do me while we wait."

"While we wait?"

"That was just round one." She got up from under the table and grabbed a stool. "Come on."

I adjusted my clothes so that nothing would seem amiss from the outside, and followed Sarah into the supply room. She put the stool down between two rows of shelves, while I did my best to secure the door behind us. Sarah slid her green panties down her legs, then made herself comfortable on the stool.

Sensually parting her legs and lifting her skirt, Sarah revealed her shaved muff. I hadn't eaten many women out, and I was keen to get some more practice. I dropped to my knees in front of her part legs and started kissing up her thighs. There was no sense in rushing; it would take me a while to get hard again. I kissed slowly and gently, touching my lips lightly to her soft flesh and moving from thigh to thigh as I worked my way toward her snatch. I could hear her breathy anticipation as I approached the waterfall between her legs.

Finally I reached her slit. I kissed her labia and she moaned. I knew Sarah wanted me to get busy, but I teased her a while, pressing my face into her and tracing around her wet opening with my tongue. Knowing it must be agony, I eventually extended my tongue and pushed it between her labia. She tasted slightly sweet and I lapped at her snatch eagerly. Sarah squirmed and moaned on her perch as I pleasured her.

I could feel myself stiffening again, but continue eating her out, waiting until I was confident I could perform again.

"Seems we've waited long enough," Sarah said when I stood and dropped my trousers, my erect member ready. I stroked myself carefully, trying to extract every bit of length I could muster. Sarah beckoned me toward her, linking her hands behind my neck and drawing me in. Our lips made tentative contact, before we kissed with increasing fervour.

I felt Sarah's legs wrap around my middle. Petite as she was, I was easily able to lift her and carry her over to the wall, pushing her back up against the black carpeting. Her thighs gripped me securely, but with a little bit of wiggling I was able to position myself and guide my cock into her tight cunt. She was so wet that I slid in easily, shivering with pleasure. With my hands under her buttocks I began to thrust. It was awkward at first, but we soon developed a rhythm.

Sarah shrieked with delight as I pumped her. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I thrust in and out of her, but the position was tiring. I thrust as hard and deep as I could, stopping with my cock as far into her as possible, panting and looking into her face.

"Tired?" she asked. I nodded. "Let's try something different then." My cock slid out of Sarah and she relaxed the grip of her thighs, slipping her feet the floor. I gave her buttocks a gentle squeeze before releasing her. "I'll find a chair," she said, straightening her skirt.

"Keep it warm for me!" I called after her.

"Keep it hard for me!" she replied over her shoulder.

Sarah soon returned with a metal chair that had a padded seat and back. She set it down behind me, pressed her hands to my chest, and gently pushed me into the chair. Lifting her skirt, she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. Instead of humping me, she first lifted her polo shirt up and over her head, exposing her green bra. The erect nipples of her modest breasts made little bumps in the taut fabric. Sarah reached behind her back and released the clasp, the slid each of her slender arms through the straps. My hands reached for her beautiful round breasts, squeezing them and taking her nipples carefully between my fingers.

Her body began to rise, and I felt her cunt slide up my shaft, then back down again. Over and over her hot wet snatch rose and fell on my cock as I toyed her breasts and she moaned in ecstasy. My hands moved from her breasts to her pumping thighs, working my way under her skirt to her buttocks. I pulled her cheeks apart and tentatively nuzzled a finger against her hole. Sensing no resistance, I slowly pushed the tip of my finger into her anus. She clenched and stopped still.

"You're lucky I'm into that," she said with a smirk and took my face in her hands, planting a breathy kiss on my lips. She relaxed a little and allowed me to work my finger in a bit further, then resumed fucking me, apparently satisfied. I could feel her muscles clenching around both my cock and my finger. Up and down, up and down, she fucked me.

For the second time that afternoon, Sarah was going to make me cum. I felt the swelling in my testes, relief on its way. And then it happened, I was unloading into Sarah's cunt. She trembled as she felt my seed fire into her.

I was soon spent, and my cock softened, becoming flaccid once more. Sarah waddled off me, releasing my cock and my finger. Putting a hand between her legs she scooped our mixed fluids onto her fingers and stuck them in my mouth so I could taste the sweet and salty slime, then kissed me again.

"If we want to do this again, we'll have to work extra hard on our art."