A handful

It has been busy weeks at work. With both of us. A few times a week I have to meet in Amersfoort. As a result, I am often home late and sometimes eat something on the way when I get off the train from Amersfoort.

Together we have a drink in front of the TV and go to bed early. Wonderfully relaxed because we are quite tired. We usually fall asleep quickly with both books. I often with the book still in my hands.

On Saturday morning we get up and first have a few nice strong cups of coffee. I eat a sandwich with sprinkles and Mieke a yogurt. We sit naked next to each other on the couch.

Mieke then reaches out and pulls me towards her. She drags me by her hand towards the toilet.

"Just keep your open hand in the pot for a while. In this way." She guides my hand to the back of the toilet and I put my hand in the puddle of water that is on the flat part of the bowl. Then she sits down.

"Are you ready for it? I think it will be quite a mountain. "

She hardly needs to squeeze. An enormous creamy amount of poo falls into my hand and turns into a kind of brown soft ice cream. I make sure that nothing falls off. This is delicious and exciting!

She gets up and takes my arm by my wrist and pushes my hand towards my face like that. I am not against it because I really long for this. She presses my full hand into my face and moves my hand in circular motions so that the entire contents of my hand are spread all over my face. I keep my mouth open so that some of her caviar ends up in my mouth. Everything is covered with her shit. My eyes, nostrils and mouth are completely covered. How wonderful this is! The heavy smell and taste make me cum almost by itself. Just a very short suction will be enough to make me squirt hard.

As if Mieke can read my mind she drops to her knees and starts sucking me. Less than a minute later I squirt my cum deep down her throat. Panting heavily, I lower myself to the ground. Sitting with my back against the wall and the cold floor tiles I enjoy.

Mieke turns her buttocks towards me and pushes her buttocks and pussy in my face.

"Now you can lick me! I think I deserved that. "

Of course I comply and start working her tickler with my tongue like a madman. Soon I hear her panting deeply and her lower body starts to shake rhythmically. Not much later she comes with a loud groan. Like it's coming from her toes. I have never experienced it that badly.

We take a shower together and make sure that we are both completely clean again.

It is unbelievable what is happening to me. And it keeps getting better.


The next morning it hit again. Fortunately, I can't get enough of it. I am really in a "high" kind of state and walk around feeling excited all day long.

Around half past 11 Mieke calls me from the bathroom. Obviously I go over to her and see that she has put a big shit on the shower floor.

"Take my shit in your hand and apply it from head to toe. I'll keep checking to make sure you don't miss a spot. "

I obey and take her poo in my hands and first I push the entire contents in my face. I always find that the best and the most intense of all.

"Also your head Max!"

I rub my hand through my hair and take my neck and neck with me. Then my chest and abdomen. My buttocks then get a turn and spread it over my arms.

"That's enough. Your legs don't have to. "

She grabs a glove and starts helping me smear. Especially my face she rubs even more well and there is no white piece of skin left.

"In the meantime, take off." she says.

As she continues to rub me in I start jerking off quickly and hard. It doesn't take long before I cum again. My cum sprays a meter through the air and even lands on the wall of the shower.

Mieke turns on the shower tap and starts rinsing me with the nozzle in her hand while I rub my hands to dissolve all that poo in the warm water. Little by little I get clean again and when all her shit has disappeared through the shower drain, I grab a bottle of shower gel to give me another nice treatment.

Mieke opens the bathroom window wide to let the intense smell disappear quickly and says that while I can dry off she will make a cup of coffee in the meantime.

And so, quite unexpectedly after yesterday's indulgence, a morning ends in a particularly exciting way. I still can't believe it. "Lucky me!" I think.


For weeks we have more and more fun together. In any case, Mieke is also starting to enjoy it quite a bit to satisfy our kinky needs and especially mine! I find myself even singing now and then. I've never actually done that before.

While we are reading in bed one night before going to sleep, she snuggles up against me with her ass. Spoon spoon. That is always very tasty. I stuff my slowly stiffening cock between her buttocks. We put our books away and she turns out the light. Sighing deeply with happiness, she says how happy she is with how we are doing.

We soon fall asleep and I notice halfway through the night that we are still lying like that and I can't help but smile. How nice this is.

The next morning we set out early to take another brisk walk. After breakfast we put on our walking shoes and start our tour in the neighborhood, along the seawall, through the meadows and the stamped forest that are here and there. We cross bridges or dams to get to the other side of canals and ditches.

After an hour we have reached the bench under the willow tree, where we often take a break.

Mieke opens her backpack with a mysterious grin. She takes out a small storage box.

"Surprise!" she says. "Eat this good!"

The box contains a large amount of droppings.

"I secretly took it out of the toilet this morning. I know you like these kinds of surprises so your job is to eat it all! And you are not allowed to cum for the time being. I have more in store for you in the coming days. You can't come until I tell you to. And that could take a few more days! "

She pauses and gives me a pretended sadistic look.

"You like that, don't you? In this way you will spend days on this in your mind and you will become more and more horny. That will be an explosion when you can finally cum on my face. "

She looks very seriously at this and I can see that she is very longing for that too.

"And now eat!"

I will not let myself be told twice. I grab her little turd between my thumb and forefingers and shove it partially into my mouth and bite off the first piece. The now cold poo is still nice and soft and I rub it with my tongue against my palate and therefore enjoy the strong flavor even more. Of course it doesn't taste very good, but the combination of doing something that is very kinky, the gentle compulsion she imposes on me and the situation outside on a bench makes that I have no trouble at all to like it and go through it. to swallow.

The second piece of her poop slides in even easier and I chew it a bit too. My dick is almost bursting out of my pants but I will have to hold on until she says I can work on my boner.

With a sip of water I rinse the last poo down my throat and I leave a delicious aftertaste.

"The taste is not too bad. A bit earthy and bitter but not bad. At least not if you're horny like me. "

"When you are really excited everything is better than usual. Smells and tastes from our bodies become stronger and even contribute to our arousal even more. They are actually aphrodisiacs for many people. At least it is with me. And certainly smells and tastes from you! Then a switch goes off in my brain and I like what I really wouldn't like from someone else. It's special how that works. "

With a very slowly weakening dick we walk on again and I am already looking forward to the next surprises that has ahead of me.


The next morning, after breakfast, we immediately go for a walk. The weather is wonderful again and it is of course also good for your condition. I say I have to go to the bathroom before we leave. She asks if it is only peeing. "No," I say, "shit too."

"But that just isn't possible!" she says, laughing viciously. "You are not allowed to use the toilet. You better keep your pants on and do it later when we are outside but nice in your pants. You will find that very exciting, but you know it: you are not allowed to cum yet! "

I nod and barely know what to say. On the path out of the garden I stop and say that I have to now very much. She spins her finger to tell me to start spinning some turd. I start pressing and I don't have to put in much effort. In no time my pants are completely full and a big bump has formed between my buttocks. It feels wonderfully warm.

Fortunately, I now wear tight boxer shorts so that it stays in place. It remains to be seen whether this will remain the case when walking. Fortunately, I am wearing jeans that can be washed by now.

We start to walk and I can feel my poo slowly but surely spreading between my buttocks and I can feel it crawling towards my pocket too. That is really good. I still walk a bit carefully because I don't want it to run down my trouser legs. Mieke laughs at herself when she sees me walking so hard. With a mysterious smile, she comes close to me when we pause and pushes her hand against my ass.

She presses her hand between my buttocks and through the pants she ensures that I now get completely covered. Most of it is still in my underpants, but the jeans are also dirty now.

"Keep walking again and soon you can sit on that bench there."

I sit down and feel the gunk spread even further. My urge to cum is barely bearable. But I'll have to stick with it and I don't mind. I think about how later I can cum on her command. I don't know when yet and that makes it extra exciting.

We finish our walk and in the bathroom I take off my dirty jeans and then I strip my totally smeared boxer shorts from my buttocks and over my legs. For my own pleasure, I also spread some delicious poo on my rock-hard cock. Then I take a shower.

I call Mieke and ask if she wants to cum.

"Of course I want that! It also made me pretty hot. But you are not allowed yet, are you? Can you do that? "

I nod and lie down on the bed and tell her to sit on my face so I can lick her. Her wonderful scent increases my tension a little more and I go mad to lick her off. Meanwhile I push my spit-soaked index finger deep into her ass, which is answered with a heavy moaning.

It doesn't take long before she cums loudly screaming.

"You are good. Tomorrow you will get your reward! "